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hello that you delightfully wonderful person you this is Chris from Texas pets and I’m here with the fresh new up or reen or two now it seems like not very long ago that the renal one was launched I think it was around April mere time so less than six months ago now but now we’ve already got the sequel the ocarina to launch in here in Europe today as this video goes live gonna get it fully unboxed and I’m gonna play one see exactly what’s changed in the hardware the software give you everything you need to know now first up this thing is properly shrink wrap so I’m gonna have to resort to a pokey SIM PIN device to actually get into the thing there we go I always keep one of these at hand for your on box and purposes definitely very handy indeed now first up the box itself is an absolute beast it’s definitely comparable to the year the oneplus 70 and 70 bro one go check out my old boxes of those of you haven’t yet already up or Rinat soo so I’m guessing you get the usual Quick Start Guide and everything in here yep lots of function a guns there is the actual device itself in all of its glory we’ll stick that aside for now we’ll take a good in-depth look at that in a moment let’s just see what else you get in the Box you get handy a little cover case and it’s not like your usual simple transparent cover that you often get bundled in smartphone boxes this feels like a much more substantial affair it feels quite stiff over so the bishop to the actress modeled on the inside

there and yeah it feels quite feels kind of almost like a sort of a fake leather type thing but not quite got that sort of texture to it and of course also in here you get your luke charger but a three-point or supported by the operon or two you get your type C at USB cable that app or keep in device action can never have enough of those and you get a pair of in-ear headphones as well bundled in there they’re fully wired of course they’re not like like air pod style true Wireless or anything but yeah they actually look quite nice so it’s a handy little addition there no guards everything that you get inside of the box so now the good stuff the actual smartphone itself as you can see some of the the specs and features are given away there on the cover and this is the ocean blue model I think say that very aesthetically pleasing nd as it strikes the light you get these sort of almost perkily contours around the edges just kind of morphs that color looks absolutely fantastic a nice Sheen to and hopefully touch wood it won’t smudge up too bad the year something the original Apple Rena wasn’t too awful in that when compared with all of these glass sunsets and its Gorilla Glass five running back and six up the front you need to actually get a pre installed screen protector on there as well so this thing is tougher than Jason

Statham’s last bowel movement still what it in ocean brew you can also pick it up in luminous black and oh yeah it’s worth mentioning as well you’ve got the the bit of auto action there as well as you can see it’s busy a little metal nubbin which just protrudes from the surface that just helps to protect the back in whenever you rest the form down and it’s worth mentioning what we’re actually talking about design that you actually do get if you point five millimeter headphone jack on this bad boy as well which is become an increasingly rare so that’s always lovely to see let’s see if we’ve got any juice in there and then we can get the opera renal to all set up and take a bit of a tour of the whole run the software rights we’re all set up the opera renal to is ready to rock and we are in to the UI now as you’d expect is once again color OS version six slaps on top of a bit of Android nine or Android ten out of the box unfortunately but hopefully touchwood that should be come in very shortly in these ways using their version 6.1 of colour ice supple on top of version and nine of androids I’ve already done a full tour of colour s version six I’m not going to go through every single individual feature again I quite like it because in it sort of standard overall general layout it’s quite similar to stock unreal you do actually get an apps tree which is lovely so it’s not like me UI or anything like that you got that likes

of the smart system which is actually pretty decent as you can see there it’s very similar to the oneplus shelf just basically gives you fast access to your favorite contacts wasn’t very sort of widgets as well so all of your pertinent information and it’s fully customizable and of course if you’ve dive in the sentence there are a plethora of features in there at least it’s sort of reasonably well logically laid out you got likes the digital well being a full parental contours if you’re gonna be giving it to your nipper that likes the convenience it boss some really good stuff as well so nice gesture supports we’ve dive on into there as you can see you’ve got three fingers screenshot we is to turn off the screen things like that you can play around with the navigation setup as well so you actually have a navigation bar down below you can change around the order of the buttons or you can just use good old swipe gestures instead as far as security goes you do actually get an in display fingerprint sensor here on the upper renal tubular actually use but a face recognition as well so let’s just get this all set up so as you can see they got a little shock fin which pops up whenever you want to take a selfie or do a bit of the face recognition so exactly the same setup as the classic op or renal tenth item zoom and all the rest do brightness compensation when you’re in the dark and we’ll get rid of that annoying swiping as well

