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now you’d be forgiven for thinking that Google had launched these pixel handsets about five or six months ago thanks to the ceaseless onslaught of lease most of them coming courtesy of Google itself but in fact the pixel form the pixel Forex I’ll finally made their public debut just last week and sure those little in the way of surprises but we’re still very keen to get my grubby mitts all over this pants or to speak now full disclosure I haven’t been the biggest fan of previous pixel flagship phones for two main reasons first of all they tend to be quite overpriced compared with a lot of the competition and be a lot of the best features tend to drown in that trip across the Atlantic however Google definitely won back my love with the excellent pixel 3/8 handsets which launched earlier this year and the new pixel 4 starts from 669 Queen which makes it at least a bit more palatable compared with previous efforts never my sim slapped inside the pixel for for just under a week now and here is my full review and one that latest a great small tech including my full review of the pixel 4 XL once I finished that please do poke subscribe and give that notifications about add damn go ding and Cheers now most tech reviewers him to have immediately left onto the XL model with its dick swing and quad HD Plus display but I once

tripped this standard model instead with its pleasingly compact form factor this 5.7 inch smartphone is so comfortable the clutch compared with the absolute monsters that I usually review no seriously Android smartphones are starting to get so bloody big that I feel like one of the borrowers every time I handle one but the pixel 4 is delightfully mini despite that chunky top bezel and it’s nice and light as well as just a hundred and sixty two grams one-handed use is an absolute breeze especially thanks the easy swipe download applications panel and I definitely didn’t have to force this phone back into my pants when I was done all in all a victory the new pixel handsets are quoted in Gorilla Glass 5 front and back with a layer of aluminium sandwiched in the middle there and after a week of being slapped down onto tables and all kinds of rough surfaces and generally mistreated there’s still touchwood nor scratches or scuffs or chips or anything to speak of you get a rather slender choice of just three colours with the pixel for including this black version plus a white and a punchy orange model and all three offer a quite a simple finish no real frills to speak of even the two-tone design of previous models has been scrapped so now it’s an old gloss surface around back which does of course mean that fingerprints are more of an issue and though this black surfaces does a

pretty good job of masking them and the pixel for the pixel for Excel are both IP 68 Dustin water-resistant to boot now flip it around and that 5.7 inch all that display is an absolute delight as with previous pixels you get bright poppy visuals and you can play around with the output if you prefer more natural hues to those boosted colors a new ambient feature warms up the output in lower light from a comfortable viewing experience and these are the first Google phones to boss a 90 Hertz refresh rate just like the Mong plus 70 so swiping around in Android is smoother than a naked Barry White dipped in lard and maybe a smaller screen the most rival androids but I still found it perfectly spacious for enjoying some Netflix or prime video when enrollment about the place and while the pixel falls panel isn’t as sharp as its bigger brothers that 444 pixel per inch resolution still keeps everything perfectly sharp and I’m also seriously impressed by the pixel force stereo speaker output check this out vocals are nice and crisp and clear even on those top volume levels and it will cut through any kind of an environmental noise short of an atomic explosion but sadly there is no headphone jack and you don’t even get a dongle shoved in the Box anymore come on Google Y saw stingy thankfully I had no issues with Bluetooth connectivity here on the pixel for unlike when the pixel 3 first

launched and sadly there is no Wi-Fi 6 support either so quite as future-proof as the new iPhones are and of course not built in 5g mode em either no on the software side it is full fat Android 10 onboard as you would expect and this serves up all of the fresh features that we know and love like a proper dock mode and that new and improved gesture navigation however the pixel fought and it’s excel alternative also packing a fair few exclusive features like the radar based motion sense gestures and some very nifty live captions which work with pretty much anything Google is also finally added in proper face recognition as well as does come at the cost of a fingerprint sensor that’s worked perfectly well for the first few days though it’s not as secure as some rivals as it doesn’t actually actively check for eye contact so it could be used by someone to unlock your smartphone when you’re actually asleep unfortunately on the sixth day of using the Pixlr for the face recognition just completely stopped work and they’re not even delete my fierce data and rescan of my mug would compel it to come back to life now the pixel for me packing a lot of core features but there seems to have a rather unfortunate toll on the battery life you go 2,800 milliamps cell crammed into that shiny chassis and sadly it’s not enough for all day use and my first full day with the foreign that the pixel 4 was dead by 6 p.m.

And on the second day it actually died earlier than that around sort of 5:00 5:30 and we’re desperate I tried knocking off the features one by one on the pixel for to see if there was one particular culprit drin in the battery faster than anything else started with a 90 Hertz refresh rate that did absolutely nothing then I tried killin the motion sends rid our support that did bugger all as well the main issue seemed to be that I was streaming music quite a lot during the day and that seems that really really kill the battery far too fast so basically as long as you’re not planning on streaming any media here on your pixel for you so when I use it for bitter what’s happened at camera is checking the web for stuff things like that then you’ll be fine to last until bedtime otherwise mmm you’ll be struggling it’s not really good enough for a premium handset also despite the fact that the pixel 4 has quite a dinky battery that eating what charging tech still takes a full 90 minutes to fill it well thankfully the pixel borders at least support qi wireless charger and when you stick it on your pixel charging pad it’ll also double as a nifty sunrise alarm clock array and thankfully I’ve got no

complaints on the performance front the pixel 4 sports a Snapdragon 805 chipset backed by 6 gigs of RAM and of course that comes perfectly well with absolutely everything you throw at it combined with a 90 hurt screen refresh you get a gorgeously smooth experience at all times while games like buggy mobile server pulls premium visuals with a sky-high frame rate you can boost it all the way to extreme no worries of course there’s no built-in gaming mode or anything like that which most rivals do now Boston it’s still rather glaring omission on stock android now one of the highlights of any pixel smartphone is of course that camera tech and the pixel 4 offers a really improved HDR smarts to capture great look at photos even in really tricky conditions it’s a new dual lens setup allowing you to zoom in further than before without losing precious detail and the nitesite mode has been boosted to allow you to take impressive low-light shots when using a tripod now for all you need to know about the pixel force improved camera capabilities and of course all those new features and everything go check out my in-depth pixel for camera review live right now so after a week of using the pixel force my personal handset I do really want to recommend it but two things as usual are holding me back first up as usual the pixel fault is simply too expensive it costs more than Super hence rivals like the

oneplus seventy which also boasts are excellent ninety Hertz refresh rate improved performance and of course better battery life and that atrocious battery life is the second reason I can’t recommend the pixel for unfortunately rollin a simple lack of features coming over to the UK it’s a really serious issue and unless it’s fixed in some miraculous google update very very shortly then yeah the pixel for unfortunately gets a thumbs down so that’s what I think of the pixel for I’m gonna move on to the Excel model now and see if that bigger battery helps matters at all but what are your thoughts are you still tempted by the pixel for despite that battery I have to have to be great to hear what you think down in the comments below on please do poke subscribe and thing that notifications as well for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech geez everyone love you

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