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hello there you gorgeous beautiful people this is Christmas expert and I’m here with the jammy mix three 5g not the me mix 5 3G as I’ve called it in the previous 20 ticks finally get there it’s not my fault alright it’s super hot here in London and most others are not built for the heat many here the me mix 3 5g is one the most affordable ways of jumping on that 5g bandwagon right now as it’s rolling out across the UK I’ve just reviewed Samsung’s Galaxy S 10 5 G’s but over 5g week here on Tech’s burn but that cost about twice as much as the mean mix 3/5 game there’s still sports some really nice premium specs including the Qualcomm Snapdragon it 5/5 chipsets let’s just get out of this rather boring black box take a look at the phone and of course what you actually get in the rest of the box as well it’s a bit of a beast this thing we’ve got nice little message from Lee Jong here we will constantly invest constantly strive and constantly break through lots of constants here be friends with our users but a coolest company in the hearts of our users your cool to us Lee so of course you’ve got your three pin plug and your USB cable bit types the option of course or else do we get in here I do actually get a bundle to cover as well to help protect your your lovely new investment not exactly the most exciting of cases just have a little bit of a mix Brandon down there but apart from that it’s just your

bog-standard boring hard plastic key shell it’s got a bit of a soft touch to it though as you can see that just slaps on there and there doesn’t that much in the way of girth to the actual handset and of course it will keep it nice and pristine hopefully protect it if you drop the bugger as well and then here you also get a bit of type C 2 3.5 millimeter headphone jack action as well as unfortunately there is no headphone port here on the me mix 3 5g of course if you really really want a headphone jack you just pay about five or six hundred quid extra for the s 10 5g job done so let’s take a look and the actual me mix 3 5g itself and all of its glory it’s already all there we go nice the best sliding action spoiler alert was I’m going to save that for later but yes it does have a pop-out camera in the style of various opera phones in the rest of course the fact that it’s got that slide out motion means that it is quite a chunky monkey as you can see there it’s definitely a girth you smartphone weighs quite a bit as well at 225 grams it’s one of the heftier smartphones out there right now like the S 10 5g which I just reviewed has got lovely shiny mirrored silvery sort of finish to it so you can see exactly how much of a sweaty disgusting mess you really are well as you can see there it’s already getting nice and smudgy in my my sweaty palms love

these stuff and if I’m remembering the specs correctly I believe that the mean mix 3 5g has a ceramic finish to it nice and premium I thought will of course contributes to the heft and you see it’s quite obvious you’ve got the 5g model with nice bit of the the logo action right there and you do actually get a physical fingerprint sensor as well which is quite nice I’m not a massive fan of the in display ones they can be a bit hit and miss whereas the physical ones tend to be a bit more dependable and a bit more rapid in in acting as well not much of an indentation there it is almost flush with the surface beating just about miaccount the boundaries there god I’m so sweaty now it looks like it’s already been all set up for us by the piasa don’t even have to go through the setup process nice and easy I’ll just get it connected to the Wi-Fi know everything and then we can have a good ole explore the software and the specs of course the major advantage of that slide-out selfie cam is the fact that of course you don’t have any notches or pinhole camera action intruding on the display right here it is a full view screen and as you can see they’re quite skinny bezels here on the mimics 3 5g as well so that screen does take up the vast majority of the front of the phone as for the display its I was a six point three nine inch AMOLED display manufactured by Samsung so as you can expect nice punchy colors it’s etched you already so do some contrast and everything on it as well and with that lovely full view finish as well it means that it’s going to be fantastic for viewing your movies over the 5g ultra-fast network not as crisp as some rivals like the galaxy s 10 5g whether it’s full HD plus resolution here on the mimics three 5g but you know what perfectly crisp anywhere for viewing

your video and you’ve got full control over the likes of the color output as well the contrast and because you’ve got me UI on here as well you can even activate the dark mode if you like nice those of you who’ve never used a genre form before you do get the latest version of Android here it’s Android Pi but you do get jammies on me UI over there slapped on top one might even say slopped on top I’m not a huge fan of me you I have got to say I find it a little bit messy a little bit janky here in there but it’s certainly very feature packed there’s lots of additional stuff as you can see they’re just scrolling through the sentence tons of bonus features and a lot of people do like me UI in there are quite a lot of good customisation options in there but I just find it it’s a bit of a chore to sort of work your way around it work out exactly where it is I’ll just prefer the neatness of stock Android but of course it’s not for everyone one of the features that I do really like however because I’m a bit of a geek is the fact you can actually assign sound effects when you pop out that selfie camera my favorite is definitely the warrior ones the busy sounds like your unsheathing a samurai sword very satisfying of course one of the things I’m definitely not a fan of is the fact that you do not get an app straight unfortunately with me mix 3/5 Giambi’s me UI in general you do for some reason on the POC or launcher but they’ve absolutely neglected to put that in just standard me UI which is really really annoying you’ve only got the the system launcher there so you

