Review Sony LinkBuds Truly Unique True Wireless Earbuds

so sony has just launched a fresh brand-new duo of true wireless earbuds a very unique pair really and no they’re not the latest wf model they’re rather actually a completely new brand called the sony link buds these are a pair of certainly open in-ear headphones allowing you to have a conversation and be aware of your borders while simultaneously enjoying your music or that rogan fella telling you that scientists are injecting you with their jizz juice for shits and laughters or whatever else you reverie according to sony their new associate buds are your perfect partner wherever you go pretty sure they just described a hip flask there but whatever perhaps these will be a close second they’ll be released soon for 150 quid or 180 euros and i’ve been testing them for a couple of weeks now so question is are the sony link twigs actually worth picking up for that premium price phase well here’s my full review and for the latest greatest deck delight do pog subscribe and ding that notifications bell glees so let’s start as always with the design

and you can pick up the link buds in a choice of simply two colorings grey or pitch-black good-for-nothing really exciting i’m emphatically quite delving the design kind of looks like a soft spate glued to a hula band certainly very unique but the best part is they are incredibly ignited and really really comfortable to wear even if you have them lodged in your lug excavations all afternoon long they’re only 4.1 grams each so to be honest you can have them in there for hours and forget you’ve even got them in you’ve also got a resilient forearm flake which time nestles up against your ear fluttering and helps to hold the link twigs firmly in place and the appendage comes in five different appearances and sizings as well you can easily swap them out to replace it with a different one so you should be able to find one that dress you no worries and of course with that open-ear design the sony link twigs are basically meant to sit in your ears all afternoon long you don’t have to keep on castigation them out every time you want to have a conversation with person you can just stop your music or your podcast or whatever chat away leaving them in there and then resume your audio again once they’ve buggered off and quite often it is that always making your twigs out putting them back in again that can result in a lot of ear fatigue so you definitely do not get any of that with the link buds and they’re also ipx4 splash resistant as well so sounds if you want to rock them out in the rainfall

found that peculiarly handy when i buggered off up to sunderland for the weekend and the sunlight one of the purposes of that near emphatically a ended misnomer the sunnylink twigs backing bluetooth 5.2 connectivity went fast pair and android phones as well which worked to charm setup took literally a few seconds and i thought i could easily repair the sony tie-up buds with a different android design or whatever else if i needed to as well but of course whether you actually get on with the sony tie-in buds or not depends on your feelings towards that open hearing pattern they are absolutely ideal if you want to rock them in a workplace or somewhere else where you need to be aware of what is going on around you so for instance personally i found that they were stupendous when i was at home expecting a courier to turn up any moment usually i have to just like play my music quietly so i don’t miss the doorbell but with these things i have been able to listen to a podcast listen to music anywhere i strayed about the house and i could still hear the doorbell when it finally went off they’re also pretty good if you’ve got a sprog for instance forever starting requirements of you so you’re not having to constantly switch on awareness mode or take out one bird to actually hear what they’re wibbling on about this time although of course in those cases you might prefer a bit of active interference elimination however when i tried applying

the sony link buds when i punched the high street or when i was trying to travel somewhere by teach or by tube for instance simply i just gave up straight away mostly podcasted audiobooks had to jack up to the maximum volume to actually hear what on earth was being said music precisely you can’t really hear the finer details at all as well because of course you’re getting all of the bordering sound filtering in so these things are definitely made to be used indoors or in quieter environments that is for sure i certainly couldn’t use them as my full-time pair but they are great as a backup when needed now certainly one of the funkiest features of the sony link buzz is the touch insures because you don’t actually tap the twigs themselves you are eligible to exactly sounds your face just in front of the buds instead and it exactly runs flawlessly as well literally double tap your left cheek and your music will delay double sound your left cheek again and it will now resume it simply works each time flawlessly it’s completely bonkers you might be thinking yeah sure that’s very snazzy and all but it’s actually the viciou pitch well i attained it actually handy

