OnePlus 6T vs Mate 20 Pro | Side-by-side comparison

hello there gorgeous people this is Chris from Tech’s Burton and I’m here with a fresh new one +60 and we’re gonna do a side-by-side with the while we’re mitt 20 pro they share quite a lot of smartphone being able very strong contenders for best fall of 2018 so let’s see which one might be best for you don’t forget for more on the latest acquits mobile tech to tap that subscribe button and think that notifications bell Cheers so first up stick them side-by-side and you’ll see that both of these beastly blows are rather on the big site one plus 60 is 6.41 inches ever so slightly bigger than the 6.3 9-inch meet 20 bra either way they’re gonna be a bit of a handful thankfully they are quite comfortable to Klutch thanks to the nice Confucious design go good bit of heft to them as well use these everyday you’ll certainly be building your biceps I just love the way that the display is pretty much fill the whole front of both of these smartphones as well you do get their notch action up top of course it’s a bit more subtle here on one +60 with their water drop notch or do drop or whatever term they’re using for it was a bit more of a chunky affair here on the huawei if you don’t want into the display settings however you do get an option of masking that notch from view on both of these smartphones so if you’re not particular fan of that design you can just get rid of it personally I’m not really bothered I think there’s worse things out there to worry about put them both on and you’ll see you get quite different design as well as though they are both constructed from glass well we mate 20 pour comes in a couple of different hues this is the Twilight model as you see it features that lovely gradient

finish lovely stuff very stand out just like the p20 pro before it oneplus design might not be quite as sexy but you do have a couple of different variants you can get it in this midnight black model which is kind of a matte finish which is quite nice because it does hide that smudges and greasy prints which unfortunately you do get on the meat instead you can pick it up in a glossy finish as well if that’s your bag and while there’s no a jazzy red model of the oneplus 60 just yet we’re hoping that one will be announced soon because frankly the one plus 6 in red was absolutely stunning both these smartphones I’m a bit of type-c USB action down beneath but you do not get a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack you’ll have to use a dongle but thankfully both Huawei and 1 plus do include one in the box and the more observant of you may have noticed there is no fingerprint sensor mounted on the back or on the front of course absolutely no space on the front that’s because they both have a fingerprint sensor actually built into the display it’s a bit higher up here on the MIT as it’s down here at the bottom of the screen on the oneplus as you can see they’re both phones it’s nice and responsive it’s think it’s slightly quicker on the meat unfortunately then on the oneplus as you can see they’re pretty accurate though occasionally on the oneplus we’ll get a Miss read and we’ll have to to try again which is quite rare on the meat but luckily both phones do offer a

form of fierce recognition as well using that front-facing camera and it’s nice and Miffy so I’ll just tap the power button as you can see recognizes your mug and you’re straight into your desktops again seems a little bit more liable on the mate rather than the oneplus the meat you can use it even with your own sunglasses absolutely no problem was the oneplus seems to struggle with sunglasses but both are pretty good in low-light thankfully they do flush the screen to light up your mug and so it works even in the dark before we get off the subject of design as well it’s worth mentioning that they’re both water-resistant to a degree then while we’re me at twenty Pau is actually pretty ip68 water and dust resistant to get it submerged give it Duncan in the sink the bath whatever you want and it’s absolutely fine it gets the oneplus sixty it doesn’t have that IP certification but you can take it out in a rainstorm absolutely no worries in terms of general ruggedness the one plus six T it seems to be the victor you get a nice bit of Gorilla Glass six on that front it’s definitely very resistant to scratches I need to have a form of screen protector built in there as well just slaps on top you don’t get that on the mid-20 properly and then we have picked up a couple of little scratches on there as well so what about those displays well they are of course mighty 6.41 inches 6.39 inches and there they are both all LED panels as well well we mate 20 Pro it’s actually a little bit sharper it’s a quad HD plus resolution compared with a full HD plus one plus 60 that said as you’ll see there the tiny text and everything is perfectly

