Review Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 7

hey everybody gets LAN side band we’re taking a look today at the ThinkPad x1 from Lenovo this is the latest 7th generation of their x1 carbon device and we’re going to be taking a closer look at what is pretty much the quintessential executive laptop here in just a second now I do want to let you know though in the interest of full disclosure if this is on loan from Lenovo it’s when we’re done with this it goes back to them all of the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor is anyone reviewed or approve what you’re about to see before it was uploaded and I should also let you know that Lenovo is a past sponsor of the channel but they are not sponsoring this video so let’s get into it now and see what this laptop is all about so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware these start at about thirteen hundred bucks and kind of go up from there the one we’re looking at today I think you can probably piece out for 1,400 to $1,500 this one has an i7 85 65 u quad-core processor inside some of the newer ones now have a 10th generation intel chip as an option but the lower end of the x1 carbon line will be using the prior generation chips I was surprised that it only has ddr3 RAM on board which will impact its performance for a lot of higher-end tasks this one comes

configured with 16 gigabytes I believe the RAM is soldered on so you can’t upgrade it I has a 14 inch display this one has a 1080p resolution which I think is the sweet spot for this particular device it looks fine at 14 inches it’s actually thirteen point nine to be exact really not an issue here color is nice and sharp it’s decent and bright good viewing angles on it so I would probably say go with this there is a higher resolution available for more money it might look a little nicer than 1080p but to be honest with you at this size it’s a negligible difference and you’re going to be getting a huge battery hit with the 4k version of this in particular so my advice is stick with the 1080p save yourself some money in battery life and I think you’ll be very pleased with what they have paired up with this device even with their low end display the storage on this one is a 256 gigabyte Envy ESS D you can upgrade the storage later if you wish or of course configure it with a larger Drive when you purchase it so that’s one option you have to upgrade down the road weight on this is 2.0 2.4 pounds or 1.0 8 kilograms not all that heavy and this has always been one of the strong suits of the x1 carbon line they are extremely lightweight it will surprise you how lightweight it is when you first pick it up and if you are someone who often feels the weight of that 4 pound laptop in your backpack this will cut the weight down in half and it’s really a pleasure to walk around with really nice feeling device it does

pick up a lot of fingerprints and stuff so you will be having to wipe it down occasionally but overall they’ve done a nice job with the casing on this one it’s not metal but it’s got a mixture of metal plastic and carbon fiber I believe to provide strength yet not a lot of weight so I think you’ll be pretty pleased with how it feels for the price point they made it a little bit thinner than the prior edition but it has room for full-size ports so you have an HDMI output here along with a full size USB 3 port you also have two Thunderbolt 3 ports here on the other side these are full service ports so they can provide power in along with data devices for thunderbolt and USB type-c and you can have display going out of those as well so if you have one of those docking stations one of those Thunderbolt 3 docks you can plug a single cable in get video out power in and then get access to some of the USB devices you might want to plug into that dock again all through a single cable these are four-lane thunderbolt ports so it’s all up to date on everything and you could plug in an external GPU with this as well if you wanted to do that because this only has the Intel GPU inside right over here is a network jack this is to be used with a little dongle that will allow you to plug in a full size Ethernet cable they couldn’t fit that rj45 here on the case so there is a dongle for Ethernet but you can connect that network without

having to use any of the USB ports in the process there so that’s an option for you there and of course you’ve got a headphone your phone jack on the other side we’ve got another full-size USB 3 port the standby power button here you have your fan exhaust over here and then you’ve got a Kensington lock for locking it down on a desk so nobody walks away with it this is not a fan ‘less device it’s not all that loud though but it will kick that fan on when the computer is under load so just be advised it’s not a fan list laptop I like the fact that you can fold the display down completely flat like this you can’t get any touch functionality out of the 1080p based display here but it is nice to have that range of motion so a kid might not accidentally snap the display off if they push it down too far so that’s an option and you got the keyboard feels slightly different than other think pads I have used recently partly because the travel on it is not as deep as you might expect out of a think pad just because this one is so thin so it might take a little bit of getting used to especially if you’re coming from an older larger think pad the keys will feel similar in their size and distance but the travel is again not as deep so that might be something you’ll want to play around with to get used to you also have the nub here which is something you see on everything pad it wouldn’t be one without the nub and you’ve got your mouse buttons here to control that you also have a really nice trackpad down here that has a nice spring to it is very very accurate in its tracking and really nice to use so all together a very nice premium experience the

