ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme X399 Motherboard Review

hey men Jarrod here and today we’re mosting likely to have a look at the a sous rog zennith Xtreme x3 99 motherboard this is a thread ripper board which I’m utilizing in my new PC I’ll cover what’s on offer along with the troubles I’ve had with it up until now that you should be mindful of before acquiring inside package there’s quite a great deal of parts starting with the motherboard itself under that there’s a box packed with extra products consisting of a brace for the graphics card a 10 gigabit network card the dim growth card SLI bridges 4 to 3 and also four-way SLI arrangements a faired center to antennas for the Wi-Fi as well as a USB stick consisting of the motorists in addition to loads of additional cable televisions for almost every little thing this is an e ATX board it’s thirty factor 5 centimeters by twenty 7 point seven centimeters and I have actually installed it right into my Thermaltake for you 71 instance let’s begin by taking a more detailed check out the rear i/o the i/o shield is connected to the board so no need to mount that initially from delegated right we’ve got the BIOS recall in clear CMOS buttons next there are three ports for the consisted of Wi-Fi antenna after that there are eight USB 3.1 gen2 on kind a ports which are colored blue and also a built-in Gigabit Ethernet port there’s 2 USB 3.1 gen2 ports one is type-an and also colored red while the other is a kind C port along with an

optical s/pdif out and also your typical sound results which brighten with LEDs now let’s check out the remainder of the board along the top from the left to right there’s a waterblock port RGB header and in the top right edge there’s a CPU follower and CPU octet ah functioning down from right here along the right-hand side of the board there’s 2 eight pin power adapters physical power on and also reset buttons which were nice to have while troubleshooting a 24 pin power connector and also a USB 3.1 gen2 header with another follower header behind that the rest of the IR on the appropriate faces bent on the side we have actually got a USB 3.1 gen2 I’m carried 6 SATA 3 connectors as well as one u dot 2 output along the bottom from right to left there’s the common front panel ports numerous pump ports for water air conditioning Ellen 2 jumpers for liquid nitrogen support switches for secure boot more fan headers one more USB 3.1 gen2 on adapter USB 2.0 adapter addressable RGB and also or RGB headers TPM port easy power plug if you’re running loads of GPUs front-panel audio adapters so there’s rather a whole lot going on certainly in the facility of the board we have actually got the tr4 socket which I’m making use of for my 16 core AMD 1950 X CPU I had a great deal of problem obtaining the CPU mounted as you might have listened to the Foxconn sockets don’t seem to be as good as the tons ones you’re meant to tighten the screws in a specified order however I needed to half-turn screws two as well as three first then place my complete body weight behind primary to get it to string and I’m not alone with this issue I eventually got it in but I was quite concerned I was going to harm the board simply installing it with any luck this will be fixed in future

alterations the socket is bordered by the eight memory ports which run in quad channel that support up to 128 gigabytes of ddr4 memory at 2 thousand six hundred as well as sixty-six megahertz with the possibility of overclocking to three thousand six hundred megahertz I had trouble obtaining above 3000 megahertz using my g.skill tradency package however that wasn’t on the sustained components checklist so if you intend on overclocking ensure you choose supported memory from the qvl as AMD’s systems seem to be fairly fussy with memory you likewise have the choice of utilizing ECC memory below a great touch if you’re running a thread Ripper workstation or web server so what’s the right of the memory ports is the growth dim to reduce this is an interesting function generally you attach the included include capsule into what is basically another ddr4 user interface slot in order to add to two m dot 2 drives these can be 30 40 to 60 80 or 110 millimeters in size I have not been using this yet as there’s also a solitary end dot two PCIe port onto the metal plate with our G logo this panel also acts as a warmth sink for the X 399 chipset and also it’s obtained a thermal pad underneath which enters contact with the m dot to drive this assistance here for m dot two drives 40 to 60 and also 80 millimeters in size the RGB lights additionally radiates via the ROG logo reduced out when it comes to readily available PCIe slots from the top down there’s PCI 3 16 8 4 16 1 & 8 slots this

