OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 7 Serious upgrade!

the oneplus 70 is finally official and it sports all kinds of bonus little upgrades and updates compared with the original one plus seven which was released earlier in 2019 the screen the camera tech everything has been pretty much overhauled it’s a really big jump from one plus seven to the 1 plus 70 despite the fact that it is just that incremental update see is that jolly that will run down of all of the differences between one plus 7 and the 1 plus 70 and football in the latest greatest mobile tech please do subscribe editing that notifications about cheers let’s start with design there have been a number of little refinements here one of the biggest differences of course is that camera tech on the oneplus 70 you now get a circular housing compared with a straight up-and-down grille of the original 1 + 7 more on that camera Tech in a bit rumbler 70 is still nice and slender at 8 millimetres and sports that pleasingly curved rear end so it’s nice and comfortable of a clutch just like the 1 + 7 well 1 + 7 came in either glossy or matte finishes but 1 + 70 just sports the matte finishes 2 color options that launch frosted silver or glacier blue I like both and I’m perfectly happy with that all matte finish to be honest as I prefer it to the smudgy glossy version as far as durability goes there’s not really any difference you get Gorilla Glass 5 I’m back in Gorilla Glass 6 up front and the oneplus 70 is once again water-resistant just like the 1 + 7 although again there’s no

official IP written I flip it around to the front and the oneplus 70 is bigger at 6.5 5 inches versus the 1 + 7 6.4 1 inch screen you get more screen real estate now as well thanks to the smaller nipple notch housed up top and the display and the oneplus 70 is more stretched as where you get a 20 by 9 aspect ratio compared with one plus seven nineteen point five by nine so

it’s slightly longer than the original one plus seven while retaining that lovely slender hand please and finish you said that a full HD resolution but it’s out 2400 by 1080 rather than 23 40 by 1080 final original 1 + 7 to represent that longer finish and the 1 + 70 now boasts a fluid AMOLED screen which maxes out at 90 Hertz compared with a 60 Hertz optic AMOLED screen on the 1 + 7 was visited you can expect silky smooth transitions when zipping through menus Lord and apps and all of that shenanigans of course you’ve got the option to choose between 60 or 90 Hertz on the run + 70 depending on whether you’re on a boost the battery life or not like the 1 + 7 the 1 + he once again bossed full each to your ten support for likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime video you can enjoy a nice shop contrast a nice deep blacks and quite natural-looking colors as well however with one plus 17 you now get less blue light emitted so it’s more comfortable for the night viewing sessions and also the one plus seventy is brighter overall by 27 percent in fact compared with one plus seven it now maxes out at a mighty 1000 nits moving on to the audio and one plus

seventy once again doesn’t support a headphone jack just like the one plus seven but you do get same stereo speaker setup a nice bit support for Dolby Atmos as well and the one plus 70 also has a stronger vibration more – compared with the one plus seven as well so now you get more violent Rumble the effect just like used to get on the 1 plus 7 pro now impressively the 1 plus 70 is also one of the first ones to come with Android 10 out of the box complete with the oxygen OS 10 point or overlay on top this adds various improvements the overall UI the performance and visuals and so on compared with Android PI and oxygen OS 9 found on the 1 + 7 for one that optical fingerprint sensor is apparently now more accurate especially when your hands were a little bit damp or a little bit dry you get full support for the new gesture navigation set up as well software’s you can swipe from the left side of the screen in order to go back and you get full apps which support in landscape board now as well the spot ambient display is once again back in action as well to show you if there’s any notifications and stuff wait and when you just tap the screen and the small boost board is back as well which keeps popular app stashed in the memory at them wast used times and the Zen mode also makes a reappearance but it’s now adjustable from 20 minutes up to a full hour if you fancy even more time isolated from

