Review HP Envy Inspire 7955e Printer Photo Centric Multifunction Printer (7900 Series)

hey everybody it’s lon seiber and we’re taking a look today at another printer this is the hp envy inspire 7955e this is one of these all-in-one units that can print but also make copies and scan because it does have a flatbed scanner along with a document feeder on board this one they are gearing towards home users and have really upped the game on photo quality which is something you don’t typically see out of one of these all-in-one units at or near this price point we’re going to take a closer look at what this printer is all about in just a second but i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure this is on loan from hp so we’re done with this it goes back to them all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own no one is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this printer is all about now the price point on this is 249 a set of replacement ink for their xl size cartridges will run you at about 80 or so a little later in the video we’re going to talk about the economics of the instant ink subscription plan that hp offers and that’s a more affordable way to own this printer versus having to buy the cartridges every time now i recommend inkjet printers for people that are looking for good quality color and photo prints and are printing on a regular basis the worst thing about

inkjet printers though is if you leave them for a while they get clogged up and you’ve got to run the cleaning function and that uses up ink in the process so if you are an infrequent printer i would look at a laser printer which can sit idle for months and then just come right back to life like nothing happened and that’s always something to consider when you’re out shopping for a printer laser is best for those of us who don’t print all that frequently but this one’s great for an active family environment where you’re always printing out stuff and as you’ll see in a few minutes the print quality is really quite nice on this one it’s a little bit large as you can see but that’s hard to avoid if you want the full size scanner on board what you’re looking at here is about 18.1 inches this way about 15 inches deep and about 9.2 inches high that is 46 by 38.3 by 23.4 centimeters it weighs about 10 pounds it’s not all that heavy to move around and they have a few different color accent options to choose from if you don’t like what this one currently looks like now if you don’t need the document feeder they will have a version of this printer without it so it won’t be as tall because this portion here will not be on it the document feeder itself is not all that fast it’s pretty much what we’ve seen on other printers that come in at around this price point it scans rather slowly as you can see here but you can stack up about 35 pages and have the device scan them for you it does not though do two-sided scanning so you’ll have to flip over two-sided documents and feed them back through to get that going i’m going to show you how it interfaces with their mobile app in a few minutes now the paper

capacity on this one is about what you would expect out of a home printer not much but adequate on the paper tray here which is front loading you will get about 125 sheets of paper on the lower portion this will take eight and a half by eleven like i have loaded in right now you can do a4 you can also do legal size paper if you slide down this door here on the front to accommodate its added length additionally you have a photo tray here for photo paper i’ve got four by six sheets loaded in right now it’ll hold about 15 photo sheets it’ll also do five by seven and five by five square sheets if you’re using that so you do have the ability to mix and match here and the printer will decide what tray to draw from when printing out a photo which can be pretty handy especially if you are not near the printer when you get the print going there is not a manual feed on this though so you will have to load all of your paper in through the paper tray now the setup process on the printer was fairly easy hp has been shifting their strategy to an app-based one where the hp smart app is what you use to interact with your printer and so the best way to set it up is to use a smart phone get the hp app and have the phone prompt you through the setup process basically you get it on your wi-fi it updates itself and you’re off and running if you

don’t have a phone the app runs on mac and windows so you can get it set up from a computer additionally you can connect to it over the network similar to how you’d connect any other printer using windows or mac os it’ll just pop up on the list if you’re on an iphone or an ipad when the printer is on your network it will show up as an air print device so you can just select it and start printing it’ll also work with chromebooks which should also detect its presence on the local network automatically now when you first get your printer set up they’re going to ask you about joining something called hp plus now hp plus is free and it gets you a lot of extra stuff but there is a catch which we’ll get to in a minute but let’s take a look at what the free stuff is first so right out of the gate to give you an extra year on your warranty you also get six months of instant ink included so you do have to sign up for instant ink which is their subscription ink plan and you will get the first six months free of charge so you can pretty much use the printer as much as you want and then you can roll over to a subscription plan at the end of that six months this is optional though so you can maintain hp plus without an active subscription and you can even decide not to do the trial right away and just get the hp plus benefits you also get some additional features in their smart app including the ability to send faxes because this does not have a fax modem built in but if you have hp plus you can send a fax through hp’s fax service and you can scan the documents right on the

scanner here and then just dial the fax number on your phone and it will just send it for you you won’t be able to receive faxes but you can send them for free for two years they haven’t yet announced what it’s going to cost after two years but that’s a good long time to get those holdouts off of the facts and onto something else and you get a few other features in their app and i would imagine as they roll out new features on the app the hp plus people will get those features over the people without now the catch is here that you have to agree to use only hp ink cartridges with the printer if you are going to be an hp plus so what will happen is is that the printer will inspect the cartridges that you install into it if you’re buying them yourself and if it’s not an official hp cartridge it won’t let you use it if you don’t opt for hp plus you can use other people’s ink cartridges but you’re not going to get the features we just talked about and your warranty will only be for a year hp plus also requires your printer to be on the internet but it doesn’t have to be on the internet all the time to work it’s going to dial in and check in every once in a while but if your internet’s down you can still print but it will require you to set up an account and keep your printer connected at all times now next we have to talk about hp’s instant inc subscription service

