Lenovo Yoga Book C930 Dual screen Windows laptop

hello you gorgeous person and welcome to this full unboxing setup and hands-on tour of Lenovo’s new yoga book C 930 very intriguing device this is bills itself as a dual display laptop with a Inc so it’s got a standard display and a secondary e-ink display which can be used as a keyboard it can be used just as a tablet style device in order to you know read books and magazines things like that so let’s check it out now it’s a Windows 10 device as you might expect runs on an intel core chipset you pick it up in a couple of different skews the cheapest SKU starts at 1100 pounds this certainly isn’t a cheap device by any means and this is actually a 1,300 version SKU of it with an intel core i5 chipset I really really must stop biting my fingernails cuz every single time I do in a box and it takes about half an hour just to get the thing out right there we are there is the actual yoga buckets office just set that aside for a second and see exactly what else you get in the box along with it so in compartment number one a plug exciting times on this side you get the gibble and surprisingly this bit apparently is a

big fat load of nothing in here we get a porky pin device because it does actually take sim cards is a sim compatible device and of course you’ve got your Quick Start Guide as well and in this I’m presuming from the little icon that it’s the precision pen yeah there we have it this is Lenovo zorn powered stylus as you can see there it takes a dinky little battery Tripoli I believe it is not quadruple II sorry and there is the actual pen itself there’s just prized this one out I believe the pen is an optional accessory you can either get the Lenovo yoga book with or without the pen I’m assuming you just yank this 10 bit off doesn’t seem it twist there we go okay choke so Windows 10 convertibles and two and one things like that actually quite common these days so if you are looking for something that’s sort of a a combination tablet slash laptop there are plenty of different options around this is obviously one of the more expensive ones along with the likes of the surface pro from Microsoft quite a funky design as you can see there it’s nice and slender but it’s about centimeter thick at its thickest point and overall the back of the box says 1.4 kilos it does actually feel pretty light absolutely no worries if you’re gonna be sticking that in a fairly compact backpack lugging it around all there there’s very little weight to it whatsoever the yoga book only comes in one color option and that is the rather sexily titled iron gray

maybe only sexy if you’re turned on by things like Game of Thrones it’s definitely got a very businesslike appearance to it there’s no vibrant hues or anything like that no particularly sexy design is basically just the the novella Brandon down below and then the Knights look nice sort of matte finish the hinge look was very funky indeed though check that bad boy out so basically you can open it on up like a book and it just keeps on twisting around and then you can use it in a tablet style fashion either with the main 10-point an inch display or with that secondary eating display as you see there does have a built-in fingerprint sensor as well for a bit of your security and I believe you can use the pen on either there eating’s display or the standard display as well so it has two USB type-c ports there USB 3.1 you don’t get any Thunderbolt action or anything like that you get one around this side here and then another round one around this edge as well so this you’ve got one on each side got your power button your volume controls you’ve got a speaker on both edges as well and then last but not least you’ve got your SIM card slot as well I believe that also takes micro SD memory cards let’s just poke it on up and see what you get so there you

have it so yep so room there for a micro SD memory card and also a SIM card right we’ve got the yoga book plugged in let’s see if we can get it powered up gotta see I’ve not been a massive fan of typing on flat keyboards in the past it’s always nice to have some sort of force feedback so even the likes of the surface pro they have quite a flat keyboard but they do still have physical keys that you actually push in so you do get some kind of feedback from them oh shut up Cortana she’s gonna set up that fingerprint sensor I just mean you don’t have to enter your password every time that you want to unlock your laptop which is always good so it’s actually fully flush the sensor with the rest of the panel having trouble recognizing me apparently that’s a bit worried just give that a bit of a wipe just make sure it’s nice and clean yeah still having trouble recognizing me apparently okay that’s all but isn’t gonna be a consistent issue just gonna try and lock in the yoga book now using that fingerprint sensor so just quick tap of the power button if we try scanning couldn’t recognize the fingerprint great starts they mean okay and now the pin is required to say

brilliant let’s try this again couldn’t recognize the fingerprint great so the fingerprint sensor does not seem the most reliable that I’ve tested right so we’re all set up and we’re into Windows 10 now when you’re in this laptop board you’ve got a variety of different functions that you can actually use this eing screen for as you can see first of all you are in standard keyboard mode rich in a sort of decent speed with it yeah not as fast as I would be on an actual physical keyboard but not too bad at all things are a little bit squished down this left-hand side like so the shift key and the tab key absolutely properly crushed against that edge and of course you do get this this rather squished return key over here as well but this is a double raw effort you do we’d lis get a touch pad as well if you just give that a little tap and that turns it into a touch pad complete with left and right click controls as well but it’s a full touch screen so why wouldn’t you just use that instead much easier right so this is now in ink notes mode so we’re just gonna get a brief tutorial let’s go as I say here you’ve got a choice of different pens that you can use got your is your screenshot functionality copy paste all the kind of stuff you would expect from a basic sketch and effort you’re not automatically saved which is always great because I’m always forgetting to save stuff so you actually toggle it to be used with either the ink screen or

