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hey everybody a flaw in Seidman we’re taking a look today at a new tablet from Amazon this is their 7 inch fire 7 this costs $49 if you can put up with a few ads on the lockscreen and it’s their lowest end tablet that you can buy now this is a revision of their prior version and this one has a faster processor and a more up-to-date operating system we’re going to take a look at what this thing can and can’t do in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that I pay for this with my own funds all the opinions are about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this tablet is all about so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware this is the base model which starts at $49 you got a nice 7 inch IPS display it’s a 1024 by 600 display really nice viewing angles I’m not seeing a lot of display bleed through it’s going to meet or perhaps exceed your expectations for the price point and that’s one thing Amazon has done very well now in exchange for this low price you got to put up with some ads so you’ll see an ad here on the home screen occasionally when you turn it on other times you will see ads on the lock screen of the device which I have not yet seen on this particular one although versions of the Amazon fire tablets I have

looked at in the past will put ads there so just be ready for that this one has a gigabyte of RAM and 16 gigabytes of storage which is nice to see on a low-cost device at least from the storage standpoint there is a version with 32 gigabytes of storage that you can buy with ads for $70 or without ads for 85 but I don’t think that’s going to be necessary because you can put SD cards into this thing right here on this little slot and that will augment its onboard storage and Amazon’s always been very flexible with the use of SD cards so you can use these to download media for offline viewing for example you can also put apps on those cards as well it’s very flexible and I think that might be the better way to go versus getting the more expensive model with more storage weighs about 10 ounces or 286 grams it’s May a plastic it’s not gonna win any awards for build quality but my experience with these tablets has been very good from a durability standpoint my daughter upstairs has been using a 7-inch tablet for almost her entire life at this point it has been dropped and tossed around it has never cracked it’s still working pretty much as good as it did when I first got it and I think that’s a good testament to the fact that Amazon is actually making this out of plastic and not out of glass so I think if you have kids this might hold up a little bit better one thing though to keep in mind with this tablet is that it only has a 90-day warranty so if anything happens after 90 days you’re going to have to probably just pay to replace it which kind of makes sense given that the cost on this one is likely what an hour of any technicians time would cost you for a repair now this has the same processor as the 8 inch tablet and as such it will perform the same as the 8 inch tablet and they have also added the Amazon a word features to this you can use it like an Amazon echo and control things in your home I will show you how that works in a few minutes now I wanted to take a quick technical diversion here on the differences between the 7 inch tablet and the 8 inch tablet they both have a mediatek 8 163 V processor but the 7-inch version is running a 32-bit operating system and the 8 inch version is running a 64-bit operating system what does that mean for most consumers nothing

because most of the standard apps will be on both but there could be applications on the 8 inch that you may not be able to get on the 7 inch if they do in fact require a 64-bit operating system that was an interesting difference between the two and it might be because the 8 inch version has slightly more RAM 1.5 gigabytes versus only one gigabyte on this one the 8 inch version also has a slightly higher resolution display versus the 7 inch here now battery life on the tablet is up to seven hours amazon says in my testing I found that to be relatively close if you’re doing non strenuous tasks and have the backlight kind of turned down I think realistically if you’re playing a few games browsing the web you’ll probably get about five to six hours it doesn’t all that long to charge it although they included a one amp charger in the box it actually will support two amp charging through the USB port that it’s got here at the top this is a micro USB port it will support charging of course but also USB OTG devices you have a power switch here you have your volume rocker here and a headphone jack there’s a speaker here on the side it’s not all that loud but it’s adequate enough when you turn the volume up all the way but you might want to plug in some headphones for better audio fidelity you can also use bluetooth headphones with it because it does support bluetooth so that was good to see I know other ports here to speak of although you do have that SD card slot here on the side that’s behind this door for safekeeping so that was

nice to see that card nice and secure in there there’s a couple of different colors available this is the green one I don’t know why I bought this one but that was the color I went with the front of the tablet will look the same no matter which color you get on the back and if you want to spend about 30 bucks have helped more than half the price of the tablet you can get a nice little case for it as well that will prop it up alright so let’s take a look now at some basic performance we’re going to load up the silk browser here which is the default browser on these Amazon tablets and we’ll go over to and see how fast everything renders in here not bad does support Wi-Fi of course 2.4 and 5 gigahertz networks I have it connected up to my 5 gigahertz Network now it doesn’t support wireless AC but it does support the ABG and end standards and you can see here things are rendering in pretty nicely as we are browsing around here maybe you can try to play this video here and see how that boots up so overall pretty fast and snappy response a lot better than I remembered my other seven-inch running here so I think you’ll enjoy the performance of this new 7 if you have an older 7 that you’re using now if you’re using the 8 inch tablet I think the performance will feel largely the same now as I mentioned you can issue voice commands using the a word to this device even when it is off this is a feature that’s on the other tablets in Amazon’s line but was lacking on the

