Honor View 20 vs Huawei P20 Pro & Mate 20 Pro Simply the best

hello you gorgeous people this is Christian Tex Bert I’m here with the spangly new honor view 20 or v20 as you kids like to call it it’s Allah’s latest 2019 flagship smartphone pack some premium design some very slick specs and features as well I wanna do a full side-by-side with what was p20 Pro and MIT when he pulls still two of the very best smartphones that you can buy in 2019 see how they compare for the specs the camera tech features and everything else that you need to know to see which one might be best for you and don’t forget for more on the V 20 and the latest and greatest small biotech Tupac subscribe ending that notifications about Jose so first of all stick them all side-by-side as I’ve done here you’ll notice that they’re all pretty bloody massive actually the p20 Pro is actually the dinky er of the three at six point one inches not exactly compact I mean while the honour view 20 and the Y admit when he pull off six point four inch behemoths cause one of the differentiating factors between the three all three of them have displays that pretty much fill the front panel of these smartphones but you do get a bit notch action on the p20 pro on the mid-20 pull especially on the mid-20 pull that is a full-on Tash right there whereas the v20 has got this very funky front facing comes like she built into the display itself just housed off in the corner there so does actually

look like the screen pretty much fills the front of the four it takes are busying 92% of that front panel flip them all around the one you’ll see that of course they all support the same glass finish here on the back it looks absolutely shiny and sleek and gorgeous we love the look of all three of these phones because they do tend to pick up smudges scuffs when you’re handling them as well unfortunately which does kind of ruin the appearance a little bit but as long as you keep them well buffed up they’ll all be fine actually if you want to be xx it’s a pretty good job of masking those fingerprints seems a bit more grease resistance than the p20 bra and Amit when he brought now the best of models of the p20 problem it 20 prod Fe got this awesome at gradient finish as you can see the color sort of shifts in torn from the top as you travel down to the bottom from its old purple to blue here on the p20 pro and vice versa on the mid-20 product it’s definitely very stun and luck and very unique among the smart phone contingency of the on of the 20 likes to stand out a bit from the crowd which is definitely commendable as you can see there it’s got a funky sort of V design effect which which comes into play once it catches the light in a certain where as you can see there when you actually look at it head-on that affects almost completely vanishes it’s definitely very very luring all three of these smartphones thankfully pretty rugged as well we’ve certainly have the p20 Pro for close to a year now no signs of any scratches or scuffs they’re all not really surface mitt 20 pro also seems that nice and rugged

from the air the sort of 3-4 months we’ve been rocking it the meat when everyone had a very short while but certainly seems to be in that same sort of category we’ve banged it about a bit sort of credit with some disrespect since we first got it and again no scratches or scuffs so far touch words you do at least get a transparent cover bundled in the box with all three of these smartphones if you are a bit paranoid if we head down below you’ll see that all three of them of course to use type see us be more surprised therefore three premium devices because you’ve got your bottom mounted speakers here on the the v20 and on the p20 prop sadly there’s no headphone jack on the p20 pro or the mid-20 pool but there is one on the V 20 which is always great to see so a few I don’t like those dumb girlie things then the p20 will definitely do the job for you and runs an often design stuff as well it’s also worth mentioning that the honour view 20 doesn’t have IP certification for the water resistance but you do get a nice bit of ip67 water and dust resistance here on the p20 bra and it’s IP 68 although may 24th of them can survive a dunking in the bath and take them in the shower for a sexy selfie whatever you want to do now if you focus back on the display tech it’s actually an OLED panel in the case of the p20 pool and the mid 24 so you get a nice bright visual image reproduction and I punch in your face colors and everything as well here on the kiss the view 20 I believe it’s an IPS panel suddenly the official specs don’t specify what kind of display it is but everyone seems to agree it’s an IPS probably because it’ll be a pin in