the main screen and how you do that is just with a quick push of this bottom button as you can see they dog have a little light hidden away and that first door with lenovo as well – just to indicate that you’ve swapped between the two let’s just give it a go I’m not exactly the world’s greatest artist as you may be able to tell now see a lot of Danny everyone if you press down this top edge of the pen that gets it into a razor board so we can now get rid of bits of Danny if we like there’s his stupid fear scorn into oblivion not really any better never mind it’s given some crazy hair there we go and then you can copy all of this by holding down the other edge of the pen instead and then just select it now go the image has been copied I want to enter keyboard morts now if you just select paste no God there is Danny and all of his glory so we can as you can see you can easily scribble Nauts do a little draw whatever you want to do and then copy it and paste it into any application that you want nice and quick and easy now the main screen is a 10.8 inch IPS touchscreen it’s a 2560 by 1600 pixel resolution so nice and crisp so no matter what you want to do if you want to watch a better

video if you just want to browse the web get some creative apps on the go it should be absolutely fine for that as you can see their viewing angles are absolutely fine on top brightness it is absolutely seiren just tested that no problems whatsoever and of course it’s for the precision pen compliant too and it’s got a bit of Netflix on the gore bit of obligatory cute animal action as you can see there nice crisp clear picture highly detailed looks absolutely stunning and looks like nice realistic visuals as well those vivid hues are coming out nicely but they don’t appear boosted in any way it looks very very natural so definitely great stuff if you want to be checking out some movies on the go things like that as you can see quite thick bezels surround in the screen though it’s definitely not one of those displays that fills the panel all in all the stunning stuff and then if you just want to do something simple like read a book or browse a magazine you’ve got that eing display instead to Windows 10 home running on here so you don’t get any crappy Windows 10s weirdness or anything like that so you can download whatever you want from the internet within good reason of course so for instance I’m just gonna get a bit Google Chrome on the go

now actually running the show is an Intel Core i5 7 Y 54 you can get it in a core m3 version as well the more basic model which still cost you 1,100 pounds are still quite expensive at this sort of price point it’s definitely competing with the very best convertibles and two-in-ones out there you only get four gigs of ram in here as well as ddr3 ram saw quite limiting as far as the actual specs or concern considering that high asking price as for the storage you get two tries for 128 gig or 256 gig SSD so I’ve only just started setting this up as you can see I’ve got the 256 gig model but only 209 gigs of that is actually free to begin with but at least you do have that micro SD memory card support as well it’s going to download some steam and get some gaming on the go see how that core i5 chipset and mighty 4 gigs of ram handles all of that it’s also worth mentioning it’s a four thousand six hundred fifty milliamp battery inside as well the novel quotes nine of general use per charge of course if you’re just gonna be using that eating display to read books magazine since I like you’ll get much longer life at least so if you are going to do a lot of reading on the go and you fancy a nice big screen in order to do it this is probably a pretty decent option just downloaded rise of the Tomb Raider it’s just going to do a quick bit of

benchmarking with this and see what kind of results it turns out some of the interface seems a lot the smoothest so there’s something interested to see so as you can see there unsurprisingly the yoga bucket is struggling somewhat with the rise of the Tomb Raider benchmark and a very subtly framerate indeed about one frame per second by the looks of it I’d say not not exactly a massive shock given the lack of memory and the core i5 chipset and of course is just basic integrated graphics as well there’s no dedicated GPU on there so yeah there’s the final rather damning a result average frames per second of just 2 or 3 if you want to be doing a bit game and maybe avoid the yoga buck unless it’s just very basic simple maybe a bit retro game and something like that so they have our full unboxing in tour of Lenore’s yoga book c9 30s very flexible device you know the eating screen gives a great degree of extra usability there it could be an alternative to a Kindle albeit a very expensive alternative design is definitely very neat indeed love the 360 degree hinge and everything else but of course that price point is quite a lot to swallow especially given that fairly basic specs so you touched by the Lenovo yoga boxy 930 stitching important to get a full in-depth review on the go in the next sort of week or so the gritter your thoughts down below and don’t get a pong subscribe and dig that notifications both for more underlay it’s the greatest tech does everyone love you

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