Motorola One vs Honor Play Which is best?

hello gorgeous peeps it’s Chris from expert and I’m here with a fresh new Motorola one an Android one handset launched in here in the UK next week for 269 pounds there’s a quick side by side with the honor player which is already launched its 279 quid only slightly more expensive the pack some really needs a game and features for us the more other one is a nice clean vanilla Android experience so which one is best view in terms of the specs camera tech performance all that kind of shenanigans well let’s do a side-by-side and don’t forget from all on the list a great small vaulteq to give that subscription button a bloody good pork Cheers so first up the design if we stick the more than one sign right sign with you on appear you can see then what other one is definitely the more compact of the pair it’s not a dinky phone by any means it’s still a 5.9 inch oh but it’s a little bit easier to to grip and to handle with the one mitt as you can seem drunk down the notifications bar from anywhere on the screen as well which helps out with that general one-handed use that said over here on the honor play you do get a good bit of one-handed help as well all you need to do is swipe your finger across that and navigation bar down at the bottom and as you can see it minimizes everything on your desktop so again you can or just about stretch up for that notifications bar and all of your apps will work in this 100 mode as well now both phones Rock quite a snazzy look from the front as

well as you can see they’re quite skinny bezels surrounding the display just slightly chunkier down beneath with the most bit of Brandon in each case as well honor and motorola some people don’t like that i’m not particularly bothered to be honest and of course your typical bit of screen not traction up top just to keep the bezels skinny up there as well good heft through the phone as well the motorola one is slightly lighter at 162 grams compared with 176 gram on a player but there’s really not much in it if you flip around to the back you’ll notice they sport very different designs around on that rear end however Z’s in the honor play of sports a matte metal design that Verizon the case that Motorola one it’s a fuller a glass panel this is actually the player edition of the honour play as you can see there it’s got nice about highlighted around the rear mount a fingerprint sensor on the camera grille and around that power and volume buttons two pluses weird sort of microchip design as well which is interesting unique I guess here on the Motorola 1 it’s a traditional Motorola finish really you’re just most put in design nice and simple and straightforward and as you can see there you once again get my fingerprint sensor with and I spent the Motorola Brandon in there too both phones are basically splash resistant you don’t get a full

water resistance the kids the Motorola worn it’s actually p2i rated as well so pretty good for those rather hefty thunderstorms both of these phones serve up a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack as well for your Wired headphone connections and the case the Motorola one it’s actually up top rise in the honor play it’s down below and thankfully they both use a bit of type-c USB for charging as well now checking out those screens as mentioned before the Motorola one it’s a slightly smaller display five point nine inches come over the 6.3 inch on a player bear near the kit so you’re gonna be squint and see what’s going on if you’re watching a nice bear Netflix both cases is an IPS screen but they actually have quite punchy color output as well as you can see here if we stick them side-by-side they certainly do those colors lots of Justice the more vibrant hues really shine through and I bought the Motorola one and the honor play it’s fully customizable as well just dive into the display settings and you’ll find you’ll be able to tinker about with them as you can see they’re both had a kind of vibrant or vivid modes to begin with but you can dial out back if you don’t want those

colors to pop quite so much and of course get the usual I comfort mode or night light in the case of the Motorola one and use your an adaptive brightness and everything – now the honor player does actually boss crisp and visuals than the more – other one it’s a full HD plus panel which means 2345 1080 and the case the Motorola one it’s just HD plus which is 15 20 by 720 all the same watching a bit of Netflix or something on that side by side you don’t really notice much difference certainly in some of those high-res movies you’ll notice a little bit more detail here and there and the honor play but honestly the mortar or the one is perfectly fine for enjoying a bit of telly or a flick on the go so in terms of software I’ve already mentioned that the Motorola one is an Android one smartphone which basically is a nice clean vanilla version of Google’s or s as a consequence there’s very few bonus features on there from multiple itself just a couple buried away inside the Moto app whether you’re talking about a double karate-chop to turn on the area flashlight and a quick twist to turn on that their camera as well as the standard more a display functionality one bonus of that however

is the fact you’ll get the latest Android security updates pretty much as they happen and what others also guaranteed that we’ll get to big Android updates in the future so we’re getting updated to Android pi presumably in the next couple of weeks after Google’s pixel 3 launches and then an update again to Android q whatever that may be and the case the honor player Android Oreo has been updated with a nice bit of emotion UI 8.2 that adds bunch of bonus Huawei features on top of Android we’ve already mentioned at that one-handed more which is pretty damn useful you get plenty of other gesture support and stuff in there as well kind of similar to the Motorola one one of the other big things however is facial recognition which has been added in to supplement that rear-mounted fingerprint sensor it’s just allows you to just tap the power button and immediate it’ll scan your face and take you straight into your desktop so you can have a to swipe to access it if you want it that way as well and it works really well even in low light situations generally very very effective there on the motor-oil the one you don’t have a dedicated bit of support for facial recognition all you’ve got instead is good old smart lock so you do get a bit of trusted face on there but frankly it’s a wee bit pants you can’t have an immediately

