Review Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630 – 2-in-1 Chromebook

hey everybody its lines I’ve been and we’re taking a look today at a new Lenovo Chromebook this is their yoga C 630 and this is a two-in-one meaning that you can flip it around in to display mode like this and have chrome go into its tablet interface you can also have at work in tent mode or fold it up and have a ginormous tablet here because this has a 15.6 inch display what we’re going to be doing is taking a closer look at this Chromebook in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that this came in on loan from Lenovo so when we’re done with this it goes back to them all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approve what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get to it now and see what this Chromebook is all about so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware this starts at $5.99 which i think is pretty reasonable I believe this is the entry-level model it has an i3 8130 u dual-core processor which is just fine for the kinds of things you do on a Chromebook it’s very snappy and responsive and we’ll look at its performance in a minute it has a 15.6 inch 1080p IPS display it looks very nice it’s got decent viewing angles on it I believe there is a 4k version available as well and it’s also a touchscreen of course the only issue I’m finding with the display is that when you’ve got blue items on screen such as this little T here in the corner where perhaps when you jump into the settings menu and you’ve got these blue bars up on screen you’re going to see a little bit of vertical banding on this LED display

is something I’ve seen on a few other devices from Lenovo that come in at around this price point so just bear that in mind it may not be a silky smooth image all the time just on darker colors I’m seeing a little bit of vertical banding that’s very difficult to show you on screen but you’ll notice it when you’re using it this has eight gigs of RAM at the entry point and only 64 gigabytes of storage built in now used to be more forgiving of Chromebook storage given that they did everything in the cloud but of course now with Linux apps and Android apps that you can install on these things you might need a little bit more local storage and there are versions of this with larger storage options available so you may want to do a little bit of shopping if you are a Chromebook power user it’s a very nicely constructed device it is all metal from top to bottom it feels really premium the weight on this is 4.2 pounds or 1.9 kilograms so it’s about what you would expect out of a mid-range 15-inch laptop and of course you’ll definitely be feeling that weight on you’re looking around the tablet here it’s got a very nice big screen of course but unfortunately there is no active pen support on this model lenovo does make versions of their windows yogas that have active pens that are built right into the case this one does not yet have that to be fair though Chrome OS is support of pen is still kind of early but it would have been nice to

have that as an option at the moment it’s just going to work with whatever third-party pens that might be out there for Chromebooks in like most Lenovo devices it has a very comfortable keyboard it’s got the standard Google Chromebook layout on it of course it is not backlit though that was one thing that surprised me given that we typically see those kinds of keyboards on these mid to high range devices here so that was one thing you won’t get here but it does have a very nice trackpad that’s responsive and really nice to use so they’ve done a nice job once again on the input devices you’ve got a couple of ports worth mentioning over here on the left hand side is a USB type-c port that they labeled with power but this is a full service port so you can hook it up to a dock and get a display output data in and out along with power going in you have a full size USB 3 port here and you also have a headphone microphone jack here on the other side you have another USB type-c port that functions the same as the one on the other side does so you could actually plug your power cord into this side even though it doesn’t say you can when you do plug the power cord in here the charging light will light up on the other side there’s no charging light on this side but it does again work the same video output works the same out of this as well and you can drive 4k displays with this to you have a microSD card slot here for augmenting some of that limited storage but you can’t do everything off the microSD card especially as it relates to

Android apps and whatnot but you can of course put some of your larger media files on there if you want and then you’ve got a volume rocker here for adjusting the sound and your power button is there now this is not a fan ‘less device because it is running with one of those higher powered intel processors so you will have a fan intake over here and an exhaust here on the back but to be honest the fan is usually very very quiet primarily because Chromebooks don’t tend to push the processor for extended periods of time so as a result you might hear the fan going occasionally but it’s very very minimal because it’s not running all that fast most of the time so generally if you just have it open browsing the web or maybe watching a video or something you might feel some air coming out the back here but you’re really not going to hear anything the speakers on it aren’t bad they’re downward firing like many of these lenovo laptops are decent sound out of it but of course you’ll do better if you plug in some headphones or use a Bluetooth headset or something like that and then if you want to lock it

