Honor 10 Lite vs Huawei P20 Lite vs Mate 20 Lite

hello you gorgeous people this is Christmas expert and I’m here with three Canton three lights branded smartphones we got the honor 10 light fresh and new for 2019 here on the left we’ve also got last year’s while we’re p20 light and mitt 20 lights here in the center and otherwise II was gonna do a full comparison now go through the design the specs the camera tech all that kind of shenanigans to see what’s the difference between them and which one might be best for you as well comparisons on the latest and greatest budget tech as well as premium smartphones don’t forget to pull subscribe editing that notifications Bell cheers so first up the other ten light is the cheapest of these three mobiles or cost 200 pounds when it hits the UK later in January 2019 more where P 20 light is the next one up you can get it for around the 300 pound price point in these days whereas the MIT 20 light was only recently launched at the end of 2018 that’ll still cost you around 350 to 400 pounds seconds I my sign is quite clear that the P 20 light is the dinky little number of the group it’s only five point eight four inches or sub six inches compared with the six point two one inch on a 10 light and the six point three inch while we MIT 20 light is a bit of a beast in comparison so definitely if you want something that’s going to be a lot

easier to grip and for more comfortable one-handed use but while we’re at P 20 light is the one to go for that said thankfully you do get a nifty one-handed mods in the case of the p20 wave and the MIT 20 light as well as a bit of a beast you definitely need that bad boy well that is just shrinks down the display towards the corner so it’s much easier to use all of you various apps and you just tap out when you’re done unfortunately for whatever bizarre reason that 100 UI mode has not made it to the honor 10 light at least not yet not entirely sure where it’s disappeared to I’ve had a good full-on search for it here on the on its own light there’s no sign of it hopefully it will come in up there but not ideal why it’s been cold but there you go we flip these three light smartphones around to the back you’ll see they all support a girl Aussie design which means you will have to give them a constant buffing up they are definitely magnets for scuffs fingerprints and dust and grime which is always lovely you can grab them in a few different hues and forces the Peter really like the meat between light-sport quite sort of boar and bond standard glossy finishes they do actually look quite in budget actually the honor 10 like does stand out a bit snazzy sort of disco fight style design similar to the original honor 10 so as you can see it just catches the light gives off this funky striation effect just gives it a bit more visual appeal quite strange that the more affordable of the three handsets is also the better-looking I also really like the way that the honorton lights all

curves at the edges for quite a comfortable grip as well as you get more of a flat finish here on the p20 lights and the mid-20 light you’ll notice of course that all three smartphones have a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor as well just Falls naturally under your finger when you pick up the phones and in all three cases it’s nice and Miffy as you can see very little delay when you tap that surface into actually getting into your smartphone all three are pretty rugged or they don’t get any water resistance on board unfortunately as you can see there you get 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the honour turn light as well as the p20 light and the MIT when he liked and of course a bottom mounted speaker and all three as well unfortunately the owner turn light does sport a bog start a micro USB port which I thought would be completely cold by 2019 but suddenly that’s not the case whereas the peat or any light in the mid-20 lights have the reversible type-c like just gives you faster data transfer and it’s just more convenient as well as more things use type-c in 2019 now if we skip back to the front you’ll see that all three Rock a front cylinder splits an IPS panel in all three cases as mentioned before p20 lights the smallest at 5.8 for still sizable

enough for enjoying a bit Netflix on the go of course holla tonight six point two one inch and 6.3 here on the mid-20 light but be three lights got slightly thicker bezels because of course you’ve got the bit of Huawei Brandon down below whereas there’s display basically stretches to the very bottom on the other two phones because you do get their notch action up top and all three cases this muscle here on the honor 10 light it’s more of a sort of a scrotum ball bag style notch whereas it’s a full-on moustachy on the p20 in the mid or any light all three of course Rock a full HD plus panel it’s nice and crisp even this tiny text absolutely no problem with legibility or anything and images look great too if we just zoom all the way into the same photo on all three phones here you’ll see that the colour reproduction is nice and punchy for an IPS panel without going over the top thankfully and that’s because all three start up in vivid mode as well you can knock off even more if you prefer more realistic visual as well as you can see quite striking colors there and detail levels solid on all three because that foolish the resolution the b20 light is actually technically the sharpest of the three displays because it is the smaller screen as you see there check it side by side with the other two annual struggle to notice any difference in clarity as usual got the option on all three to mess around with the lights to the color mode you’ve got the iComfort laws in order to filter the blue light this gives

