Review iPad 9th Generation 10.2 (2021) It’s What’s Inside That Counts

hey everybody it’s lance ivan we’re taking a look today at the brand new 2021 ipad this is the ninth generation ipad device as you can see it looks a bit dated but it’s affordable and it performs quite well for its entry-level price point at least for apple products and we’re going to take a closer look at what this new ipad is all about in just a second but i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that i paid for this with my own funds all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own no one is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this ipad is all about now the price point on this is 329 we are looking today at the least expensive version the entry level model this now has 64 gigabytes of storage on board last year the base model only had 32 and i can tell you with two kids 32 gigabytes on an ipad is not enough i’m constantly having to manage the storage for them because they keep filling things up and oftentimes the apps that they’re running like youtube kids and procreate and some of the other apps that they play with tend to generate a lot of

data that quickly eats up the storage so it’s good to see that you can now get double the storage over last year and if you happen to find one of these ipads from last year at a low price you might want to consider still getting the new one because it does have much more useful storage on board and you might have less aggravation in the long run by spending a little bit more up front unfortunately with these apple tablets you cannot add an sd card like you can on a fire tablet for example and so you’re kind of stuck with the storage you choose when you purchase it and i often found that it’s quite easy to eat up the storage very quickly when you have kids now in addition to the 64 gigabytes of storage this has an apple a13 processor and that is a very capable chip for a low end device and you’ll see some of the cool things you can do with an entry-level ipad as we work our way further through the review here this has a 10.2 inch display it is a 2160 by 1620 resolution which comes in at around 264 pixels per inch and apple often refers to this as a retina display it goes up to 500 nits of brightness which is very bright for a relatively low cost device and it supports apple true tone so you get a really nice quality image on here which is great for photo editing and some of the other creative things that you might want to do with it it’s not very heavy here it is just 1.07 pounds or 487 grams without a case now aesthetically this is not the most attractive product on the market it’s definitely looking a bit dated you’ve got those huge bezels on the top

and the bottom but i have found sometimes at the low end of the market for these types of devices it’s not the outside that counts it’s what’s inside now you do have a fingerprint reader here at the bottom the touch id sensor so you can very quickly get into your device while locking it securely it’s got a nice metal backing here pretty much the same as what we felt on every other ipad that’s been out over the last decade or so but hiding under the top bezel on this ipad is probably one of the nicest webcams i have seen on any device lately and that includes many super expensive laptops i have reviewed here on the channel check this out i’m going to flip the ipad over here a little bit so we’ve got our basic image here out of the front camera no big deal but if i hit this button and go to its native angle you can see that it’s got a 122 degree field of view it’s a 12 megapixel sensor so you can do 1080p video conferences with it and it will shoot 1080p video at 60 frames per second in fact the camera on the front of this ipad is better than the camera that’s on the back of the ipad here that’s only eight megapixels and only does 1080p video at 30 frames per second so if you’re doing a lot of conference calls or you’re doing calls with family you can fit all the kids in the image here on this low end device quite comfortably additionally because it’s got the new a13 chip it supports a feature that just recently rolled out on the ipad pro called center stage where the ipad will intelligently zoom in on the people that are talking so when you have a

bunch of people in front of the ipad or even just one it can follow the conversation around the room a little bit pretty much anything that’s within the field of view of this camera will get picked up and you can see an example of me walking around my kitchen here to get a better idea as to how that feature works now one thing to note is that center stage does not work with every app on the ipad at the moment so it works on facetime i think there’s a few video conferencing apps that work with it but you can’t use it for video recording that said the image quality out of that front camera for video recording is quite good i shot this clip at 1080p at 60 frames per second as i was walking through my office here it really does a nice job much better than the rear camera does under the exact same conditions so it’s a nice surprise to get a really functional conference camera on one of these low-cost ipads and i’m hoping we start seeing more of these kinds of cameras in laptops in the near future now outdoors in good light you’ll get decent photo quality out of the rear camera here but the cameras on the ipad mini and the ipad air are much better so if you plan on taking a lot of pictures with your ipad you’ll probably want to go up to one of those devices but for conferencing and selfie videos and whatnot the front camera on this one is quite good and on par with the more expensive ipads now unlike the new ipads that have a usb type-c port at the bottom this one is still running with lightning you do get a 20 watt

power adapter in the box for fast charging but the end here is lightning not usb type c now the speaker is here on the bottom next to that lightning port and they say in the specs that it is stereo however there’s only one set of speakers here at the bottom so you get a little bit of stereo separation when you’ve got it in landscape mode facing you but not much so if you do want to listen to music you can attach bluetooth headphones the airpods would work with this of course and guess what you get a headphone jack here at the top so you can plug in a pair of regular old headphones if you want to go that route on this side the left hand side you have a set of pogo plugs that will connect with compatible peripherals these usually involve keyboards and track pads there’s a great one from logitech that this connects up with that really turns this ipad into a nice mini computer we reviewed that one a little while back and these provide power and data to those devices so you don’t have to pair them up via bluetooth and then you’ve got your volume rockers here on the right hand side along with your power switch here on the top not much else to it pretty simple stuff let’s take a look now and see how it performs all right let’s start off with some web browsing here we’ll go to the homepage and see how fast everything renders in as you can see here everything is very snappy and

