OnePlus 6T vs 6 vs 5T Three generations compared!

hello gorgeous pizzas Chris from Tex Burton I’m here with that fresh new one plus 60 handset launched just as this video goes live we do a side-by-side with the previous two one plus handset so you’ve got the one plus six here in the middle also honestly in 2018 and then last year’s 1 plus 5t launch pretty much bang on 12 months ago we do a full comparison of the ha trend the software so if you already own the 5 to the 6 you’ll see whether it’s worth upgrading to the 60 and don’t forget for more on the latest to go it’s mobile tech please do bash that subscribe button and thing that Norfolk Asians belches guys so first of all stick them all side by side and there are more or less at the same dimensions despite the fact that the screen gets bigger in each upgrade so the 1 plus 5t it was the first one plus handset to hit 6 inches it’s a six inch display that then got boosted to six point two eight inches here in the one plus six and now the latest one plus 60 goes even further it’s now a six point four one inch device because the

reason the dimensions are the same is because those bezels have got skinnier and skinnier each time they’re already pretty slender here on the 5 t as you can see a little bit chunkier up above and down below but quite skinny at the sides the 1 + 6 we were then introduced to the full screen

display which had a bit of notch action up top just a how’s that front facing camera and now here in the 16 that bottom bezel has actually got even skinnier are you also noticed that the notch is a bit more subtle now it’s more of a dewdrop style notch the can be seen on upper rather than a full on a rectangular star one icon the 1 + 6 flip the Marana you’ll see that the design has also evolved over time as well 1 + 5 t was the last fully metallic handset but one plus did there’s got a lovely matte finish it’s quite resistant to scuffs and greasy prints things like that pretty rugged as well thorn + 6 1 + then decided to go up with a glass instead the 1 + 60 also sports glass as well you can get it in a couple of different finishes you get it in the glossy finish just like on the 1 + 6 here and you can also get it in this lovely matte midnight black finish as well so in this matte version it does actually look quite similar to the older 1 plus 5t once again resistant those are greasy prints and finger marks both 1 + 6 on the 1 + 60s for Gorilla Glass 5 on the back so again nice and rugged and resistance or no scratches or or chips or anything right out so however when it comes to the front the older models had Gorilla Glass 5 the 1 plus 60 upgrades that to Gorilla Glass 6 so

hopefully shouldn’t see any scratches on that screen anytime soon none of these phones have an IP written for water and dust resistance but with the 1 plus 6 and 1 plus 60 there are some water resistant measures taken in there so you’ve got some form sealing going on all around the other buttons any orifices and so on just to help try and prevent any water from leaking in there and damaging the insides the only other notable design difference is that while the 1 plus 6 and the 1 plus 5t both support a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack that’s actually been completely removed for the 1 plus 60 so if you do want to collect a Y pair of headphones you’ll have to use a type C a 3.5 millimeter dongle thankfully there is one bundled in the box and I’ll just quickly mention as well the alert slider has also shifted from the left hand side here on the 1 plus 5t to the right hand side on the 6 and the 16 not really a massive difference there when it comes to the actual displays there’s not a huge amount of difference between these handsets either despite the fact that they’ve grown in size it’s an AMOLED panel on all three of these blowers you get a lovely stretched aspect ratio it’s actually slightly slimmer here on the 1 plus 6 or the 60th some 19 by 9 aspect ratio compared with the old 18 by 9 here on the 1 plus 5t so yeah a full HD plus resolution on all three forms as well as you can see nice and crisp for your text your pictures and everything so Streetman movies on the likes of netflix looks absolutely fantastic don’t worry too much do not find the notches

