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hello gorgeous boots this is Christmas expert and today I’ve got Samsung’s Galaxy a 95 G ready for a full unboxing setup and tour you can bet even make out the name because they all flee the design box by swear that is actually what it is just in case you needed further clarification Samsung has of course already released a 5g smartphone in the form of the galaxy s 10 plus but that thing at over a grant is super super premium it will empty your bank balance pretty damn fast if you’re determined you absolutely have to have 5 GB conk white stretch your budget – that much then the inline T 5 G’s a bit more palatable at 669 quid not the cheapest 5g phone out there but as I say not quite as difficult to swallow and it’s still a fairly premium device as well as you would kind of walk for almost 700 quid but you will have to make some sacrifices compared with the fully fledged s 10 flagship phones so let’s just stick the phone aside for a second see what exactly you get in the box so of course you get a nice bit of three-pin plug action you know sexy bit of type-c USB lovely stuff and you even get a pair of headphones bundled in the box as well they’re just some basic in ear efforts they do at least have a nice silicone tip so they’re not the profit lug hole scratches that you sometimes get but of course there’s no headphone jack on the ear 95 G so they are a pair of type C phones it’s quite nice that you’ve got that option to stay at Wired if you want to if you don’t find to

using the Bluetooth and then you also have whoops I completely screwed that one up and that’s got a QuickStart guide and you got a pokey sim device thing as well to actually get your SIM card into the wee bugger and there you have it there’s the highly exciting stuff you get inside the box now let’s actually check out the phone itself the first of all fair place is Samsung because well the first grants the 95 dude kind of looks like your typical Samsung handset does actually support very different split pattern design here on the back end as you can see that you’ve got a hard border down near this right edge and another split across the middle as you can see there just as you tilt it towards the light you get a different effect it’s kind of a rainbow effect up top just pure gloss down below and then this neat hard dark line down the side as well it’s quite quite a nice little pattern there’s no actual confirmation on Samsung’s official web page all the spec sheets either but all of the information I could find online suggested that it was actually a plastic finish it’s quite surprising because it does have a serious heft to it the galaxy a 95 G that if he feels just as hefty as the likes of the s10 handsets and of course that sort of price point you would expect full-on glass not plastic but there’s no mention of Gorilla Glass or anything like

that so I can only assume that it is indeed made of plastic if you know otherwise if you let me know down in the comments below down below as you can see just a nice bit of type-c USB action over on this side nice and bare up top you’ve got your sim tray and then over on this side you’ve got your volume rocker oh hello lots of jiggly bowls on display we’ll check all that out in a bit and the other thing is you don’t get your ward resistance here on the Galaxy in 95 G unfortunately that’s been cold in order to bring down the cost a bit so yeah bit of a shame that that is missing in action now that screen is a six point seven inch Super AMOLED display sore super bright punchy just like all of Samsung’s premium smartphone screens as you can see there those colors are really really shown in there super super bright I’ve already boosted it all the way down to one of the minimum point misses and it’s still super super bright so retina pierson you might say now it’s a full HD plus resolution here on the galaxy in 95v 20 by 9 aspect ratio so well suited for movies and the rest as you can see they’re nice and crisp despite that large spacious display as you can see of course there is a little bit of a notch intrusion there when you’ve got full screen mode but it’s nothing too bad it’s just a dinky little nipple not so yeah nothing too offensive those colors are definitely nice and punchy nice vibrant hues

really bleeding through and if we go back to the main menu and go to settings if you just dive on into the sphere there you’ll see you’ve got all kind of features to play around with screen mode is set to natural at the moment you can actually boost it even further those colors and such both way hitting vivid that else just brighten things up a little bit and you can of course directly play around with the color temperature is there play wrong with cool and warm go to advanced settings and you can actually set the white balance manually if you’re really into that unfortunately it’s not a stereo speaker output here on the Galaxy 95g it’s just a mono speaker so if you hit play and then could cover up that bottoms because in here everything is now muffled but that said nice and loud on that top volume so elbow isn’t that fun and the outputs pretty clear as well as pretty respectable stuff just remember not to muffle it and as you can see there like other Samsung devices you and in display a fingerprint sensor which you can just quickly and simply set up like so and when you want to sign into the galaxy a 95 G’s gonna screen off the tap bring up that fingerprint sensor icon and boom straight in you’ve also got full fittest recognition on there as well using that front-facing selfie cam and a whole bunch of other Samsung Knox security features as well definitely if you’re into privacy and security the Samsung handsets are pretty solid on that front now something you don’t get the latest Android 10 here in the galaxy a 95 G it’s Android 9 but it is overlaid with Samsung’s on one UI launch which adds quite a few

