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so if you’ve just bought Sony’s latest flagship smartphone the Xperia one or perhaps you’re tempted to throw some money at Sony and use but curious about some of the best features and the general use the experience you’ve come to the right place I’m gonna run you through some of my favorite features here on the Xperia One and a couple of my not so favourite ones as well in this sort of in-depth tips and tricks kind and for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications Bell cheers now first up one of the things I really like about the Xperia one is the fact that the software experience is mostly stock Android Pi Sony hasn’t really tinkered with it too much beyond adding on a few of its own apps and features that means you can enjoy the Android PI style of navigation here on the Xperia once of resistors quick drag of your finger up from that home button you can access all of your currently open apps and you can even quickly flick between the most routes and the use one simply by holding your finger on the home button and dragging it left and right really quick and easy one of the other things I love about Android PI is the way that screen rotation is handled so for instance I’ve always got the screen rotation lock activated but say you’re watching a video you want to watch it full screen all you need to do is just tell the Xperia 1 into landscape mode you’ll notice this little icon here pop-up give that a little tap there’s only everything rotates and you can watch that video full view and then

when you’re done just basically tap out of it and you’re back into standard portrait mode and while the xperia x ed 3 missed out on that digital well being feature as well it is actually present and correct here on the Xperia once you can see exactly how much of your life you’re wasted on the likes of pubsey mobile Instagram YouTube actually not YouTube watch is much YouTube as you possibly can from within there you’ve got some pretty good features as well like the wine dan board which just allows you to set a bedtime schedule so for inserting turn on the Night Lights and on do not disturb things like that so you can get a good night’s Kip by default you also have a couple of main Google features as well so for instance you’ve got the Google feed if you swipe right from the main home screen and you’ve also got the Google search bar down below but don’t worry if you’re not fun because you can quickly and easily get rid of them all you need to do is long press on a spare bit of desktop space and then select home settings in here you’ve got the short quick search box you can just deactivate that and that will get rid of that search box down below giving you a bit more room for all of your apps now you can also of course disable that Google feed as well if you don’t want all of those news headline Jovie bits so now no more Google feeds now despite being a 6.5 inch behemoth this Sony Xperia one is actually surprisingly comfortable to clutch and to manage thanks mostly due to that long and thin design but of course that does really help out when it comes to stretching up to the notifications bar which is absolutely impossible and less you’ve got hands like friggin Godzilla no worries

though because Sony has mercifully decided to help buying actually drags down the notifications bar from anywhere on the screen just by pollen down likes awesome as you can on the warm Plus fawns whew and there’s more one-handed help as well in the form of an actual or one handed mode all you need to do is double tap that home button and as you can see everything shrinks down and all the apps and everything can be used in this state great stuff of course you may find that you need to toggle this feature on in order to use it all you need to do is dive into the Xperia ones settings menu and then just head to the display section from here head to advanced and then you’ll see the one handed mode tucked away in there another advantage of that long and thin design is the fact that you can do effortless split-screen multitasking with it this is particularly good if you want to for instance just kick back with a video while playing around with various other apps on the Xperia one there are a couple of different ways of getting a bit of split screen multitasking on the go firstly you can dodge into that recent apps tray and find the first app that you want to split screen widths let’s do YouTube just long press this little icon up top and then choose the split screen option then find the second app that you want to split screen with in this case we’ll choose Google Chrome and as you can see the screen is

now divided right there in the middle you got both apps available at once you can actually move that divide up and down to give more screen space to one or the other and when you don’t just drag that bar all the way to the bottom and boom you’re out a split screen and secondly you can actually add a split screen shortcut to the main desktops to do this just long press on a spare bit of space and choose widgets and then you want to scroll down down down down down until you come across the side cents section and then just choose the multi window option drag that on to your desktops and then this can be activated at any point at once again just choose the two apps that you want to split screen with and Bob’s your uncle now once all these Xperia smartphones I used to really love the level of customization of Ford’s to the display settings unfortunately this has been scaled back somewhat for the Xperia 1 what you do get instead is the new creator more this is basically the equivalent of the master mode found on Sony’s TVs and as you can see from the description is supposed to provide a faithful reproduction of a director’s intended visual output when you’re watching a movie and if you’re wondering how on earth that’s actually possible is because when he actually provides a lot of the video recording equipment to the big Hollywood movie studios for them to shoot their films and so it

