One month review Lenovo YogaBook C930

so just over a month ago now I did a full unboxing and tour of the novel’s yoga book see 9:30 it’s very innovative laptop style devices actually got dual displays your proper display and then an ink display in place of where you would normally get a keyboard I’ve been using the yoga boxy 930 for the past or five or six weeks so I thought I would just do a quick update now on exactly what my long-term thoughts are on this device and whether it’s actually worth spending your cash on don’t forget for more on the latest the greatest active bug subscribe editing that a lot of patience belt kids so first up easily one of the best bits of the organ boxer 930 is that crazy slim and light design there’s no way that you would expect this to be a laptop style device it’s fully flexible I call the best two and ones you can bend it all the way around like so if you want to watch a movie put it in tent mods you use it as a tablet if you wanna mess around online or watch some YouTube something like that and unlike the likes of Microsoft Surface pro another two-in-one convertibles it does actually have that proper laptop form as well so it’s really nice and comfortable to stick it on your lap and just use it in that form unfortunately that fingerprint sensor up top is still a tech AK every time I try and use it it simply says your fingerprint is not registered to make sure your fingerprint is registered I tried registered it so many times it just does not seem to focus at every single time I end up entering a pin instead quite often unfortunately as well when it says your pin is required to sign in you should get a keyboards down here so you can just quickly type it in but more often than not it doesn’t pop up so you under pamda tap here

and then just use them the on-screen keyboard instead and even now as you can see we’re in keyboard mode but the keyboard still hasn’t popped into lifestyle crafts and ends up under like sticker in lieu sketching modes and then going back at the keyboard mode and then we have the keyboards it’s just kind of a little bit fiddly and a bit annoying especially considering this ain’t exactly a cheap device I have a one-pot in the design that I really love I didn’t realize was a thing until Jordy Muppet on Twitter pointed out thanks joining Muppet is the fact that you can double tap it in order to pop open the lid like so absolutely brilliant just can’t stop doing it it’s very addictive Bosh now what about eating display I do a lot of typing in my line of work and I found that it generally works alright but it’s definitely no replacement for a proper physical keyboard I said it’s a good size I found that when touch type I generally hit 50 wpm or over I like the little animations of the keys you tap them it’s very responsive completely free of lag which is definitely great if you’re hitting those high typing speeds but define that after an hour uh sort of typing on this thing the tips of my fingers would start to go a little bit numb because I I’m quite a forceful type and of course you are just basically slamming your fingers against a hard surface that eating surface is definitely much better suited to sketch it in scribbler

noughts use a little a stylus sketching on this bottom screen feels a lot more comfortable than drawing directly on the main display when you’re sat at a desk and as I showed in the a box and you could quickly and cleanly copy bits between the two displays the starlet’s itself is completely customizable as well you can change which app loads up with a click or a double click of that bottom button overall it just works really really nicely and of course you can use just that being displayed by itself if you want to read a magazine or a book something like that all you’ve got to do is as you can see full the mean to spit all the way back and then double tap that ink display double tap that eing display and then bang you can use it to read a graphic novel read a proper ebook whatever you want to do it’s a nice big spacious panel and as you can see they’re nice and detailed as well so it is good if you do like a bit of graphic novel action unfortunately I found at the moment it only seems to support PDFs it doesn’t support for instance amazon’s kindle e-books but hopefully that should be coming in an update now as for the

performance it’s generally fine alone isn’t all the core i5 chipset packed in this thing backs by just four gigs of ram so i found it works fine for my everyday work stuff writing edited photos things like that but I certainly wouldn’t attempt anything like video editing on this thing with the complete lack of obviously dedicated graphics when it comes to gaming the yoke voxi 930 is obviously quite limited as well I’ve definitely found it works quite well with any touch based adventure games things and I Germany does the job quite nicely anything more intensive than that you’re gonna be struggling and of course you have limited ports in order to connect accessories anyway you’ve basically got one type C port either size just still not bad to be fair for a device of this slim and when you do something like playing a game edits and photos watching videos things like that the Lenovo yoga boxy 930 can get a little bit toasty down here on the bottom you’ll especially know I said if you’re rocking it on a bear lap never got too warm or not to a troublesome degree I said they didn’t worry about my thigh has or anything like that and despite the novel’s promise of nine hours of mixed juice I found I never made it through a full working deal with the yoga book certainly six to seven hours is about the maximum you can expect and if you do decide to suck off work and just stream Netflix all day

you generally get around five hours of video playback on a full charge I do still love watching a bit of Netflix on this thing though however those visuals are very nice and striking nice and sharp that colors are nice and punchy it’s good for photo editing as well as it covers the full srgb gama at no worries and even the audio isn’t bad despite the fact that it’s a very compact device stick on that top volume you’ll have no problem here and what’s going on in a movie or a short apart from if you’re in a really noisy environment like a kitchen and of course you can always just pop it into tent mode if you’re you know on the movies you want to stick on the counter or something like that however of course there is the sticking point which is the price of the Lenovo yoga book si 9:30 unfortunately is a very expensive device because of course it is very innovative as well gots a very clever tech in there but you consider you can get the likes of the surface pro six for the same sort of price that’s got much stronger performance is bit tricky to recommend the yoga book of that but the yoga book does have that fantastic ink display which is brilliant for sketching and scribbling you know it’s all that kind of stuff so that’s what I think of the Lenovo yoga book see 930 after around a month about five weeks of using it as my work and aplia device are you tempted to flee that store in the comments down below and don’t forget a bug subscribe and think that notifications about for more on the latest greatest tech does everyone love you

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