legible here on one plus 60 you’ll still get nice crisp images if you compare images side-by-side you will notice a little bit of finer detail here on the huawei mate 20 Pro but definitely one plus 60 still very solid as well great for a bit Netflix YouTube things like that video looks absolutely stunning as you see quite vivid colors on both these handsets as well you can actually fully customize the color outputs regardless of your choice as well all you need to do is just dive into the display settings then here on one plus 60 you go into screen calibration and then as you can see there I’ve got an adaptive mode at the moment but you can’t stick it on there srgb if you want some nice accurate color representation I think that he customized the color output as well did or here on the mid-20 Pro I’ve got Lee got it on the vivid more just to give those colors a nice little boost we can’t stick it back on normal mode if you want a more natural color reproduction both ones can also automatically adjust the color temperature based on the ambient environment it’s a natural tone here on the wire it’s 20 pro and you’ve got the reads mode here on the 1 plus 60 it was the usual night modes and other shenanigans as well and you also get a bit of ambient display action as well the bar with me at 24 you can have it on their full time resin the kiss the oneplus you can have it so it wakes up when you tap the screen or when you raise it but you can’t have it on their full time but these features are actually added by the individual overlays site on top of Android you get Android pine on both while we’re MIT 20 pro and on the Mumper 60 but what 460 also rocks the oxygen OS this gets version 9.0 point 3 and on the wall emits when you call you get the latest version of emotion UI mue version 9 both oxygen OS and mu e as all kinds of great features so for

instance gamers are well catered for on the oneplus 60 by the game and mod start up the game and you’ll see you’ll be able to block any notifications from disturbing you while you’re playing you can optimize the performance or all of the resources are dedicated to that game and so on both phones also add all kinds of gesture controls as well so you can quickly flip to mute all that kind of stuff quickly take a screenshot and see your cause with a gesture all kinds of great stuff you do get better one-handed help on the mid-20 pro however so for instance if you’re back in the main screen all you need to do is swipe up towards the center of the display and as you can see just shrinks the entire view down makes it much easier to manage with one handing just about reach up to that notifications bar then you can’t treat the entire view here on the oneplus but you can at least drag down the notifications bar from anywhere on the screen which is quite handy and there’s a whole load of other stuff in there we took absolutely ages to go through all of the individual features so I won’t bother don’t bore you all to death one thing worth mentioning though is the fact that the system navigation can be fully customized on both of these handsets as well as you can see here both oneplus and the MIT 24 you can have a proper delicate navigate in bar down beneath for Hornbeck and your recent apps both phones also allow you to completely remove that navigation bar and just use gestures instead these operate in a similar sort of manner here on the oneplus just swipe up at the side of the screen in order to go back on the case of the mate 24 you just have to swipe the side of the screen instead it’s probably slightly more intuitive if you want to go home and get rid of whatever app you’re playing with just swipe up from the bottom if you swipe up and hold your land bring up your apps tray so you have a bit of a flick through and open wherever you like now on to the meaty subject of

performance and as you might expect both of these smartphones are absolute power houses 1 + 60 runs Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset same as the 1 + 6 before it and that’s backed by the six or eight gigs of RAM depending on which model you get this is the 8 gig model other one we’ve made 20 pro you get while weighs on Karen 980 chipset and that’s backed by six gigs of RAM so as you’d expect either case you just tap it up and it immediately loads up nor hanging about boom just straight into it nice and nippy just what you want I haven’t course run a bit of Geekbench on both of these handsets for any of you benchmark enthusiasts as you can see the mid-20 brought quite clearly canes at the oneplus 60 in those benchmark tests because doesn’t necessarily mean that the me at 24 is the better performer of the – it’s just to give a sort of a rough guideline personally I don’t know hundred percent trust benchmark testing because they can be gamed but of course on the one-way it me at 24 you do get a bit GPU turbo – Pato and that just helps your games to keep a nice consistent frame rate so I like to pubsey more well for instance and a few other games that support as well such as being glory and just gives you a nice smooth experience even on those top detail levels but then you get exactly the same here on the oneplus 60 as well and as I say of course you get like gear and mods – to just drop any notifications and also keep you a running smoothly as for battery life or the warrior me it 24 is definitely the superior devices got a larger battery 4200 milliamps absolutely massive that’s compared with oneplus sixties 3700 mini I’m still very sizable indeed

