Review TCL 10L Android Smartphone – Low Cost, Great Screen

hey everybody its Lawnside band we’re taking a look today at another low-cost smartphone this is the TCL 10l it comes from the same company that makes those low-cost TVs and now they’re put in their displays into smaller devices like this one and we’re going to be taking a closer look at what this phone can do in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that this came in free of charge from TCL however all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor is anyone reviewing or approving what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get to it now and see what this phone is all about now the price point on this one is 249 dollars I am very impressed with the display on it it’s a six point five three inch display they call this an LCD dot it’s not an oled display but it looks really good even though it is not and I think one of the benefits that TCL brings to the mix here is that they have been making low priced TVs for a while the display is excellent it looks much better in person than it does on camera actually super-bright really really nice display to get on a phone at this price point and this is really my favorite feature of the phone is its big display very thin bezels on it as you can see there is a camera notch here in the corner so you can see that right up there but overall I am very very pleased with how nice this display looks especially given that it’s not an OLED but looks pretty close to some of the OLED that I have seen on more expensive phones so very very happy with this one resolution is 1080 by 2340 so that’s full HD and then some I know you’re getting about 395 points per inch when you’re looking at text on screen so it’s very easy to read text on this the screen is nice and wide but not too big and overall I am very very pleased with it the phone itself is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor a 665 it also has six gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigs of storage on its base model you can also add a micro SD card to the mix as well now the carrier compatibility on this phone is a little more limited than a few of the other phones I’ve that recently this one comes unlocked for the price tag it works with AT&T and t-mobile here in the u.s.

It will also work on Verizon Wireless only though in LTE mode so if your carrier has 3G CDMA towers somewhere it’s not gonna work with the 3G towers only the 4G LTE towers and this is not a 5g phones you’re gonna have probably better luck with AT&T and t-mobile vs. Verizon but it will work with Verizon provided you only use LTE towers in your travels wait on this one is six point three five ounces or 180 grams the screen here is glass of course but the backing here is plastic the battery inside is a four thousand milliamp hour battery this does not support fast charging and even though it looks like you might be able to put it on a wireless charging pad to charge it it won’t support that either so it’s nothing fancy when it comes to charging but the battery life on the phone is very good we easily got through a full workday using it moderately you know checking email every once in a while watching a few YouTube videos making a call or two generally that kind of usage will get you probably right through the workday and then some if you stress the phone out a little bit more playing a lot of games or perhaps wondering a little too far away from your nearest cell phone tower that might impact battery life a bit but I think for most casual users in good range of a cell phone tower this should give you very good

battery life and you probably won’t need to charge it until you get to the end of your day overall so good battery life there there’s a USB type-c port here at the bottom for charging note that this is a USB 2.0 port even though it’s a USBC connector so you’re not going to get superfast data speeds through it but it’s good enough for plugging in memory devices and other things you might want to connect to that port you cannot get display out of it though it does have a speaker here at the bottom that actually sounds pretty good but it is a mono only device you’re not going to get stereo out of this unless you plug in some headphones to the top of it you do have a headphone jack up there so that was a good thing to see on the left hand side of the phone here you’ve got your SIM card tray and then you have what’s called the smart and this is a button that you can configure based on what you how many times you press it essentially so you have a single press option here you can go into the menu here and decide what you want the button to do you’ve got a whole bunch of things to choose from like turning the flashlight on or enabling the camera and then you can set other settings for a double press and a long press so if you wanted to have maybe the Google assistant launch with a long press you can set that up and right now mine is already set to do that so if I hold it down here that will enable the assistant to pop up so it’s nice to see that little button on there and it’s

good to see that you have some options for configuring it too which was nice on the other side here you’ve got your power button and your volume rocker on the back of the phone you’ve got a ton of cameras which will go into some more detail within a few minutes over here you’ve got your fingerprint reader which does read pretty quickly so if I turn the phone off here and just rest my finger on it you can see it loads up pretty quickly here so nice quick responsive fingerprint reader on the back of the phone and that is pretty much it here for its aesthetics and hardware so let’s dive in now to the camera system we’ll explore what all of these lenses do and what the photos look like and then we’ll take a look at performance now on the back of the phone here you can see we’ve got two flashes and four cameras the first camera here is the best one it’s a 48 megapixel sensor it looks pretty good and we’ll take a look at some image samples in a second next to it is a depth camera this is used for portrait mode to figure out where the background ends in your subject begins next to that you’ve got a macro lens for taking super close-ups of flowers and other high detailed objects and then on the end here you have a wide-angle lens for getting more of a scene captured in your photos and then the front camera here is a 16 megapixel selfie camera so let’s take a look now at some image samples we took with all of these cameras and then we’ll also take a look at its video quality too so let’s begin with this photo here this was shot in high pixel mode that 48 megapixel option and as you can see it’s got a lot of nice

