OPPO Find N2 Flip – The Most Beautiful Folding Phone

what’s taking place everyone my name is Alex and welcome back so the Oppo Discover end to turn is finally official this is most definitely one of the most stunning phone that I reached attempt up till now and also I’ve been utilizing this particular one for concerning three weeks currently and in today’s video clip I’m going to show to you some of the most fascinating things regarding this gadget initially points first indeed you can open this with your face so it does support face opening through that front-facing video camera and we also have a finger print scanner that’s constructed in the power button so you can unlock it either method as you’ve seen on Discussion forum on your own you can likewise shut as well as open this so this is a flip phone similar to the name recommends and according to manufacturer you’re gon na be able to open up and shut this phone regarding 400 000 times so quite much limitless opening and closings and also absolutely nothing must occur to the tool and also after using this for regarding three weeks there is absolutely nothing that happened to the tool right here where it drops so rather impressive so on the within right here we have a 6.8 inches AMOLED display that has a refresh price of 120 hertz and also a peak

brightness of 1600 nits so indeed you can definitely see this phone outside in straight sunshine I additionally like the fact that it doesn’t have as much representation as other collapsible phones that I obtained to try in the past and as you can see on your own if you can even see it um you can hardly see where it shuts currently if you do go with your finger over the display you’re gon na feel it someplace around right here in the facility however you can barely see it in the majority of scenarios currently naturally if we do lock the display as well as I relocate this in a specific method well I do not believe we can in fact see the the fold so generally this is the collapsible phone the flip phone that has the least quantity of innovative that makes um sense so you’re not mosting likely to be able to see that in the majority of circumstances so whenever you’re seeing a motion picture or a video clip or a YouTube video or whatever you’re seeing you can not notice that um Chris in the center but as I stated when you’re moving your finger backwards and forwards you can

type of feel it someplace around right here we likewise have a display on the outside of the device and yes this set additionally sustains as well as constantly on display screen yet it looks better when it’s on so this is a 3.26 inches a screen that has a peak brightness of 900 nits so of course you can utilize this so you can inspect notifications you can utilize this for certain widgets and also it does look um very cool not to state that you can in fact use this display as a display for the video camera so you can kind of usage the rear cam as a selfie camera if that makes some sense so you can generally flip the phone open and and you type of usage it as a tripod when it’s open and also you use that screen so you can in fact take selfies with the major electronic camera when opened the phone itself is likewise quite thin so this determines 7.45 millimeters that’s thinner than a Samsung Galaxy s23 simply to offer you an example that a person is about 7.6 as well as the phone itself weights 1191 grams so absolutely not a hefty or huge phone currently of training course if you do shut it it diminishes but it ends up being thicker but I think it fits better in your pocket than a large phone similar to this one thing that I was definitely not expecting was the phone to have an audio speaker on top and an audio speaker at the bottom so indeed we do get dual audio speakers so

this tool and the audio speakers actually seem fairly great as well as let me play a brief clip so you can listen to exactly how those um speakers seem like I’ll provide it up again another point that’s quite unexpected is what you’re gon na find in package also the unboxing experience is fairly unique and also you open package you see the phone that it does look super awesome yet going to what is available in the box so unlike lots of numerous other phones available with this phone we’re gon na get the 67 watt quick charger in the box now the phone itself supports 44 watt quick charging so it’s billing this from 0 to 100 it’s done about 55 to 60 minutes so still quite quickly I’m charging so inside this tool despite the fact that this is not a thick tool whatsoever so you have a 4300 milliamp hr battery so quite huge battery for such a tiny device I’m gon na claim and I have actually in fact done a video speaking about the battery life and if you wish to have a look at that video and also discover just how much battery life you’re gon na obtain from this device I will leave a link to that video clip in the top right edge or the video clips summary the joint also enables you to open up or shut this to a particular angle so you can keep it like this you can maintain it such as this you can keep it like

this so you can sort of use the phone as a tripod on its own so you can establish it on a table or something like that and after that you can take a photo of those rear electronic cameras so on the back there we have a primary camera let’s state a 50 megapixel sensing unit and after that we have an ultra large video camera and also naturally we also have a selfie camera that I pointed out previously so I’ve actually done a complete electronic camera contrast between this tool and my iPhone 14 pro so if you desire to see some example photos some instance videos I will leave a web link to that cam contrast that I have actually carried out in the top right edge or in the video’s summary so if you intend to see what those electronic cameras on the back as well as obviously the self video camera can do certainly take a look at that video on top of being just one of the most attractive phones out there this is also pretty quick gadget so if we open up settings right here as well as we go to concerning tool right here you can see the CPU that the tool is making use of so we are

utilizing the mediatek dimensity 9000 plus and 8 gigs of RAM as well as next I wish to show you the antutu Benchmark score so this tool gets an end to Standard score of 860 000 so this is a quite high score certainly and also what I located fairly intriguing is the fact that Photon doesn’t obtain as warm as other tools that I have actually attempted recently so for instance this does not obtain as hot as the Samsung Galaxy s23 so something to remember mainly if you’re playing games and of course you can definitely play video games with this gadget and also if you intended to see the rate for the internal storage these are the results for the inner storage so not only this is a stunning gadget this is also an extremely rapid tool so there you have it if you want a phone that appears like no other certainly inspect out the Oppo Find N2 flip one of the most lovely otherwise one of the most gorgeous phones that I reached try as well as I definitely like this little display that we carry the front here so yeah with any luck you men enjoyed this video thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys in the following one

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