responsive on this it’s very nice to read on this large display you can enable the reader view here to get a more condensed look at the content that you’re looking at i am on my ac wi-fi network right now this does not support wi-fi six although i think at the entry level that’s probably not going to be as important to people who are shopping for a budget device like this one but all in a very good browsing experience as we would expect out of an ipad now because you have this large screen i’m just going to switch it into landscape mode here real quick and we’ll continue browsing around a bit more and you can also switch this into a split screen view so what i can do here is keep the safari browser up grab my youtube here and just kind of make that a split screen and i can watch a video off to the side while i do other stuff on the left hand side of the screen and as you can see it handles all of these different types of basic tasks quite well here and it’s a very nicely performing device even for its entry level price point now this ipad does work with the apple pencil but you have to use the first generation pencil which apple still makes and not the second generation pencil which doesn’t work on this ipad i have to say that the apple pencil is the best stylus on the market it has been for some time now it is a very natural writing experience there’s practically no latency as you’re writing on the

screen here you’ve got some cool features like being able to tilt the pencil on its side to get a thicker line it’ll do pressure sensitivity it’s just a great drawing implement it’s also very good for note taking and they’ve recently added some features where you can just write on the screen and have it recognize your handwriting even if you’ve got chicken scratch like mine it generally gets it right and you can also choose to have it recognize the handwriting later i did a whole video on all the different ways you can use the pencil with the ipad and it just keeps getting better and better and this one appears to implement all of the features that the pencil brings to the ios platform there are alternative pencils out there that cost less you do lose some features so for example if you went with the logitech crayon which is a less expensive option versus this one you don’t get that tilt feature so if you are looking for the best drawing experience i think the apple pencil is the best way to go but there are lower cost alternatives if you’re looking to do note-taking and that sort of thing and even though this is the entry-level device i’m finding that it performs exceptionally well even in some more complex apps here so this is procreate which is a pretty advanced painting app and i can very easily here just add layers and jump around the interface and maybe pick out a different brush to use here i’ll pick one of these abstract ones with the opticon here and just start messing around with it and as you can see it’s pretty quick and responsive now granted this would

probably run better on an ipad pro but it’s not that much of a sacrifice here when you can’t afford to go to the ipad pro this is a great way to get started it really will allow you to explore your creativity if you’re on a budget and it’s really neat to see this level of performance on a device that comes in at this price point and you can even edit 4k video on this thing i’ve got imovie running on here and this is free of course with your ipad and we can jump into my project here and see that we’ve got a 4k 60 frames per second project here running with 4k 60 frames per second clips from my phone and from my gopro and as you can see it’s just playing back fine no drop frames here we’re even able to have these transitions render in real time i can maybe change this one from a dissolve to a slide and let’s play it back here and see how that works so very little to any latency here or lag in getting some real time output from this 4k 60 frames per second project brought in from two different cameras really good stuff all right one last thing to take a look at and that is its gaming performance i’ve got an xbox controller right now paired up with the ipad ipad support xbox and playstation controllers and this game is mba 2k21 and it’s available through the apple arcade subscription service and it plays pretty nicely i wouldn’t say this looks as good as what you might see on a ps4 or an xbox one but it plays smoothly i would probably put the graphics kind of in the xbox 360 territory or maybe the nintendo switch to a degree depending on the game but overall it plays

nicely and it plays better than you might expect from an entry-level device like this and this speaks to how powerful these a13 processors are on the lower end ipad here and on the 3dmark wildlife benchmark test we got a score of 6667 that puts this ipad slightly ahead of where last year’s ipad scored on this test not by much though and it does put it behind the new ipad mini which of course costs more and has the apple a15 processor on board now what’s neat about this test is that it’s a multi-platform test so we can run this on other devices that are not apple devices and see what the scores look like and if you look at the acer spin 5 that we reviewed last year with an intel i7 processor with iris xe graphics this ipad performs about the same as that much more expensive laptop does at least on this benchmark it doesn’t mean everything will perform better but it does speak to i think the power efficiency and just the overall performance of these apple processors on even these low end ipads so you can really get a lot done on this device now these new ipads have three gigabytes of ram the same as

last year and that helps with multitasking so if you were doing a little bit of work and then you wanted to jump back into your game having that amount of memory on board gives you a good chance of being able to jump back and forth between work and play uh without any real interruptions here as you can see we were able to go from notes back to this game without issue now battery life on this will vary depending on what you’re doing with it if you stick to the basics like web browsing and email you should be able to get eight to ten hours of battery life out of this device certainly enough to get through the entire day if you’re doing more strenuous activities like video editing or game playing that of course will eat into the battery depending on the load it’s placing on the cpu and the gpu but generally ipads have really been very good for battery life and you can certainly get a lot of longevity out of them especially on long flights and other things when you don’t have a power supply nearby and of course you can always plug in an external battery if you need to get a little bit more juice and overall i think this is another nice entry-level ipad aesthetically it’s not much different than the prior year it does have a nice bump in performance i think the new camera is definitely the standout feature of this one and of course the additional onboard storage for the entry level model make this one

definitely worth considering these are great for kids especially kids that are doing hybrid learning you’ve got that great camera to do presentations on but also if the kids are just doing projects where they have to record themselves this camera is really good for that so all in i think the entry-level ipad here remains a really strong value proposition you’ve got a lot of great functionality here it doesn’t cost all that much and if you’re looking at buying one expensive device for the family or individual devices for each kid i think you can go this route and not give up much in the way of functionality given the performance that we saw out of it so definitely worth taking a look at if you are on a budget and even if you’re not i think this will accomplish much of what people who shop for ipads are hoping to accomplish that is going to do it for now until next time this is lon simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by supporters including gold level supporters hot sauce and video games brian parker chris allegretta tom albrecht thomas anfang jim tannis and handheld obsession if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to lawn dot tv support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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