Review PowerBeats Pro Best Airpods 2 Alternative?

hello there you stunningly gorgeous person here this is Chris from expert and I’m here with the power beats pro from Beats Audio sirs busy beats his version of the Apple earpods the Samsung Galaxy buds but is it completely wireless Bluetooth earbuds 220 quit here and the u-kiss is definitely the more premium expensive models even more expensive than those air pods and the galaxy buds but because of this unique hook style design hopefully should prove very good for when you’re getting your sweat on down the gym so I’m going to just quickly unbox them show you exactly what you get in there and then we’ll a nip forward in time about a week or so and I will give you my in-depth thoughts on the power beats bra and whether you they are worth your hard earned cash and want the latest and greatest tech please do poke subscribe ending that notifications bail J’s so like all of these Wireless here but you do of course get a bundle to charge in case that can be used to charge the buds back up when you’re actually on the move there’s the buds right there inside of there just check out what you

get in the rest of the box before we explore those and as you can see here you get of course the charging cable which you just plug directly into the case and then that’ll charge the buds once they’re in there and unlike most other Wireless buds they do of course charge up using apples proprietary alight and technology so as you can see there it is the same charger that you would use for your iPhone or your iPad and you also get bundled in there some spare buds as well as some of the rubbery tips that’s good to see and then of course all of the usual setup guides yadda yadda you get a nice stick here lovely stuff slap that on your cats all right there is what you get in the box with the power beats probe let’s actually check out the buds themselves now so the kiss is a chunky monkey for sure compared with the likes the samsung galaxy birds are the airport’s things like that it’s pretty but twice the size of most of the other ones that I’ve used but then of course the actual birds themselves are much larger as well so that’s to be expected I’ve already screwed up because there’s the little sticker there says to pay you actually have to keep them in the case so whoops good

work out of the little bleeders went in there in the first place now if you have to use an iPhone then the parent process with the powerbeats pro is incredibly simple that we just pop up on the lid and then boom there you go the iPhone realizes hey look at that some powerbeats poor there or you got to do is tap connect and the two will get paired up nice and simple however I’m not going to do that I’m busy reviewing this Android device here so I’m gonna get them paid up to this bad boy instead so just go to connected devices pen you device and then fingers crossed I’ll just pop up there we’ve got power beats Pro just have to tap that and then with any luck oh connect up no problem there we go boom and the power beats Pro come in a selection of four different colors this is the black version obviously but you can also pick them up in white navy blue or moss colored I do like the look of them although I’ve got to see a black is a little sort of plain I would have preferred probably a more vibrant finish but all the same very snazzy as you can see they’re nice bit of the beat Brennan’s of people naught that you have spent a lot of money on your earphones great stuff so I’m gonna use the power beats pause my full time wireless headphones for the next few days and then through the magic of video editing I’m gonna zip forward in time for my full review right hello again everyone I’ve been using the power beats pros my full time headphones for roughly a week

now and so far like them although they are not quite perfect first of all let’s stop the design now when I first start using the power beats Pro I did find them rather awkward to actually insert into my lug holes until I developed it the painter did twist and tuck the technique just stick it in your local twist it around and then tuck that little ear hook over the top of your ear like so now the probably quite big buggers but it’s just 20 grams of pieces are actually fairly comfortable to wear even for extended periods several hours at a time I’ll take your hooks don’t seem to fit quite as snugly around my ears as I would have hoped they do fill it a little bit loose but all the same they’ve done a perfectly good job i’ve actually holding the power beats pro inside of my skulls been absolutely fine would have been sprinted about the place like i’m my bastard as usual so if you want to do a bit of jogging if you want to pound it down the gym they should do the job so what people do at the gym pound it whatever and of course they’re absolutely perfect for a bit of head banging as well cube wash test oh get two of this the only other issue I had was when trying to use the power beats pro at the same time as wearing glasses or sunglasses there’s obviously a bit of conflict for space there on top of your ears but a little bit of adjustment and wriggling about and stuff in generally it works alright though just feel like it is being pushed out ever so slightly when the power beats pores are made from a sweat and splash resistant material as well they’ve got an official ipx4 written which

