Review Ducky Feather – The Lightweight Gaming Mouse MASTER!

hey there excellent individuals i’m dmitry and today has been a pretty standard day i’m servicing the situation testimonial as well as something actually fascinating from ducky arrives this is the ducky feather yep ducky made a light-weight mouse [Music] nice what’s actually fascinating regarding the feather is that this really feels like a ducky product you recognize it’s not an imitator and it really brings some cutting-edge and one-of-a-kind functions to a lightweight space that we have not seen on any kind of other computer mouse yet truthfully though i seem like we’re obtaining a little bit overloaded with all the new mice launches however this is ducky we’re talking about and this is going to be a good one what i have right here is a testing sample which means it’s not a mass created retail item which indicates we can examine this from a function point ofview from a form perspective but you recognize certain components and also the construct quality are not completely settled yet however my preliminary impacts on this thing are entirely favorable i actually am

excited to see the final manufacturing of the ducky feather this is going to be a really prominent mouse as long as the rate point is affordable the rate factor needs to be ideal for it to stand out due to the fact that the market is so saturated now that around the 59 69 rate factor particularly for something that is driverless this need to satisfy first i intend to do a basic review and afterwards highlight the one-of-a-kind functions concerning the cord angle as well as additionally the switches so first allow’s begin with the weight due to the fact that this is a 65 gram body and that is extraordinary because only a section of the size is perforated the top surface as well as the triggers are completely solid and it adheres to in the footprints of razor and also giving us that slightly clear top body so the brighten logo is underneath it which by the means is lit up in multiple sections so for the peak for the hair and also the real body of the ducky logo the sides are textured with a mild rubberized layer which assists with the grasp as well as if your fingers are somewhat wet they don’t move around which is wonderful this is a truly ambidextrous layout which means it benefits both left-hand as well as appropriate operation because we have browser buttons on each side left-hand individuals will certainly value this due to the fact that the various other option would be the razer viper as well as the viper ultimates which in fact this computer mouse reminds me a great deal of when you placed them side by side the ducky plume looks very similar to the razer viper however the good news is they feel fairly various to me the razer viper really feels slightly chunkier specifically with the bulge at the top while the plume feels somewhat smaller in my hand due to the curvature of the top is not as hostile and the front triggers they do not have such deep grooves for your fingers so the front triggers really feel a little greater general i would certainly say

ducky has a really good condition on their hands that would certainly satisfy crossbreed and also claw hold perfectly and also for smaller hands uh hand hold as well in the plan we get a customer manual and also added teflon ptfe feet so little ones and big ones depending upon just how much move you desire in the base and also talking all-time low this is really interesting to see since we have controls not only for your ballot price from 125 to 500 to a thousand however we likewise have a liftoff distance modification from low the default as well as high and also we have the dpi switch over also which is color-coded currently however the 7 program dpi steps remain in 2x so 400 800 two hundred sixty 4 hundred twelve thousand and sixteen thousand which implies if i’m made use of to playing a thousand dpi i have to select in between 8 hundred and maybe sixteen hundred so you don’t have that specific adjustment because there’s no software currently the sensor here is the trusted 3389 so amazing performer around no skipping excellent liftoff range specifically because we have the liftoff range modification i put that to reduced and also definitely have no issues for me the lack of accurate dpi change is not a deal breaker although i’m used to playing at 1000 dpi i place this point to 800 as well as it feels great but i can see why people might select a various computer mouse with vehicle driver software so you can experiment with things however here it remembers your rgb setups it remembers your dpi settings uh it’s a plug and play gadget that you can move from one computer to an additional due to the fact that there’s no chauffeur software application you transform the lighting with a button combination and you do the exact same thing if you intend to transform the from a right-hand operation to hand and also now onto both one-of-a-kind functions about the plume are the buttons

the juan of 50 million clicky micro switches as well as the uh angle of the cable exit first the switches feel amazing super responsive nice traveling distance and fast rebounds double clicking the right trigger feels incredible in cs go specifically when you’re doing the double focus the op or any type of sniper i have overall control i can exit the extent and return into it super fast the main distinction between the quantum switches over and also all my omron switches is that these points feel sharper and extra tactile while the omron switches have a little bit of softness when you lower out it’s not necessarily a poor point yet the sharpness and also the tactility right here just really feels revitalizing as well as really feels different as well as now the cable television angle and this is something brand-new the cable television generally and also all other computer mice exits level to the surface area whereas here it is angled just under eight levels to provide you a much more bungee feeling so not only does this help to remove any type of wire drag that is right away around the body yet it helps to also angle the cable television uh precisely in the direction of your bungee if you think of it it’s such a small modification to the wire and also the body however it does assist to get rid of that sharp angle from various other mice whereas right here it’s already angled up and goes in the direction of your bungee as well as the cable television by the method is paracord super light-weight reminds me of what razer is utilizing so no complaints because department as well as the usb port is orange even if so primarily because the early morning delivery i invested the whole day video gaming with a ducky plume and the experience has been excellent i established the dpi to 800 lift off distance modification manually and the polling rate by hand too my cs go performance has actually not endured and also i would say making use of the ducky feather for just a few hours

today provided me an experience equivalent to a mouse i have actually been using for several months now and also that’s a major favorable for ducky particularly for their very first video gaming mouse i actually wish that the cost factor would be competitive as well as likewise they would have volumes because i suggest the market today is obtaining actually saturated yet i really feel like the ducky feather does bring something completely new to the table in terms of having that full hardware control at the base for all the controls uh the clicky switches feel different versus whatever else that is available on the market as well as the minor angle on the cable i indicate it’s nothing considerable yet it’s a pretty trendy feature my 2 issues here are the sides i know we enjoy to do this is to press into the computer mouse as well as right here you can really turn on both side buttons if you push hard sufficient as well as additionally the scroll wheel on my example this is an examination sample after all uh has a fair bit of rattle ducky of training course will attempt to regulate for all the quality concerns for the mass production retail units however something to bear in mind still good guys i’m dmitry thanks for viewing this fast video on the ducky plume let me know if you’re excited i’m gon na i believe i’m gon na be using this from now on just to see if it stands up in the long-term till i obtain my mass manufacturing sample check out this various other appropriate content subscribe for even more i’ll speak to you in the following

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