Motorola One vs Moto G6 Plus What’s different?

hello you stunning people this is Chris from Tech’s Burton I’m here with the new and mortirolo one mod rollers Android one handset launching here in the UK for 269 quid just next week and we’re gonna do a side by side now with Motorola’s earlier released moto G 6 plus here on the right it’s very similar specs I’m pretty much an identical price 270 quid so what’s actually the difference in which one might be best for you let’s do a full side-by-side comparison and don’t forget for more on the motorola one and the list and grits mobile tech give that subscribe button a lovely pork Cheers so first elbows you’ll see if you stick up side by side then water all the g6 plus absolutely towers over the fresh new one the screen size is actually the same it’s five point nine inches but of course the motor other one sports much skinnier bezels and of course a bit of notch action up top as well which just helps that displayed to stretch right to the far corners and the case of the motorola moto g 6 pluses you’ll see you get a bit more girth to it you are quite fat bezels upper top and down below as well and you’ll also notice there’s a bit of fingerprint sensor action right here beneath that Brandon Motorola one have sinned a bit of space by shifting it around to the back instead both gears are works pretty well though just a quick tap and you’re pretty much straight into your desktops with very little delay cuz you might think that the motor or the one is a bit more easy to handle as it is that bit more compact but in fact here on the Moto G 6 plus you have a rather handy swipe to shrink screen at mods all you need to do is damn towards the corner leather split and as you see the entire desktop and everything will shrink it down towards the bottom of the phone you can then easily reach the notifications bar and all of your apps are nicely

reduced in size as well making it that much easier to handle so I think that feature is missing in action here on the more other one either you can at least swipe down that notifications bar just for the quick swipe down your desktops like so flip both phones around and it’s no surprise to see they both have a chic glass rear very much on vogue for 2018 the get some more juice expositors have this rather neat sort of curvy glass effect however as you see how it catches the light gives off this neat little saw Kirby striation and the kiss the motor or the one it’s much more of a straight forward plane finish and likewise you don’t get the same neat curves here the edge in like you do on the Moto G 6 plus oh the same because of that compact form factor in is pleasingly comfortable to grip and operate they both sporting water-repellent design in the case the Motorola one it’s actually splash resistant p2i certified and good news a few rocket pair of white headphones as well because both the Motorola one and the Motorola g 6 plus sports a 3.5 mm headphone jack so as I mentioned before both the motor well the 1 and the g6 plus support a 5.9 inch IPS display however on the g6 plus actually produces sharper visuals it’s a full HD Plus display

compared with a simple HD plus here on the Motorola 1 thankfully doesn’t seem to make a massive amount a difference be perfectly honest visuals still nice and crisp here on the mortar or the wall and as you can see despite the fact they’re both IPS panels nice punchy colors as well in fact if you dive on into the display settings you’ll find the both of them support a vibrant modes by default the cells produce nice punchy colors that really pop off the display but if you don’t like it you can just dial it down to more standard levels both phones support a form overnight display mode as well we just filled this blue light makes it more comfortable easy on the eye experience in the evenings and the kiss the g6 plus you’ll have to dive into the more tour app to find that one as you see the g6 plus also has attentive display which keeps the screen on as long as it detects that your face is right in front of it you don’t get that option unfortunately here on the mortar other one the felt that moto app has really been pared back in the case of the Motorola one as you see you get a couple of more two actions double karate chop and they double twist wrist it’s – a lot of the camera here of

