Google Pixel 3a vs Pixel 3a XL What’s the difference?

although there go just this is Chris from expert and I’m here with a freshly launched Google pixel three eight and three XL look out here at Google I organizer for side by side now to see what the difference is between these new cut-price Google pixels smartphones actually pretty similar in terms of specs but obviously in terms of the dimensions it’s pretty obvious which is which not really sure why I bothered even put in the boxes there and don’t forget for more on the lipstick great small Tector box subscribe and ding that their notifications Bell says this is definitely the pixel phones that anyone without a big fat stacked wallet have been waiting for the pixel 3 ear starts at 399 pounds here in the UK and the pixel 3 XL 469 quid in fact I see a starter in fact that is just the price because there is only one SKU you don’t get a choice of storage or anything this time around so first up when it comes to the design there is a clear difference in the dimensions even though everything else is basically the same you got 5.6 inch screen here on the standard pixel 3a and on the pixel 3/8 Excel model it’s boosted to a 6 inch it display as you can see you still get fairly chunky bezels especially above and below the screen and that was all slightly chunky down the sides as well but even saw that 5.6 inch pixel 3 year just fits in the hands so nice

it’s so great to have a proper compact smartphone again reaching up flat notifications bar is an absolute joy hooray flip these phones around and you’ll see you get the same two-tone finish as you did on the standard pixel 3 smartphones as well there’s a polycarbonate back in baguettes love the metallic style matte finish here for the majority of the body and then up top you get that glossy Sheen it’s a lot more subtle here on the white model you can’t really see it at all unless you just tilt it just saw when it catches the light so as you can see there you pick up both these smart phones in a choice of three cues you got the black model the white model and a almost quite slightly purplish model as well which is basically white with a slightly purple / blue tint to it there’s not a difference as far as the rest of the design is concerned as you see you get a nice bit type-c USB action down below the speaker grills there as well on the side you get the power button the volume rocker of course here on the white model and in the purple model it is a punchy colored power button res on the black model it’s just black as well a bit boring really however if it’s excitement you want then hold on to your trousers people because luck a 3.5 millimeter headphone

jack is back on both of these handsets great to see you fellas been too long and it’s also worth pointing out that neither the pixel 3 or the pixel 3 XL are water-resistant that’s one of the cost-cutting measures unfortunately but all goods to reach that new law asking price now flipping back room to the front and you do get an OLED panel on both of the new pixel handsets it’s a 5.6 inch sure here on the pixel three year six inches on the pixel three XL Full HD plus resolution in both cases those you get nice crisp visuals textures nice in shot as are the icons pictures everything else there’s no difference really in terms of the brightness levels the color output anything like that as you can see colors on the the standard adaptive mod basically nice and punchy without going overboard not like super in-your-face vibrant and of course if you dive into the settings menu you can have a play around with the color output so you can knock it down to more natural hues if that’s what you’d prefer now as far as the built-in audio setup cause both smartphones do still have a stereo speaker setup unfortunately you do lose the front Fyren bottom mounted speaker that’s now down below that’s the same on both the pixel three-year and the pixel 3x I’ll just give them a quick speaker test now so I’ll just play one of my videos used to do this with music but now I don’t do to the copyright banning all that pixel three-year

rarity for a 300 pound smartphone so as you can see they’re basically not a massive amount of difference between two both pretty powerful 3xl slightly hazard on the power sticks but they basically sound very similar indeed and of course 3.5 ml headphone jacks you when it comes to the software it’s not a massive shock to discover the both the pixel 3 ear and the pixel 3 XL or running business the same software and it is the latest version of Android Android version 9 better known as pi so that means you busy at the same Android features on both of these devices as you can see if you scroll down you’re the digital well being introduced in Android Pi you got same gesture support and everything you can play around with the the display settings as I briefly showed you before play around with the color output a nice bit of the always-on display and all that kind of shenanigans and of course you do get the full three years of support for OS updates and security updates as well so you are sorted for the long term if you go through the list and all the features but it would actually just be a massive waste of time because I see that they are identical both of them for instance support the active edge to call up the assistance washing there just squeeze and boom up it pops and of course you configure the sensitivity or just deactivate it entirely if that’s what you like to do here’s what I found the first result is from reddit the first result is always from reddit thanks Google there’s also no difference on the