either because in the 6 of the 16 you do actually have the option of hiding it just puts a black bar across the top and just masks it from view as you can see you there and because of all AMOLED displays you get nice punchy output as you can see here nice vibrant colors that really shine off the screen it’s really sharp contrast as well so as you can see there all three pictures on these three smartphones look nice and crisp and colourful as well the Knights of the Reds and the Blues they really really shined and of course full customization as well so if you prefer and what sort of natural output you can definitely get that on the go instead all you got to do is dive on into screen calibration boards and as you can see there you can customize the elbow get it adaptive so the clip output will actually change depending on what you’re busy doing you can not srgb gama – again for a nice realistic hues and it goes all three phones come with usual night Lord reader mode all that kind of stuff that you would expect as for the actual software on all three smartphones that they’ll is – you want + 60 + 1 + 6 have been updated to Android Pi as you can see there Android version 9 and you’ve got the latest version of oxygen or Wesson as well at version 9 slightly more up to date here on the 60 it’s got the nine point zero point three with actually coming to the sixth very shortly at the moment the 1 + 5 t is still on the older Android Oriol and an older version of oxygen or s as well as you can see there five point one point five but hopefully should get an update to follow a droid PI soon and with oxygen or ice on board of course that needs to get a horse a fantastic extra features you get usual

shelf shortcuts on all three of these handsets so you can fast access your favorite contacts you can actually fully customize that’s where for instance I’ve thrown in the calendar here as well they’re all quite beastly blowers of course I have a little bit of extra one-handed help as you can see they just pull down the notifications tab from anywhere on screen that’s of course fully customizable here in the home settings suddenly there’s no dedicated full-on one handed mode that shrinks down the entire display or anything but hopefully one plus will bring up and one of its patients when it comes to the security all three rocket nice bit of facial recognition and it’s super super Swift on all three of these handsets the 5 t again just quick tap straight in boom don’t even see the lockscreen it’s really really good even in low-light works really well on all three of these handsets it’s definitely my preferred form of unlock now as you can see boom just straight into it nice and simple of course you do have a rear mounted fingerprint sensor here on that 1 + 5 t + 1 + 6 as well just falls naturally under your finger when you pick up the phones in just a quick tap and you’ll straight into the desktop so as you can see they’re very very nippy indeed boom but if you’re paying attention early you will see that the 1 + 6 T does not have a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor it’s completely clean there on the back bar in my greasy finger scuffs of course as usual that’s because the fingerprint cells was actually built into the display itself now as you can see there so just a quick tap of that and you’re pretty much straight into your desktops so for touch

what it’s proven so reasonably responsive occasionally it can can feel like so so it’s not quite as accurate as the likes of the way meet twenty pulse but it does the job and I said because you’ve got that fierce recognition anywhere which is super super hot you don’t really tend to need it anyway well through these devices you can also change up the general navigation as well we’ve got one plus as navigation gestures supported and this basically just removes that navigation dock down below and just allows you to for instance swipe up in order to go back home just swipe at the side in order to go back and you can also swipe up and hold in order to access all of your recent apps that’s available on all three of these smartphones you could also completely configure the navigation bar as well if you want to stick with the back home and recent apps buttons and you got plenty a quick gesture support as well to flip to mute or usual shenanigans there’s also a nifty gaming mode on all three of them in the case of the little smart phones this is game and mode version 2.0 just does a little bit more functionality built in there as you can see you have a network boost when you’re playing an online game things like that as I say hopefully all that functionality should be coming to the five T at some point as well speaking of game and you’ll need strong performance to play the likes of pub G and thankfully all three of these smartphones definitely still do the job that one

plus 5t rocks the stop trying it 3/5 still have very good chipset and it’s backed by either six or eight gigs of ram so super super nippy one plus six that got updated to a snapdragon it four or five COCOMs little flagship chipset and that’s again the chipset used here in the sixty and in both kisses again a choice of six or eight gigs of ram so as you’ll see if you tap an app it’ll just load up basically instantly absolutely no delay whatsoever and again with a bit youtube bash straight into it no worries little bit of a buffer in there on the home plus 5t but that’s very unnatural and if you’re a fan of benchmark and I have run a bit of Geekbench on all three as you see there the one plus six I’m a 16 bits crease called the sim and they are a step up over the older one plus 5t but bumpers parties still definitely does the job and you can’t clear the likes of pub G on strong detail settings ones with a nice smooth frame rate and as you can see there for dive into the settings got the graphics as currently on – it an HD graphics you can’t actually boost it up to HDR level as well if you want and it still stays nice and smooth and of course we’ve got the same gaming experience on the 6 and the 60 as