down on a desk you can just pop in a Kensington lock here to keep it secure so nobody walks away with your Chromebook and battery life on this one feels pretty good to me I’m looking at about nine hours or so in my testing and I think you could probably get a little bit better than that if you turn display brightness down and really regulate your usage with it if you start doing Android apps and Linux things that might tax the hardware a little bit more and result in lesser battery life but I think for general Chromebook activities you should do pretty nicely here there is a 4k version that doesn’t do as well on battery life so bear that in mind but again this one is pretty darn good for a 15-inch device and performance on this Chromebook feels pretty good actually if you’re used to using some of the cheaper Chromebooks running with ARM processors this is going to feel a lot faster because it is running with a regular Intel laptop processor so you can see how fast pages render here on screen a really nice fast and snappy experience when you are browsing the web with it and it’s also doing a very nice job with video playback from Netflix and YouTube for example like we always do we run our 1080p 60 frames per second YouTube test here had a few drop frames here in there which is something we often see with the Chrome browser when you’re running high frame rate video but in this instance we’ve been running this for almost two minutes now and we’ve had about 10 or 11 dropped frames not something you’ll notice here we just went up the 13 there so not bad for what you would get out of a

Chromebook typically and I think for media watching it should do very well and on the browser bench dorg speedometer test we got a score of 160 4.1 which puts it very close to many other 8th generation Intel devices we’ve looked at recently it even does well against an i5 on the yoga 730 13 we looked at we got 93 on version 2.0 of that test so overall a very capable web browsing device which is what you want a Chromebook to be and like most Chromebooks these days you can install the Google Play Store on the device and grab all of your favorite Android apps and we’ve got goat simulator here running we’ll just continue the game here the keyboard doesn’t always work so great with some of these Android games where it might be in weird positions here so right now on goat simulator s is moving forward when you would expect maybe W to do that but of course you could always flip it into huge tablet mode and just use your touch display with it but overall a very good Android experience on this device partly because you’ve got a pretty snappy Intel processor driving everything there and Google recently added the capability to run Linux applications on Chromebooks which gives you a huge software library to pull from so for example I installed the here which is a photo editor that has a lot of features you might find in Photoshop and other more expensive

applications yet it is free and running on my Chromebook here with a full graphical user interface so these things are no longer glorified web browsers they are very capable computers you can also install steam because remember this is running with an Intel processor so you should be able to run many of the Linux compatible Intel games from the steam library now at the time I’m recording this video Google has not yet tied in graphic support into their Linux implementation on Chromebooks which means that games even like shovel knight here that would normally run at 60 frames per second with this processor on Windows are going to be running a little bit slower here as you’ll see when the game loads up and that’s just because they haven’t yet tied in the GPU to the mix here once they do I think we’ll be seeing better performance this will not out class a Windows computer with the same configuration even with that GPU support but nonetheless it will greatly expand the amount of software especially games that you’ll be able to take advantage of here on a Chromebook and I really feel like this Chrome OS is becoming more and more of a mainline competitor to Windows and Mac OS especially for consumers it’s done very well on the education side but now with this Linux support I think we’re going to see a lot more coming down the pike here because certainly companies like valve who are responsible for the steam store will want to expand the number of

computers they can have games get installed on and sure enough you can do that with a Chromebook once they get that GPU support worked out it is apparently working right now in some bleeding-edge betas of Chrome OS so we’ll maybe explore this a bit once that GPU support becomes a little bit more pronounced so overall I am pleased with this Chromebook it’s a very solid consumer device it’s not that expensive it performs very well even at the entry point and I think these chrome OS devices will get more and more interesting as that Linux support continues to get improved I’ve seen some really nice improvements over the last couple of months with it and I think once they tie in some of those GPU features we’ll be getting a bit more performance out of these things and I think Chrome OS is very quickly becoming a real competitor to Windows and Mac OS and certainly the price is right even for some of these higher powered devices so lots more to see on Chrome OS in the very near future I am sure and will have were Chromebooks as more get released throughout the course of this year and until next time this is lines ivan thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lawn tv supporters including gold level supporters Chris Allen the four guys with quarters podcast Tom Albrecht in Cali an Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to LAN TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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