bonus features so I already mentioned the likes of the face recognition if you drag down notifications boy you’ll find lots of other little features hidden away in there like so but always on display bit of screen recorder action edge notifications very neat indeed kids stuff that’s pretty good if you want parental controls on your device and it goes good old Bigsby as well so you do have Bigsby sat there on top of the Google assistance actually not that sounds all kinds of wrong it sounds like the hammers I’m sort of AI rumpy-pumpy or something and you haven’t two assistants on one device is a little bit extravagant but the Bigsby routines feature is actually pretty good it’s basically another if this then that style set up with all kinds of different routines that you can set up for when you hit work when you get back home before bed all that kind of shenanigans definitely well worth a look if you’re into automating your life making things a bit easier and while you don’t have a dedicated Bigsby button here on the ear 95g you can basically double up that power button to launch Bigsby or other apps if you prefer so by default if you give a double tap of that power button you’ll load up the camera nice and quick and easy and if you long press we should have big free pop into life oh god you sound far too perky for a Wednesday afternoon because one thing that does annoy me about some some smart phones that loves to double up on its various up so you get yet another internet browser you get smart things which is basically just another way of time together while your smart home stuff just like Google home it’s all a bit superfluous and less but there you have it my good news

is something definitely hasn’t skipped when it comes to the performance as well you get a stop drawing it 5/5 chipset backed by six gigs or unpacked inside this thing so I’m expecting it to be absolutely perfect for everyday shenanigans and gaming as well no problem whatsoever and of course you do get the bit of game launcher feature stuffed in there as well which helps to block notifications boost resources all that kind of stuff and of course yes you do get a nice bit of TST 5g action so it should be nice and nippy for your web browsing media streaming needs no worries when it comes to the battery life either because you get mighty 4500 milliamp cells stuffed inside at the galaxies in 95 G so I should keep you going all day long nice and easy even if you’re streaming a lot of stuff using that 5g connection did a lot of game and pub G mobile the likes of that and you’ve got 25 watt fast charge as well so hopefully shouldn’t take too long to power back up and back in device careful got the storage section you get hundred twenty eight gigs on there as standard I don’t believe there’s any other SKUs that you can get here in the UK it’s 128 gig or nowt we do get microSD memory card support as well to boost by further 512 gigs are plenty of space for your media files and such for now let’s finish by taking a quick look at the Galaxy a 95 G’s triple lens array cameras that probably there’s actually forty eight megapixel shooter which is a much higher megapixel count then you’ll get on the likes the s10 and the Norton as well but of course as well we know the high the number not necessarily the better the photo quality is an F 2.0 aperture lens as well so probably bear for those daylight shots than the low-light efforts and that primary lens is backed by an 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle snapper F to point to a picture and a simple 5 megapixel depth sensor now be delivering my full verdict on the Galaxy in 95 use camera

tech in a few days once I’ve had time to test it out let’s have a quick look at that UI looks very familiar certainly any Samsung phones will be getting DejaVu it’s a bit of a cluttered mess to be perfectly honest with these so many different toggles and features but once you get to know your way around it it’s not too bad and it does basically give you any kind of feature you could possibly want you’ve got you of course standard auto morgan flick to the ultra wide-angle lens with a quick tap they’re nice and simple and straightforward you’ve got a live focus you want to take a portrait shot with various different filters and special effects you got your pro mode which has got your full manual controls as you can see there like some white balance the shutter speeds you’ve also got a dedicated night board now here on these Samsung snappers as well just to brighten up those night shots the s10 and the not ten tenets or overexpose a bit when using the night mobiles see if the 95g falls foul of that same issue and when you go into the video Mojang shoots a 4k resolution footage as you can see there or a nice bit of 60 FPS action fearful HD video your video stabilization

and HDR option etc etc you could also now shoot live focus video that just adds a blurry bokya style effect to the background when you’re shooting a subject very funky indeed and back in the main video mode you’ve also got the option of super steady video now as well really good if you’re gonna be cycling running jumping doing anything more active than just standing around filming your cat at tops off at Full HD resolution with the super steady mode you can’t shoot it for care but it really does help to smooth things out makes it everything look much nicer and so that right there some songs new galaxy a 95 G thanks to Vodafone for providing this I’ll be giving you my full review in a few days time along with right in the camera tests and results as well to see if it really is a decent slightly more affordable 5g option compared with the likes the S 10 + 5 G so are you tempted definitely gritty or thoughts down below if there’s anything in particular want to know about the device deftly bug your thoughts down below and I’ll try and cover all that in my in-depth review and such forth and please do poke subscribe doing that notifications bells you see my full review does go alive J’s everyone love you

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