Review Logitech Combo Touch for iPad Keyboard and Trackpad Case for iPad 10.2 (7th generation)

hey everybody it’s lon seiben and we’re taking a look today at the combo touch from logitech this is a keyboard and trackpad combo for the 10.2 inch seventh generation ipad and you get a backlit keyboard along with a trackpad because apple has recently added mouse support to the ipad operating system and now you can do things like select apps with a mouse as opposed to touching the screen you get a lot more computer-like functionality with this and all of the gestures that are supported on apple’s official trackpad also work on this one and we’re going to be exploring what you can do with this case in just a second but i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure this came in free of charge through the amazon vine program however all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this keyboard case is all about now the price point on this is 149.

That gets you the keyboard along with the case that it comes with here and you can see what it looks like when it’s all folded up now the package here will add 1.7 pounds or about 650 grams to the weight of your ipad so it definitely feels heavier and bulkier certainly thicker with all this stuff attached to it but it isn’t that hard to get the ipad out of it when you need to so i’m not going to ding them too much on that most keyboard cases do add some weight but you also get some protection added as a result of that and it’s a nice hard rubber here that surrounds the ipad you’ve got a little bit of screen protection here as well because the lip of that case extends beyond the display so overall it feels like it’s pretty rugged and should provide some decent protection now i found it was a little bit difficult to use as a laptop so let me wheel my chair back here a little bit and you can see what i’m talking about so i’ve got it on my lap here everything is stable no problems there but as you can see the end of the kickstand here is right at the end of my knees and i’m kind of looking down over the display it’s not the most comfortable viewing angle for me a better viewing angle might be for me to sit like this but if i’m on a train or a plane or something i mean i may not have that luxury to be able to lean back that far to get the more comfortable viewing angle now i could of course move the kickstand down a bit but if i move it past this point now it’s past the end of my knees and

things might flop over as i’m typing on it so it’s not the most ideal laptop scenario primarily because there’s so much distance here between the end of the keyboard and the end of the kickstand and this is an issue i have with the microsoft surface sometimes when i’m in a cramped space as well so it’s a similar problem because this is a similar design and due to the width of the screen the kickstand is just that long and that’s part of the issue so it’s not a very good laptop surface but it is of course working quite well on a desk the keyboard does not work wirelessly it does need to be attached to the ipad it connects to the proprietary apple connector here on the bottom of the seventh generation ipad only that’s the one with the 10.2 inch screen the good news is is that this is the entry level ipad at the time i’m recording this video so you can add a lot of functionality basically computer-like functionality to the entry level ipad with this kit here at the top you’ve got a pen holder which will hold the apple pencil and i also tried out the logitech crayon in here which is an alternative pencil that seems to fit pretty well too i don’t think other third-party pencils will fit if they’re too thin for this but most styluses that are around this width or close to the width of the original apple pencil should fit in pretty nicely it’s all fabric it actually feels really nice it’s got a good grip on it as a result so it’s a high quality feeling product and i was pleased with the keyboard as well it’s very comfortable to type on you’ve got pretty large keys here that are well spaced and there’s a good amount of key travel to it as well so as you’re typing you can really get a good amount of tactile feel to it so i was very pleased with that the keyboard is backlit so you can see it in the dark which is nice it draws its power from the ipad it shouldn’t drain the battery too much the track pad feels great it’s a nice size here for the device and it’s got a nice confident click to it you can’t click it up on the top here but most of the surface here is clickable so it really does feel pretty nice and as good as many laptops i’ve looked at that are around this size so altogether a very

high quality feeling product here good back lighting on the keys and i find it to be a very nice accessory for this ipad now if you haven’t yet seen how the trackpad works with the ipad i’ll do a quick demo here for you so right now we’ve got the trackpad attached you can see the mouse here is a little circle versus an arrow like you might have on your computer and if i bring it up to the notes app here you can see that it kind of latches onto that icon and sticks there for a little bit so you can be a little less precise perhaps with the ipad versus your laptop and i can just click on it here to pull up the notes app for example i can use two fingers to scroll up and down just like i could on my computer and then take a look at the mouse pointer here so right now it’s a line if i bring it up to the top of the screen it becomes a circle again and it will lock onto these icons kind of like how it does on the home screen there so it’s a little easier to use i think than a computer and if you often have a hard time navigating with track pads on a computer this might be a little easier for you because again it will kind of give you some leeway i can select text by clicking down the trackpad button here and just moving my index finger up and down that works just fine i can hold three fingers and swipe up like this to get the application chooser i can jump over to the photos app here and zoom in with a two-finger pinch so a lot of the things that you’re used to doing on screen will work here on the trackpad and it’s very responsive it feels every bit as good as the trackpad that i looked at from apple a few weeks ago that was much more expensive i can

swipe three fingers up from the bottom there and go back to the home screen and there’s a bunch of other gestures as well that you can find on apple’s website to get some additional ideas and over time we’ll see more of these gestures integrated into different ipad apps most of the apple apps now work with the trackpad quite nicely other apps may not work as well so in an app that doesn’t officially support the trackpad it will kind of emulate what a touch on the screen would do so by and large you shouldn’t find anything that doesn’t work with the trackpad but some things will just work better than others so overall this is a nice device from logitech it adds a little bulk and weight to the overall package but it does provide i think some good value because you can take your entry-level ipad and essentially turn it into a little computer that is very functional surprisingly so with the addition of the trackpad and the integrated keyboard here now this one will only work with the seventh generation 10.

2 inch ipad it doesn’t work with any other ipad in the lineup but most ipads work with keyboards and track pads so my daughters have the prior generation ipad that this keyboard won’t work with but i did attach some keyboard trackpad combos like this one and got pretty basic computer functionality added to something we already had and that of course prevented us from having to buy additional laptops for the kids while they were stuck at home e-learning so there was a good value add here from apple just by putting that mouse functionality into place and here of course you can add it to the seventh generation ipad and get a very nice integration here i like the backlit keyboard i wish it worked a little bit better on the lap and my only other gripe is that i would really like the keyboard to fold behind the ipad so that i could very quickly pick up the device do something on the screen and then put it back into typing mode as you can see here i can keep the two things together but the keyboard detaches it won’t fold around to the back and some of the other keyboards that you might find on the ipad which don’t have track pads usually let you fold the keyboard around to the back so you can do what you need to do on screen and then fold it back into keyboard mode and start typing again i just like

having everything integrated and then having things detach on me that might get lost especially if we’re talking about kids is not as attractive and this is not just logitech doing this apple’s own new keyboard but the trackpad also has this issue but it would be nice if that keyboard could stay attached fold around to the back and then very quickly come back into position for going back into typing mode but that’s a small gripe overall a nice product here and if you’re looking to add a little value to your entry level seventh generation ipad here you go that’s going to do it for now until next time this is lon seiben thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lawn dot tv supporters including gold level supporters tom albrecht chris allegretta david hochman brian parker mike patterson and bill pomerantz if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month so head over to lawn dot tv support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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