course on the Moto G 6 plus you get a lot more lots of gesture support including of course that’s wide to shrink screen which I can never see it properly you also get the mortal voice in beta modes you’ll get a good bit more talky here on the g6 plus as well which allows you to sign into your apps your websites things like that using your finger print volume to type in a password good for anything that you have to sign into irregularly and again something that’s missing here on the Motorola one now so the more other one is an Android one device that’s why a lot of the model features have been paired back but the good news is that you will be guaranteed the latest Android security updates as they happen here on the Motorola 1 the Motorola said that it will support it through two more Android iterations as well so at the moment if you dive into system and then about font you’ll see that it’s running Android version 8.1 so that’ll be updated to Android Pi probably in the next or a couple of weeks and then again to Android cube whatever that may be next year you know the g6 plus it’s still running android version 8.0 that should again get an update to Android Powys to be soon there’s a nice clean vanilla version of androids just like on the Motorola one so hopefully that update shouldn’t take too long although there’s no real guarantees on how much further modern world will take it after that that’s for the rest of the specs there again pretty similar here on the motorola one you get snapdragon 625 chipset backed by four gigs of ram so far seems pretty nippy apps seem to load up the instant you tap

them not hanging around or anything like that so that’s lovely the mana do 6 plus is actually a Snapdragon 630 chipset again backed by four gigs around although I believe there’s a six gig model available in some parts of the world as well again nice to nippy no complaints when it comes to laws and up the apps anything like that a nice smooth everyday performance we’ve got a bit of Geekbench on both these handsets as well as you can see busy spits out the sim sort of score on both very little between them indeed if you do want to play this games only thing like some pub key you are to scale down the detail levels in order to get a nice smooth frame rate but that’s pretty much to be expected for a nice budget phone or on this sort of level when it comes to the battery tech then what a g6 plus impresses ever so slightly more it’s got 3,200 milliamp cell compared with the 3000 milliamp cell here on the Android one both these files should comfortably keep you going for a full day even with quite intensive view so as you can see but the usual battery saver mode should it be needed as these are Motorola handsets they both support and ice but a turbo charge as well to give you I think it’s around sort of six hours of use with about some 15 to 20 minutes at the plug so good news if you forget to choice them overnight all right there’s the storage there’s nothing between them or once again you

get 64 gigs of a base storage and expand both the Motorola one unalloyed u 6 plus with a micro SD memory cards up to 256 in gigabytes it’s a good news if you like to download a lot of Netflix Spotify things like that all of which brings us onto the camera tech as you can see the Motorola one and the g6 plus both sports a dual lens camera with a different kind of styling the motor or the one is a 13 megapixel primary lens with F 2.

0 aperture and that’s backed by a basic 2 megapixel depth sensor well the J 6 plus it’s slightly more complex there’s 12 megapixel F 1.7 aperture primary lens and pretty good for those sort of lower lights Maps that’s actually backed by five megapixel F 1.7 second view lens as from around front and both of these phones support a simple it megapixel selfie camera we’ve died one into the camera apps they’ll be immediately familiar to anyone who of course has used a Motorola phone in the past you start off in full auto mode but both the Motorola One and the Moto G 6 plus spot for manual mode as well so if you want full professional controls over the lights the white balance the ISO levels you also have the active photos feature which is shoots a brief snippet of video with every follow your teachers to

bring your photo gallery to life as you’re flicking through as you can see full flash and HDR support as you would expect and then just a quick flick in this direction takes you to the bonus features you see the g6 plus does was able to face filter action apart from that it’s more or less at business as usual because they’ve both got a dual lens camera you’ve got a course a portrait mode so keep your subject nice and crisp and blur out the background its to really help them stand out you’re on the nifty spot color feature which isolates one particular color and it makes everything else monochrome I’m gonna come to the video stuff you’ve got slow motion time-lapse and of course a bit of it alive at YouTube streaming – that’s for the standard video you can actually shoot up to 4k resolution video in both of these blowers or as you can see there but a full HD at either 30 or 60 frames per second and that in a nutshell is the Motorola one versus the model g6 plus just quick and simple just a quick side by side with the specs and some of the features you can see or what you get which one are you tempted by the Motorola one with its more sort of stripped back at model features and more clean version of Android and hopefully those nice timely security updates and everything else perhaps you might attempt to buy the Moto G 6 plus with its sharper display and the fact that it’s got lots slightly improved primary camera definitely let us know it your thoughts down in the comments blobby or is gonna hear which one you think is your favorite and don’t forget to hit subscribe for more on the latest in Greece mobile tech cheers guys love you

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