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hello there you extraordinarily gorgeous person you this is Christmas expert and I’m here with the oneplus 70 bra ready to get all unbox set up for your viewing delight of course this is an just the phone box this is the media pack so I’ll have a bunch of accessories and other bits in that you’ll also be able to grab along with the phone at launch and oh my god this is a funky little affair let’s see what we’ve actually got in here first of all a big fat reviewers guide I really like the 1 plus reviews guides they’re basically almost like little odd buckets as you can see they’ve got nice little illustrations very nicely designed tells you all about the various features so you can zoom right in on your lady friends fierce you can spy on bugs all kinds of great stuff and I really really like the design of the oneplus 70 and the oneplus 70 Pro box itself as well from actually when’d you donäôt they’re very different from the standard slightly boring white efforts of yesteryear you’ve got this massive red almost phallic box now lovely stuff and in this little compartment it looks like we have kisses because what I saw was like sending lots of cases with their review samples that’s always

good to see as well and of course the design of these doesn’t really change up too much here you’ve got various textured efforts that’s just a selection of the official ones that you can get at launch of course it’s been a very strange launch the oneplus 70 series that’s been a staggered launch we had the oneplus 70 originally just over a week ago now we’ve got one plus 70 Pro and also launched at the same time as this was one plus 70 Pro the clarinet Edition as last there’s actually three handsets in all the 70 and the 70 per– actually very similar there’s a lot less difference between them than there was with the 7 and the 7 Pro the previous generation because they brought a lot of that prop functionality such as the 90 Hertz screen and the rest to the standard 70 so the actual phone itself in all of its glory let’s see what we actually get in this little slip an imagine I’d be much the same as the stuff you got in the 70 box I did do a full unbox and that’s to go check that out if you haven’t seen it already you ever see me pull it yet more tech out of a cardboard box yeah it’s basically exactly the same stuff you get some lovely warm Plus stickers slap those on whatever you fancy and a nice invitation that as well oneplus does like having this little little is fun mr.

Pete loud no I’ve got a bug at that map of my and there we have it I’m not going to read the entire thing but if you want to actually check that yourself just do a freeze-frame job done there is the phone itself we’ll check that to the side to see exactly what else you get in this lovely box as you see there you do get a transparent cover bundled in there as well so if you’re too cheap to actually spring for one of the the proper nice cases you can just use that instead got on you spend this amount of money on a pro you probably want to spend a little bit extra just to get a nice kiss for as well because this does look a bit like a prophylactic to be perfectly honest you get your porky pin device lovely stuff I do like the oneplus one very nice indeed and you get you a bit of war charge plug adapter and bright red cable as usual a bit type-c of course more on that warped ROG Tech in a bit and that is everything you get the box as you see lots of great stuff and now for the interest in part the ruddy phone itself so if you have coarsely followed the oneplus 70 which was that I mentioned that was launched a couple of weeks ago there’s not a massive amount of difference between the design of the oneplus 70 and the oneplus 70 Pro this is the his blue I

believe it’s called effort as you can see that’s nice bit of frosted glass I like this matte finish of course your previous one Plus handsets all had a mat or a glossy finish I was here with the oneplus 17 or + + 0 it’s all matted and I like that more because it shows up smudges and stuff a lot less clearly it’s good news if you’ve got particularly oily fingers like I seem to do then it doesn’t show up those smudges and scuffs quite sore so obviously and I’ve really liked that Sheen as well it just when it catches the light looks absolutely lovely it seems to be sort of darker up towards the top a bit lighter as you progress down the smartphone itself and of course it’s got that lovely curvy finish as well so it just fits nicely in man despite the fact it’s a bit of a monster got Gorilla Glass 5 around back and 6 up front so that would just help to protect it from scratches and general wear and tear and as usual its water-resistant as well although it doesn’t have an official IP written rights we’ve got some gas in the tank so here we get the oneplus 70 put all set up and then we’ll tour the hardware and the software usual T’s and C’s what happens if you hit disagree it just takes you back it’s like what’s the point you’re gonna have to agree if you want to actually use that smartphone you just Spencer 400 pounds on and we are in setup complete nice and straightforward now festival of course one of the major differences