a nice easy on the eye experience strangely the p20 light doesn’t offer the option of hidin the notch which is something that you do get on the other two phones here what that does is just adds a black bar to the top of the display just to mask it from view so if you are gonna get the peach when you like you’d better like that not basically of course these display features are just some of them many tools and features added by Wow is a motion UI which sits neatly on top of Android and just changes up the general look and feel of the overall experience as you can see the fresher oniton idea is running a Mui version and mine on top of android pyros the kiss the all the p20 light in the mid-20 light it is still running mue version is on top of android oreo but hopefully they should get an update soon well it definitely expected in early 2019 as you can see though this adds a whole wealth of new features one of the best ones being of course the fantastic facial recognition all three of these phones offer full facial recognition using that front fist and tech so you need to do is just power on the phone it all recognize your face and as you see your straight into the actual handset

itself works really well even in low-light it just can brighten the screen just do work just to illuminate your mug definitely thrown off by sunglasses or hats or things like that but otherwise it works an absolute charm and all three of these photos seem nice and nippy they only honor ten right and it’s exactly the same here on the p20 and the mid 20 as well and all three also offer a wrist to wake feature as well so as you can see they’re just basically pick up the phone it’ll immediately start looking for your gorgeous mug and then unlock if it recognizes it emotion ui9 here on the auditor midas offer any particularly killer features that you won’t get on the others you get their likes the digital balance which bit just manages how much screen time ya have that’s this whole money thing seems particularly popular as we’re heading into 20:19 and they do change up the that I could further a lot of the menus so for instance you’ll see that a lot of them of trunk it is and you’ve got to go in a more display sentence for some of the less popular stuff they’re a bit more helpful than helping you find what you actually need and the 100 stuff is generally a bit easier as well a lot of menu options down at the bottom of the screen but apart from that to be fair not vastly dissimilar what about the actual performance thought well of course as these are all light versions of the original handsets they’re just quite paid down specs compared with the original so here on the honor 10 light you’ve got Kieran’s 7/10 chipset the same as the mid 20 light and that’s backed by four gigs around here in the mid 20 line and three gigs of ram

here on the honor 10 light here on the p20 light it’s slightly more skilled back than the other two you just get the queuing six five nine chipset but it is at these backed by four gigs of ram to be perfectly honest on all three of these smartphones the everyday experience is absolutely fine although i have definitely noticed the odd bits Dasara and stammering quite often you won’t be hanging around too long when you open up and out but if you’re skipping between apps quickly something like that occasionally you will see the odd little bit of slowdown but overall as long as you’re a fairly patient human being you shouldn’t be disappointed one intriguing thing that we have noticed from more recent Huawei smartphones this is the fact that they refused point blank to install Geekbench we might should get it running here on the p20 light but we absolutely cannot get it to install here on the mid-20 lights all the on a 10 light they just refuse as soon as you try to download them so fortunately we can’t do a direct benchmarking using that but here the good news is that the likes of pub G will run nicely on all three of these smartphones despite the fact that it is quite budget II performance as you can see of course though here on the p20 light it is set to the smooth graphics which basically means very basic bog-standard e stuff and you can’t bump up to the likes of a high frame rate option and we definitely recommend having the enabled or to adjust graphics feature as well just to make sure you don’t get any jittery frame it’s but the very good

news is that all three of these smartphones support the GPU turbo feature which just helps to keep a fairly consistent frame rate when given with the likes of pub G mobile as you can see there all three gives it absolutely fine and they play around in this middle you all see the odd stutter here and when things get quite intense but on the whole definitely doable when it comes to the battery life the well with p20 light is sadly lagging behind the other two handsets here as well it’s got three thousand milliamp soul still Peverley fine for getting a full day of very intensive use but the 3340 milliamp I believe it is here on the honor 10 like gives you close to a dinner after two days with the same sort of use and ditto for the mid 20 light with this 3750 milliamp cells stashed in there because if you dive into the battery settings you get the usual power saving mode and ultra power saving mode on all three of these handsets you can also fiddle around with the screen resolution and other bits as well to try and get as much power as possible as for the storage that’s basically a bugger-all difference there you get 64 gigs of storage as standard with all three of these smartphones here in the UK as you can see there and you can also boost them all with a micro SD as well your honor turn light can actually support my pristine memory cause up to 512 gigs whereas it caps off at 256 gigs here on the p20 light and the mid 20 light which brings us nicely onto the camera tech as you can see

