Review Huawei Freebuds 3 The ANC earbuds you’re looking for?

a true wireless earbuds marketers absolutely explored it and gone crazy in 2019 we’re getting fresh launches pretty much every single day manufacturers are churning out these things faster than edu and turns out radio-friendly pop dirge of course Apple has just launched this latest version of the air pods the air pods probably pretty much kick-started the whole thing with the original air pods but hold fire because wow it has just launched its own arrival version the worry let’s try that one again the Huawei it free buds three they cost 169 quid here in the UK and I’ve been using them for over a week now as my personal earbuds so let’s see how they suck up to the like so the air pods and whether you should consider a purchase and more on the latest greatest tech including lots of true wireless earbuds reviews please do poke subscribe didn’t think that notifications belt Cheers so first up yes the design of these things is very very familiar to anyone who’s accustomed with the Apple earpods so a comparison is pretty much unavoidable I like the fact that you can get three buds in either black or white so this you’ve got a bit of choice and I do like these little metal tips down below as well helps the brick of that design have been just set them apart make them a bit more distinctive the three boats three just slip on into your lug holes like so nice and simple and straightforward and they’re pretty comfortable to wear for a while at least

because that light and comfortable form factor however I do find that I get a bit in it ear fatigue after wearing them for a couple of hours to see it with all these hard shell style products anything without a rubbery silicone tip I just finally kind of scratches and just rubs ever so slightly against my inner ear and then after those a couple of hours starts to feel a little bit so if you’re looking for a pair of true wireless earbuds to rock all day long I definitely say look for something with a silicon tip inside but these things are perfectly fine for just like a long commute chuck it on while you’ve got on the shops things like that as I say nice and comfortable they never felt like they were gonna slip out either even when I was like jogging doing a bit of head popping and as usual just to prove it head back tests and I’m just cool with the world to stop spinning and the good news if you do a lot of jogging or motion or you simply want to wear them out in the rain the way we’re three buds three off for the ipx4 water and sweat resistant now pairing up the world with three buds through your smartphone is a piece of pie thanks to the handy little sides button which is really really incredibly hard to make out here on the side of the case however to really make the most of the free bud 3 functionality unlock all of those great features you’ll need to download while wears a I a life app it’s not available for iOS

devices unfortunately and it’s available for Android but not via the Google Play so you’ll actually have to download it via the Internet well we will provide you with a QR code for fast access of that though so no worries at all so one of the features that you can play around with on the Freebirds feet inside violife app is the touch controls both but supports a double tap control by default the left bud will turn on the active noise cancellation or deactivate it if it’s already on the right one will stop playing a track if nothing’s playing at the moment and then skip to the next track if you double tap it again and I found that like basically Altru while I see about touch controls first couple of days seems a bit if he didn’t seem to register all of my tap so once you get the knack of it it’s absolutely fine works pretty much a hundred percent of the time it’s quick double tap me at the top of the bud and it does where it needs to it’s all about the firmness and the direction once you’ve got that nailed works a charm only double taps are actually registered as touch controls or single taps and triple taps do absolutely nothing quite glad that single taps on registered to be honest by the Freebirds to because sometimes just when you pull in the buds out of your ears sticking them back in again that registers as it’s happened then they stop playing music skipping tracks all kinds of stuff so yes it is quite limited compared with some rivals but it does work nicely and also when you pull out one of the buds from your ears it will stop it playback

automatically so do needs to chat with someone just pull it but out have a natter and then stick it back in again the music will resume great stuff and as I mentioned before you can actually configure the touch controls from within the EI life app all you got to do is give that a quick tap and then go to shortcuts as you can see they have a bit of a play around so I’ve actually changed the right buds to play / pause my music rather than skip in a track you can also have a quick your voice assistant do whatever you want or just simply turn off the touch controls at all if you’d rather have them disabled you can also check out exactly how much battery life you have remaining as you can see there and also play around it with the noise cancellation feature which we’ll touch on in a second now found that the Bluetooth 5.1 connection was absolutely fantastic here on the free buds through I could basically my smartphone in any room in the house and wander around freely even go out in the garden and that connection would stay strong and stable not a single stammer or stutter at all unfortunately the time of writing on the wall with smartphones rocking the latest emotion UI 10 OS can benefit from the low latency 190 milliseconds delay if you’ve got older a muy 9 handset or a different Android handset altogether then that will not apply I was testing mostly on my P 30 Pro which has been upgraded to a mute and I said it did not as any issues with Lindsay whatsoever when I was watching a video something like that was all perfectly in sync it’s definite stuff as for

the actual sound quality well I felt though while we’re free buds three were perfectly respectable in that area as well certainly comparable to most rivals around this sort of price point just as good if not better than the air pods to even rock and metal music sounded pretty good through these things which is quite rare for this sort of design normally you’ve got to get the big fat true wireless earbuds to get that kind of performance so the likes of drum slaps things like that came through nice of course bass not quite as strong as some rivals like the power beats pro but of course that’s a much more expensive option of course one of the more unique features of the Huawei Freebird C is the fact that it’s got built-in active noise cancellation and there’s quite rare to find in this sort of form factor you’ll know when this is active as you’ll get that familiar very low hissing sound which you’ll just about be able to make out as some external sounds will be dampened but unfortunately the overall effectiveness isn’t great because you don’t get a proper seal afforded by something like an actual silicon tip so while the active noise cancellation definitely does do something unfortunately when you’re on a tube or a train or some busy external environment you get lots of that noise trickling through so you’ll have to boost up the volume a bit to really clearly make out your music you’re already a book whatever you’re listening to is home that while it puts out some free buns for sooner rather than later to offer the same sort of style as the air pod proper silicon tips are offer an actual seal and therefore block out more external noise make that

active noise cancellation really effective as a briefly sort of hinted at earlier the AI life app does offer some customization for the noise cancellation by the form of this funny little dial doesn’t actually have any markings on it or anything so I’m not entirely sure what it does I basically play around with it I think that’s something because sometimes you hear your voice a bit more clearly than others but to be honest I’ve tried it on every single degree around this full 360 degree rotation and it still doesn’t seem to do much for train noises tubes things like that that’s for the battery life for the Huawei Freebirds 3 in there and the active noise cancellation off you’ll get around 4 hours of use put about three and a half ish with it so that’s not fantastic compared to that a lot of true while it’s here but for instance the Edifier tws fires which I just reviewed offered double that on a single charge I really do like the sexy little charging case that way it gives you with free buds 3 when your wireless earbuds do need a recharge just basically shove them in there you get that nice magnetic connection hots MIT they’re nice and solid emerging so you get an actual little LED on the inside there which tells you when the free buds are charging and also when the charging kiss itself needs a refuel I finally got roughly four full recharges from the case before the case itself needed a recharge as well it’s type-c USB compatible and it also supports wireless charger as well so you got something like the list while we premium flagship phones you can do a bit of a reverse wireless

charging with those just slap this on the back of them and it will power back up so there’s my full review of the Huawei three buds three after just over a week of use as you can see a pretty solid competitors likes the air pods tube and push that active noise cancellation doesn’t do as an effect of a job as it would do if it had those pop-up silicon tips I would also help with the old day comfort levels as well so it still terms about the Freebirds sleep Duffy laughs not in the comments down below and check out my other reviews of lots of other true Wireless earbud options the power beats pro are still my favorite but they do cost a lot at around that 250 pound price points so if you want more budget-friendly affair they’re like so the edifies something like that will do much more nicely and please do put subscribe doing that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech shows everyone love you

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