Motorola Moto G7 Plus 72 Hours Review

back when Motorola launched the original moto G handset which was 2013 terrifyingly this budget-friendly smartphone made huge waves down a lot cheaper into the mobile market finally people who didn’t have big fat stacks could bag themselves a smartphone for under 150 quid that didn’t suck balls this is a proper smartphone to pack an HD screen and decent performance rather than a big fat sack of crap held together with cellotape and spit I’ve reviewed every single generation of moto G handset thats launched here in the UK and now in 2019 we’ve got the Moto G 7 family which has 4 different variants version from the basic player all the way up to this bad boy here the premium plus the problem is the Moto G 7 plus cost two hundred and 70 quid here in the UK so it in exactly cheap and the strong competition from other smartphone such as the honour play and various Nokia handsets around there as well I’ve been using them or do some pluses my full time personal handset for three days now ahead of my in-depth review and here’s what I reckon so far so the g7 plus is a subtle evolution over last year’s moto G 6 plus when it comes to the design once again it’s a Gorilla Glass client beast a shiny six-point Turing smartphone with curves in all the right places it’s typically huge like most other mobiles but it’s still comfortable enough to fondle and Motorola has absolutely nailed the one-handed help you can swipe down our notifications bar from anywhere on screen or by using that rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and there’s also a screen shrink mode if you’re still struggling so far there’s only a couple of different colors plan for the Moto G 7 plus including this dark blue model and a funky red version I do quite like this blue model although

until the light catches it just right it does basically just look black I definitely prefer the crimson version recommend pick a man up if you don’t mind a bolder finish and whichever you choose the g7 plus does indeed seem to be quite Hardy there’s even some splash proof course and inside and out which is good news right now in the PC UK rain and one of the biggest design changes of last year’s model is that mighty screen which now almost fills the front of the phone this is the first G Series generation the feature notches up top the malla g7 pluses LTPS panel sports a full HD plus resolution some visuals are perfectly crisp and in play around with the color output as well on the default saturated second images are actually pretty punchy no complaints when it comes to Netflix streaming you can enjoy shows in HD and horrendously cute baby animals have never looked more in adorable same goes for the Sunderland football club deftly has more of a kick as well as specially when compared with last year’s g6 Plus model it’s a stereo setup on the g7 plus although only one of those speakers is front Fyren but the Sun is still quite full-bodied helped along by the Dolby audio support and you get a proper 3.5 ml headphone jack as well as off and what’s the vanilla version of Android Pi is heat on the Moto G 7 plus and it’s presented in a pleasingly attractive fashion with a more visually appealing sentence menu for one you get plenty customisation as usual and of course more ala has on its own moto suite of features on top again with a visual overhaul although my favorite gesture controls are back in action including greatest hits like the double wrist twist to open the camera app and the karate chop for blind and torch action and some all these have been revamped to create features like the big screen a great way of checking your notifications without actually bothering to unlock the g7 plus especially if you get loads of stuff coming in there’s no proper Android pie style gesture navigation here sadly instead you get Motorola’s one button now system which isn’t quite as intuitive and though the ability to skip

between your last two apps with a simple swipe is definitely nice and have you spend lots of time driving you’re basically set as well as well as the model voice option you also have a bit of Android auto as well it just gives you a nice basic interface as you see so everything is nice and simple to see and control motorola has big dup the g7 pluses performance as well saying it’s significantly faster than last year’s g6 plus truth be told I’m struggling and really not as much of a difference here there’s an obvious gap when benchmarking but the older font is still just as smooth that everyday use hub to long buy that stock you I my father the g7 plus was fine for a bit of pub G mobile action although like last year’s plus I had to keep the graphics set to low detail to get a decent frame rate it’s still perfectly playable at this level law and that spacious Full HD screen means you can still spot sniping kits from a good distance away you will see the occasional a little stomach when things get a bit nuts but nothing that’s even close to game ruinin but all the same I would have to point dedicated gamers towards the honor plate which provides a smoother experience with a higher detail level as for battery life I definitely have no complaints there either other than what would you seven pluses 3000 milliamp cell missing diminutive compared with me of four thousand milliamp rivals I’m still highly impressed by the efficiency of this thing even with all day use including a

good bit of pub G action Tony a camera player media stream yada yada yada I still really struggle to even get close to kill in the g7 plus in a single day with everyday use you’ll get close to 36 hours a years between charges and when you do need to power up again that 27 what turbocharged tech

is but as you brilliant just half an hour the plug gives you almost 80% battery life which beats the crap out of many rivals and though the form does get a little bit toasty so onto the motto g7 + is camera tech and on the rear you have a dual end shooter the primary lens is a 16 megapixel effort with an F 1.7 aperture and built-in OAS as well optical image stabilization definitely a great feature to include at this price point and alongside you have a simple 5 megapixel depth sensor – you’ve got a choice of pro or manual controls and loads of bonus camera features including some tricky new AI branded stuff for instance the spot composition feature could crop into your shot and straighten it up if it’s a bit wonky want to see how good that g7 + camera tech really is well I’ll be doing a full comparison but the standard g7 when it comes to the photo and video quality so definitely don’t forget to poke subscribe and think that notifications about to be the first to see that when it goes live and have yourselves a lovely bloody there chairs [Music]

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