sound quality out of this thing is pretty good too it’s got four speakers I believe it’s an Atmos system and it really sounds nice you get a lot of spatial nough stu the audio that really surprised me it kind of comes from all around you based on how they’ve positioned the speaker’s that sounds nice not a lot of bass to it but the sound quality does have a good range a very good stereo separation as well so decent for music and movies and of course for video conferencing and that sort of thing speaking of video conferencing you have a manual shutter here on the webcam this is something that lenovo includes now in most of their laptops so you can just shut that camera lens with an actual physical shutter without having to use tape and stuff up there but it does not support facial recognition for login you have to do that through the fingerprint sensor here at the bottom to get into it so altogether a very nice piece of hardware very lightweight it feels solid and premium and it has a nice display even at the low end let’s take a look now and see how it performs because from our performance testing this is not going to be for everyone let’s have a look now as I mentioned at the outset this is kind of the quintessential executive laptop it’s something

you’ll see at a lot of airports and it’s something that a lot of corporations buy in bulk to issue out to their employees and as such it does very well at those kinds of tasks if you’re accessing resources with a web browser everything is going to respond very quickly here as you can see if you’re using Microsoft Word and other applications all of that stuff has a nice amount of performance here it’s very responsive no lag to anything it’s a really nice experience a little bit earlier we also tested its video playback capability with my 1080p 60 video from my YouTube channel there we had no drop frames and everything was performing just fine so email web browsing Microsoft Office all good in fact on our speedometer benchmark test that we run to measure how well it will perform on the web we got a nice score of 200 point 4 on the first version of that test and 115 on version 2.0 of that test and it does very well here against even a few other Lenovo devices with the same processor so for those quick hit things it does very well but we noticed that we were getting a big disparity in performance when we place the processor under heavy sustained load this would be something that you would experience if you’re doing a lot of video editing for example and the best way to demonstrate this is to load up a couple of games now in fairness this is not a gaming laptop but typically with non

gaming business laptops we always see some consistency to performance when we’re playing games so let’s take a look at Fortnight and it starts off at about where I would expect this laptop to be as far as its frame rate is concerned and then the frame rate just plummets it’ll stay at that low level for a little bit and then it will go right back up again and then dip back down again a little later we notice similar issues when we were playing with rocket League again decent performance for a little bit and then a lot of laggy freezes and then a drop and then it’ll shoot back up again and continue going on and also even with older games like half-life 2 we saw very similar performance there as well now typically in a review like this I would put up the 3d mark Cloud Gate benchmark test which would give us a good idea as to where this machine stacks up against the other ones but due to this issue every time we ran the tests we got different scores and there was a huge disparity from one test to the next to the point where I can’t really accurately give you a measurement of this computer we also saw some of this disparity when we were running the 3d mark stress test which measures how well the Machine does under sustain load and there we can give you some idea of the scores we were getting so one test came in at 60% which is a very low score another one came in at 88% a third one came in at 60 1.9 percent and a fourth one around 55 point two so we’re

seeing this crazy real flux here in how it performs under sustained load and we waited for a few updates to come down before we did this review just to see if maybe a BIOS update would tune some of the thermals on the laptop to maybe kind of smooth this out a bit but it hasn’t done so so I think this is the performance you can expect and as such I would not recommend this for people that are doing a lot of heavy processor intensive work it’s going to be fine as an executive-level laptop for doing all the things we just talked about but if you are doing things like video editing or any kind of high end production work this is definitely not going to be the laptop for you now battery life on the laptop with the 1080p display we’re coming in and around 9 to 10 hours doing basic kinds of tasks with it so it’ll definitely get through a workday or a long flight perhaps again though you’ll see a pretty big dip in battery performance on the higher resolution displays so stick to that 1080p display turn the brightness down a bit and you’ll get through a good chunk of the work day if not all of it with this laptop and that’s really important for an executive level device and as you’ll notice on here we’ve gotten boon to loaded up right now this is in boo to nineteen point zero four and it’s been running great with this so I think Linux is going to be an option on this machine if you want to install it so display is working Wi-Fi Bluetooth all the things that we typically hope to see working with Linux is working here so you can see just how snappy and responsive it is and that’s one of the key strengths of this laptop is that it can do these little bursty tasks quite well but it’s the sustained stuff that you’re going to see some

disparities in performance so as such I’m going to recommend this for the tasks that it was designed for mostly executive level work but doing any kind of gaming I think is out of the question on this one and I would also caution people that plan to do some degree of video editing to perhaps look at a different computer just because when you really put this under load and are doing a lot of transcoding and that sort of thing you’re going to see the performance kind of jump around a bit and it might be a bit frustrating in the process so weird performance out of this one but we did wait a bit and put in a bunch of updates to see if it might change but it looks like this is how it is going to work so just keep that in mind as you are shopping but it is a nice lightweight portable and decent performing device for again the kinds of things that an executive might do with it that’s going to do it for our look at the x1 carbon and until next time this is Lion Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold level supporters the four guys with quarters podcast Chris alligretto Tom Albrecht Brian Parker Kellyanne Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to LAN TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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