supports up to either four-way SLI or crossfire the leading 16x port is better to the CPU outlet than other X 399 motherboards so inspect your CPU cooler won’t overhang the slot like mine does I have actually got the naktu au 14s cooler and also it shuts out the very first port avoiding me from using it that’s not an issue for me as I’m just running one graphics card in the second 16x port however if I want to make use of both in the future I’ll require to look at transforming the CPU call that is something much more talking PCIe slots the consisted of 10 gigabit network card will certainly let you boost your network speed as long as your network sustains such rates it connects utilizing a pcie 3.0 4x interface and also I ended up putting mine into the otherwise pointless top 16x port it’s covered in a heatsink to aid call it and has some LEDs on top which advise the rate of the network link if you have no use for this card I ‘d probably suggest considering a different X 399 motherboard as this card itself sets you back around 140 US dollars so it would certainly be including significant cost to the general cost of the board I’ll be upgrading my network to 10 gigabit in the future so I’ll absolutely be making usage of this while we’re speaking about network connection allowed’s dive into the Wi-Fi there are 2 antennas consisted of with the

board the very first is gem band as well as attaches to two of the ports on the back of the motherboard this set takes care of 802 11 a/b/g/ n as well as air conditioner standards over 2.4 ghz or 5 ghz frequencies the second antenna links into the 3rd connector as well as is fado 2.
11 advertisement likewise called hwagok which operates the 60 ghz regularity with speeds up to 4.6 gigabytes per second however I had not been able to evaluate this for myself as I do not have any kind of gadgets to take benefit of the ad requirement yet both antennas have stands to hold themselves up and there’s additionally sustain for Bluetooth 4.1 as you might have observed the board has RGB lights however I believe it looks good as well as isn’t exaggerated it features a Seuss’s or a sync so you can utilize their software to personalize the lighting impacts as well as also integrate various other components which is what I’m doing below with my g.skill memory the lighting is existing around the intense edge of the board on the center plate with the ROG Lugar and also on the shroud covering the i/o the Irish path additionally covers a tiny follower which you’ll listen to spinning up on system boot simply under that there’s a tiny OLED panel which offers valuable system information I located this truly practical during Burtt when I had troubles as I would

publish out the error code while running it will certainly show the existing CPU temperature by default yet you can alter it to show CPU frequency fan speed water cooling details and even a custom-made gif on the back of the board there’s a wonderful backplate not that you’ll see it as soon as mounted I had problem mounting this right into my thermal take the U 71 situation although the case does sustain the e ATX type element the motherboard covers the cable television routing grommets as well as the backplate comes into contact with the rubber grommets so I needed to eliminate the rubber from the instance to make sure that the board rest flush against the situation once getting up and running the board has actually functioned fantastic I did have some issues when developing the system as already discussed consisting of the CPU cooler looming of the first PCIe slot problem mounting the CPU in the Foxconn socket and also backplate entering direct contact with several of the case these type of issues are only minor as well as once you work around them you’ll probably be fine for as lengthy as you continue making use of the system I haven’t had any kind of further issues since building the system a few

months ago while building I also had a few various issues with the memory being acknowledged at first long tale brief I upgraded to the current bios by just replicating the data to a USB stick putting it into the BIOS USB port and pushing the biography button and that dealt with whatever for me so make certain you’re running one of the most current version of the BIOS the BIOS upgrade procedure was very basic to do in this manner I was rather amazed so what did you guys consider the asou sinneth extreme motherboard it’s the most expensive x 399 board at the time of recording as well as there are most definitely economical choices around nonetheless in my personal viewpoint this set looks the nicest as well as has truly useful features and also attachments such as the incorporation of the ten gigabit network card which I’ll be utilizing make certain to let me know your ideas down in the comments along with what motherboards you’re looking to buy and also why if you found the details in the video helpful leave a like as well as do not fail to remember to subscribe the future technology videos similar to this one

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