Review Lenovo C940-15 with Nvidia GTX 1650 GPU – Premium Two In One Laptop

hey everybody if Lawnside been and we’re taking a look today at the lenovo c9 4015 we looked at their smaller 14-inch a few weeks ago this is the larger one that also incorporates an NVIDIA GPU this one’s got a gtx 1650 inside with four gigs of video ram and like many two-in-ones you can flip it around into the display mode here you can use it like a tablet a big heavy one or put it up in tent mode if you want and of course it’s got the touchscreen built-in as well but you’ve got the GPU onboard that’ll give you a better graphics performance for gaming and video editing and a few other things and there’s a lot to look at here with this particular computer which we’re going to be getting into in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure if this is on loan from Lenovo so we’re done with this it goes back to them all of the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor is anyone reviewing it or approving it before it is uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this laptop is all about now the price point on this one starts at around

$1,200 and goes up from there the good news is at least at the time I’m recording this video that the entry-level model that is around 1200 bucks does have the gtx 1650 GPU built in so that’s a good thing so let’s dive in and take a closer look now at the hardware again 15 inch display here this one was configured with the 1080p display touch of course and you can use it in tablet and display mode HDR pretty bright as well so for a 1080p display it looks pretty good here on this system but if you want something higher resolution I do believe there’s a 4k version available too but that will come at the cost of battery life so just keep that in mind as you are doing your shopping there inside this one has an i7 9750 H processor it’s got that gtx 1650 GPU it has 16 gigabytes of ram but the ram is soldered onto the motherboard you cannot upgrade the ram you can though upgrade the hard drive on it this one has a 512 gigabyte intel SSD with integrated obtain this is one of the optic h10 drives now the octane drive is designed to speed up kind of the everyday tasks that most consumers do so if you’re loading up applications you’ll see them spring up a little bit quicker especially the ones you load all the time your boot up time might be a little less versus a computer without the obtain technology so there are some good things about it but do take a look at some of the reviews out there about the obtain H tens because there are some trade-offs versus a traditional nvme from a performance standpoint but it’s not anything that I think most consumers should really be concerned about here wait on this one is four point four one pounds or two kilograms and that’s with the 1080p display so it’s a bit on the heavy side but it is a 15-inch laptop so you sometimes get a little bit more bulk there but I was really impressed with the overall build quality it just feels very elegant it’s just nicely constructed there’s nothing that looks out of place on it it really just has a nice smooth feel it’s all metal of course you’ve got this really nice hinge mechanism on the center here with an integrated Atmos Ambar the sound is great on it a very nice spaciality a good range of sound good stereo separation so it’s a really nice multimedia laptop for doing web conferences but also watching

movies and maybe listening to music too you don’t get a deep bass out of the speakers but it does sound pretty decent compared to many other laptops that I’ve looked at it sounds the best though when you’re in the laptop configuration where the speakers are pointed right at you you do get a little bit of a degradation in quality when you’ve got it in this mode because the speakers are pointing downwards in this configuration but as a laptop it sounds pretty darn nice the keyboard is also very nice on it you’ve got your traditional Lenovo layout here a good key separation decent travel on the keys it is backlit you get the number pad also which is what the larger laptops allow you to squeeze in there so that’s good you got a fingerprint reader here it does not support face recognition though and our really nice trackpad this is one of the nicest track pads I’ve seen on a Windows laptop so far this year very happy with that as well four ports you’ve got a couple worth looking at your power goes in here it’s a 135 watt power adapter required for this one and then you’ve got to Thunderbolt three ports here that will also work of course with USB type-c devices however I noticed these two ports do not charge the laptop so you have to at least for me and my testing plug in the power adapter in order to charge it but both of these ports will do data in and out as well as video out and of course you can drive 4k 60 Hertz displays with one of these next to it you’ve got a traditional headphone microphone jack and then on the other side you just have a single USB 3.0 port and your power button but you also have another cool feature which we’ll explore in a few minutes which is a garaged pen and the pen sits right in there it charges up when it’s docked to the unit here and you’ve always got a pen with you that you can use with the large 15 inch display and we’ll take a look at that in a few minutes so really nice package here overall battery life we’re looking at about nine to

nine and a half hours which isn’t bad if you start using that GPU the battery life will go down quite a bit so that nine and a half hour figure is going to be for word processing excel maybe doing a little email maybe a movie or something but once you start pushing the hardware a bit for more higher-end tasks like video editing you’ll see that battery life dropped quite a bit so let’s take a look now at its performance we’ll load up the Chrome web browser here and go to the home page just to get a feel for how things spring up on a Wi-Fi connection and as you can see here things render in pretty fast even on a multimedia rich site here it’s performing as I would expect it to and we also booted up the edge browser to take a look at high frame rate video on YouTube we loaded up my 1080p 60 frames per second drone video that worked just fine no drop frames we do though of course see some dropped frames on Google Chrome because they still have not yet optimized Google Chrome for the Intel video hardware I like to bring this up every once in a while because it still hasn’t been fixed after all of these years I was not able to get HDR video to work correctly with Netflix it’s not detecting HDR display at least on the 1080p version here but it is detecting the Atmos sound so you will get all of that surround sound out of that sound bar on Netflix here because it is able to detect that you’ll want though of course to use the windows Netflix app and not just go to the website but it was pretty neat to see that there built right in and on the browser bench org speedometer test we got a score of one hundred and seventy five point seven on version 2.0 of that test and 101 on version 1.0 that puts this machine a little bit under what we’ve seen from other similar