7-inch now you’ve got that feature so I can say to the tablet tell me the weather in New York City tomorrow so as you can see it was switched off it came back on answered the question and is now giving me some visual cues here as well now another thing you can do of course is home control so I can say turn off the color bulb and what’s odd is that it does require me to unlock it to do any home control kind of activities so I’m not sure this is at the moment going to replace what you might be doing with your regular echo devices it could just be the skill that I’m using for that particular bulb requires some kind of authentication to get it to work but I could not get it to turn my lights on and off without unlocking the tablet first this seems like a software thing that could probably be resolved but just keep that in mind it’s a little issue I’m running into but a bulk of the a-word commands that you might issue seem to be working just fine on here irrespective of whether the tablet is on or off I do expect a standby battery hit for this feature to be on so if you are choosing to have the hands-free control be part of your tablet I would suggest plugging it in all the time when you’re not using it so that your tablet at least has a charge when you do need to pick it up and bring it somewhere so let’s move on now to some gaming I’ve got a Playstation emulator here running as part of retroarch and it seems to be running really nicely actually a good decent framerate here I think you’ll have a pretty good time here playing some classic games from the 16 an 8-bit era and then up to the PlayStation I would not expect to get any

usable Nintendo 64 or Dreamcast performance out of this thing but I think for a lot of retro games you should do pretty well and of course it will support Bluetooth game controllers – this one’s just plugged in because it’s battery died overnight now Amazon of course has its own App Store for this tablet that has a lot of Android games you might see also on the Google Play Store just keep in mind though that if you bought a game on Google Play it is not available to you on the Amazon App Store you have to buy it again or figure out some way to shoehorn the Google Play Store onto your tablet so although these run Android they’re running Amazon’s version of Android and as such the Google Play Store is not going to be available to you by default that said we did install a few games on here to try them out GTA vice sity ran very smoothly on the tablet it was a very nice experience running around that game world on this low-cost tablet so that worked out nicely we also installed pac-man 256 which is a casual Android game that one brand very nicely as well so altogether it was a good experience across the board for casual gaming and for emulation again at this 16 and 8-bit levels and on the 3dmark sling shot benchmark test we got a score of 239 that is the exact same score we got on the 8 inch tablet and that’s because

both tablets now are running with the exact same processor so the 7-inch is definitely getting a performance boost this year alright one last thing to check out before we wrap up here and that is playing back HEV see video I downloaded two test files from the jellyfish test site one is a 1080p file HEV C and 110 megabits per second this one runs just fine looks like we’re not seeing many dropped frames here either so it’s able to playback a pretty high bitrate heb C file here likely using some hardware acceleration without any real issues however it did crash when we tried to playback a 140 megabit per second video that was encoded at 4k at 10 bit that one will have it spinning its wheels for a minute or two and then eventually crashing out on us so it looks like 1080p heb C is fine some of the higher-end stuff here is not something this tablet is going to be able to handle very easily so that’s going to do it for this look at the fire 7 tablet it is definitely a nice upgrade over the prior version of the seven-inch tablet it’s performing a lot better and again it’s performing pretty much equally to the 8 inch tablet so now I’m guessing they’ll probably be a boost of the 8 and 10 inch tablets coming next and of course when those come out we’ll try to get our hands on those but overall a very nice value I don’t like the 90-day warranty I would love to see Amazon send that out to a year I think they can afford to do that and maybe put a little bit more faith into their products because a

lot of their competitors selling low-cost tablets like this do give you that one-year warranty but beyond that I think it’s probably a smart buy and my experience with these tablets in the past has been very good they’ve outlasted my iPads from a durability standpoint with my two kids one thing to note is that we should be getting an official YouTube app for this shortly Amazon and Google have resolved whatever stupid dispute that they had with each other and we’re now going to start seeing some of the Google apps make their way over to the Amazon App Store and that is great news you’ll finally get a native YouTube client on here soon once that’s available I will do a follow-up video to show you how it works and that’s going to do it for this look at the fire seven tablet and until next time this is lion Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold level supporters the four guys with Porter’s podcasts Tom Albrecht Brian Parker Kelly Ann Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to LAN TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe visit LAN TV

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