performance front either both pixel three-year and the pixel 3xl a rock and the qualcomm snapdragon 670 chipset backed by four gigs of ram and so far it seems absolutely perfectly fine nice and nippy and smooth on both of these devices does of course helped along by the fact that is a nice stock version of Android so as you would expect no heavy overlayer there it’s generally quite efficient on the older processor so yeah touch words it should see the test of time just fine even though you don’t get that premium Snapdragon 805 ve on the standard pixel threes and yes I was hoping to do and I spit a geek bench testing on them for your viewing pleasure but unfortunately Google has blocked at these handsets from using Geekbench I’m guessing because of course the font I’m actually launched yet so they don’t want that showing up on the geek bench servers which is fair enough there is a big difference when it comes to the battery tech however you get a 3000 milliamp cells stuffed in the pixel 3 which is slightly bigger than the one found in the original pixel 3 big improvement on pixel 3x all those are three thousand seven hundred milliamps elsewhere right you’ll get a full day use out of the pixel three year on a full charge beer should be well into a second dear here on the three year XL this is my second video shot with it and that percentage figure there has barely trickled down at all something you do get any wireless charging with these two handsets but it does still

support the 18 what fuss charge are not quite as fast as some rivals of course but still relatively nippy so that’s always good to see every time in the storage there is no difference there however you get 64 gigs as standard on both pixel 3 and the pixel 3 ear XL as well so that’s great you’ve plenty a storage space for you know a good bit of Spotify Netflix down no expandability unfortunately and there’s no 128 gig model for a little bit more coin but that should do finally of course you do get the unlimited google photo storage as standard just that you did with the original pixel threes now the great news about new pixel 3 and the pixel 3 XL is the fact that they both support the same excellent camera hardware found on the full-sized pixel 3 at least as far as the rear camera tech is concerned it’s once again a 12 point two megapixel rear snapper F 1.8 aperture and it’s using the Sony AMX 363 sensors are no difference between the two handsets if we dive on into the camera wrap your bits you see there’s bugger-all difference between the two here as well the camera wrap looks very familiar to anyone who’s used a pixel form before you’ve got limited control of your folders viously the color temperature and the brightness with a little quick tap of these icons up top and a few actually tap like so as well got full-on portrait modes just to help your subject really stand out and blur the background as well and that’s particularly grid despite the fact that it’s only got a single lens setup as well there’s no

depth sensor on there thanks to Google software smarts so with pointed out that neither of these smartphones actually use Google’s pixel visual core that was removed for the three and the three XL in order to cut costs but all the same so far touchwood the photo and video quality seems at least comparable to the full fat pixel 3 smartphones dive on into video mode you can shoot footage D footage at either 30 or 60 frames per second with a quick toggle up top otherwise you can switch it up to full 4k Ultra HD resolution and the image stabilization even in our four key level fantastic with both if you tap you into more of course you got a limited number of bonus settings as well the nitesite of course makes them very welcome returns very strong night modes just helps to really brighten up your shots with the long exposure style and Lord keep them nice and crisp adding a lot of color detail compared with the standard photo mods as you see they got the usual Google lens slow motion all that kind of shenanigans if you swap around to that front-facing camera as well as just a single lens selfie snapper on both a pixel three-year and the three-year XL it’s an 8 megapixel F 2.0 at this time I believe it was an F 1.8 on the original one but still does the job absolutely fine as we’ve with our early testing of this bad boy because you can’t swap to portrait mode if you want to blur out the

background and there’s still a fairly wide angle as well even with just that single lens as you can see there you can fin a good group of friends if you’ve actually got friends for a nice GRU fee or whatever it’s called and of course you can shoot a full HD video as well and oh my god am I looking tired and old so tired don’t do tech journalism kiddies it’ll age you badly so there we have it the Google pixel 3/8 and the pixel 3/8 XL as I say these the Google phones I’ve been waiting for for a long time ever since they called the Nexus family great to see more affordable pixel hands that’s still rocking that excellent camera text these are gonna be really strong mid-range propositions 400 pounds and 469 quid they’re available right now according to Google so that’s great to see and yeah it’ll be available usual high street stores likes of Argos John there’s stuff like that as well as of course via the Google store so what do you think can you tempted by maybe the dinky little compact number that’s my own personal favorite Oh perhaps there’s big boy here the pixel 3 XL with its mighty 3700 and milliamps L if it’d be great to hear your brain thoughts so smash those down below in the comments I don’t forget a plug subscribing to my notifications bar for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech slightly creepy and and they’ll love it

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