Asus ROG Phone 2 vs Black Shark 2 Gaming Phone Comparison

mobile gamers rejoice because a Zeus has just unveiled its mighty new game and flagship smartphone for 2019 the rogue fauna – this thing is absolutely stuffed with great features for gamers it’s got a mighty six thousand milliamp battery and more gaming accessories and you could possibly shake a stick at if whatever reason you’re like shakin sticks at things now trips across to the other side of the world in order to have a full on extensive gaming session with the new rogue phone – and so far it’s definitely looking like the best game and smartphone of all time and very hot competition for the Black Shark – after the side-by-side comparison of all the main specs and features another bit to see how they stack up so here’s all you need to know and for more on the latest Carolla tech please do pop subscribe and think that notifications bell cheers now first up design and the rogue font – is clearly the heaviest of this pair are 240 grams compared with the 205 gram black shock – but despite that extra heft it is still just as comfortable to clutch and while in Zeus has gone for a glass finish on the rear the shop goes old school with a proper metal frame I’ll be a one with glass elements you get a flashy LED logo with either choice

which can be fully customized in the phone settings although the black shocks is a bit more subtle than his oozes effort B the phone is water-resistant but left screens are coated in Gorilla Glass 6 to make them a bit more hearty and speaking of display as a azusa’s is bigger at 6.5 9 inches versus the 6.3 9 inch black shock – are though both use AMOLED tech visuals are perfectly crisp and both of these cases with the identical 23 40 by 1080 pixel resolution and you also have the ability to control the color output to see you on personal preferences both the rogue and the shock boss 10 bit HD are supporting over a billion colors in total as well as impressive contrast levels plus they can both upscale STR quality images – near HDR or at least they both can one see azuz finally pushes up and updates the rogue in August both handsets also offer 240 Hertz touch latency for near immediate feedback when you touch that screen I thought only the rogue phone – sets up on 120 Hertz refresh rate compared with just 60 Hertz on the black shock – oh and inside those screens you’ll also find an optical fingerprint sensor which does the job just fine for unlocking your phone on the audio front my favorite of these two is definitely the new

rod phone – the black Shock 2 has a similar stereo speaker setup with front firing blasters but the rogue offers it proves stereo output with DTS ex-old for support and you also get a headphone jack on a Zeus’s headset as well which can be shifted to the edge of the phone using the arrow active cooler accessory that is much better placement when you’re blasting through a bit of pub G or whatever else in landscape modes the wrong also has twice the number of mics for compared with the black sharks – for clear voice pick up a noise cancellation however you hold the thing as far as the software goes you get a tasty slice of Android pie with either device both handsets of course offer a game of skin with funkified icons quite similar wallpaper and a full-blown gehrman mode as well in the back shock this shock space is activated with a physical slider on the edge of the phone well on the rogue it’s just another app they are pretty similar overall however with a scroller menu of your games and Lords of setup options you can dedicate extra resources to more intensive titles for instance with black shock offering the brilliantly titled ludicrous mode for when things get really serious you also

have a drag up menu that can be accessed in game for toggling the like some do not disturb or recording your online battles for posterity the black Shock 2 also has a master touch feature which allows you to trigger certain actions by pressing both thumbs against hotspots on the screen personally I’m more of a fan of the rogue phone twos err triggers which are 2 pressure sensitive spots on the edge of the handset itself these act just like customisable triggers with proper haptic feedback in everything very handy begins with complex controls especially as you can now sweep those air triggers as well as tapping them for additional actions both of these game enhance heads also offer their own range of optional accessories for instance you can grab a proper game pad if you wanna ditch the touchscreen controls for proper physical buttons and triggers and you can also have bought the black Shock 2 and the rod phone 2 up to you tele as well for a bit of comfy home gaming either via the black Shock 2 S type C 2 HDMI cable or is uses snaggy we gig dock which actually streams the game wirelessly using an 802.11 air D connection that means basically no latency it’s definitely a lot more convenient although the Wii gate costs an awful lot more than a simple cable and on top of that issues also offers a dual display

cover a PC dock a coolant fan which can also reposition the charger and headphone ports to the edge of the device and plenty more besides which I got my full hands on with the new rod phone 2 accessories for all you need to know and now – a key element for any game in smartphone the performance and here the rock phone – is again the victor thanks to its freshest Snapdragon 805 + chipset according to benchmark results this delivers a 4% CPU boost and a 15% GPU boost over the standard 8 v 5 which is the platform power in the black shop – that said of course both phones will absolutely blaze through the latest games on high detail sentence and should do for quite some time helped along by the up to 12 gigs of RAM this ultra premium performance is also ensured by the dedicated multi LED cooling systems that is found inside both of these blowers this is taken to the extreme by a Zeus however with a proper rear mounted vent and a fan attachment that can help to whisk all that hot air away ensuring that the powerful Snapdragon 855 plus platform isn’t throttled and another very important consideration for a gaming handset is the battery life and here the rogue form 2 is again at the victor well the black shot makes do with a four thousand milliamp cell azusa’s somehow

crumped a huge six thousand milliamp battery into this beast so you won’t run out of juice even after hours and hours of pubsey action both battery support core comes quick charge for although the black Shock 2 tops offered 27 watts while the rogue thorn hits a mighty 30 watts no worries on the Wi-Fi front with the rod for another black shock either as you get series of internal antennas distributed to maximize a signal no matter how you clutch them neither these phones is 5g ready however for ultra-fast online gaming here’s hoping fingers crossed for the next generation instead no stress if you want to carry around loads of games either the black Shock 2 offers a choice of 128 or 256 gigs of internal storage while the rogue phone comes with half a terabyte as standard and a Zeus also delivers the superfast ufs 3.0 standard for file transfer while the shark is stuck on 2.

1 and neither handset can be expanded with micro SD and last up let’s look at the camera tech these do gaming handsets in case you want to take a break from all of the endless killin to go snap a nice pic of a pretty flower or whatever on the rogue phone – you have the sim dual end setup of the zenfone 6 but in a static design in other words a forty eight megapixel primary lens backed by a 13 megapixel ultra wide-angle shooter complete

with Sony’s MX 586 sensor the black Shock 2 also has a 48 megapixel main snapper this time backed by a secondary 12 megapixel camera the depth sensor and the sensor onboard air is from Samsung get plenty of camera features stuffed inside both of these blowers included full manual controls and the ability to shoot up to 4k resolution video although only the raagh phone can do it at 60 frames per second and the azouz is also the only mobile here to offer a dedicated night mod and if you want to shoot your gorgeous faces you game then either handset will work the rock phone to has a 24 megapixel selfie snapper well the black Shock 2 delivers a 20 megapixel shooter instead start right there’s how the fresh new rogue phone 2 stacks up against the black Shock 2 already a pretty decent gaming smartphone but as you can see the rogue phone – evolves on a lot of the original features found in the first handset and just improves on them while added great new extras such as that enormous battery and of course all of the optional gimen accessories as well so which one of you must have to buy definitely let us know in the comments down below if you are using the black Shock 2 right now are you tempted to upgrade to the rogue phone – it won’t be cheap we don’t know the European price just yet but that’ll be unveiled and ran sort of September time when the phone is actually properly launched over in this continent and for more on the latest a great small attack please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell Cheers

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