they offer a number of tiers and you pay a monthly fee and they will send you ink cartridges and meter you buy the page so for example if you do their occasional plan you can print 50 pages per month if you go over there’s an overage fee that they tack on if you go under you can roll some pages over to the next month and you can check with hp to see exactly what the current costs are for those overages and how much you can roll over each month and what they’re going to do is send you ink cartridges for free as part of the plan automatically so the printer will order ink cartridges when it needs them but you just pay the monthly fee and whatever overage charges you end up with and i think dollar for dollar this is probably going to be the better way to go especially if you are printing on a somewhat frequent basis and the reason is is that not all prints are created equal so for example this document uses far more ink than this one does and hp is just going to meter you on the page itself not how much ink you’re using you’re also not dinged on instant ink when the printer is cleaning itself out a lot of times that will actually take a lot of ink to get those jets unclogged and in this case you’re only going to be charged when you actually print something so i think if you’re a family that prints fairly regularly instant ink is probably the way to go especially given what these cartridges cost at retail and the nice part is you get the convenience of never running out of ink because the cartridges will just get delivered additionally this printer like

many other hp printers does not separate the color cartridges into separate units so you get three colors in the color one here and if one of the colors runs out you would then have to pay normally to get another color cartridge to keep printing in full color with instant ink you’ll just swap it out and keep going for whatever you’re paying on the subscription i’ve been hearing from a lot of viewers who say instant ink’s been working for them and you do have the choice not to subscribe of course and you could go with third-party cartridges if you opt out of hp plus so now that we have all these economic decisions out of the way let’s take a look and see how the printer performs all right so on my mac right now i’ve got two different documents we’re going to print out and we’ll start here with just some black and white text and i’ll go to file print the printer was detected on the network automatically a few minutes ago i’m just going to print out maybe five copies of the first page here and we’re going to run this just with the normal print setting and we’ll click print here and see how fast everything pops out now this printer will print black and white in the normal mode at 15 pages

per minute so not terribly fast but i think fast enough for printing out assignments and that sort of thing if you have a color document it’ll print at 10 pages per minute but you can see just how fast these documents spit out here when you just have a simple black and white document to run and i found that even in this mode the print quality on text is exceptional it’s pretty much on par with a laser printer in my opinion you can see a closer look at what it looks like here with a macro shot so i was very pleased with the overall print quality even without going to the slower better quality mode now while the scanner does not duplex in other words scan on both sides the printer will print on both sides of the paper so i’m going to click print here on that same document we just ran and this is a two-page document so on the other side it will flip the front page around and print on the back so watch what happens here it’s going to print out our first page and then it’s going to suck it back in and print on the other side now this on instant ink would count as two pages because it’s basing it on the number of pages even if it’s on the same sheet of paper so as you can see there it just sucked in the paper and now it’s printing on the other side and now we have a document that has printed on both sides of the paper all right next

up we’re going to do a color document here we’ll just run the first page what i like about this document is that it’s got everything it’s got graphics it’s got photos it has text and i’m just going to print this out in the normal mode we’re not going to select the best mode here and let’s see how fast this will print out by default and we’ll also take a look at the quality one thing to look for on this document is that in these areas of solid color down here at the bottom you typically see a lot of banding when these printers run in their default mode because they’re trying to print out more quickly than it would in the higher quality mode and as this comes out we’ll see what it looks like and i found in some earlier prints that it actually does a pretty decent job of avoiding some of that banding i’ll give you the overhead view here and then overlay some photos of what this looks like and i’m just not seeing the banding here it actually looks really nice and i found that going to the best quality doesn’t improve things all that much especially when it comes to the text and the graphics on the page the photos look a little bit more detailed but i think for most usage you can leave it in the default setting get that 10 pages per minute or thereabouts

and not give up all that much quality in the process it really looks good so let’s take a look now at printing photos and i’ve got this photo of one of my daughters that i shot with my slr and i use apple photos and this is actually a raw photo that was pulled in from my apple photos library and if you’re on android you can pull in your android photo library much in the same way now this has a feature that allows for two sided four by six prints and you need to use a special paper for those two sided prints namely their matte photo paper this is a box of paper that they sent over and as you can see it supports two-sided printing and what we can do is print the photo on one side and then some text on the other so let’s select that two-sided option here by the way you can print border lists at any of the sizes that the printer supports up to eight and a half by eleven and we’re going to do a four by six here i’m just going to edit this photo a little bit and crop it in so let me grab my crop here and do that this won’t affect the image on my library but it will crop in the photo a little bit i could probably do better but let’s just run with it and i’m going to click done here and that will save the image for the front for the back you can see by default it prints out a little date and time but we can do more than that they’ve got a bunch of templates that are seasonal so for example you can have it say birthday here you’ve got