this increasingly heroine existence but of course you can expect all of these improvements to come to the 1 plus 7 in a future update as well it shouldn’t miss out on any of those various bits or more patient users don’t have to worry the wampler 7 still boss incredible performance thanks to the Snapdragon 805 chipset stuffed inside but on the oneplus 70 you get the all-new Snapdragon 805 plus platform which offers a performance and graphical boost over that standard chipset so far I’ve only seen it stuffed inside of the ear Zeus rokform 2 and gehrman handset which is only just hit in European Shores go check out my fault hands Gaiman session with that bad boy to see exactly how good it is as well as the memory goes the oneplus 70 comes in just one flavor in gigabytes there’s no choice of six or eight gigs this time around however the oneplus 70 also comes with one storage option and that’s just 128 gigabytes rows the original one plus seven came with either 128 or 256 gigs if you wanted to throw a bit more cash at one place just to upgrade it and there’s no microSD memory card support either so basically when you run out of space who’s gonna have to stop clearing some of the clutter of the good news is you do get full new FS 3.0 support as expected on the oneplus 17 just as you did on the oneplus 7 just means nice nippy file read/write speed so hopefully your apps should a lot of just as quickly now moving on to the battery and the new one plus 70 spots a 3830 compared with the 3700 milliamps L found in the original one plus seven not exactly a pan wetting the exciting upgrade admittedly but at least those numbers are moving in the right direction however while the original one plus seven made do with a simple bed 20 watt fast charging the oneplus 70 indulges in some proper Willy Raven with its support for warp charge 30 T this apparently will offer you 50 percent charge with just

20 minutes at the plug seventy percent in about 30 and pretty much a full charge in just one hour and apparently the actual charging cable and plug and everything is exactly the same as what you’ve got on the original one plus seven Pro it’s actually the battery tech inside of the oneplus 70 there’s been improved to allow these kinds of crazy speeds now on to the final area that has been overhauled for the oneplus 70 and that is the new triple lens camera with the similar sort of setup to the original one plus seven pro it’s definitely a big step up from the simple dual lens hardware of the one plus seven so let me and then it hasn’t changed up much once again get a 48 megapixel shooter with Sony AMX 586 sensor which can capture 12 megapixel pics in auto mode with a bit of pixel merjan as now f one point sixth or compared with the F one point seven aperture found on the original one plus seven of course you still get a nice bit of optical image stabilization thrown in now the original one plus seven made do with a simple 5 megapixel depth sensor but that’s been absolutely thrown out of the window for the oneplus 70 instead you now get a 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens with F 1.7 aperture and little incidents a lot aside that’s apparently supported in tik-tok if you’re using that and the third lens is a 12 megapixel telephoto lens offering 2 times optical zoom with F 2.

2 aperture unfortunately there’s no optical image stabilization on board though and if you flip around to the front of course in that little nipple notch action you get a 16 megapixel selfie camera again just like the original one plus 7 now the hardware has obviously changed up but so has the software for the 1 plus 70 as well so for instance now you get a macro shooting mode

that’s this little flower icon up on top of the auto mode bar that just allows you to shoot items up to 2.5 centimeters away incredibly close and it’s using that ultra wide-angle lens the portrait mode has been updated for one plus 70 so you can use either the main lens or the ultra wide-angle lens to shoot your subject and then I skip 2.0 has also been updated at the same functionality use needle main or the ultra wide-angle lenses as for the video where you can once again shoot 4k resolution footage it up to 60fps just like you could on the original 1 plus 7 but now you also get a new super stable video shooter mode which is this shaky little hand icon up top this will capture video at 1080p and it uses a combination of E is and OAS to give very smooth out but even when you’re jerking around a lot very handy if you’re cycling or running or doing something active while shooting I’m on plus rankings it’s also sorted out some of the HDR issues as well which we saw in the original 1 plus 70 so hopefully overall the 1 plus 70 will be a really solid all-around snapping through that flexible hardware and hopefully some solid software to really help you get some excellent photos and videos and that right there is how the oneplus 70 stacks up against the original 1 plus 7 in a side-by-side battle as you can see there are all kinds of updates and upgrades here despite the fact is just an incremental updates to that original handset if I pretty much every aspect the original 1 / 7 has been overhauled the performance the battery tech the display the camera everything so it’s quite surprising that this is coming in the oneplus 70 as opposed to the oneplus it but what do you reckon are you tempted by the new one for 70 what bits of it I’ll get you more stat juicy definitely let us know in the comments down below and please do poke subscribe and think that notifications bail for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech Cheers are on I’m you

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