the austere punch a hole in the corner of an OLED panel which is fair enough all three of them if you dive into the second you can go onto this thing you can actually play around with the the actual visual output so color morning temperature they’re all set to vivid mode by default so I’ve left them on that as you can see the colors are actually pretty good here on this IPS panel of u-20 as well certainly in comparison with the Orleans we just go into the same image on all three you’ll see there the colors are nice and striking and no matter which phone you choose and here in the mid-20 pro especially really really loving the crisp crisp detail you get because there’s a for an HD plus panel 31 20 by 1440 come back with a full HD plus that you get here on the view 20 and the p20 Pro something no complaints on the clarity here on these two either you get nice crisp detail in there as you can see if anything I’d say that the colors seems slightly more relaxed on the mid-20 Pro compared with the other two despite the fact that they’re all in that vivid modes but definitely nice and punch in your face without being like artificial and sickly sweet but you can also stick them on on the default color mode as well if you don’t like really vivid images and the funny thing is as well they’ve actually all got a notch option which basically just sticks a bar across the top and just hides that notch from view if you’re not really a fan of it and even the view 20 has less option as well if for some reason you don’t like that tiny little dot up in the top left corner you just stick a massive black bar across there instead interesting now if we dive

into the about Fallin section you’ll see that it’s a allegedly different software run all three you do actually still get the older Androids Oreo version 8.1 point zero here on the p20 port but as that’s been updated to Android Pi here on the mid-20 Pro and the V 20 as well but the peat really Pro is currently getting its update to PI so stay tuned for that both of the Walia phones unsurprisingly run that Wow is on emotion UI or a Mui again a slightly older version here on the p20 pro but it’s got most of the best features that you’ll find on version 9 here on the mid-20 pro the only on a view 20 it’s actually running the new magic UI magic UI version to in fact be precise however is essentially a motion UI just under a different name so if you dive into the system settings you’ll notice certainly the mid 24 and the v20 hub very very similar features indeed including the new digital balance feature diamond a smart assistants get the one-handed Lord you get the motion control the voice control so even though it’s called magic UI it is essentially a motion UI 9 basically the same setup and everything one of the best features in washing UI is the security we should do get a fingerprint sensor mounted here on the back in the case of the view 20 and that’s really really Swift and responsive as you just quick tap boom you’re straight into your desktops no worries the case the p20 paw is actually mounted

beneath the screen as you can see there just adds a bit next reversal action but again it’s still nice and Swift and responsive zero the kids the me at twenty brothers actually mounted into the display itself which is quite funky it’s not quite as Swift or as accurate as on the other two handsets unfortunately but still does the job and it’s nice and tidy I guess but better than all that is definitely the excellent facial recognition which again is a feature found on all three of these smartphones all you got to do is raise the phone to wake and it will immediately stop hibernate and it’ll scan for your face and if it recognizes you your unlock straight into your desktop so as you can see they’re nice and Swift and easy and that works really well even in low light thanks to the fact than the display actually illuminates your gorgeous mug there’s plenty of other great and washing UI features boda way in there have actually done a full in-depth tour of emotion UI 9 so you can see exactly what the best bits of that on how it compares with the motion UI it doesn’t say the updates should be coming to the Pete when he pulled pretty soon though I’m also gonna have fallen through of magic UI too as well some of the best bit you’ll find in there so if you’re having to pick it up on V 20 or the magic 2 or any other magic UI smartphone and that was short offers some of the greatest software stuff now of course it was all three of these all premium devices you would probably expect the performance to be hot and you would not be disappointed the people he pulls the least impressive of the three as it does rock while is all the keren 970 chipset it is backed by generous six gigs round though and I thought the performance is still absolutely fine despite the edge as with the others here which rock the more up-to-date Conine 80 bits you just tap an app and the app load straight up you’re not hanging around waiting the UI

