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if you’re after a well-rounded smartphone experience for under 200 pounds then the options are still pretty limited Ivan tested out many worthy super budget handsets lately besides the likes and the Moto G 7 power and the while with P smart 20:19 that is at least until last week when the real me 3 Pro dropped into my lap this colorful wee fella hits the UK and Europe on June the 5th Boston some decent specs and a feature packed UI and the best bit is definitely the asking price the real me 3 Pro cost from just a hundred and seventy-five pounds here in the UK which makes it on par with my favorite so far the Moto G 7 power I’ve had my sim stashed in this thing for close to a week now and here is my fault in depth real meat 3 Pro review spoiler alert I’m pretty bloody impressed give it a quick squint and the real me 3 pro looks pretty similar to the honor 10 light and other colourful wallet friendly handsets launched this past year from the front end you get a mighty 6.3 inch screen which practically fills the whole panel with only a teeny jus drop not intruding on the proceedings and around the back a choice of two designs for that shiny surface and lightning purple or nitro blue this right here is the nitro blue model and it’s certainly a cheery colorful wee bugger indeed and of course there is that light and purple option if you prefer something a bit moody ax the budget from the honor phones often serve up some kind of jazzy light pattern around the back and

the real me 3 proof follows suit with a snazzy yet quite subtle s-curve effect that’s apparently inspired by l’amour and I know bugger all about recent so I’ll just leave that right there I do quite like the look of this handset though even if I do prefer the Lightning version and yes it does get greased up rather easily so regular t-shirt rubs are a must a few teeny weave scratches have appeared on the bottom end of the room III pro after a week of use but you have to scrimp pretty hard to see them to be fair and that’s the only sign of wear so far and around the front ends not only do you have a Gorilla Glass 5 finish but also you get a pre-installed screen protector as well for double peace of mind and really is even bundled a transparent case in the box as well if you want to keep your budget blow up looking as good as new now that’s 6.3 inch screen is a full HD plus beast producing the same sharp and colorful visuals as the warrior P smart 2019 and beats in the Moto G 7 power for detail levels the picture does quickly darken as you tilt away from your but the visuals themselves are very easy on the eye if you want to keep out with some movies you can always plug in a wide pair of headphones via the 3.5 million phone jack or connect a wireless pair using bluetooth 5 as well just as well because the built-in speaker the bottom fire and effort right here is a wee bit shite I’m moving on to the software and there will be three programs Android Pi with color OS version 6 smothered neatly on top this is the latest version of the color OS UI crafted by Apple and found on recent handsets liked the renal and the f11 probe color OS

adds a buttload of bonus features to Android and tinker’s with the general layout for instance swapping out line google feed for the smart assistant which is basically just a collection of customizable widgets thankfully unlike previous versions of color s you do actually get the data and apps tray so you can tiny where all your various bits and your desktops on a cluttered mess like you use in a bloody iPhone or something there’s suddenly no dedicated one handed mode but I do like the gesture support while that rear mounted fingerprint sensor is supplemented by some effective 2d face recognition and it even works with shades if you take the eyes closed option if you fancy a full tour of color OS version 6 that you go check out my review which is live right now now budget blowers do often disappoint as far as the performance goes but the real v3 pro packs in Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chipset backed by either 4 or 6 gigs of ram my review model was that top-end 6 gig model and I definitely found it a very smooth everyday experience you will see the occasional little pauses you trying to load up an app or similar but overall I wasn’t impatiently waiting for the phone to catch up or anything like that definitely no worries on the game in front either Poggi mobile defaults to the high graphic sense for instance

and handles it pretty well as well overall is a smooth experience with just the occasional little stutter or stumble to remind you that you are playing on a budget device and of course this performance is helped along by the game space feature which clears the phone’s memory when you build up a game as well as limiting distractions from income and notifications and the like battery life is another one or two with that 4045 million cell keeping you going for over a dear between charges unless of course you really can’t quit that pub G I find I usually minute well into a second year before the battery saver mode kicked in and recharging is nice and nippy as well thanks to the vogue flash charge 3.0 support just 10 or 15 minutes in the plug easily gives you more than enough juice for pretty intensive over a long commute so you’re basically sorted even if you forget to plug the wee bugger in or the night and I don’t think I’ll run out of storage any time soon either you get a choice of 64 or 128 gigs of space and that’s expandable up to another 256 gigs thanks to the micro SD memory card support and last up the camera tech and they’re only three Pro packs a dual lens rear snapper for capturing your highly exciting everyday existence the 16 megapixel F 1.

7 primary lens sits alongside a simple 5 megapixel effort with Sony’s I mx-5

19 sensor on boards and the result is some very respectable photos indeed colors do tend to be boosted to look even more vibrant than they actually do in real life which some were loved and some will not love quite so much but nature pics certainly come out with some quite striking views snap away on a very bright day and you won’t really see much in the way of hideous over saturation in fact the really handles dodgy contrast quite happily certainly for a budget device and other indoor shots do come out rather warm and if you’re dealing with the live in mobile subject you can defiantly we were happy with the overall quality there’s even a dedicated nightscape board as well to give you some pretty well-balanced results when the lights are turned on law as for video the results are again quite attractive and punchy you can grab up to 4k resolution footage and the picture is nice and crisp while audio is captured with a stereo effect although I did notice a few little crackles and pops here and there on my samples image stabilization is good at Full HD level but bump it up to Ultra HD and you’ll want to try and stay as still as possible things get a bit janky so in conclusion the real me 3 Pro offers pretty damn impressive value for money if your budget is tighter than a nut stuff you get strong performance dependable battery life and some solid or run specs making it a great well-rounded package for under 200 quid so are you tempted by the real me 3 Pro or perhaps you’re slightly more skewed towards the model g7 power with its nice stock version of Android definitely greater heater thoughts down below and don’t forget to poke subscribe and doing that notification spell for more on the latest and greatest SEC Cheers

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