well as for the storage you get choice of 64 it or 256 gigs here on the two older models the 256 gig models or Germany the sort of special edition types here on the oneplus 60 you get 128 gigs as a base level and you can also pick it up in a 256 gig level as well it’s a bit more storage to play around with there on the 60 and unfortunately none of these smartphones do support micro SD memory cards now there was no difference between the 1 + 5 t + 1 + 6 make into the battery tech they both spot a 3300 milliamp cell yeah the usual battery saver options and everything of course on board and you can also charge them up nice and quickly using a bit of – charge here on 6 C one of the biggest updates is the fact that it now has a mighty 3700 milli amp cell so if what touchwood seems to be lasting quite nicely easily get a full day of intensive use out of a charge 9 you once again get full – child support and others once again nor wireless charging support thrown in there and now the camera tech you see that all three of these smartphones sports a dual lens rear snapper all three have a 20 megapixel primary lens and a 16 megapixel secondary lens you get that nice sort of depth of field depth of focus thanks to the dual setter and all of those lenses RF 1.7 aperture as well so that pretty good in low light conditions can suck up quite a lot of light however I don’t believe the 1 + 5 t has

optical image stabilization built in that was introduced in the 1 + 6 and continues to the 1 + 60 as well we actually dive on into the camera apps as well you’ll see it’s a similar sort of experience on all three smartphones go fast access to your photo auto margin also quickly swap to the portrait mode which shoots a nice crisp clear shot of your subjects while blur in the background and of course jump into video mode as well if you drag this bottom bit up you’ll see you open up a bunch of other camera modes as well the bra mode is pretty good that adds manual control so you can tweet the lights of I saw white balance things I like you got your histogram there so you can see what the end result is gonna look like there’s going to be too sharp a contrast or anything like that 1 + 6 long 460 added google lens support something that you won’t find here in the older one + 5 t not exactly a big miss though because you’ve got time lapse and slow-motion video on both of these our handsets as well what the oneplus 60 has added is the new night Lord I’ve tested it out it actually works pretty well it basically just takes a long exposure shot buffers lots of images and then sort of combines them in order to create a brighter sharper image I’d be doing a full camera comparison between on plus 60 and the older one plus 6 definitely stay tuned for that if you want to see how effective that more is

another video front very strong in all three cases well you should up to 4k Ultra HD resolution but the one + 6 1 + 60 also offers 4p that’s 60 frames per second level for really natural really crisp smooth results and thankfully the image stabilization of 4k is fantastic on all three smartphones chopper ons the front-facing cameras and it’s a 16 megapixel shooter on all three of them you do actually get to the portrait mode on the oneplus 6 animal plus 60 using that front-facing camera as well is just a single lens snapper but it just uses software smarts to detect what to fit and what’s background and then blows out the background so nice and easy and of cause you’ve got a nice screen flash option as well which just lights up the screen that when you want to take a shot in low-light sorry there in a nutshell is the differences between 1 + 5 to the 1 + 6 and the Mon + 60 as you can see a nice bit evolution going on primarily with the design of course that screen gets bigger and bigger and fills more of that front of the phone jumpin up the 1 + 6 + the 60 you get a better performance than the 60 also sports a bigger battery as well for longer lasting goodness it was to get a bit of water resistance on these 2 handsets as well and it goes like camera tech it gets a little bit smaller as well with the likes the night walls now included so if you want that last year’s 1 + 5 t are you tempted to upgrade to the number of 68 that would be great to hear your thoughts and don’t forget for more on the list grits more well tech to tap that subscribe button and ding that notifications bar cheers everyone love you bye

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