can always check obviously your own launcher on top if that bothers you and I’d recommend doing so to be honest no power in this bad boy is the Snapdragon 855 chipset one was premium platforms you can get in a smartphone right now that puts it on a par with likes the Galaxy S 1050 which as I mentioned is a lot more expensive as as surprising the energy efficient this platform grip performance and everything as well so you’re built up to the latest games with an absolutely super smooth frame rate it’s got 6 gigs around back in it as well so basically you be able to do everything you need to no worries that’s for the battery to acquit it’s a 3,800 milliamp cells stuffed inside so hopefully that should keep you going all day long on a full charge on its sports quick charge for plus as well from Qualcomm so hot fish and take too long to power back up again as for the storage well there’s 128 gigs in there right now I just had a quick peek and there’s 108 gigs free for whatever you need it is just a single sim tree however it’s not your sim and there’s no microSD memory card support in there either so you are stuck about 1/2 it should be absolutely fine for most people it’s only if you’re doing a lot of 4k video records and things like that done a hell of a lot of Netflix stuff to to watch on the god that you’ll start to struggle now let’s finish up this unboxing of the Xiaomi me mix 3 5g with a quick look at that camera tech so as you can see here on the back page all that lens snap a nice bit of LED action there in the middle it’s a 12

megapixel primary lens F 1.8 and that’s using Sony’s om X 3 6 3 sensor and that’s backed by a secondary 12 megapixel lens so you don’t get any or a wide-angle funkiness or teleport with jazz or anything like that and that’s using a Samsung sensor if we load up the camera you’ll see this basically uses Xiaomi’s standard camera app which can be a bit intimidating if you haven’t used one of these before it’s very featured dense shall we say Lords of different camera modes to flick between so once you’ve got full photo mode which you start on with a bit of AI smarts all that means is there’s just basically scene detection it just helps to tweak their camera settings to suit their current subject you can turn that on or off you’ve got an HDR mode as well which you can stick on auto if you like you got portrait mode for shooting your subject complete with the likes of studio lights in effect you’ve got to dedicate in night mode when things get a bit low-light and that’s basically a long exposure type thing you’ve got full pro manual controls as well if you want to mess around with likes the shutter speed ISO levels all that kind of shenanigans you want to shoot a bit of video that’s just diving the settings of leaving you should up to 4k resolution as you come with most smartphones these days to be fair yep and you can even shoot it at 4k it up to 60 frames per second which is nice to see and you also have a slow-motion are believing shoot 960 frames per second yep

there we go 9 and 60fps you’ll get some super slow-motion action on the go but as you can see there the slow motion capture will start at the last quarter of the recording so it’s it’s a bit tricky to get the time in just dry you do have to have a bit of luck / good reactions on your side and if we just slide out that front-facing selfie camera it’s another dual lens snapper so you got a 24 megapixel primary lens again using a Sony since I believe it’s the IMX 576 and that’s backed by a basic 2 megapixel depth sensor quite handy if you want to be taken a bit of portrait shot action and once again you can shoot video I believe up to full HD resolution yeah that one tops off at Full HD for your selfie video and no worries there and don’t man I do love that sword effect so that in a nutshell anyways sorry I’m pissing about now that’s the Xiaomi me mix 3 5g full unboxing to see exactly what you get in the box that’s a tour of the specs the hardware and the software as well as the stitcher and I’ll be doing a full in depth review of this bad boy you can pick it up right now from the likes of Vodafone on a contract and as I said there’s one more affordable 5g options out there still packing some premium specs and quite a funky design as well as always don’t mind a bit of a hefty chunky set so what are you thinking definite let me know in the comments down below don’t know why my voice went oh wait sorry I’m think my brain is just actually melting on my nostrils right now so thank you very much for watching please do poke subscribe and doing that notifications about if you haven’t already and have yourselves a lovely day people love you

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