makes sense for Sony to use that same cine Autotech as it is branded to recreate faithfully those visuals here and your Xperia 1 but of course you won’t want the sony xperia want to be constantly in that creator mode unless you’re literally doing nothing but watching movies what you want to do is stick it in standard mode and then just take the little Toggl next to auteur creator mall and this will automatically stick it integrated mode obviously when a supported app is active the Xperia 1 isn’t just about great visuals though it’s also got fantastic audio chops as well just like previous experience unfortunately there is no headphone jack on this thing so you will have to use one of those annoying don’t Lee whatsits if you want to connect a proper pair of 3.5 millimeter wired headphones but the good news is that those bluetooth smarts are really really smart they have full Bluetooth 5 support here on the Xperia 1 of course and sorry Zelda keeps the sound quality absolutely fantastic you’ve got a nice bit of optics HD support as well so again really nice crisp sound reproduction you can actually have a play around with the wireless playback quality as well so for instance stick it on sound quality preferred for most of the time but if you find that the sound is starting to cut out a little bit because maybe you’re in a densely congested area something like a train station to stick it on best effort instead this will lower the bitrate and it should provide a more reliable dependable connection until on the Xperia 1 you’ll also notice the new

game enhancer feature which is definitely a first for the Xperia range this has all kinds of great very useful features to your gaming experience and of course it gives you a shortcut to all of your games available on the Xperia 1 when you play the game you will notice the game in Hansel icon appears on screen you can drag this around to a far corner or an edge somewhere where it’s not going to be intrusive with the actual touch controls in the actual visuals at any point you can give this a tap and it will call up the game in a Hanser menu this has a few great little features tucked away somewhere this is in game mode you can choose between performance or batch whichever you prefer you definitely don’t necessarily need to stick it on performance mods here on the Xperia one because that stop trying fo5 chipset and the six gigs around keeps everything ticking over smoothly anywhere and then the focus settings you’ve got some really great stuff as well some frozen’s you can hide notifications you’re not distracted in the middle of your game definitely worth doing you can also disable annoying things like side sends and the navigation bar as well so you don’t accidentally toggle them while you’re gaming and the last great game enhancer feature is the record function this does exactly where you’d expect it records your frag Fester’s you busy running around Cap’n falls in pub G more Val not only can you record all the on-screen action you could also call up a little selfie camera box so that you can move around as well so I can actually show your reaction to the bloodthirsty violence that’s going on you could also enable or disable the Xperia ones mic as well if you want to provide a nice bit of commentary like wah-ha-ha-ha or yes you but if your honor actually changed the recorded resolution and the storage locations well though you’ll have to do that from the main game enhancer

app just dive into the settings here and you’ll see the options right there you don’t appear to be actually be able to do it once you’re playing the game and it’s also worth just quickly Norton as well at the Xperia one does indeed support ps4 remote play which is great news if you have a Playstation and you want to play your little games on the Boggs in bed wherever your TV int and one of the features first introduced on the Xperia x8 three that makes return here on the Xperia one is the side sense menu this could be called about any point on the Xperia one with a quick DoubleTap of either side of the screen as you saw just there and a busy just offers up a bunch of apps shortcuts and settings it can apparently learn your habits over time and offer up what it thinks you’ll need at any particular time or dear though unless you’ve got a very regular habit then it’s me bit here miss really super free honest I wouldn’t really bother with it because most of the settings and such forth you can quickly access in other ways anyway such as of course the split screen multitasking and the likes of the one handed mode which we’ve already covered for more useful all the Xperia ones camera shortcuts so for instance you get a dedicated shutter button here on the right edge of the Xperia 1 just like previous experience and just by long-pressing that you quickly load up Xperia ones camera now I’ve already done a big deep dive into the Xperia one’s various camera

features but one of the things I didn’t mention was the fact that you got the palm gesture support for the selfie camera which is always handy if you don’t wanna be fumbling for that shutter button or anything just hold up your hand the Xperia one will recognize it and Bosch and at the gorgeous selfie oh yeah and also in that camera deep dive if I go into quite a lot of detail about the cinema pro mode which basically allows you to capture great looking whole movies using a variety of filters you can play around with the ISO levels the shutter speed the white balancing get a very precise kind of effect so if you actually know what you’re doing with camera settings and such forth you can really turn yourself into a very Stanley Kubrick sorry there’s my full rundown of the best and some of the lots the best features on the sony xperia war now have you already got the Xperia were you an early pre-order definitely let us know your early thoughts down in the comments below and if I missed out any of your favorite features as well definitely give me a bit of a slagging off down there and more than use to it and if you’re still on the fence about the Xperia 1 I’ve got my three days review have got a camera review and a few comparisons with some of its biggest rivals live right here on tech spurts so please do give those a gander and poke subscribe and doing that notification spell for more on the latest and greatest tech js everyone love you you you

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