between one +70 pro edition and the standard one plus 70 is the fact that you don’t have that little nipple not intruding top it is of course a pop-up a selfie camera after the display itself but it’s bigger than standard 1 + 17 it’s got the same specs as the original 1 + 7 Pro so it’s a 6 point 6 7 inch a nice big for a view display as you can see there’s a fluid AMOLED so it runs it in the 60 or 90 Hertz you can actually change that in the display settings as well if we dive into there as you can see there screen refresh rate set at 90 hers be can choose to bump it down to 60 Hertz of useful to save on your battery life I’m going to leave it that nice fluids at 90 Hertz it’s great stuff and as for the resolution as well that’s a bump over the stuff that 1 + 70 it’s a quality plus 30 120 by 1440 as you can see there but you can have it either auto switch between quality and Felicity depend on what you’re actually up to or you can just stick it on basic Full HD if you want to save again a bit of battery life so as you can see you there you’ve got your nice full view finish which is perfect for enjoying a bit of movie action your TV shows all the rest of it as all so once again a stereo speaker output as well somebody’s boost up the volume nice and loud and yeah once again you get the output from that top speaker and the bottom speaker as well and it sports Dolby Atmos and everything – but yeah suddenly no headphone jack action on there getting increasingly around these premium devices as you

can see they’re nice and bright as well as so even anywhere near the maximum brightness which is around them 1000 nits Mike’s super super bites you’ll have no problem seeing what’s going on even on a bright sunshiny day and for likes you Netflix I’m thing you got fully it’s your 10 support as far as you can do all of that lovely stuff because one of the features that want plus it introduced into smartphones last year was the in display fingerprint sensing you’ve once again got that here on the 70 Pro unsurprisingly with quite a nifty animation there as you can see it’s once again an optical scanner just like the 70 the 60 before it and everything as well and apparently one putters updated it so it’s now more accurate than ever before so records even when your hands were a little bit drier but oily mine tend to veer between the two quite violently should still manage to pick you up no problem so far touchwood seems nice and nippy and responsive as you can see that and of course you’ve got full support for face unlock as well using that pop up camera so just allow and then hopefully the camera will actually pop up yep and then just go to move my head around the bits until my face is all mapped up face not detected I’ll come on on my life Oakley ray success and then as you can see there you can choose to have the oneplus 70 Pro either pause until you swipe to unlock the device or unlock as soon as it detects your gorgeous fear so I’m gonna have Auto and lock because just makes it nice and quick and easy and then we’ll give that a go so hit the power button camera pops up as you can see super quick absolutely nor the hesitation whatsoever boom the

actual software on the oneplus 70 Pro is pretty much identical to the software you’ll find on the 1 + 7 t it’s once again Android 10 the latest version of Android straight out of the box which is great to see of course you get a nice bit of oxygen West version 10.00 the latest version of warm pluses on over layer so you got all the standard features got a nice patch shelf action giving you fast access to all of your favorite peeps and apps as you can see here you’ve got the latest Android 10 gesture support as well one plus is actually overridden it’s orange ester support by the looks of it and just replaced it purely with the Android stuff so if you dive into an app you can go back with a quick swipe from the sides I really like that I prefer it to just the swiping up from the left or right edge which is what you used to do for the old one plus method and because you can swipe up and pause just to access all of your open apps and just swipe up and not pause to get back home again nice and simple and you got all of the usual great oneplus features on there as well the usual gesture support as well of course you’ve got lots of quick gestures on there you can quickly turn on the camera with a DoubleTap of that power button if you dive on into the apps you’ve got the 1 plus game space in there as well which I’m a big fan of it blocks all those pesky notifications where you get in your pub Gyan or whatever and you got the like so the fanatic more on there as well that was previously a 1 + 7 pro efforts come out to the 70 pro as well as you can see that I can give you a performance boost and everything if you need it to be honest you probably need that for several years because the oneplus 70 perhaps the Snapdragon it 55-plus chipset on the other phone that’s found in right now

