Review Wyze Video Doorbell Pro with Battery A doorbell I can live with!

hey everybody it’s lon zeidman we’re taking a look today at the wise video doorbell pro this is a very affordable video doorbell that works without a subscription and you even get a chime in the box to go with it and we’re going to take a closer look and see what this doorbell is all about in just a second but i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that i paid for this with my own funds all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own no one is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this doorbell is all about now the price point on this is 65 and the price includes the chime that you leave inside the house so when somebody pushes the doorbell here the doorbell itself will make a sound but this will also make a sound inside and what’s neat about this is that this acts as a wi-fi extender so the doorbell actually connects to the chime and the chime is what connects to your wi-fi so all you have to do is make sure that this is plugged in somewhere where it can reach the wi-fi and the doorbell that is outside the doorbell is waterproof so it can get rained on and what it will do is just snap onto a base that you install on your door frame and there’s a couple of different ways you can go about it i went with the version that you screw into your door frame and it just slides down on

top of that they also give you some double-sided tape for sticking it to the door frame if you want and they have an angled bracket that comes in the box also in case you have to point it a little bit more on an angle versus just flat on the frame now this has a battery on board and that means you don’t need to have doorbell wiring at your door for it to work you just need to make sure it is fully charged one thing that i had to do though was charge it up when i got it it only had about half a charge when i took it out of the box so it did need to sit and charge for a couple of hours before it was ready to be deployed uh they say you’ll get about three to six months of battery life and that will vary based on how much activity you get at the door so if you have a door that gets a lot of traffic you’ll probably be on the two to three month side of things but if your door is pretty quiet and doesn’t get too many visitors you’ll probably be closer to the six month side it takes a couple of hours to charge up and there is a charging port here underneath this rubber gasket where you’ll find the usb port they don’t have a power adapter in the box but this will work with any usb charger and it’ll take again a couple of hours to get it ready to go now you can also wire it into your doorbell wiring if you have it and that will keep the battery topped off and you probably won’t need to charge it at all if you have doorbell wiring but if you don’t just be prepared to pull it off the door every couple of months there is a little screw here on the bottom that you can screw down to secure it on the door frame if you’re concerned about somebody stealing it and you have a torx screwdriver in the box to loosen and tighten that screw when you install it but it’ll sit pretty firmly on the base without the

need to screw anything in now the big difference between this doorbell the pro and the regular wise video doorbell is that this one has the battery on board and the other door bell does not this one also has a slightly higher resolution camera this will shoot video at 1440 by 1440 and it has a 150 degree field of view both vertically and horizontally but the images you get out of the camera look like they’re coming out of a peephole you can see a lot of the ground which is good in fact if you look at the bottom there you can see my welcome mat but you’ll have this fisheye look to all the video that this device produces so while you can see a lot more it’s also a lot more distorted versus some of the other doorbells we’ve looked at now this shot was done during the day i also did some stuff out in total darkness here so this is the night vision activated in total darkness and as you can see it picks me up pretty well if i stand back a bit one thing i notice though is that if somebody stands too close to the door sometimes the infrared illuminator kind of washes them out so it does i think a pretty good job of day and night video here but you do have to get used to that fisheye effect on the video now in addition to capturing video it does have a microphone on board to capture audio at your door this is what it sounds like i’m testing the speaker on the doorbell hope it sounds good and it also has a speaker on board so you can communicate with the person at your door from their app and this is what that speaker sounds like get off the porch we don’t

want any now the wise app is required to use this doorbell and to install it it will though work with the google assistant and amazon echo devices but the most you really can do through those is monitor the camera you’re not able to do a lot of the other things like reviewing footage or communicating with people at your door uh through those devices you have to have the wise app running on your phone it runs on ios and android and it will integrate your doorbell camera along with all the other wise products that you might own so i’ve got a bunch of wise cameras i’ve got wise plugs and it’s now part of that ecosystem if i go over here to my event log you’ll see that it’s mixing videos that were captured from my front door along with videos that were captured from my outdoor camera that i have on my garage and if i wanted to play back one of these clips i can just click on it here and it will show me what happened during that period of time now as i mentioned you can use the camera without having to pay an ongoing subscription fee it will store videos in the cloud for 14 days for you but it limits how long those clips can be along with a few other things that we’ll talk about as we dig into the app a bit so if you have something that takes place over the course of 30 seconds only 12 seconds at the maximum will be stored in the cloud unless you pay the subscription fee and there’s no on-board storage on this camera so it will miss it uh if it goes longer than that maximum length for the free plan another thing you get on the subscription program is some ai detection about what it sees at your door so for example here this clip saw a person and a pet and it is using its cloud-based ai to figure out what’s in the image now it looks like they are rolling out a new uh choose your own subscription fee for some of these ai features so you will be able to get as part of that role your own thing the person detection but some of the other ai features like package detection or pet detection will not be part of that name your price tier so for the most part person detection is what you’ll get for free and beyond that you’re going to have to pay the subscription fee to get longer clips and more of these ai features now you’ve got a bunch of settings that you can adjust on the camera so let’s take a look at the app here we’re going to tap on my front door camera on the bottom here you can scrub through the past events that the doorbell picked up i found that it’s easier to use that event log that we were looking at earlier but you can scroll through some of the

