Zenfone 6 Three Months Later Best smartphone surprise

three months ago is Zeus launched its best and more surprising flagship smartphone – did the zenfone 6 I went along to the launch expecting to see a pretty decent mid-range mobile and came away with one of my favorite blows of 2019 so far farmers have gone back to the zenfone 6 again and again and again in between other reviews because frankly I can’t get enough of the we’d bugger that this is one of those god-awful click baby videos I’ll be right here with my palm of my face in I’m switching to the zenfone 6 so after a few months here is my full thoughts on the zenfone 6 and how it stacks up against the current crop of flagship phones and for more on the latest a great spot well tech please do poke subscribe ending that notifications belt appreciate it so at first glance the zenfone 6 is a rather unassuming handset it is definitely a bit of a hand fella like most premium mobiles and it sports the same not free finishes the likes the oneplus 7 pro apple reno series and other recent flagships 190 grams I see isn’t too hefty though while the Gorilla Glass Severson is tougher than a tankful of Jason Statham’s this thing has been stashed in countless bags and pockets and is still yet to pick up a single scratch now the same goes for that massive display which is well protected by a bit of Gorilla Glass 6 basically to have an impact on it you probably have to attack it with scissors

but please don’t do that because the zenfone 6 really is bloody lovely now considering this phone has a flip-out camera and oh brother what pin battery I’m surprised it’s not a lot fatter to be honest Zeus has even found room for a proper headphone port which is as rare as a sorban northern of these days well he helps along by the fact that it doesn’t have an in display fingerprint sensor and you also get a neat little shortcut button housed up here on the right edge and this could be mapped to a number of different features and shortcuts such as opening the camera taking a screenshot or cycling through the different alert settings it’s a nifty addition for sure and a Zeus’s expanded the functionality and its latest updates so you can do more than ever before in fact the software is probably one of my favorite parts of the zenfone 6 one of the reasons there was such a bloody lovely surprise when I first got to grips with it what you get is what looks like a nice stock version of Android pike as until you dive under the surface and see that your Zeus has kept most of the best features from previous Zen UI incarnations just neatly tidied away 100 uses an absolute dodd’s all thanks to the various shortcuts on a dedicated shrinking screen feature you get a proper dock mode while ahead of Android 10 all kinds of jesh aboard good old digital well being a screen recorder tool and a whole bunch of other lovely stuff all tucked away neatly and in a logical manner inside of the settings there’s a pretty deep customization once you start to dig away underneath the surface level but of course if that’s not what you really into then don’t worry you just pretend it doesn’t exist and it’s great to see that his ruse is so committed to the future of the zenfone 6 as well it’s guaranteed and updated to Android 10 and then Android 11 as well in 2020 and new Zeus has already ticked through a number of updates as well to quash any bugs that are existing at launch and also just to improve on some

of the existing features now that 6.4 inch IPS screen may not be as super vibrant as some AMOLED rivals while the contrast isn’t quite as strong either but for an IPS it’s still bloody good for one it’s brighter than a barrel full of astrophysicists and thankfully azuz has long since sort of that weird bug with the auto brightness which kept plunging the screen into darkness colors are accurately reproduce your photos and video have a natural appearance you can play around with the temperature in the saturation levels if you like but on the standard sentence I still think the zenfone does a bang-up job those visuals are crisp and easy on the eye and the zenfone 6 also smashes it well out the park for audio as well there’s full DTS X and aptX HD support for your headphones with manual controls over playback then they got full support for like the high res audio and the rest as well and while the zenfone 6 does technically have a stereo speaker setup let’s face it it’s the bottom speaker there’s pollen all the weights here definitely drunk on muffling it with your palm job as for performance well the zenfone 6 is still nippy er than Usain Bolt with a firecracker lodged firmly up his rectum hole call comm Snapdragon 805 platform is backed by the six or eight gigs of RAM depending on which SKU you go for this thing isn’t gonna be struggling any time soon the likes of pub G plays with a smooth as oily butter frame rate and you got the game genie tall for blocking notifications recording a live stream in your mad skills skills was said obviously and tons

of other stuff on top of that as well and battery life is great as well is used to somehow Mazda Crumley five thousand milliamp cell inside of the zenfone 6 and basically wants it better then it gives you close to two full days of use general use from a full charge and even if you do absolutely hammer this phone to bits with lot of gaymans skype and sat-nav action media stream and the full works you should still make it to bedtime no worries at all and it’s the little things that really count an add up here on the zenfone 6 so as well just things like the fact that it’s got dual sim support and you can also stick in a microSD memory card of up to 2 terabytes in size at the same time as 2 SIM cards but of course naturally one of the most talked-about features of the zenfone 6 is that incredibly cute flip camera which can be used as a rear-facing snapper a selfie shooter or something in between you have full control of that tilt even inside of some apps and that’s just one of the many cool camera features so far touchwood all of that flippin hasn’t worn down the mortars or anything occasionally it can go a little bit floppy if you accidentally stick your finger in the way while it’s trying to flip but if that happens all you need to do is drag down at the notifications bar and you can retract it with a little tap of this icon here this flip motion doesn’t just mean you get a full view notch free experience on that display it also means you have two very capable camera lenses for yourself he needs as well so you can shoot great looking portraits naps night shots and even 4k

video at up to 60 frames per second all of your gorgeous little mug good luck finding those kinds of features on most flagship phones even twice the price of this wee bugger as for the specs well the zenfone 6 rocks a 48 megapixel primary lens with Sony’s ever popular AMX 586 sensor backed by a 13 megapixel ultra wide-angle shooter so again you can capture the kind of funky all-encompassing selfie that only the pixel phones are really able to replicate for an in-depth look at the zenfone 6 is camera tech including photo quality video quality and all those fantastic features as well go check out my in-depth review which is live right now on tech spirt and we can also end on a high note as well because the zenfone 6 is available to buy right now for just 499 pounds which is frankly stunning value for money considering the premium specs the slick software and the genuinely innovative features there is a lot of furore around the note 10 and the not 10 Plus at the moment but honestly the zenfone 6 I think smashes it in most departments is an absolutely fantastic handset and a Fondren 89 quid it’s like half the cost of the not handsets that’s why it’s one of my picks put on the best smart phones of 2019 so far but what do you think who you tempt about zenfone 6 or maybe you’ve got it and you been using it for a while definitely let us know your thoughts down in the below and for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech the Stupak subscribe and doing that notifications bell cheers everyone love you

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