Review Unihertz Titan Android Smartphone with a Blackberry Look and Feel

hey everybody its lawns I’ve been and every once in a while there’s some companies that actually do some good stuff on crowdfunding platforms and one of them is a company called Yuna Hertz and every couple of years they come up with a new phone design that they test out on crowdfunding and then later manufacture it for the masses and this is their latest effort here this is called the unit Hertz Titan and it’s a very large blackberry inspired Android phone with a square display and a full keyboard and if you’re into full keyboards this might be something worth looking at the last phone we looked at from them was called the atom which was this little tiny full-featured Android smartphone this one is moving in a very different direction but feels equally high-quality so we’re going to be taking a closer look at this phone in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that I paid for this with my own funds all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor is anyone reviewing or approving it before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this device is all about so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware the first thing that surprised me about this phone is its size and weight from the pictures that look like something that was more along the size of a blackberry but it is much much larger than that it’s got a 4.6 inch display here it’s running at 1430 by 1438 so decent pixel density on it but it is much bigger than I initially expected it to be it’s also pretty heavy to

about 305 grams or ten point seven six ounces and it’s that heavy because it is super rugged it’s got some really high quality materials here putting it together a lot of high-end thick plastic and metal it feels like it can definitely survive some abuse and I think that’s kind of what it’s designed for it’s kind of a rugged device for people that are out in the field a lot and don’t want to have a case on their phone it includes a screen protector one of those tempered glass protectors which comes installed and they also included a second one in the box price point on this when it hits retail is going to be three hundred and fifty nine dollars I paid two fifty nine which was their Kickstarter price it has a heel VOP 60 mt 7/7 one processor six gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage so pretty decent specs actually for the price point if you can get over its big size and weight of course and that’s one of the nice things about these niche phone makers is that you can often find exactly what you’re looking for if you hunt around a little bit and I think they’ve really nicely equipped this one out for the price point it also has a very big battery in it 6,000 milliamp hours which should be good for easily a full 20 or 24 hours worth of usage and I’m sure you could probably get a few more hours or perhaps even days out of it if you just have it on standby so when you charge this thing up it should be able to easily get through the workday we’ve been very impressed with the

battery life that we’ve been seeing with it so far and the phone also supports wireless charging it’ll support up to 10 watts with a wireless charger the only thing we noticed when we were putting it on the charger is that you do have to position it a little bit off-center I think the wireless charging region is located right around here and not in the center like most phones are but once you get it on that wireless charger it should start charging itself without any real issues now as far as carrier compatibility is concerned it should be fairly Universal worldwide it’s a 4G LTE phone no 5g on this one it’ll also work with Verizon here in the United States but you do need to have that SIM card activated before you pop it in the phone this is this is not an official Verizon phone so as such you have to plug it into a regular officially sanctioned Verizon device first to activate and then you can move the SIM card over if you haven’t activated sim then you can just pop it in here and you’re good to go you can have two SIM cards installed at the same time and then you can switch between them in the settings that might be useful if you’re traveling globally frequently the other option is you put a single sim card in and then you can also add a micro SD card onto the tray here so your choices are a micro SD card and a single sim or no micro

SD card and two sims the choice is yours there and that will get you activated and on most of the major cellular networks you don’t have much in the way of ports on this one you do have a you spc port here at the bottom for charging it will support the faster USBC charging voltages and amperages just know though that you do have a bigger battery here so this will take longer to charge than a phone with a smaller battery running at those faster speeds so just be aware of that you also on the top here have a headphone jack that’s something lacking on a lot of phones these days so you can plug in your earbuds or whatever else you want to use and of course it supports bluetooth so you can have wireless headphones attached to it as well the speakers are on the back here and they are quite loud so it does very well as a speakerphone the handset speaker here also works quite nicely when you’re just talking on the phone with the phone up to your ear you do have a bunch of buttons on here you’ve got a programmable button here on the side you can do pretty much whatever you want with this right now it’s tied to the flashlight on the back but you can use it with push-to-talk apps and that sort of thing on the other side you’ve got your volume rocker and you have your power switch here for turning the phone on and off it has two means of authentication biometric

authentication that is you have a fingerprint sensor down here and then it will also do facial recognition so if I just turn the phone on here and look at it you can see it unlocks very quickly however the face recognition does not differentiate between your eyes being opened or closed so if you’re sleeping somebody could walk up to you and unlock the phone just by pointing it at your face likewise of course they could pick your hand up and put it on the fingerprint sensor too so just be aware of that but it does work very quickly and it’s nice to see that on a relatively budget-priced phone now given this phones biggest selling feature is the physical keyboard you might be wondering how it is well I’ve been typing on it for the last couple of days and it’s okay it reminds me a lot of my blackberry keyboard from a few years back I have to say though personally I’ve really gotten used to on-screen keyboards and I’ve been getting very proficient at them so it’s been taking me a while to get used to having physical keys again but if you are someone who really prefers this I think you’ll like these they remind me a lot of the BlackBerry springiness they feel very similar to that I think the keys might be a little bit larger than what you might have remembered on your blackberry given the fact that the phone is larger overall and they integrated smartly I think some touchscreen keys with the physical keys so for example if I want to add a period I can just push the period on screen here and add it if I want that period from the physical keyboard I have to hit

