Review PowerA Fusion Wired Fightpad for Xbox One

hey everybody its lines side button we’re taking a look today at the power a fusion wired fight pad this they say is a Sega Saturn inspired gamepad that is designed for fighting games it hooks up to the Xbox one or the PC via its included USB cable and it’s got a couple of other interesting little features to it that we’re going to explore in this review including one of these floating D pads and we’re gonna get to all of that in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure if this came in free of charge through the Amazon vine program however all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this game controller is all about so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware it’s kind of a unique design from a third-party game controller company again it looks a lot like something you might have seen back in the Sega Genesis or Saturn days of course the big feature here is that floating d-pad which makes some of those moves where you have to kind of do a circular motion easier to execute we’ll explore that in a few minutes it has very large oversized buttons here as you can see you’ve got your standard Xbox layout here along with two additional buttons that map to the triggers here and you can adjust what these do and I’ll show you what some of these switches do here as we work our way through the review you have a full set of buttons on the back of the controller here including your left and right buttons along with your triggers these are digital and not analog so they’re either on or off there’s no

variation to the execution there but again this is designed mostly for fighting games and you’ll notice though you’re lacking the analog sticks here but you can use this switch here to basically have the d-pad function as a d-pad or as an analog stick but of course not both at the same time then you’ve got your start buttons here your back button and your Xbox button along with a headphone jack here at the bottom the cable is pretty nice it’s three meters or 9.8 feet it is nylon braided so it won’t tangle up too much even though I’m doing my best at making it tangle up here a bit and it also has a breakaway here too it’s not that easy to breakaway the cable but it will detach there although I think if you give it a good snag it’ll still pull your console off of whatever it might be sitting on so no wireless option here this is strictly a wired controller and we’ll explore some of the latency or lack thereof that you might experience with this a little bit later in the review a couple other neat little quirks of this is that it has removable face plates there’s a couple of different colors available with this controller this one is their gray one and it’s got a couple of variations of gray and white so this is the one that it had installed when I took it out of the box you can pop them off very easily and you can see the guts of the controller sort of there and you can slap on another one here if you want so I got that black one this gray one and they also had a white one in the box but if you choose a different color you will get a different set of face plates that you can attach

to it so a little add-on there that I think may have added some costs to the overall package I was surprised by how much this cost $55 which is quite expensive I think for a wired gamepad like this we’ve seen a lot of other retro inspired controllers with the floating d-pad out there that sell for Less including some from 8-bit dough and retro bit so there is a premium here but let’s take a look and see if that premium price is worth it all right so let’s take a look at how the controller works in its default mode I have it connected to my PC and as you can see here the d-pad is currently mapped to the d-pad on my X input screen here so this is working the way you would expect now if for some reason you wanted this to replicate the analog stick especially for games that don’t allow maybe mapping in a different way you can hit this switch here in the center and when I go to LS you’ll see now that the left thumbstick is getting triggered by my movement here with the d-pad again this is going to be a digital experience and not an analog one so as you can see as I push down here it’s either a hundred percent or nothing it’s either on or off so you’re not going to get a lot of precision like you would with an analog stick but you can map the path to the stick with this switch without having to go through any software and then if I flick it all the way over to this RS mode you’ll see now that it’s become the right stick so you can switch it around here but again you only have one main control surface here and this is certainly not going to work

for every game that you attach it to there’s another switch as well because you may want to have some way to click your analog sticks that don’t exist on here so on the top of the controller is a switch that will remap the left trigger and the left button so if I flip the switch over like so to the right here what will happen is that when I hit the left button as you can see here my left analog stick here lights up that would be the rep the equivalent of pushing in the stick and then if I hit the trigger button here you’ll see that that same motion happens on my right stick and then if I flick it back I get my triggers and my buttons back as I had them before the other two buttons here are mapped to the right button and the right trigger so if I push this button in here you can see that it also will light up the right the right button push there and then if I hit R T here that will initiate a right trigger movement and I’m not seeing any other switches for controlling what these two buttons do but I am finding at least in the case of Street Fighter 5 that everything is mapped pretty much perfectly right out of the gate without having to do anything in the software to configure it so let’s jump in now to Street Fighter 5 and see how it works all right so we’ve got Street Fighter 5 loaded up right now and the good news is is that everything by the fall is mapping properly so it looks like the buttons they chose here kind of line up with how most of these fighting games tend to map their controls this will of course remind you a lot of your sega genesis days where you’ve got all of your kicks here on the lower level of buttons

and then the punches on the upper level so that was good all good so far and then we can try to do some of the special moves here by rolling the d-pad and I was doing better at this last night but as you can see here I’m able to get it to execute pretty decently again because the d-pad here is floating now I am far from a skilled street fighter player by any stretch but I’m able to get these moves to execute a little bit more reliably than I experience with some of the first party Xbox controllers so that is a good thing so I think if you were used to doing a lot of those d-pad rolls back in the day I think this will probably do it for you just because the controller design here is really suited well for doing those rolling kinds of moves so all good on that front and overall I like the size of the buttons I like the size of the pad and I would imagine if you were someone who played a lot of these games with a d-pad I think you will like what they put together here it’s hard to it’s hard to hit the wrong button just given the size of everything and I think that’s the real advantage to this one of course the games you can play will be limited this kind of game is gonna work great but something that relies on more controls will not so again this will be a particular weapon in your tool chest for specific circumstances but at least in the fighting games here which is what it’s designed for it feels like it’s working pretty well now we also tested the latency of the game controller and we do that by shooting the screen at 240 frames per second with my iPhone and we have the controller in frame we hit a button and see how long it takes for that button push to show up on screen we do that with a 144 Hertz display to give us the best possible circumstances here and this one was running

about 10 milliseconds slower than what I was seeing with an Xbox one controller as well as some of the 8-bit doe retro-inspired controllers that we’ve reviewed not a huge difference but it’s there and it’s something that we saw over and over again throughout multiple tests so the Xbox controller and the 8-bit those are typically around 40 to 44 milliseconds and that’s inclusive of the display the USB processing and everything else this one was running at about 56 to 60 milliseconds give or take so just a little bit slower than what we saw on the Xbox an 8-bit doe side and that might make a difference in a game like Street Fighter or perhaps retro games that are a little less forgiving on controller latency now the controller relaxed any kind of rumble or motion controls so if that’s important to you this controller won’t have it so just keep that in mind but overall it’s not a bad layout here I really like the way it feels it’s kind of over sighs it’s got a nice ruggedness to it I was surprised that although the faceplates come off easily with a deliberate motion they don’t come off by accident so it’s not gonna pop off on you in the middle of gameplay I like the oversized buttons here it just feels nice and sturdy which is a good thing the price point

though is a bit high for this especially when you look around at some of the other retro controllers on the market so for example you could find the 8-bit though m30 which has a very similar layout not as big but also has the floating d-pad and that one is about thirty bucks and it gives you a wireless option in addition to the wired connections so it offers a little bit more for less money but I believe that this is the only one of the floating D pads out there that will work with the Xbox in addition to the PC so there are some compatibility considerations there as well but still I think for what they’re asking it’s a bit much given what else is out there in the marketplace and if you’re a PC gamer you’ll certainly have many more options to choose from versus this one but again I like the large form factor of the big buttons and I think if you were looking for a nice dedicated fight pad this one should perform quite nicely at that task even though it does cost a little bit more than I think it should so that’s gonna do it for the power a fusion wired fight pad and until next time this is LAN Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold-level supporters the four guys with quarters podcasts Tom Albrecht rajesh logic gr and Kellyanne Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month ed over to LA I TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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