means they can’t be fully submerged in water at Gong dong God to the swimming pool or anything like that but they’ll be absolutely fine if you want to do a bit of jogging in a piss and thunderstorm like your complete nutter I got you also get full physical controls here on the power beats pros as well they’re basically mirror images of one another as well you get a power beats icon on both of the pros and they did the same job basically so you can tap either one to pause and play your music you can give it a double tap to skip forward a track and you can do a triple tap to skip back a track I would have preferred the option of movie just a double tap and the one on your right here to skip forwards and double tap the one on the left to go back but at the same time if you’ve only got one hand free then it doesn’t matter which one you use to actually control the devices and also a long push in that beats Pro button as well and that will just call up your smartphone’s voice assistant like so after deer sort of getting used to the power beats pro I found that button very easy to locate the quick tap like so you don’t even need to fumble around for anything like that and I like that it’s a physical button role in touch sensitive as well as it means that you don’t accidentally tap it when you’re just trying to get the beats paws into your skull because the power beats paws are so flippin huge you’ve also got plenty of room there for a nice volume rocker on it again either bud so you can do very much volume down no problem and you also have sensors

that located inside and the power beats pros as well so we can detect if even just one of the buds is removed from your ears and then automatically pause your music and then when you stick it back in again but a twist and tuck then it will automatically stop playing your music again as well but don’t worry if you do take one out you want to continue listening to music on the other birds just give that button a quick tap and your music will once again to start playing then the power beats Pro use apples h1 chip to provide a nice stable Bluetooth connection to your smartphone I did notice a couple of little stutters and stumbles when I was in a really busy area like London Bridge Kings Cross in pancreas places like that but all the tiny little stumbles usually when I was rushing through the station as opposed just standing still and otherwise it was a nice strong connection but what about the audio side of things well of course beats headphones in the past have slightly annoyed me because they always give a strong emphasis shall we see it on the bass side of things but thankfully that has been torn down quite considerably here for the power beats Pro those highs get a lot more love than they used to now don’t get me wrong there is still plenty of

grumbly low action when you listening to a bit of dance music bit of our be hip-hop bit of metalcore stuff like that but if you want to enjoy a nice bit of classical or better blues something like that as well you can enjoy them with the full range of audio you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out on any of the action unfortunately don’t get any proper noise cancellation here with the power beats pause compared with some rivals just sore knees new WUF wireless earbuds they do a reasonably good job of sort of blocking out the environmental noise as long as you get the right size of a rubbery tip in there so I felt like it listen to music and audiobooks on there like serve the London Tube buses to find out without Hunter blaster and comfortably loud volumes to actually hear what was going on I need to get a little bit of environmental awareness as well which is always commendable as for the battery life or beaters prediction of around 9 hours of life per charge is actually pretty on the money you can definitely get a full day of use out of these things without even bothering to slip them back into the case and when you do finally stick them in the case as well they will start to charge back up again the kiss itself can fully charge your par beats pro a good couple of times before the case itself will also need a retry so great news for any long trips or anything like that and the charge and speed is really

quick as well just a few minutes inside of that case and you’ll have over an hour of use from the power beats Pro I have to say though that charging case is comedic Liebig it’s definitely bigger than the likes of the Apple the Samsung the Sony charging case is not exactly pocket-sized not unless you want to walk around with a suspicious-looking bulge sticking out of your pants so after a full week of using the power beats pour as my or wireless earbuds would I recommend them while it turns in 20 quid that’s certainly not cheap you can easily have about 100 pounds off that asking price and still get some relatively strong quality earbuds with great connectivity strong battery life on all the rest or alternatively you could also spend that same amount on the likes the sony WS which again offer fantastic quality and of course the added bonus that noise cancellation as well however if you are looking for something with incredible stability for rocking down the gym as you’re panning the pavement things like that they definitely do the job and there are very few flaws to speak of as well as they definitely get a thumbs up as long as you’ve got plenty of Bank so are you tempted by the power beet prog that can be greater your thoughts down below go check out my reviews of all the other wireless earbuds and headphones and earphones that I have tested out as well right here on tech spur everyone the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe ending that notifications belt jazz

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