some holiday stuff as well and you can pick out what works best or you can just go with some basic stuff here i think what i’m going to do is just do maybe i don’t know love you and i’ll put the date at the bottom so i’m going to click done here to lock that in click done again and then if i go over here to text i can add the date and today is the 17th of november so i’ll just do 11 17 21 hit done and i can move that down i can adjust the text size also if i want i’ll click done here now one thing that i have found with this let’s go to the print section here is that you want to pull this up and first of all make sure it’s printing in color mine keeps going to black and white and it could just be a bug in the app but the most important thing is to set the print quality to best because i found for photos they really look better with best it adds a little more contrast and they look a little less blown out and i’ll show you an example of that in a minute it’s very subtle on my cameras but i can notice it in person i’m just going to click print here and it’ll just give us a warning about the paper and now the printer will begin its printing process now the photos of course will take a little bit longer to print they will also consume a lot more ink because they are covering the full page with it so if you’re printing those big eight and a half by eleven borderless prints that is going to burn through those ink cartridges and that’s again another reason

to look at instant ink because they’re only going to look at the page and not the total coverage on the page so we’re going to let this here print out and we’ll come back when it’s done all right so it is done printing and it looks pretty good i have to say my cameras do blow things out a little bit but i found that the quality of these prints looks really close to the original but it looks closer when you run these in the best mode that of course will take longer to print but the quality difference is noticeable in person but i was quite pleased with the detail of this the color is again very close to what was on my phone screen initially and i found that this would certainly pass muster with the grandparents now this is the front of course and on the back here we have that template and the text that we added to it as well takes about probably about two to three minutes to get this thing fully printed it’ll print the back first and then waits for the ink to dry and then sucks it back in and reverses the process but for an all-in-one printer like this it looks pretty good and for a side-by-side comparison of normal versus best i’ve got this photo that i printed out earlier this one on the left was printed out in normal mode this one on the right was printed out in best quality mode and as you can see the one on the right just has a better contrast ratio in person it has a lot more detail as i’m looking at it so i think the best mode is what you want to go with whenever you’re printing photos because there really is a noticeable difference more so than my cameras can convey here on screen so overall the print quality especially photos i found to be very good on this device compared to other multi-functions

that come in at around its price point including some from hp it’s just a very nice quality printer now as i mentioned you interact a lot with this device with the hp app and what we can do for example is initiate a scan from the flatbed scanner or the document feeder just by tapping on printer scan here on my phone and what i can do here is set it to photo because i’ve got two photos loaded up on the glass right now and if i click scan it’s going to initiate a scan over the network and deliver this image to my phone and i can make a pdf out of it i can crop everything out and go from there the scan quality is decent enough if you’ve got a bunch of prints to scan into your computer you could probably get that done here there are of course higher quality photo scanners available but i think for most purposes social media prints and otherwise this should be more than adequate for that and it’s great to be able to interact over the network with your phone tablet or computer in that way you can also scan documents with the phone with the camera on your phone and then print them out if you want on the front of the device here you do have some functions for doing copies and scans so if you have the software set up on your computer you can actually scan to the computer just by tapping on the scan button here likewise if you wanted to make a copy you can put your document in the feeder here at the top click on copy and you can initiate a copy without having to load up your phone or anything else just hit the copy button here it’ll scan it in and print it out now i found the printer isn’t all that noisy compared to others out there but there is a quiet mode that will reduce the noise somewhat it

wasn’t a substantial difference between quiet mode and regular mode and i found it printed more slowly when quiet mode was enabled i did pull out the ink cartridges to see if i could scan still without the ink cartridges installed then it let me do that i of course can’t print without ink cartridges installed but scanning at least appears to work when you are out of ink and overall i found it to be a very good printer for what it is we’ve seen a lot of these multi-function all-in-ones and the photo quality has never really quite been there this one really delivers nice photo quality and really nice document quality even in its normal mode so i think if you are printing documents normal mode is fine do the best mode for the photos and i think you’ll have a very good experience with this it kind of works well in a household and kind of delivers i think everything that people might be looking for and you have to decide if the economics of hp plus and instant inc makes sense for you and hopefully i was able to adequately explain the pros and cons of all of that that’s going to do it for now until next time this is lon simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the london tv supporters including gold level supporters hot sauce and video games brian parker chris allegretta tom albrecht thomas anfang jim tannis and handheld obsession if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to lawn dot tv support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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