Full Review HP Pavilion 14 x360 14 (2020 version) – Convertible Windows 10 laptop

hey everybody it’s lon seidman and we’re taking a look today at the hp pavilion x360 14. this is a two in one so it works as a tablet in addition to working as a laptop and of course you’ve got a tent mode and display mode on it as well and of course it is a touch display because it is a two in one this one also comes with a pen in a few of the configurations too we’ll be checking all of this out here in just a second now i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that this is on loan from hp so when we’re done with this it goes back to them all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor is anyone reviewing or approving what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this laptop is all about now the price point on this will vary widely based on your configuration choices and where you buy it from at the moment and i’m not sure how long the sale will go on for this one as configured is selling for about 570 on hp’s website and i’ll put a link to that down below in the video description i’m not sure again how long that sale lasts but it looks like it’s pretty reasonably priced at the moment and it even comes with a pen too this one has a 1080p ips touch display this is really

nice good viewing angles great color on it nice and bright too about 250 nits which isn’t bad for a display at this price point you of course will find brighter displays on more expensive laptops but i was quite pleased with it there’s another version that has a 720p display that costs a little bit less but i really think the 1080p is the sweet spot here and i would recommend going up to that now these are powered by intel processors 10th generation chips this one has an i5 1035 g1 but there’s also an i7 version with g7 graphics which will be much better for gaming so if you do plan to play some games on this i would spend a little bit more for that i7 version and you’ll see some games running on this one in a few minutes another suggestion i have is spending a little bit more on the memory uh the review loaner we got has eight gigabytes of ram but on this model the eight gig model is in single channel configuration there is one memory module and for these intel laptops with the built-in graphics when you have two modules you can put the laptop into dual channel memory mode and you’ll have better graphics performance as a result so the 16 gig version has two 8 gig modules which will give you better graphics performance this one’s not bad but it could be better with that 16 gigs of ram inside now you can upgrade the ram on this hp tells me but you’ll have to take it apart to do so it’s not hard but the rubber feet here have to be removed to get at all the

screws so you’ll have to put these rubber feet back on and they don’t always go back on the same way so just bear that in mind it’s not designed to be user serviceable this review unit has gigabytes of nvme ssd storage it’s very zippy and it also on top of that has 16 gigs of intel optane memory which will speed up application loading as well so it’s a pretty slick little machine here for doing the basics like web browsing and word processing and that sort of thing applications will load up pretty quickly on here and you shouldn’t see a lot of delay between a mouse click and when something boots up for you now the weight on this one is 3.5 pounds or 1.6 kilograms feels nice and sturdy even though it is made out of plastic for the most part the keyboard deck here though is aluminum and it’s got a nice solid feel to it and this does add some rigidity to the overall structure here the hinge is very nice it stays put for the most part you can get the display positioned anywhere you want and of course you can flip it around and put it into tablet mode the keyboard isn’t bad either nice big keys well spaced this one lacks a fingerprint reader and a backlit keyboard but there are versions that have fingerprint readers and backlit keyboards if you prefer

that i believe the silver version has the backlighting on it this one doesn’t the trackpad here feels nice it’s nice and large it’s a click pad feels very sensitive and no complaints on that front so all good on the input it does have a 720p webcam here at the top nothing spectacular but this will be fine for zoom the intel chips do really well for a video conferencing so if you have a kid who’s going to be doing a lot of synchronous learning online with their webcams this one should do fine for that and there’s a good port selection on this one you’ve got a bunch of usb ports one is on the left here this is a usb 3 gen one port running at five gigabits per second you got your headphone jack there there is an exhaust for the fan which we’ll discuss in a little bit on the other side you’ve got a spot for a sim card because some of these support 4g lte so you can hook it up with your favorite cellular provider and be able to use the data everywhere you go next to it is an sd card slot and what’s nice about this is that the sd card sits flush to the case so you can load up a bunch of movies and stuff on your removable media here and take it with you that might be useful the hard drive inside is upgradable but it’s often nice to just be able to augment the storage with an sd card and leave it in there which you can do on this one next to it you’ve got a usb type-c port this is a gen 2 port running at 10 gigabits per second according to hp and it’s a full service port so you can use this not only to plug data devices in but also connect up external displays and or connect power as well so you can charge it through the usbc port here or through the barrel connector here at the end that’s really nice to see if

you’ve got a usbc docking station you can plug it right in there and you’re good to go just note that this does not support thunderbolt just usbc you’ve got another usb 3 port over here this one is a 5 gigabit port and then the hdmi hp says they upgraded to hdmi 2.0 over the prior edition hdmi 2 should give you up to 4k at 60 frames per second on the output so decent port selection here good i o and i really like having the full service usb c port on this one so let’s take a look and see how it performs we’ll load up the homepage here real quick and see how fast that boots up here now we’re on my wireless ac network here at the house there is a wi-fi 6 option on this if you want the faster wi-fi but ac here for me seems to be working just fine so all good on that front a little bit earlier we also booted up some youtube videos and we played back my 60 frames per second 1080p file that we like to run from youtube and we had no drop frames very smooth performance here and no issues to report on that front so i think for doing the basics like web browsing and word processing and spreadsheets this is more than adequate even in its single channel configuration and on the speedometer test running in google chrome we got a score of 186 on version 1.0 of that test and 109.3 on version 2.0 that comes in right around where i would expect this chip to come in at and you can also see it compared to a previous generation i5 processor as well it does a little bit better against that one so all in performance at least for web browsing feels about where it should be let’s take a look now at its pen