and then that’s all good to go so now when we press that power button the shock fin pops up this is recognizing you straight into your desktops or if for whatever reason you can’t use the face recognition because you’ve been in a horrific traffic accident or something you just use that in display fingerprint sensor instead and as you can see again super super nippy just straight into desktops no hanging about now the fact you’ve got that shock fin pop-up selfie camera means of course you’ve got a gorgeous full view display it’s a 6.5 inches so nice and spacious be ideal for kicking back with a better YouTube in Netflix something like that now it’s a full HD plus resolution AMOLED panel as you can see there just fills the entire front of the for an absolutely stunning stuff and fact that it’s an AMOLED means you get nice bright picture quality I believe it tops out at about 700 nits so not quite on par with it like to the 1 plus 70 pro but definitely will do the job that is that has prettier and all the same you got those nice deep blacks or some pretty good contrast and like punchy colors as well but it doesn’t seem to be going over the top and if you actually dive into the display settings as well you can have a bit of a play around so as you can see there you can mess around with the screen that color temperature and you can also dive down at the bottom here and play on the screen at column board

as well so it’s in vivid at the moment still not over the top just learn nice punchy colors you can also stick it on gentle motors they call it sounds very very nice indeed and as you can see they’re srgb I’m not sure how much the srgb gama is actually covered in that gentle mod but hopefully more sort of natural realistic looking colors now I’m very intrigued to see what kind of scores the operon or – turns out when benchmarking how it handles the likes of pubsey mobile because it rocks the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 G chipset quite a new platform it’s a slightly updated version of the also very new 730 probably aimed more at gamers so it’s got a bit of a GPU boost and the upper one or two packs in it gigabytes of RAM saw absolutely stuffed full of memories so hopefully it should be a pretty damn decent gaming device sadly curiosity just ran a super quick and – to benchmark and test on the Opera ena and as you can see there got a score of two hundred eleven thousand so perfectly respectable for a chipset that sort of a mid to upper range rather than a full-on premium our chip set to defeated 58% of other smart phones out there GPU performance not fantastic well he defeats 37% there but of course I’ll be given a full Pub G more mile test to see exactly how good it is for the gaming on top of that as far as the specs go you get four thousand milliamp battery so that should hopefully keep

you going all day even if you’re absolutely hammering it with the apps and all the rest of it and it supports a bit of luke charge 3.0 so not the super Vulcan 40 not the super super nippy one which uses actually dual battery partitions but instead of palliate should still give you a 50% charge with about 30 minutes at the plug which really in bad for a four thousand milliamp cell as you can see there you’ve got the usual intelligent power saver policy options I perform as more let’s get that power and they’ve all shown in the status bar great stuff while we’re here in the settings as time in the storage which I believe is in additional settings yep there we go right at the top and as you can see there 256 gigs of storage that is the standard amount I don’t believe there are any alternative SKUs but still plenty of space for all of your apps your media whatever you want to chuck on there as you can see on the 3.7 gigs of it has actually been used up to begin with so plenty available for all of your stuff and I believe the up one or two also supports micro SD memory cards as well it’s stuffing in jewels to the device so as you can see there there are two symmetries and yeah it doesn’t need say micro sd I’m not sure what the maximum capacity is but if you want to expand your storage it looks like the moon or two will support it let’s move on to that camera tech now and as you can see there the up or reno two sports a quad lens rear camera setup you gotta follow your megapixel

