Long-Term Review Pixel 3 XL Still worth it?

so already seen shed loads of leaks and rumors around the new pixel for Google’s upcoming flagship phone sets of launched at the end of 2019 and pack and of course a fresh bit of Android Q or s but of course the pixel through in the pixel 3xl they’ve only been out for just over four months now so they’re not exactly old hat above that said google has already run a few discounts on this pair as I was writing this review the pixel 3 XL was reduced from its rather steep 869 pounds to a slightly more palatable 744 quid and you can definitely expect more reductions in the coming months as well long before the pixel 4 handsets even emerge so I thought now would be a great time to return to the pixel 3 excel slot I sim in it and see if it’s grown on me anymore over time especially as lots of other fantastic flagship androids have emerged in the meantime so here’s my fault pixel 3 Excel 2019 re-review and don’t forget from all the latest and greatest mobile tech support subscribe and ding that notification spell Cheers so I’ve been rockin the white model of pixel 3 XL which I definitely prefer out of the three hues on offer the other two being a roll of budget II look and black effort and a non-committal very weak Ribena pink I honestly think that Google is missed a bit of a trick by not launching a more vivid version of the pixel 3 handsets I mean after all that blue model of the original pixel was simply stunning and highly desirable hopefully we’ll get a return to those more vibrant colors with pixel for all the same this nice ice mobile

looks the biz standing out thanks to its unique two-tone back in and little deals as well such as that highlighted power button the pixel 3 XL has proven surprisingly sturdy over time to that back is completely scuffed free while the Gorilla Glass 5 screen is only tarnished with a few little light scratches here and there after 4 months plus are being chucked around in my backpack that’s pretty impressive especially when you compare this with the iPhone 10 R which has received the same treatment for a similar length of time of course the pixel 3 XL is a bit of a big bugger at 6.3 inches especially with a chunky bezel sat down beneath you don’t get a dedicated one-handed wall to help out either for that you’ll have to install a third poem Android PI’s gestures for instance wiping your finger down that fingerprint sensor can shunt down the notification bar see you now I’m gonna stretch all the way off that enormous screen just remember to turn that feature off before you play a pub G or other games to avoid a nasty shock in the middle of a gunfight also I always forget when I returned to the pixel 3x I’ll just how crazy big that not ship top is I mean seriously I do a double take when I boot this thing in fact corner notch is probably really offensive to notches this is more of a pit or a canyon of course the reason for this inflamed intrusion is the dual end selfie camera a similar setup to the galaxy s 10 plus except the Samsung managed to slightly tidy a punch hole finish instead near the solution is perfect of course but for some reason the S 10 plus doesn’t make me bow quite so much other opinions are of course available but focusing on that display itself I absolutely have zero

complaints the 18 point five by nine OLED screen is simply stunning producing vivid in-your-face visuals the quad HD plus resolution keeps images super crisp as well stick the pixel three XL side-by-side with any existing smartphones the new Galaxy S tens included and Google’s blower easily holds its own of course you get full support for each to your video so your Netflix session will be an absolute beaut and you can play around with the color output in the display Sens if you prefer some more natural looking images it’s also refreshing to have a phone with proper front fire and stereo speakers as well something that’s become an increasingly rare and one upshot of that bulky notch and bezel the pixel 3x I’ll defi does the job when you wanna watch a bit of video or whatever in a noisy environment such as a kitchen but we definitely say hook up to some phones or a Bluetooth speaker or something if you wanna enjoy some proper music so on to one of the other big reasons for owning a pixel 3 XL the stock version of Android Pi if you’re not in front of those dense Orval is the most of the manufacturers slap on top then the pixel will grease your gears nicely of course you can get a vanilla Android Pi experience on much much cheaper handsets as well such as Motorola’s Mortal g7 family and itch and these latest nokia branded handsets but that said the pixel 3 XL and pixel 3 do offer a few bonus bits on top for instance there’s the active edge pressure sensor which detects when you’re silently throttling the pixel in a fit of rage and