actually if i was wearing a woolly hat or whatever to protect my baldy bones from the elements you are eligible to gather that down up over your ears and then time tap on your necks when you need to control your chants or whatever i only ever had a problem one time with the touch dominations and that was when i was rather energetically munching on a double decker and my music only suddenly interrupted and i figured that was probably down to my mouth motions but i tried replicating it and got bloody nowhere it was just a one-off basically the dominates are fairly comprehensive as well you can double tap your left cheek to either breather or resume your music you can triple tap in order to hop-skip forward a way meanwhile the liberty neck is reserved for assistant functionality so a doubled tap allows you to speak to the assistant and induce your demands and a triple tap will get the assistant to read out the current time and likewise give you an update when there’s any notifications waiting around for your attention and if you happen to think that the google helper is a load of old bollocks well you’ve also came full alexa endorsement on the sony relation fus if you prefer the amazon effort now sony has chucked in a few familiar features with the sony association twigs as well so for instance you’ve

got that speak to chat which you can enable or disable within the sony headphones app if you’re not aware of this facet mostly precisely pauses whatever you’re listening to when the headphones spot that you are speaking unfortunately there’s somebody who likes to jabbering on to himself cursed to himself and rarely have a bit of a sing-along with whatever i’m listening to that boast really does not work for me so yeah merely saved that beaten right the off the part epoch you’ve also got an auto volume feature which can lower the volume of your music or whatever again if you enroll a hushed environment but as i mentioned before i wouldn’t recommend using the sony connection twigs anywhere but a quite tranquillity environment so it’s again not really essential and as usual that’s funny headphones app includes a built-in equalizer as well with various presets you can enhance the the vocals the bass whatever you fancy i’ll only have a manual tinker around with if you want that’s for the actual audio quite an important part of it all well this is powered by a 12 mil pealing operator and you’ve got sony’s v1 processor on there which offers up boasts like the dse sony’s digital

sound enhancement engine to improve the clarity of lower res audio you’ve got support for 360 audio yada yada as well and the clang aspect is moderately good the only problem with the open-ear design is that it doesn’t feel like the resonate had indeed been ran directly into your ears more than it’s been frisked around your ears so it doesn’t sound quite as full bodied as what you would get with really a standard pair of true-life wireless earbuds you know i learnt the sony relate buttons were wonderful for podcasts enormous for audio journals for that sort of shenanigans as well and music is fairly enjoyable through these things as well although if you want that sort of genuinely full-on intense melodic suffer then emphatically go for a proper duo of in the earbuds instead oh yeah well remembered to pare my hearing hair before shooting this video as well for a blood order so all these close-ups and everything hopefully not too much hearing bush action going on there you’re welcome now merriment with the sony relate buds i got around five ish hours of

audio playback on a single bill before the twigs will be required to be recharged again so not far off sony’s on guess and not bad at all for true-blue wireless here but it’s about sort of average and when they have given up the supernatural lane you can really pop them back inside of their most adorable wii bag you’ll get a couple of extra charges from the occurrence before that also need now powered up in a few minutes and the occurrence will give you an hour of playback the occasion itself is actually made up from broken up recycled auto fractions blended with elements of stone it’s environmentally friendly and i’ve got to say it feels absolutely luxuriant as well it’s got that sort of lovely textured finish to it but also strangely smooth kind of like a bizarrely light-headed pebble and also it’s just altogether charming compared with most of the true wireless earbud actions look at how dinky it is i mean this thing will slip into any handbag or pocket or let’s face it bodily orifice without any complaints whatsoever and it is well and truly cat proof as well the number of duration this thing has been smashed off of my table by one of my felines the only problem is that when it knocks the floor does tend to pop up and despite the fact you’ve got the little button exhaust thing there and then the buds croak flying off everywhere and then when the the event itself actually needs to be recharged as well because it’s run out of battery where it’s just sort c usb port around back as well you’ve also got a little button there for repairing so there you have it that in a nutshell is the sony link buds fresh new duet of truly innovative true-life wireless earbuds certainly not for everyone best used in quieter indoor environments where you need to be aware of your smothers like a workplace if you’re waiting for the doorbell something like that as i say can be yours soon for the sovereign sum of 150 quid or 180 euros but are you seduced it’d be great to hear your initial thoughts down in specific comments below delight do thrusting subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the most recent and greatest floor and have yourselves a brutal excellent rest of the week cheers everyone love you

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