Alt + V to get it which of course might take a little bit more time so they’ve kind of smartly mixed the new and the old here I think in a way that I think might work a little more efficiently for a lot of folks I don’t like the position of the Shift key though it’s all the way up here if I remember correctly my blackberry had that Shift key integrated into the mainline keyboard here also if you want numbers you’ve got to hold down the Alt key and type in these keys here which have numbers attached to them you can get at numbers on screen though so if you are in a text input field you can hit this right here and that will give you additional punctuation marks along with numbers that you can type in an ad and I think this kind of works because the screen is larger than what you had on a blackberry so you do have some room down here for some touch controls but again a bulk of your keyboard typing can be done on the physical keyboard itself the keyboard is backlit so you can see it in the dark that’s a good thing I also found that depending on the context you’ll see a different bit of touch commands here so for example if I enter into a password field I’ll get numbers in addition to some punctuation marks down here at the bottom for faster entry I would have liked to have maybe seen this two row entry in all text fields but it looks like

it’s only doing that when it’s in a password field there but perhaps they can do some firmware updates or do something to allow you to customize that a little bit more but overall not a bad typing experience on here but I think if you haven’t used one of these physical keyboards in a while it’s going to take a little bit to get used to it again now like most smartphones you’ve got two cameras one on the front one on the back nothing spectacular though out of this camera system it is really basic transportation and very similar to what I see on a lot of other low-cost smartphones that we’ve looked at the front sensor here is 8 megapixels so it’s adequate I guess for documentation and selfies and maybe some video conferencing it’ll shoot 720p video oddly there’s a 1440p mode on the front-facing camera but the video doesn’t look much better in that mode I think it might be doing some kind of internal up conversion to hit that resolution the rear camera is 16 megapixels and although that is a decent resolution the overall photo quality here is still pretty lackluster so you’re not going to take a photo that you’ll put on display anywhere but it’s probably good enough for documenting something at your workplace it will do 1080p video at 30 frames per second out of the back here again nothing spectacular but adequate it also has that odd 1440p mode for video but again it doesn’t do much to improve the overall quality of what you’re seeing out of it so let’s take a look now at some basic performance on the phone we’ll begin with web browsing we’ve got the Chrome browser up here and I’ll load up the home page have to say this is one area where I don’t like having

this physical keyboard because I really wish there was a little bit more vertical screen real estate as I’m scrolling through some of the articles and other things that are on the site here but it does seem to perform pretty well at rendering these pages I’m on Wi-Fi right now but on the LTE a little bit earlier it was doing just fine as well text is a little bit on the smaller side again given the on-screen size here but it seems to work fine as a web browsing device you can use the physical back button here to go back and forth unfortunately though I was really hoping this capacitive area would work like a little trackpad with a mouse pointer but it doesn’t do that it’s basically just your standard home button and you can do some basic gestures but nothing that’s all that useful or innovative unfortunately they do of course support YouTube and other video apps on this phone as well and things do seem to load up pretty quickly on here including all the ads again the speakers are pretty loud on this so you shouldn’t have a problem hearing the videos that you’re watching even in noisy environments but again because we’ve got this weird square phone here it’s going to give you a pretty large letterbox area especially when you’re looking at 1080p content like this so it’ll just take some getting used to given the odd screen orientation on the phone now it’s also able to play some games but the

screen might introduce some challenges there let’s take a look at goats in later first they’ll this scroll over to it here I had it running in the background and you can see because we’ve got that six gigs of RAM it’s very easy and fast to switch between apps that are running in the background like this I know this is one of these open-world games that seems to perform pretty nicely here it does force me though into the landscape screen orientation it just flips you right over here and that’s how you have to play it and it will also of course shrink the visible area it doesn’t look like it’s squishing everything it’s just giving us less to look at so if we were on a wider screen phone we would see more of the world right now than what we’re seeing here but it does appear to be running and running pretty adequately I will try to another game here this one is another one of my favorites pac-man 256 again it was just sitting there in the background without any real problems this one will run vertically but it is running with a very tiny view of the world here so different games will vary up the screen real estate depending on how the developers wanted to deal with oddly shaped screens like this but the good news is is that most of the games that I have tried have worked so again you might encounter some wackiness with some of these games but generally they appear to be running and running quite well on the platform here and on the 3dmark sling shot gaming benchmark test we got a score of one thousand four hundred and seventy so graphically this kind of puts it in budget territory if you want a better

general consumer phone for around this price I think the Google pixel 3a is the one to look at but if you are a customer looking for a very specific set of features namely a physical keyboard a square display a rugged physical design along with really good battery life I think this phone will largely meet your requirements it is a great work phone it is very well constructed it doesn’t feel like it’s coming from a tiny niche manufacturer it really just feels solid all the way around the only compromise that I can really see on here is the camera system which isn’t great but everything else about this phone I am quite pleased with and of course it’s running Android and you’ll have access to that huge application ecosystem the version of Android that was shipped on the phone time recording this video is android 9 the security updates are current through October of 2019 at the time I’m recording this video I’m recording this in January of 2020 so it might be a little behind on its security updates but by and large it looks like they are supporting the phone beyond its initial release here which is often a good sign and this is one company that I’ve really been impressed watching over the last two years because they are selling this stuff initially on Kickstarter which is

never a place where you often see a lot of companies delivering on what they promised this phone is everything they promised and it was delivered largely on time as well and what I’m getting here is not something that feels cheap it’s something that feels really well designed and put together so if you’re in the market for a large work phone like this that has that familiar Blackberry look and feel I think you’ll be quite pleased with this this is a phone that’s not really for me but I appreciate what they’re putting together here and I really appreciate the fact that I think the people that are looking for a phone like this will be quite pleased with how it performs especially given the price point that they’re selling it at so if you like this design and you want something running Android it’s definitely worth taking a look at but for me I think I’ll stick to my traditional smartphone with the on-screen keyboard that’ll do it for now but until next time this is line Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold-level supporters the four guys with quarters podcasts Tom Albrecht rajesh logic gr and Kalyan Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month it over tool and TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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