detail here that looks really good so it’s very pleased with this out in a nice bright day the photo looks pretty good now one thing you’re gonna notice here at the bottom is that it was putting a watermark on my photos which I was not happy with apparently that is something that is rectified in the most recent firmware update that they’ve brought to the phone but if you are seeing that you can disable it here by going into the gear icon and then scrolling down to watermark and making sure that’s turned off after the first over-the-air update that comes down for this phone that will be off by default but the only problem here is that the logo is getting baked in to every photo so make sure you disable that if you haven’t already installed that firmware update but again I would just check to make sure it’s off before you start taking some important photos nonetheless though I’m very pleased with its outdoor quality I took a few other shots here today it was a very overcast day so you can see what that looks like I did notice that it tends to over saturate a little bit so that green is a little bit greener than I would like but of course you could dial that down a bit in software after the fact so that was one thing I noticed there another shot here it looks pretty nice you can see we’ve got some good detail on the grass here as well and then I took a couple of other closer shots here this is just the flower outside again this is not the macro mode but the 48 megapixel feature here and again I’m very pleased with the overall detail that we’re getting on a

relatively low-cost phone and low-light photos look pretty good on this – you’re gonna get some graininess but the camera does do a pretty good job of pulling out as much detail as it can in a low light situation and I was actually pretty surprised to see how good the low-light stuff was on this camera now you do have to do a little bit of work though to get the best quality images because by default the phone is going to give you a 12 megapixel image which doesn’t look bad but if you want the best that 48 megapixels they’re advertising you do have to go over here to more and enable high pixel mode and you can then take your pictures at the full resolution as you’ll see though it does take it a little bit of time to shoot that image I’m finding that the image is getting shot but there’s a processing period in which the image gets written to the phone and during that processing time you can’t take any more pictures so just keep that in mind as you’re looking to play with this the fault mode is 12 megapixels the 12 megapixel mode though as you can see does shoot a lot quicker so if you want to get a lot more rapid fire shots off I think leaving it in the 12 megapixel mode is probably the way to go so let’s take a look now at portrait mode it did a very nice job pulling out the foreground from the background here as you can see a nice clean break there and plenty of detail too so it looks really good for a low cost phone I was very pleased with that we have a shot here in portrait mode also out of that rear camera of my two daughters one of them making her usual funny face at me here she was questioning why I was shooting photos of her with this phone and as you can see here there is a little bit of issue with the hair and this is something that most phones have problems with so we’re not going to dig them too bad on that so it is getting a decent separation here of her from the background especially here at the top but down there you can see it’s not blurring out that portion of the background that’s behind her hair and

that’s often very difficult for these phones to do but by and large it’s doing a pretty good job here for a low cost phone and I was very pleased with how well it did do here so no problems there so that was good now I was not that crazy about the macro lens on the camera according to the specs they sent over it’s only 2 megapixels which was surprisingly low especially in this day and age and if you’re trying to capture detail you certainly want a little bit more resolution than that so as you can see here the image although it’s focus doesn’t really have the level of detail we saw in that high pixel mode there’s a good amount of graininess and you can see here as well partly due to its lack of resolution if we take a shot that we did in a much brighter sunny your day you can see it looks even worse here just a lot of grain and noise again due to the fact that it’s a very low resolution sensor running off of that macro lens so this is an area where I would suggest going into that high resolution 48 megapixel mode getting as close as you can get to the thing that you’re trying to pull detail from and then do a crop and zoom after the fact those images will look better than what you’re gonna get out of the macro lens here and that was a big disappointment cuz it was kind of cool to see a macro lens on a smartphone but unfortunately this one just doesn’t have the resolution and the super wide lens here will give you a 118 degree field of view versus 79 on the other high resolution lens so you’ll pick up a lot more in the scene but this wider angle runs at a lower resolution of just 8 megapixels but the images don’t look bad and if you’re trying to pick up a wider field of view that lens will