performance all right so we’ve got the laptop now in tablet mode and you can see you’ve got a ton of screen real estate to work with here for writing now one thing i like to do is make sure that the pen gets detected before i rest my wrist down and begin writing here but as you can see it is ignoring my wrist input and all seems to be working pretty well one thing that i like to look for as i write out my name is whether or not it loses track of the pen in between the letters especially if i lift my pen up too high from the screen but it looks like it’s doing a good job of keeping track of the pen’s location and you can test for that by looking and seeing where that cursor under the pen shows up as it gets closer but i didn’t see too many uh wrist movements here getting detected as i was writing things out during my testing it also supports pressure so if you do a light line here you get one type of line and if you push down harder you get a darker line this pen that they sent as part of my review loaner is a 2.0 version of the microsoft pen standard that also supports tilt where you can get a thicker line if you hold the pen at an angle although the apps that i typically use for this don’t seem to support that just yet but it looks like you’ll have additional writing capabilities here with the new pen standard i’m not sure if you get this pen though in the box with the pavilion that we’re looking at here i will update down in the comment section if that is the case all right so let’s move on to some more fun stuff gaming and we ran a bunch of games on this just to see how things went uh this is fortnite

running at 720p at the lowest settings and the frame rate was varying quite a bit it would go as high as 50 frames per second and as low as the upper 20s so i think about 30 frames per second here is the average that we were experiencing not bad but again you would see better performance if you had two sticks of ram installed we also took a look at rocket league 720p here lowest settings just like we did for fortnight we were getting between 25 and 50 frames per second quite a variation here as well rocket league is not all that forgiving of single-channel memory configurations and this is a good example of that but it’s still playable and it would be a little more playable if you went with the 16 gigs of ram gta 5 same story we were running 720p lowest settings getting between 20 and 30 frames per second i should note though that in the past we never got this kind of performance out of intel graphics so things have actually gotten a lot better over the years here with the built-in intel stuff we also ran the witcher 3 720p here we were in the 20 frames per second territory not as playable but if you go into some older games like half-life 2 at 1080p we were in the hundreds of frames per second here so there’s a lot of stuff that will run really nice on this if you don’t mind playing some older games and that’s often the case with machines running with intel graphics now we’re going to pivot over to some benchmarks and this will be a good opportunity to see what dual

channel memory would look like and also what going to the i7 with the g7 graphics would look like as well let’s take a look at the 3dmark cloudgate test and we got a score of 8129 on that test and take a look at the acer swift 3 its graphics performance in dual channel memory mode was about 10 frames per second faster than what we’re seeing out of this pavilion i would expect that we would get similar performance out of this machine if you had both of those memory banks populated and that’s an argument for going to the 16 gigs of ram another thing to check out is the lenovo at the top of the chart there it’s running with the i7 processor that has the g7 iris graphics and check it out it is much faster and that is definitely something to consider on the pavilion here if you are looking to play some games on it so you’ll see a definite performance boost if you go up to that g7 variant here for gaming for sure now we also ran the 3d mark stress test and that is a test that runs one of these benchmarks over and over again to see how the computer does under load for an extended period of time there we got a score of 93.7 percent that is a failing grade passing is 97 percent so that indicates to me that you might see some variation in gaming performance and other stressful tasks if you are stressing the processor constantly and that’s something that we often see on lower priced laptops and that’s no

exception here i do recommend making sure that you keep the bottom of the laptop clear along with the side here because that’s where the airflow needs to go to keep things cool the good news is though that the fan noise on this is not very loud the fan doesn’t kick on all that often so most of the time you won’t hear it so that’s good but there will be some fan noise every once in a while by the way while you’re gaming you’ve got upward firing speakers on this one which is great when the laptop is in laptop mode but it might sound a little muffled when you have it down in display mode like this so i think if you are watching movies and want to have it in the display format here you might want to attach some headphones or use some bluetooth speakers the speakers overall don’t sound bad they are banging olufsen branded speakers they do have good stereo separation but you’re not going to get a lot of bass out of them but they do sound pretty good for a laptop at this price point all right one last thing to check out here and that is its linux compatibility the good news is that the display including touch is being detected properly wi-fi audio bluetooth all of that is good but the keyboard here is not getting detected and this is the second two in one i’ve looked at over the last couple of days that wasn’t getting its keyboard working with ubuntu 20.04 so i wonder if there’s some driver update

coming down to fix all of that and it might have something to do with transitioning the key the computer out of tablet mode into laptop mode again i did try to flip the display around a few times but i was not able to get this thing to get the keyboard detected properly so that’ll probably get resolved at some point otherwise it looks like it is pretty compatible here with linux and overall i think it’s a nice little machine here pretty reasonably priced depending on where you buy it when you buy it and what’s inside of it there are a ton of configuration options as we went over and again i think if you get yours with 16 gigs of ram you will see better graphical performance and i would strongly recommend that especially if you’re going to go up to the i7 version that has the better graphics option and it’s good to see that there is a good graphics option with this and overall a nice solid machine from hp that’s going to do it for now until next time this is lon simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the london tv supporters including gold level supporters tom albrecht chris alegretta david hochman brian parker mike patterson and bill pomerantz if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to lawn dot tv support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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