will find that with me 20 pro we easily gets on a day and a half of like even with pretty intensive views long + 60 so far isn’t lasting quite that long but you’ll still easily get a full day of very intensive use out of a full charge and hopefully that will improve a little bit over time only had a couple of days so far so sometimes the battery life just improves once you’ve been using it for a few days you get that charge support of course our standard here on the 1 plus 60 gets you powered back up to full in no time at all and that’s matched on the one we admit 20 pro by WoW is on supercharged 40 watt charging power so again gets you filled up in no time comes to wireless charge of all plus 60 does not offer wireless charge and unfortunately despite that glass back but you do get that here on the mate 20 pro it’s surprisingly nippy and you also here on the mid-20 Pro get the option of wireless reverse charge medication actually turns the one we made 20 pro into a wireless charging pad allows you to power up another device which supports wireless charging very cool as the storage is 128 gigs of storage here on the mid-20 port as standard and it doesn’t support micro SD memory cards it supports our wires new and nano up memory cards proprietary tech not entirely sure that’s a sound idea but there you go there are the oneplus 60 but a choice of either 128 gigs or 256 gigs of storage suddenly there is no expansion available so what about that camera tech well you get a dual lens snuper here on the oneplus 60 at 16 megapixel primary lens backed by a 20 megapixel secondary lens it allows you to get a nice depth of field and they’re both f 1.7 apertures for decent low-light performance and they both a rock a bit of optical image stabilization as well in the mid 24 it’s actually a try lens setup very very flexible indeed you get a 40 megapixel primary RGB lens that’s an F 1.8 aperture you also get a 20 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens with F 2.2 up the check and last but not least an 8 megapixel telephoto lens with an F 2.4 aperture and that

telephoto lens is the only one with optical image stabilization built-in jump on into the camera apps you’ll see it’s very different experience in terms of the features and everything as well as I do share some very funky features as well so your standard auto mode you get some nice shots on both 1 to 60 and the way it me at 24 you actually get one ways a master AI functionality here from the mid 24 that’s just a slightly more advanced form of scene recognition it can actually boost colors to make them more vivid but thankfully do have full control of that as well as you get standard colors or blue sets more vivid hues you also get full manual controls on demand well as you can see they switch up lights of the eyesore levels the white balance to get a very precise kind of shot you also get a form of portrait mode and both of these blowers so you can shoot a nice crisp shot of your subjects and just blow out the background for a neat little bakker effect here on the mid-20 poor though you do get a range of sort of stage light and style effects as well which you could throw in film the abilities that have disco effects and all kinds of weird stuff and both 1 plus 60 and the while we meet 20 people have a night lord as well largest takes a sort of a long exposure shot which works remarkably well even when Holden performs by hand in both cases it really boosts the brightness of your night shots it makes it much much nicer to look at I’m gonna be doing a full camera comparison between these two handsets that be stay tuned for that for a side-by-side comparison and of course naturally you can shoot a video on both these handsets as well they do go up to 4k Ultra HD resolution however while the mix 20 Pro it’s just at 30 frames per second or that folky level here on the a1 + 60 you can shoot at 60 frames per second and you get some other bonus modes as well such as like some time-lapse and slow motion if that’s your bag as for the front-facing cameras both very good at the selfies you get a 16 megapixel F 2.0 here on the 1 plus 60 as a 24 megapixel lens with a 2.0 aperture as well here on the huawei mate 24 you can’t shoot a form of portrait shot as well using both of these handsets there are just single lens snappers of course you don’t get that double lens

for the really accurate depth of field but it does use a good bit software smart in both cases and generally works fine and you get a screen flash option to shoot a nice nightclub selfie as well as fully automatic here on the mid-20 for some warned actually work if I’ll try it now and that right there in a nutshell is the oneplus 16 versus the huawei mate 20 Pro as you can see – very slick devices very very strong contenders for best fall of 2018 which one do you prefer – if you let us know the comments down below be very interesting to hear your thoughts personally I’m kind of torn to be honest I do really really like limit 24 I’m gonna spend a bit more time with one plus 6 to use and there’s my full time handset ahead of my in-depth review certainly enjoying it so far so thanks for watching everyone and definitely as I say if I wrote you comments down below and don’t forget to hit subscribe and thing I notifications both for more on the latest great it’s mobile tank chairs

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