can load up the Google assistant and a frantic attempt to calm you back down again then there’s the useful ambient display and the digital well-being feature which is basically just a virtual nanny telling you to stop about on reddit and go speak to a real-life human with a face and everything generally wants a week or so and finds on a new feature that it didn’t know about like how you can pin like footie scores to your desktop or check out full history of any musical pixel has picked up on in your vicinity although as usual you can forget about any non mainstream tracks actually being recognized and yet it is Google being kind of creepy as usual but of course the massive kick to the for us Brits is the fact that the pixel 3 excels best feature is still missing in action I am of course talking about Google’s call screen and feature something which would help to prevent PPI up and down the nation from ruining our lunch breaks every single day there’s still no sign of that coming to the UK sore sucks to be us I guess oh and there’s no official recognition up front either which is not particularly great when you’re working in the kitchen you’ve got messy hands and you mine Department use your knuckles to try and enter your PIN anyway onto performance I’m providing the grunt here is qualcomm snapdragon 845 chipset it’s well over a year old now and been superseded by the new snapdragon 855 as well as several rival platforms from the likes of Huawei Samsung and Apple but it is far from antiquated and while most Android

flagship phones are going off for their bitty Big bollocks ooh look at me I’ve got 10 gigs of RAM the pixel 3 exile sticks with a much more sedate 4 gigs instead so sure the pixel 3 Excel dozen benchmark as highly as the Galaxy S tens or even cheaper forms like the oneplus 60 or the honour view 20 but in everyday life it is brilliant as smooth and as Swift as you would like and it’s not too bad for a blast on pubsey mobile either you can’t play on those top details hands and everything looks all sharp and pretty although you will see some pretty big stammers when you’re driving about in a vehicle at times so dedicated gamers might want to go for something like the wall we meet 20 pro with its dedicated GPU turbo support instead a battery life is solid on the pixel 3 XL as well thanks to the 3430 milliamp cell’s stuffed inside Early’s they keep you going all day long and well into a second day as well if your restrains on how often you whip it out of your pants unfortunately that 18 watts fast charging doesn’t seem particularly fast anymore compared with the likes of oneplus as warp charge and up or super vogue tech however you can also wirelessly charge the pixel 3x oh and I actually really like the way it combines with the pixel stand slap it on there and you can turn the phone into a digital photo or display a sunrise alarm clock and the pixel can also automatically stick itself into do not disturb mod it’s all fully customizable and it works with charm go check out my full in-depth pixel stun review for all you need to know now world of

dual and triple n smartphone cameras the pixel three XL walks its own path with a single lens 12.2 megapixel shooter all the same despite its lack of telephoto and ultra wide-angle options I love taking shots and shooting video with the pixel that autumn world doesn’t try and impress with any AI branded gun it just takes great-looking shots no matter what the conditions images look brilliantly natural which means that those vibrant hues really shined plus you can shoot raw pics if you want to properly play with them afterwards beyond simply cropping and shoving them up on Facebook of course since launch google has added the new night mode which mimics while ways all night board serving up a long exposure photo to capture more detail in those low-light conditions activating the night mode definitely results in brighter more colorful more detailed shots although you do get some overexposure in those brighter elements when shooting the likes of a cityscape there’s also definitely brighter and bolder than what you would get with the way it meet 20 pro of all the mid-20 pro is definitely superior when it comes to the exposure of those lighter elements as for the dual end selfie snapper around front at this grabs great-looking shots of your mugs including of course portrait shots for the Bakke style effect to blur out the background and you can easily fit in all of your best chums as well thanks to the wide-angle board or just a whole lot of extra nothing in my case I’m so lonely for a closer look at the pixel 3 excels camera tech

check back really soon for an in-depth camera comparison between this and some of the latest and greatest Android flagships including why we’re seeking new p30 so a few months on do I love the pixel 3xl more than I used to well I definitely still enjoy used it as my full-time phone but it definitely doesn’t excel in any areas besides that camera tech in the punchy display the performance has been surpassed by several handsets many of them much cheaper than this phone well the lack of cost weird it means that the stock Android experience on the likes of Motorola’s more a g7 is almost as compelling so basically the pixel 3 XL is kind of like going into a nice Italian gelatos and asking for a scoop of vanilla it’s good you’ll like it but if you’re willing to take the plunge there are better options available so what do you reckon maybe you think the pixel 3 excel is the best thing since sliced bread whatever the that means and that I’m just a massive one who doesn’t know what I’m talking about if so I’m pretty sure you’ve already bashed your comment down below long before now otherwise what you writing is better than the pixel 3 Excel and why again left or your thoughts down below and don’t forget to poke subscribe and ding that notifications about for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech cheers everyone love you

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