primary lens f 1.7 with built-in optical image stabilisation that’s backed by an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens f 2.2 and a 13 megapixel telephoto f 2.4 that telephoto lens offers a two times optical zoom but it does not have built-in optical image stabilisation and then last but not least but actually kind at least is a 2 megapixel depth sensor for your portrait shots now if you boot up the operon or 2 camera app what’s your typical opera effort as you can see lots of toggles and features to wrap it your noggin around I can just take a quick shot I like saw and of course you can switch between the various lenses with a little tap in this icon since the two times optical zoom give it another tough you’ve got your five times hybrid zoom using a combination of optical and digital tap again and you’re into the ultra wide-angle shooter a final tap and you’re back to where you began as I say lots of toggles up top as you can see of course you’re in its jaw auto mode to begin with a little tap here and you can get the ultra wide-angle macro mode on the go so good if you want to shoot a nice core subject using that will draw an angle camera you’ve got your dazzle a color feature as well which I’m not entirely sure it actually does that much to be entirely honest if you checked out my camera reviews and previous software devices seems to give a little bit of boost to some of those or the greens and the Reds but

not a massive amount of difference and then of course you’ve got your of selection of filters right here as well and then this final icon is a quick step into the settings and as you see there’s plenty to play around with there one of the first things I usually do is go into the watermark and turn that off but it looks like it’s off by default thank God on the operon or too few because you’ve got a I scene recognition and you can play around with a video resolution as you can see there boosting all the way up to 4k resolution sadly not at that 60 FPS that’s only available on full HD and below you’ve got a bit of slow more video res as well at tops off at 1080p now up awesome should have really focused on the video side of things for the up or renal tutor just happen into the video as you can see you’ve got various sound settings that you can do including sound focus which actually follows a tapped subject around you’ve now got the super steady feature or ultra steady as Apple has termed it that’s similar to the super steady feature found on the likes of the Galaxy S 10 series where basically if you’re moving around really fast you’re cycling your jog and something like that you can lip that on busy it cuts right in and believe it tops out foolish the other one thing you can do it at 4k resolution and that just allows you to get some

nice fairly steady results I’ll be of course fully test and man out you can of course use any of the lenses in order to do a bit of your video recording including the ultra wide-angle something you couldn’t do in the links the oneplus 70 handsets you’ve also got an hour got a live bakka more than another feature that was also fun on Samsung’s recent premium handset so as you seen actually chain it’s the bokya level so partly yet she’s got a single subject you just shoot a nice bit of video I’ll just blow out the background and really help them to stand down and I’ll be testing it out for my fault I’ll pour Reno to camera review and then again you got the usual filters and everything else and you’ve got a handful of other bonus modes as well of course you’ve got a good old portrait mode which you can tap into it any time just use that depth sensor to again help Blair on the background on your subject and then looked up here you’ve got a small selection of other bonus modes including the new updated night Lord apparently now better than ever for your low-light shots and again this app it is to work with all three of the lenses so again I’ll be giving that a full tester now and then finally of course you’ve all that sixteen that megapixel F 2.0 from fierce and lens and that lovely shock thin format so hopefully that should produce some nice crisp good-looking shots for the portrait what

seems to be working really nicely there’s usually just locked on to my rather Haggard look in that mug now is a Monday evening as I’m shooting this so I’m feeling very much in need of caffeine slash booze slash both at once and of course you can shoot all these your photos and video I believe tops off a 1080p for that front face and one let me just check yeah video resolution either 720p or 1080p using that front-facing camera now before I go before I forget or anything that’s just slap the operon or two into that bundled kiss and see exactly how it looks so obviously it does mask that gorgeous a reflective surface on the the back end which is kind of a shame but if you want to keep your smartphone nice and pristine that will do the job only adds a little bit shrink enos on to it and that will definitely help to protect it juts up nicely from the the edge of the screen and everything there so again even a feel you faceplant the operon or two hopefully should survive a treat so you have it the up one or two in all of its glory are you tempted unfortunate Donna B UK at price overly stay just yet because this is a week before the official launch the probably like information will be coming out during the actual launch presentation but hopefully I’ll remember to actually update it in the description so check that out for all you need to know it’s definitely know what I reckon it’s gonna come in at a good price point run a sort of 500 pound mark offers you know hopefully slick performance solid battery life strong set of features do like a bit of the color OS a nice full view display and hopefully that camera tech will really perform as well hopefully I shall have my full Reno to camera you ready right now as this video goes live as well so go check out the rest of my expert channel to see to see what I’ve managed to to get done before the official launch and yeah please do let me know what you think down below put subscribe ding that notifications well and have yourselves a bloody lovely dear people Jess you

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