tends to be pretty firm you will see the odd little stutter here and there but nothing major certainly the case the mid-20 poor the killer 9 a chipset it’s backed by six gigs of ram the view 20 you actually get choice here in the UK see the six gigs of ram on the base model or eight gigs if you upgrades and all three of them support a bit of Huawei’s GPU turbo 2.0 feature as well which is great news if you’re a pub g mobile gamer because it busy helps to maintain a nice smooth frame rate throughout your games you see of course if you dive into the graphics settings it is set to high on both gears ass or even the p20 probably that’s all the Cure 970 chipset you still get it default into that high frame rate you kind of cost chuck it up and of course get nice bit of its your graphics on the go there as well so you definitely expect a nice smooth and highly detailed experience when you are playing a bit of pubsey mobile so as you can see they even from miles above you can see see all the crisp detail all the individual buildings and everything as you can see they’re a nice smooth frame rate it’s helped along again of course by that GPU turbo as you can see they’re just nice smooth frame rates which is obvious I hope somebody shooting me oh dear better hurry this bit up as GPU Tobit does actually make a little bit of a difference despite the fact that obviously Kiran chipsets are pretty premium they they do deliver quite nicely on performance let’s go check out my full in-depth GPU turbo feature if you want to see more on what that actually does as for the storage you get 128 gigs our stands on the p20 Pro and the mid-20 Pro

good luck fill and I even shoot lots of 4k video and stuff you should be absolutely fine here on the V 20 actually the base model is 128 gigs that’s the one that I’ve got here or you can upgrade to a 256 gig model if you really really want and if it’s got the usual storage cleaner features and all of that bollocks as well I know onto one of the major major strengths of all three of these smartphones is of course the battery life as well you get a massive battery stuffed inside all three phones there’s 4,000 mini up here on the v20 and on the p20 pro as well the mid 20 by actually ups that’s a 4200 million and the great news is that the funds are generally quite energy efficient as well motion you I don’t think does the job nicely as you’ll find that you’ll easily get a day of life even if you have seek hammering all three of these smartphones with Skype with pub G all that kind of good stuff and if you’re a bit more restrained you should be able to get as solids a couple of days of life from a single charge health reforms also support while we’re supercharged so you can get a good bit of power back just half an hour at the plug will give you over 50% generally so that’s great news if you forget to charge it up overnight there’s also worth mentioning of course that the MIT 20 pull does support wireless charging as well and it even has reverse wireless charging as well so you can use the mitt 20 broad to charge up another pool that was the supports wireless charging by the chief standard of course and while it’s charging something that you don’t get on the p20 Pro and the V 20 but who really cares it’s also also worth mentioning that

the the on of you 20 actually supports a bit of liquid cooling apparently built-in which I’m pretty sure the p20 of the mid 20 broad dawn I certainly don’t remember them ever mention in it the fight for the Peter when he put on the mid 20 pro seem to steer nice and cool even when Pub G for a solid hour a source or one of thought it would really be an issue so now then what about that rear camera tech well the kiss that Peter when you pulled the mid-20 pull is a triple lens camera but they are actually different Hardware setups both kids you get a really nice primary lens it’s a forty megapixel F 1.8 I believe it is on both of these handsets you get a nice crisp detail with your shots the case the p20 pores secondary lens is actually your monochrome lens a 20 megapixel that just helps to capture some extra detail with every snap just for some really nice shot results on the mid-20 pro you actually you also get a 20 megapixel secondary lens but it’s an ultra wide-angle lens just gives you a little bit of extra flexibility allows you to get a very different kind of shot when needed and both of those blowers spawn it megapixel telephoto lens as well to get you up to five times hybrid zoom some really nice looking shots of distant subjects they were only on a view 20 it’s a very very different set up you get a single 48 megapixel primary lens again great for those detail levels as you would expect you don’t actually get a secondary depth sensor or an ultra wide-angle lens what you do get is a tof camera time-of-flight 3d camera that doesn’t actually seem to do anything right now but honor suggests that you’ll be able to use some funky 3d camera features with that what it basically does is just accurately reads the distance between the camera and whatever subject it shoots in this working do a bit of 3d model and things like that so I’ll be interested to see what comes out the bag with that one we actually dive on into the