certainly do it for you now to activate that wide-angle mode you do need to push this button right here to switch to that lens and you can see you get the wider field of view after you do that now the selfie camera is in the upper left hand corner and watch what happens when I hit the button here I’ll put up a little light around it which I thought was pretty cool so you know where to look because a lot of phones of course have that camera in the middle and you’ll want to be looking at the left-hand side here to get the best results of the cameras output the camera isn’t bad it’s 16 megapixels so the quality of the image is pretty good you can see my hair needs to get trimmed a bit here but the detail is good on it there’s also a portrait mode and I just kind of let it run on auto here just to see how it would do so it did a pretty nice job here getting her out of the background there it’s doing it all computationally so it will have a few little hair issues and whatnot here you can see it kind of softened up to here after her ear it also softened up her skin tone as well now you can turn off all of this automatic stuff if you want but I do think it looks pretty good here for an automatic shot so let’s take a look now at its video quality out of the high

resolution lens you can go up to 4k at 30 frames per second the video looks pretty good although it does jump around a little bit as the camera is panned around here as you can see some of that stew to focusing but I also think some of it might be due to the electronic image stabilization which you can turn off but overall the image quality isn’t bad here now you can also shoot video out of that super wide angle lens but that one maxes out at 1080p at 30 frames per second so for the highest quality images the high resolution sensor is going to be the way to go and again that one maxes out 4k at 30 frames per second now if you’re curious as to what the differences are between the standard lens here and the wide-angle lens you will see that transition there to get a feel for what it looks like and what it picks up now as I mentioned this has electronic image stabilization and not optical stabilization so it’s going to give you a bit of flakiness here as you can see if you are walking and shooting video at the same time so my advice would be to disable that feature and try to lock the camera down whenever possible but it will try to do its best to straighten out the image a bit for you when

you’re in motion and there’s a few other fun things you can find in the camera app including a stop motion feature where it’ll take a shot every eight seconds and you can do some cool things like catching the sunrise here which I thought was pretty neat so for the price point not a bad selection of cameras here on the back although I would have liked to have seen more resolution out of that macro lens and then of course you got to do a little bit of extra work to get the full advertised resolution out of the high-res sensor if you just shoot on auto you’re going to be getting 12 megapixel photos not 48 but the 48 is in there if you push the right button so let’s move on now to performance and I was very pleased with the overall performance of the phone here everything is very snappy and responsive web browsing is just fine on it the screen again looks great for reading and they have a special reading mode you can switch the screen into to adjust the color temperature slightly for less eye strain altogether the screen here is the best part about this phone and you’ll have no problems there whatsoever apps here load up very quickly we saw a YouTube a little bit earlier everything is just super snappy and responsive and all together from a performance standpoint you shouldn’t have any issues running any Android app on this device let’s take a look now at some games will start with Call of Duty so here we are in Call of Duty and you can see what

settings the game set itself to and will jump out into the game here it seems to be running at a really nice frame rate here graphics look very nice as well so really no problems here running this game and we tried a bunch of other casual Android games on here too and all of those seemed to work just fine let’s take a look now at the dolphin emulator which emulates the Nintendo GameCube that can be a little bit more demanding on see how it does so the dolphin emulator appears to be pretty playable here it’s not quite full speed but it’s doing better than I expected it to the audio doesn’t sound great it’s choppy and breaking up a bit but the game is almost playable here I’m pretty close to 30 frames per second I think playing the game right now and that’s not bad for a low-end phone but you’ll do better of course on more expensive phones that we’ve looked at here on the channel but I think you’ll be able to emulate a lot of popular consoles from the 80s and 90s on this without too many problems and I was actually surprised to see how well it did for the price point and on the 3dmark sling shot gaming

benchmark test we got a score of 1764 of note here is that this phone is performing about the same as the more expensive pro edition of the TCL 10 phone also of note this is coming in right where the Motorola one action did which is another low-cost phone that at the moment has the same price tag as this one so altogether a decently performing phone again the big story here is the display and what’s neat about these low-cost phones is that typically the manufacturers focus in on one feature that they really put some effort into and this phone clearly it’s the display some phones focus on the camera so it’s really a matter of what you’re looking for but the performance is here I think if you do look at your phone screen a lot throughout the day and you watch a lot of media on it this is a great choice very affordable and a pretty nice device here and there’s really not much to complain about on that front the camera system could be a little bit better on it but again I’m not going to ding them just given how well the phone looks and feels overall so that’s gonna do it for this look at the TCL 10l and until next time this is lion Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold level supporters the for guys with quarters podcasts Tom Albrecht Rick astute Oh Chris Allegretto in Cali an Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to land TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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