unlock to your desktops and we found its really really shonky even in pretty good conditions you’re generally sort of waving it around trying to get it to recognize you and according to security boffins it’s also reasonably easy to flummox so personally we wouldn’t recommend it as much before the on a player is all about gaming as well so first is you get the game suite up I just basically adds as a hub one interesting feature this adds is the uninterrupted game and effort and what I pissy does is just blocks any notifications while you’re getting your game on to prevent you from being it disrupted you also haven’t better before the smart shock as well which acts as a sort of a rumble effect whenever you’re getting your game on it’s quite a sort of feature kind of similar to the rumble on a Playstation controller it’s not exactly a game changer but it’s nice to have those of the performance all the other player apps that he smashes it out of the park if you load up a bit Geekbench you’ll see the side-by-side comparison no contest the only player who is much more capable for both the single core and the multi core tests said the more tour the one with its Snapdragon 625 chipset performs absolutely fine so far deftly hadn’t no struggles or anything like that apps seem to load up basically instantly as soon as you tap them so

that’s lovely I’ll be fully testing it out with pub G and games like that as well substitute for my in-depth Motorola one review to see exactly how it cooks with all of that Liyana play with it Sakura 970 chipset again back to play the four or six gigs around depending on which model you grab the lips gifts are just probably play absolutely perfectly on strong detail levels as well helped along by that GPU turbo feature of huawei’s which just helps to keep the framerate nice and consistent if you’re all about the battery life again the honor plate really impresses in that area it’s got a massive 3700 50 milliamps also oil easily keep you gone for a full day even with lots of intensive use and if you’re gonna mix it up a bit you can generally expect between a day and a half and two days of life and then what other one it’s still got a pretty sizable 3000 milliamp cell we haven’t managed to do full testing on it yet but so far seems to be holding up quite nicely even with a fair bit of screen time on that battery level is barely ticking down as you see but usual selection of battery saver modes and both of these handsets that gets the honor plea but the ultra power saving mode if you’re really struggling and both phones support a form of us charging as well things are a bit more even when it comes to the storage you get base 64 gigs of space

on both of these handsets and both phones can be expanded image if you using a microSD as well 256 gigabyte cards supported so what about the camera tech well as you see the Motorola one and the autoclave both use a dual lens rear snapper don’t get too excited though there’s no particularly snazzy features here those secondary lenses are basically just depth sensors in order to get a real depth of field for that portrait mods the Motorola ones primary lens is a 13 megapixel effort with an F 2.

0 aperture whereas over here on the other player it’s a 16 megapixel with F 2.2 certain to the front and you once again to get slightly more impressive specs here on the honor play it’s a 16 megapixel F 2.0 aperture selfie cam compared with the it megapixel F 2.2 here on the motorola one we jump on into the camera apps you’ll see that they both offer very different feature sets as well because of both cases you’ve got Ottawa’s although the honor player actually boasts allow is AI mods what this is is busy to sir a form of advanced scene selection it can really help to boost colors in a scene and really bring a shot to like very impressive stuff both these phones that sport a form of a move and pitch or active photos mother just shoots brief video snippet with every photo bring your photo gallery to life when you’re

flipping through it and both the honor player and the Motorola one also support a form of manual mode as well so you get full professional controls if you know what you’re doing what role the one has a few little bonus features as well you do of course get that portrait mode as you do here on the honor player which just allows you to shoot a nice crisp shot up your subject with nice blurry Baca background effect Outland really stand out you’ve also got the spot color feature as well which just isolates a particular color and then makes everything else monochrome so for instance we just tap this little Joey here so you’ll see there everything that isn’t blue then becomes perfectly black and white that’s pretty much it for the photo features here on the Motorola one I think it’s the only you get a or lens so you can create funny little pictures of penguins fishing in your living room if that’s your bag I guess good if you’ve got small children or you’re just a bit weird and if you dive on into the more section there is plenty more stuff tucked away there though nothing in particular not beyond the likes of the Pro mods some of the video of bonus features as well you get slow-motion time-lapse and the ability to stream live to YouTube here on the mortar other one and here of course on the autoplay you once again get the likes of the slo-mo and that time-lapse that’s a standard video well that’s pretty

straightforward in both cases image stabilization leaves a lot to be desired unfortunately but at least you’ve got the option of shooting up to 4k resolution video and both these bonds also support full HD any the 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second I’m not really on a nutshell is model the one versus the other player as you can see they support some pretty decent specs and a solid amount of features for a rather law asking price the other player does have the benefit when it comes to the performance that large battery as well and of course the fact that it is absolutely run for the bonus features such as that handy one-handed mods the case the Motorola one it’s not quite as impressive when it comes to the specs or the feature sets but the fact that it’s Android 1 means that it will get those security updates and other Android updates in a very timely fashion and if you prefer the more vanilla Android experience then this is obviously the one to go for so which one do you personally prefer Debian recently here force let us know in the comments down below and don’t forget to hit subscribe for more on what role of one the other player and all of the latest and greatest mobile tech cheers guys love you

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