Lian Li Q58 is Here! An ITX MASTERPIECE?

good people i’m dmitry today we have a really amazing as well as i believe an unique look at the new leon lee q58 this case truly brings some new intriguing and one-of-a-kind functions right into the itx space i’m sure many people appreciate them as we go over them and i additionally appreciate the truth that this is not a substantial room at around 15 litres it’s sort of affordable to like the nr200p from cooler master as well as the meschalicious from suppt it additionally has its very own visual unique personality which i appreciate so it’s not like a dance duplicate or an nr200 duplicate it’s its own instance as well as at 120 i hope is going to be competitive with the expected launch date at some point around june include some enjoyable to your area with additional fight developed in sweden with concentrate on top quality products constructed on experience you’re considering project four their 4th generation of items with very awesome shade ways to stick out with matching sets to satisfy with a strong b4 bungie lightweight ergonomic m4 computer mouse the k4 keyboard is amazing every one of which are efficiency focused and also complete it off with vibrant gp4 mouse floor coverings that are strong in style and also smooth externally the vintage style in specific has got the really feels total your setup with additional fi no remorses assured all right so first let’s cover the outside it’s sophisticated with nice touch of

simplicity you can see we have tidy uniform lines around the enclosure keeping that distinct dual appearance appearance both on the materials as well as the coatings also so the front panel for example has that matte structure on the top and also the glossy but without the brush texture at the bottom while for the sides we have that double panel activity uh both of which rest on swivel joints and also can be eliminated quickly both are held in with solid magnets yet the glass panel additionally has an extra thumb screw to hold it in position securely the lower one as you can see is this high performance metal mesh for both air movement and dirt purification as well as the 3g panel for the top to disclose some of your hardware and also the integrated lighting strip at the top that is both soft addressable as well as can be managed separately through the situation the front io is standard for itx i would certainly claim with usbc just a single usb-a a 4-pole headset jack and a power switch as for develop top quality and also materials this is a prototype but it’s still a really strong one and we’re mosting likely to have all aluminum exterior with the glass side panels as well as a steel framework therefore overall with this layout direction pleased it has a character of its own it’s obtained that twin tone surface so not totally solid and it has some capability behind having those mesh base panels that will certainly contribute to much better air movement when it comes to complete requirements of the case so this is around 15 liters in quantity three-way slot 320 mm gpus will fit cpu towers up to 70 millimeters will certainly fit as well with leading radiator support for 240 or 280 sfx sfx l and also atx power supply options are available as well as that atx power supply alternative is really intriguing how they have the ability to fit it in such a small unit so

obtaining inside we have the typical double chamber format like with many various other itx situations in this frame framework so triple slot on the gpu side with a riser cable television consisted of yet make certain to familiarize yourself with all the potential issues you may come across with the riser cable in this video clip right over right here however the included height of the room permits this really slim kind factor as the radiator is mounted on the top bracket that is quickly removable and also mounted back right into the structure through the leading the benefit of this setup versus having the radiator on the side like we see with numerous other situations of this type aspect consisting of the nr200 is that you don’t get that exhaust right into your space if you have the case best beside you right here everything is tired with the leading and you know you ought to not physically really feel that so right here’s the itx motherboard area it is upside-down next to it is the power supply brace and also the gpu location behind it yet there are a lot of amazing brand-new features inside the q58 so first of all you can move the sfx power supply bracket down somewhat to fit the 280 flight on top you lose a bit of clearance for wires underneath the power supply in this configuration yet i still value the added cooling alternative there is a removable plate underneath the power supply that can house a 120 ml fan for added intake right into the case and it is dust evidence or this can be made use of for an ssd install as well it behaves additionally to have this bracket removed throughout setting up since it provides you complete accessibility into all your cords we additionally have this added plate for 3 and also a half inch drive or an ssd that can enter area of any kind of 120

mm fan places either up top or the side as well as since we have the three-way port gpu chamber these side braces allow you set up reduced account followers for additional cooling on the gpu side in addition we have an interior fan center with wise placement at the rear on the swivel brace allowing you path all your followers as well as addressable illumination cable televisions without having to strain your fingers this is a fantastic design thank you liam lee specifically since you can access that leading plate from the back without requiring to accessibility every little thing on the indoor there are also these two distinct switches for led setting and color next to the lienly logo if you do not desire to link the addressable cord right into your motherboard after that there’s a seamless hot convertible ssd place at the front with indoor sata cords included as well as removable plate to assist you get the ssd as it’s rather snug in there however i still had the ability to eliminate it with my fingers finger power as well as lastly there’s that atx power supply setting so this brace permits setup of an atx psu plus a 120 or 140 follower for the cpu aerial or 120 mm all-in-one colder as well as this needs you to relocate that whole center plate towards the gpu side in which situation you lose one pci port but gain all that room for a conventional atx psu by the way motherboard standoffs are included for this arrangement considering that you only move the center section and also their back i o stays as is this instructions for the q58 enables it to attract attention to name a few comparable sized itx situations that do not support atx power products as well as while it comes with its own

limitations like smaller sized gpu chamber as well as even worse air conditioning for the cpu due to the fact that only you can do a 120 millimeter all-in-one cooler however still it allows you to utilize your existing atx power supplies and not whatever in the itx area has to resemble complete power you recognize what i mean the only thing leonle needs to make certain to do right is markings on the real structure to make sure that you do not obtain confused onto which screws you need to eliminate because in my model and making use of like a truly early stages hands-on i had the ability to settle and figure out exactly how to do it but from an end individual’s perspective it ‘d be terrific to have something on the real framework that shows you which openings are for an itx psu orientation versus an atx mode now after my quick assembly i ran into a couple of little missteps my primary concern right here was with the riser cord as it was striking my top radiator fan with no genuine means to fold up the cable television out of the method i’m working right here with a prototype but leonle has actually already addressed it with a built-in bracket that will hold the riser cable television so it does not bump into your fans as well as my 2nd worry after i finished the system was i’m not entirely offered on that mesh and toughened up glass method since at the top what are you showcasing some radiators as well as possibly some wires and so you will have to do a really good task with cleaning up all your cables so they’re not visible on top i additionally do not such as that power extension cable as

it’s sort of cumbersome and it’s right there behind the glass a quick word on cord management i despise doing cable management especially in itx situations but i had no worry here although all the i o cords were unbelievably lengthy to like zip connect them prior to transmitting since otherwise they’re just way also lengthy on the last retail release they will be shorter thank you and also since the motherboard area is so thin it needs you to position the pump tubes dealing with back in order for them to type of stay reduced account as well as off the beaten track for the side panel and also so that is my introduction on the new liam lee q58 i’m truly delighted to see what they do with the last release in regards to fine-tuning a few points and also i assume this is mosting likely to be an effective itx unit because the rate is not as well high yet you still get toughened up glass aluminum a really strong indoor steel frame i seem like the interior intestines are completely modular for the modern-day 2021 sff itx fanatic so like a 240 or 280 plus a three-way slot gpu that’s completely great for me plus that additional atx power supply support if you’re performing it is available on such a tiny enclosure yet i would enjoy to hear your opinion on the q58 down in the comments below i know that the situation with elements and equipment is very hard today yet the assumption of the june release you recognize hopefully things obtain slightly far better as well as people wish to start structure and actually can develop brand-new systems uh you know in the future so yeah i’m eagerly anticipating reviewing all your comments i’m a dimitri thanks so a lot for seeing check out this various other barrier continent thanks to liam lee for supplying this prototype it was truly an enjoyment i’ll speak to you in next

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