laptops with the same processor but as you’ll see in a few minutes this one does do better when it’s under load for sustained periods of time and that might be why we’re seeing a slight difference in score here but for things that most people do with a laptop you’re not going to notice much of a difference alright so let’s take the pen out of the garage here and see how everything works one thing I’m noticing with the pen is that it needs to be pretty close to the screen in order for it to ignore other input and when you are putting your entire arm on this big display you’ll find like right now that once you go between words and maybe lift your pen up for a second it might lose track of the pen and then start picking up input from your arms you’re going to want to keep that pen super close as you’re writing that was my only real frustration with this is that it loses track of that pen pretty quickly even if it’s not that far off the display another thing to be mindful of are the buttons here on the pen they’re right where you’re going to sometimes rest your thumbs so it’s possible to hit those inadvertently as well but the pen does have decent pressure detection it’s got 4096 levels here so you can see as I push the pen down harder I get a thicker line and when I go lighter here it is a thinner line this is one note so I’m sure there are other applications that might make better use of the pressure detection but it does have that pressure detection here and I do like how conveniently the pen stores itself inside of the computer’s case here so let’s move on now to gaming remember we got the 1650 GPU onboard and we saw some pretty good performance out of the games that we tried on it I will begin first with a simpler one rocket League about a hundred and thirty frames per second at the highest setting so no issues there fortnight at epic settings

1080p about 45 to 65 frames per second depending on what was going on in the game on GTA 5 when we use the DirectX 10 at highest settings 1080p we were getting between 70 and 85 frames per second which are three at Ultra settings at 1080p between 50 and 60 frames per second and on the 2016 version of doom yes we got to get the new one now Ultra settings we were getting about 60 to 80 frames per second while we were battling some of the enemies in that game so overall really good performance out of the GPU here and we found that it’s pretty close to what you might see out of the GTX 1060 from a year or two ago and on the 3d mark time spy benchmark test we got a score of three thousand three hundred and twenty nine and that puts its graphics performance very close to what we saw out of a desktop computer about a year ago with laptop guts inside the shuttle X PC Xone that had a GTX 1060 on board very close to that 1060 in overall performance but also take a look at the asus tough that we looked at about a week ago that computer costs about half of what this one costs and gets very similar performance out of its GPU because it’s got the very same GPU that this one has inside so if you’re willing to give up build quality battery life touch displays nicer displays you can often get similar performance out of something that costs a lot less but when you pay more for a premium laptop you do get better features like a higher quality

display better speakers and build quality for example but if those things are not important to you you certainly can match and sometimes exceed what you’re getting out of an expensive laptop by giving up some of the creature comforts that one of these premium machines might give you now we also ran the VR Marc orange room to see how well it might do in virtual reality there we got a score of four thousand seven hundred and twelve and that’s a good score which means it can drive an oculus headset or an HTC vive at the 90 frames per second it needs however that would be for very basic VR applications it’ll really struggle with some of the more demanding titles that are on the way so this is really a bare minimum the our machine you might want to look at something powered by a twenty sixty if you want a somewhat affordable laptop that can drive your VGA now it’s very impressed with its thermal performance as you can see here on screen we’ve got a score of ninety nine point two zero percent on the 3d mark stress test and what that test does is it stresses the CPU and GPU with a pretty demanding test over and over again to see if the computer gets too hot and has to slow down this one largely didn’t throttle here it’s a very very good score and the fan isn’t all that loud or offensive either so they’ve really got a good finely tuned system here that seems to be working quite nicely and you’ll also notice that it is able to run Linux I am having some trouble getting it to detect the GPU unfortunately we’re running nineteen point one zero right now but it does get the Intel video up here without issue sound is working Wi-Fi is working Bluetooth is working so a lot of the basics here on Linux are functioning and I might defer to some of my linux experts out

there and some things we might want to try to get the GPU functioning but overall it is a pretty zippy Linux experience here but we are again having some issues with the video detection for the GPU so keep that in mind probably not the best Linux experience at the moment but it does seem to boot it up at least and it detects most of the hardware now that error message you saw pop up was about the NVIDIA GPU so we’ve got to do a little bit more work on Linux here but as a Windows machine it’s great it performs well you’ve got the GPU on board for gaming and video editing tasks and that sort of thing love the two Thunderbolt ports there I love just the fit and finish of it it’s one of the nicest feeling laptops I’ve used in a while just really nice design here really high-quality metal it just feels premium along with that nice sound bar and hinge here so it’s a really good premium laptop if you’re in the market for that sort of thing and I think you’ll be quite happy with the things you’ll be able to do with this it is a little bit bulkier and heavier than a laptops but you do have the 15 inch display and the onboard GPU with relatively quiet cooling and I think all of those things together make this one something to definitely take a look at that’s going to do it for now until next time this is lines Ivan thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold-level supporters the four guys with quarters podcasts Tom Albrecht Rick vestido chris Allegretto Kelly Anne Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to LAN TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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