more recent things that occurred here on the bottom of the screen if i wanted to download one of the clips i can click the download icon there which will drop it into my photo gallery likewise if i click on live here and hit the play button i can have the camera beam back exactly what’s going on at my front door wherever i am in the world now of course the doorbell is down here with me right now which is why we see the ceiling but you get the idea as to how that works this will eat up the battery though so if you are using this strictly as a battery doorbell as i am you’ll want to use that feature sparingly because it will again eat up some of that battery life now i’m going to click on the gear icon here and look at some of the detection settings that we have you can set your sensitivity for what will trigger a motion event right now this does not have the ability to set zones so if you have trees or bushes that are blowing around in the wind and setting it off a lot you can adjust the sensitivity down a little bit to see if that improves things now you also if you are paying for the subscription have the option to use the ai to make the motion detection a little bit more accurate so for example if you are paying for the subscription you can have it only give you a motion event when a person shows up at the door but not when the tree is blowing likewise you could have packages and pets or vehicles also be the things that will trigger a notification those notifications of course get delivered to your phone but if you have a watch like i do you’ll also see the image on the watch as it comes in and then if they push the button the doorbell will ring outside but that chime inside will also make its dinging

sound and of course if somebody pushes the doorbell button you will get notified about that separately and i believe a separate recording is made when that event occurs now an important feature to talk about here is the cool down period this is a battery saving feature but is also something that the subscription plan will impact so if you are not paying for the subscription the camera will wait five minutes between motion events to record so for example if the ups guy drops off a package and then three and a half minutes later somebody runs up on your porch and steals it you will not see the thief unless they came after the five minute cooldown period if you are paying for the subscription you can vary the cooldown period to as low as nothing basically with no cooldown or something as short as 15 seconds and that is a feature of the cam plus subscription so remember without the subscription you get a recording but it’s going to wait five minutes before it makes the next one additionally the maximum video length here uh can be set if you are on the cam plus subscription to something longer than 12 seconds so you can do 15 30 even up to 180 seconds but this camera will not record continuously because it is battery powered and it would die very quickly if it was doing a continuous recording so these are really best suited as notification cameras versus security cameras but it will i think capture enough to get the main action if somebody’s going to steal something off your front porch they’re not sticking around all that long and you’ll have enough to know that something happened and hopefully the ability to identify the perpetrator and you can

also schedule when it looks for motion by enabling the scheduling feature down here at the bottom so for example i could have it only detect motion in the evening and then just wait for somebody to push the button during the day and that’s a feature that you can configure through here you can also determine what kind of notifications get sent to you so for example if i didn’t want all of the other motion events just what the a i picked up i could turn off all other motion events and just rely on the ai here so if it did detect a package it will tell me that but not if the dog runs by for example or you can turn all this stuff off and only have it tell you when the doorbell is pressed so you have some ability to control what it sends you and you can also change how the indoor chime sounds and they’ve got a bunch of different ones to choose from here so right now i’m on the default one but what i can do here is adjust the volume up it’s very loud as you can hear and then i can maybe choose something more festive for the holiday season so i can set it to santa is coming to town and i can change my doorbell chime based on the time of year and how festive i am feeling so it’s kind of fun to have that ability to not only have an indoor chime on a very inexpensive doorbell but also the ability to change how it sounds unfortunately though you cannot upload a custom sound just yet now because this is integrated with otherwise products you can also add this to your list of rules so for example i can add a rule here that says when somebody pushes the doorbell button to turn on lights for example and they also have some of the other features from the subscription worked into this so if the doorbell detects a person it could trigger a light going on or a door unlocking or something along those lines and you can do some of this stuff inside of amazon and google but it’s a little bit more limited so for example at the

moment at least on amazon i can’t have it trigger on a button push only when motion is detected that might change in the future but right now you get a little bit more functionality for rules or routines through the wise app versus the third party stuff so overall i found this to be a very good value like all the other wise products we’ve looked at over the years you get the chime in the box the cost of entry isn’t that bad and you get some decent functionality including cloud storage without paying an ongoing subscription fee yes there are additional features that you have to pay for but i think the offering on the free tier is more than adequate and gives you a bulk of what the product can do without that ongoing cost of ownership so if you’re looking for a low-cost doorbell i think this is probably the one that i am going to recommend and that’s after looking at a lot of doorbells over the years so that’s going to do it for this look at the wise video doorbell pro and until next time this is lon simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by supporters including gold level supporters jim tannis and tom albrecht hot sauce and video games and eric’s variety channel brian parker and frank goldman amda brown and matt zagaia and chris allegretta if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to lawn dot tv support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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