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hey everybody is LAN Seidman we’re taking a look today at the HP Chromebook 14 a this is a new Chromebook from HP that’s pretty reasonably priced and does everything a Chromebook can do that includes doing all of your web browsing along with Android and Linux apps it’s powered by an Intel processor as well we’re gonna take a closer look at this in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that this came in on loan from HP so we’re done with this it goes back to them all of the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor is anyone reviewing or approving what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this laptop is all about now the price point on this one is two hundred and sixty nine dollars if you happen to see it selling for more than that keep looking because it’s likely a third party seller is marking it up so 269 is the price point for what we’re looking at here today so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware we’ve got a 14 inch display on this one but it’s running at 1366 by 768 that is essentially a 720p display which means it’s not a 1080p display so the resolution on the display here is not as good as what you might see on more expensive laptops at around this size so just be aware of that this is what they call an SVA display for me it looks closer to a Tien display that we typically see on lower price laptops so again not as good as a more premium device but I think for the price point it’s acceptable this has an Intel and 4000 processor it has four gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of storage which is about what we typically see on

low-end Chromebooks these days the storage might be a little constraining if you’re doing a lot of Android and Linux applications on it but for general Chromebook use it should function pretty well there the keyboard is very nice it’s the usual Chrome OS layout what’s nice about this keyboard though is that it is backlit so you can see it in the dark which was nice to see on a low-price machine like this it’s got these Bang & Olufsen speakers here that are upward firing they sound pretty good again for the price point a nice stereo separation not the deepest base on them but it’s a lot better than some of the downward firing speakers that we often see on these laptops it has a nice big trackpad here that is very responsive and feels to be working quite well for me so altogether the input options here are pretty good especially that backlit keyboard on the side here you’ve got a couple of ports worth talking about we’ve got a headphone jack here which is helpful so if you want better quality audio pop in some headphones there you can use Bluetooth as well what I really like about this is that it has USB type-c it’s got one on the left side and another one on the right side and these are full service USB C ports so this is how you charge the laptop but it also allows you to use external displays in addition to plugging in USB devices a little bit earlier I connected it up to a 4k monitor we were able to get that monitor to run at 30 Hertz or 30 frames per second at 4k with the use of a USB C to DisplayPort dongle it looks like that’s the max resolution it supports but you can also get 1080p displays to work at 60 frames per

second next to that USB type-c port is an SD card slot a micro SD card slot so you could augment its onboard storage and put movies and media and that sort of thing on there using one of those little cards and just be careful though because the SD card does stick out a little bit I would have liked to have seen it go flush to the side of the computer so exercise caution if you’re going to be leaving it in there on the other side we’ve got that other USB type-c port and a full size USB 3 port now this is a completely fanless laptop so it’s not going to make any noise when it’s on pretty attractive as well it’s made out of plastic but it doesn’t feel like a cheap plastic to me it’s got a nice rugged feel to it so altogether I think it’s a pretty good machine here the hinge is pretty sturdy on it as well nice and stiff and it will stay put when you drop the display into a certain spot so that was good you do have to hold down the bottom here though when you open up the screen on it weight on this is three point two four pounds or one point four six kilograms so a little on the heavier I suppose but it’s also a 14-inch device does though have a pretty big battery on here HP is rating the battery life at around 13 hours I think you’ll get close to that in real world usage we were testing out the battery life on here over the last couple of days if you’re doing the basics kind of keeping the display brightness down and mostly doing web browsing I think you’ll definitely get closer to the 13 hour mark probably getting between 11 and 12 hours but if you are running Android games or doing some high-end Linux tasks that are really taxing the processor that of course will reduce the overall battery life but I think again stick to the basics and you’ll easily get through a workday on this one now the quality of the web camera isn’t all that great on this one but it does

have a nice wide angle lens on it so if you’ve got a bunch of people that are gathering in front of your laptop for a family call or something you’ll all appear on camera without having to get to swish together so that was nice to see and overall it’s not a bad laptop here for its low price-point feels pretty solid to me let’s take a look now and see how it performs so let’s kick things off with some web browsing will pull up the Chrome browser here and head over to the home page like we usually do as you can see here things render in pretty quickly no problems there the lower resolution display will make things feel a little more constrained just because a lot of websites now are targeting higher resolution displays but as you can see here things are working pretty nicely now a little bit earlier we tested YouTube we ran a 1080p 60 video to see if we had any dropped frames now of course that video is being down scaled essentially by the laptop to 720p but we had really no dropped frames on that playback a few when things got started but once the video started playing all was smooth on here so I think for watching videos or browsing the web this is more than adequate and should perform right up there with other Chromebooks at its price point and on the browser bench dorg speedometer test we got a score of 75 point 6 on version 1.0 of that test and 46.7 on version 2.0 that puts it pretty much exactly in line with what we saw on H pease x360 chromebook which is a smaller 12-inch version running with the same processor so