is the azuz ronk phone – and dedicated gaming machine so this thing should be silky silky smooth especially with that 90 Hertz refresh rate support as well and of course you can actually change the refresh rate if you want you can knock it back down to 60 Hertz if you like to just save a bit of battery life but to be honest it’s just so silky smooth that navigation and everything definitely definitely I love it to bits GM specs as far as the performance goes here on the probe compared with the oneplus 70 you got it gigs around on there as well you’ll have to upgrade to the McLaren Edition if you found you 12 gigs around it seems a little bit excessive to be perfectly honest teacakes should do absolutely fine no matter what you’re trying to do on this thing however one area that has been upgraded for the 70 Pro Edition is the battery life you know I’ve got four thousand eighty five milliamps cell stuffed insides a little bit bigger capacity than the oneplus 70 of course you’ve still got the warp charge 30 T support which would give you a full charge in around an hour of sort and 50% charge in about sort of 20 minutes which is absolutely nuts you’ve got the likes of the battery saver on there and stuff if you need it as well before I forget as well just dive into the storage there’s on the warm storage option here on the 70 Pro Edition and that’s 256 gigabytes there’s no microSD memory card support unfortunately saw you’re stuck with just that but let’s face it that should last you quite some time and I’ve got it’s got full support for you FS 3.0 as well

so nice Lippe storage so really really fast for Lordan up apps copying off files things like that which brings us nicely onto the camera tech and here on the pro edition it’s a very similar triple-n set up to the standard one plus 70 the only lens which is really changed is that telephoto shooter so once again you get 48 megapixel primary lens at 4.6 built-in optical image stabilization and Sony’s IMX 586 sensor that’s backed by an ultra wide-angle and 16 megapixel and a telephoto lens this time it’s eight megapixel and it actually offers a three times optical zoom compared with the two times optical zoom of the standard 70 and the only main difference is that it’s actually got built-in optical image stabilization as well just like the primary lens which is something that was missing from the standard 74 so check out that camera you can of course just tap the old icon now or you can do a double push of that power button once you’ve set it up in the settings like so the cap is your standard oneplus effort basically you start up in auto mode you can of course quickly switch to the ultra wide angle or the telephoto is just a quick tap of these or icons here boom as you can see there fold three times optical zoom into my never settle water bottle always on brand you can quickly switch between different modes with just a little tap down here’s you’ve got your video mode 4k 60fps it maxes out at and of course a good bit of portrait mode action as well for the portrait mode you can either use the standard primary lens or the ultra wide-angle as you can see there so you pull right out if you are trying to shoot a portrait short of a good bunch of gems got usual night skip more as well it’s actually been upgraded here if the oneplus 70 and the oneplus 70 Pro so should produce really nice gorgeously balanced your shots I will of course be bringing my

full one plus 70 pro camera review so stay tuned for that to see if that really is the case and of course now you can also use the ultra wide-angle lens for that night skip mode as well which is great to see you’ve got the usual bunch of bonus features including a full pro mode which is always handy you can shoot me the JPEG all RAW format just time to play around with the sentence get it exactly the way you like and actually see the results right there on the display at the same time and of course you’ve got time-lapse you got a nice bit slow motion you panorama all of the usual bonus features if we just swap her onto that selfie camera just have to wait a second for it to pop up there we have it it’s the same megapixel effort as was found on the original one plus seven pro basically sort should take nice snaps in pretty much any conditions you’ve got the usual portraits Nana guns which was you can see they’re just latches onto your face that does a reasonably good job of the edge detection and everything at least at will do if it’s the same as the 7 Pro unfortunately no nightscape board or anything like that for the portrait snapper though and there you have it my pretties that is the oneplus 70 pro unboxed and toured so as I say stay tuned for my fault in-depth review at this bad boy the camera tests and everything will be coming as well and I’m going to be doing some comparisons with some of the biggest and best smartphones of 2019 so check that out if you want to see how it stacks up to its biggest rivals gonna hopefully do the likes of the s10 plus and a few of the others and probably the standard 1 plus 7 Pro which further launch six months ago as well to see if this is a serious upgrade or not so you tend to buy the one plus mg bro what’s your initial thoughts reactions emotions after seen it in the flesh ish there Phoebe grit to your thoughts and bangles down blonde this do POC subscribe and ding the notification bar for more on the latest and greatest actors of on love you

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