over here these phones were actually already getting all grime and dust and stuff all over them lovely stuff but yeah you got a rear-mounted dual lens camera on all three of these blows it’s a 13 megapixel primary lens here on the honor turn light is a 16 megapixel here on the p20 lights and it’s a 20 megapixel on the mid-20 light all three light phones have a 2 megapixel depth sensor to back that up that’s just good for your portrait shots just gives you a nice depth of field to your shots and it’s not much use apart from that that’s where on the front you get a 24 megapixel primary shooter here on the honor 10 white ice drop to a 16 megapixel here on the wall with p 20 lights and you actually get a dual lens itself you snapper here on that while we admit 20 light it’s a 24 megapixel the gamble as backed by another 2 megapixel depth sensor we don’t run into the camera apps on all three phones unless the p20 light is a slightly different camera setup to the other two as it is the all the handsets one of the main differences between them as the fact that you don’t get the e I assistive feature from Huawei which basically just gives you a photos a nice little boost you just got the standard scene recognition here on the p20 light it’s still absolutely fine to be honest and of course you do get a bit of pro controls on all three phones so if you want to we fiddle about with the likes that thing ISO level shutter speed things like that laughs perfectly possible and of course as mentioned before because you’ve got that depth sensor you do get a portrait mode on all three as well just to shoot a nice crisp shot of your subject while blur and

out the background one of the major advantages of the honor tonight is it’s got the new funky updated excellent night mode which basically offers a nice low exposure shot even when holding the phone by hand as you see tap it just gives a nice long exposure shot you get a similar night Lord here on the mid twinning light and the p20 light but it’s nowhere near as good when held by a hand you’ll definitely want to use a tripod or something instead and if we dive into the video chops those where you’ll see that all three light phones top off at full HD sadly there’s no 4k resolution shooting on any of them gently found that all three are pretty good at your standard everyday photos the video is respectable as well as the image stabilization leaves a lot to be desired so definitely understand as still as possible while shooting and the betrayed like the feel lags behind when it comes to those low-light shots as well as it’s going to have to point to aperture compared with the f1 point it here on the honor turn light and the mid-20 light of course you want to turn light because like that excellent long exposure night Lord is definitely the winner for night shots if we talk to those front-facing cameras you’ll see you get the likes of a portrait Lord again on all three of these smartphones is of course that the more advanced here on the mid layers it does have that dedicated depth sensor unlike the other two phones but found that actually on the p20 lights and the honorton light is

where you get pretty good results with that portrait mode thanks to the software smarts and of course you do have a bit that a I board action again here on the mid-20 lights and the on its phone right it’s all right there in a nutshell is how the new honor turn light stacks up to the older P 20 light and meet 20 light as you can see there the other 10 light is actually got an advantage in a few different areas just the very funky design it’s fully up to date with alliteration of Android and emotion UI but there are a couple of little missing bits such as the lack of a one-handed mods the b20 lights is still a great for lesson compact compared with the other two but in terms of the performance the battery life it does lag behind its rivals so if you are looking for something a little bit more premium than the mid 20 the light is the way to go but yeah our Pick of the budget is definitely the honor turn right thanks to the fact that it is so much more forward then the other two handsets here and as you see there it’s got fully up-to-date software and it is quite a nice little budget blower hold your horses thought because if you want em to buy the on a turn light after you go check out our other comparisons with the likes of the honor 8x and the honor plate as well to other grid budget-friendly on a smartphones which actually are slightly preferable ever walk on Barcelona it’s been great a smart phone to include in the list on a handsets don’t forget to poke subscribe adding that notifications belt and have yourselves a lovely deal love you boy

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