altogether it’s performing where this processor should be performing and all is good there I was also surprised to see that the pixel book go that we reviewed recently that costs a lot more that has a more powerful processor is actually running at around the same performance as this lower-cost model does so altogether the performance is exactly where I expected it to be and it’s performing quite well now one of the cool things about Chromebooks is that they can run Android apps and if you go down into the taskbar here you’ll see the Google Play Store is available to you and if you own apps on your Android phone or tablet there’s a good chance that those apps will also boot up on your Chromebook including the ones that you’ve already purchased so that’s pretty cool I found the apps run pretty nicely for the most part if they are compatible you will notice that some games and some other applications may not work with the Intel processor so if that’s the case they may not appear in the store for you to download because of that compatibility but generally a good chunk of the Android library is here and functional and it should run just as well on this laptop as it does on your phone there are some exceptions to this I have run for example Call of Duty which is a really popular mobile game on the Android platform that will install but it locks up a lot it doesn’t really run all that

great if at all so you’re gonna probably find some issues with some of the more involved Android apps but the basics here work quite well especially things like Microsoft Office and some of the other social media applications and one thing I actually recommend you do is install the androids versions of Netflix and Amazon Prime video and the reason is is that you can download things onto your device for offline viewing so if you were getting onto an airplane or something you can download a bunch of stuff to the laptop and be able to watch that offline just like you would on your mobile phone but on a much larger screen but unfortunately I was not able to get the SD card to work with Netflix Disney Plus or Amazon Prime video for offline viewing so you’ll be squeezing those videos into the limited 32 gigabytes of storage that you have here on the device now as I mentioned you can also run Linux apps on Chromebooks and this one is Linux compatible as well so we installed the Linux beta through the chrome control panel a little bit earlier and once you get it installed a command window will pop right up and you can get all of your text based applications to work on this here so it’s great for coding and that sort of thing you can also get graphical user interface apps to run as well so here is the which is a photo editor and I can load up a photo that I downloaded a little bit earlier and we can edit this natively on the Chromebook without having to be online at all this is running like any native application would that’s pretty cool everything seems to be working pretty well although I did notice some weirdness here with the LibreOffice suite and its icons so there’s a couple little glitchy things here and there that you might run into but this beta of the Linux functionality is constantly getting developed and improved so I think you’ll see improvements with the performance and how things run over time with this and because this is running with an Intel

processor you can also install games from Steam that are compatible with Linux now there are some limitations here because this is not a very powerful Intel device but it can run some basic games let’s take a look at shovelknight real quick so here is the Linux version of shovelknight and it seems to be running at full speed no real issues here to speak of now remember we are running with a very low end Intel processor so this is the kind of game that’s going to run on here you’re not going to get a lot of triple-a titles if any to run successfully on this very limited hardware but if the specs are right I think you’ll have a pretty good experience here running Linux games through your steam account and it’s able to do this again because it is running with an Intel processor which does give you a lot of options now one thing I did do is I enabled the GPU settings which is a thing you have to jump into before you get steam installed that enables us to run at the speed that it’s running here and after that’s done you’re good to go I did notice some issues earlier with half-life 2 which typically works pretty well on this low-end chipset I was off on its colors and the controls weren’t all there so some games are gonna work some are not it’s going to be very similar to what you might experience on the Android side but again because they are continually developing this Linux functionality I think over time this is going to get a lot better now all Chromebooks will have a date in which they no longer receive software updates this one’s day is June of 2026 after that date the laptop will still work it just won’t get any additional security patches bug fixes or feature updates and just bear in mind that the

date is not set based on when you buy it it is based on when the laptop is released so if three years from now a bunch of these get sold on clearance somewhere you could be buying this brand new but you’ll only have three years of support left on it before those updates cease but again it will still work after that expiration date it just won’t get any additional support or updates and that’s common across all Chromebooks that you might be looking for out there overall a very nice package here pretty reasonably priced well built for the price point I wish I had a 1080p display maybe they’ll release a version with that but beyond that this is a solid affordable Chromebook offering and I really love the value that Google keeps pumping into the Chrome OS platform you’ve got Android you’ve got Linux and there’s a lot of stuff that I’m sure will be getting better and better over the lifespan of this device and many other Chromebooks that we’ve been looking at so a lot more to come on Chrome OS let me know what you thought down in the comments below and until next time this is LAN Simon thanks for watching this channel was brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold level supporters the four guys with quarters podcasts Tom Albrecht Rick the stood Oh Kris alligretto in Cali an Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to land TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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