camera you’ll see it’s a similar sort of experience on all three of these handsets now you do get while ways master AI mode as as it’s come to be known and what this busy does is full of smart Scene Recognition basically can detect things like cats food things like that just kind of tweak the sense to to suit that particular subject there’s tend to boost colors and apply sort of filter style effects but you can easily knock it off if you’re not fun of that and you want a more sort of accurate image reproduction I however quite liked it so I’m gonna leave it turned on of course get a portrait mode in all three as well and it does the job nicely even though you’ve only really got the one lens here on the view xx certainly does the job nicely well all through really come into play however is the night’s mode the excellent new night mode which was introduced here on the p20 pro and that just takes a long exposure shot and works beautifully even when the thorn has been held by hand you don’t need to rely on a tripod or anything like that so you get a nice crisp bright clear results those one advantage of the p20 pro and the mid-20 pro is the fact that you do have that hybrid zoom feature so just a quick tap and you can switch between 1 x 3 x + 5 x ooh and even at the 5 x level the results off spectacular and really nice and crisp so definitely good news if you do a lot of sort of touristy photography on like buildings monuments things like that here only on a view xx of course you’ve got the old digital zoom which doesn’t work quite as well

unfortunately and of course here on the mid-20 pro you also have the ultra wide-angle lens which you can fall back on at any point that just gives you a nice view of any particular vistas if you’ve got a really busy cityscape or if you just want to take a shot of a big group of friends that definitely does the job nicely so yes highly recommend that one so jump on into the video you can shoot of course up to 4k resolution video on all three of these smartphones cause defaults to 1080p at Full HD on the p20 pro of 4k resolution results aren’t quit if you’re moving and shooting at the same time because the image stabilization is to put it mildly a wee bit balls they definitely sorted that out from it xx pro and thankfully those great smooth results have transferred over to the V 20 as well hopefully a future update will sort it out here on the p20 pro 2 as you see there you’ve got full 60 frames per second and everything as well if you need it those have got the funky ID zoom feature on the mid-20 pro and the view 20 as well and that just as you can see there just automatically just the zoom to make sure that your subject is centered in the shot it’s a bit of a gimmicky feature not entirely necessary because you can just move the phone around to keep your subject centered but whatever you’ve got full pro controls with all three devices as well so you can pedal about with the ISO levels white balance shutter speed all that kind of thing if you know what you’re doing and back on the video tip you also get a bit of slow-motion action on all three and this includes a new super slow motion as well which as you can see shoots at 960 frames per second unfortunately it only shoots at 720p not full HD on all three of these as well and then finally if we just swap

around to the front facing camera you’ve got a twenty five megapixel selfie snapper here on the view 20 it’s actually a 24 megapixel I believe so ever so slightly pared down on the p20 pool in the mid 24 but to be fair nice crisp selfies what you up to you got the portrait board support as well as you can see their support ritmo loves he captures nice blurry background in the back and keeps you nice and crisp to help you to stand out otherwise you just got the bog-standard full of logic boobs do actually have some AI smarts here on the view xx as well and a bit smart HDR on the mid-20 pro and the V 20 as well so that right there is how the honour view 20 stacks up against the while we appear 20 Pro and the MIT 20 process it these are still two of the best smartphones you can bag right now to deathly of my favorite fourth of 2018 but the honor view 20 more or less matches the MIT 24 when it comes to the specs it’s got like you and I nearly chipset six gigs of ram almost the same size of battery and a nice gorgeous six point four inch full HD plus panel as well it’s not quite as crisp but definitely comes close and of course you do have the benefit about dinky little camera thing there in the corner cover over this big old – notch here on the mid-20 prof.

we’re still waiting on the UK price in here for the view 20 that should be coming when it officially launches on January the 22nd but if it’s around the 400 pounds – 450 pound mark as we expect and hope then it will basically be close to half the price of the mitt which makes it a very very enticing prospect indeed and definitely something for other 2019 smartphones to live up to so let’s Don the comments down below if you’re tempted by the honor view 20 and if not why not and don’t forget to poke subscribe and ding that notifications about for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech cheers everyone love you

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