Review A Long Term User Razer Blade 15

okay um i’ve been thinking about doing this video in a really long time but uh given the number of notebooks that are coming into the studio i just never got the chance to sort of compile my thoughts and share my experience uh using the Blade 15 Advanced from Razer for more than a year now i do need to be very transparent here for a sec razer is a channel partner but this video is not sponsored by any means they’re not paying a single dime to talk about this laptop i just wanted to share my thoughts uh some of the issues that i had with the 15 Advanced or just Blade notebooks in general in the past and then how Razer has addressed some of them over the course of say a year or so so let’s talk about that right after this say hello to proper airflow with be quiet purebase 500dx a compact mid tower with a mesh front panel and three 140 millimeter pure wings two fans that are silent and capable enjoy tasteful argp illumination a type-c port and an easy case to work in check it out below okay so i think it’s important for me to set the stage for you guys as to what i’ve been using for the past 10 years or so my very first laptop was an hp g60 when i first moved to canada about 10 years ago i needed a laptop to get through high school and so after researching and researching my mom and i went to fujishop which was an electronic store here in canada back then but now it’s owned by best buy we finally pulled the trigger on it and i enjoyed using that laptop it wasn’t a gaming powerhouse but it was able to get me through high school just fine and then i upgraded to the xps 15 l 502 x it was a legendary machine that

came with a quad core processor and a discrete graphics card i remember editing my very first short film on that machine i made a few upgrades as well on the inside fast forward a few years later and i started working for hardware canucks and i was just introduced to this whole new realm of the pc masterways where i got to build desktop pcs i built my very first desktop pc on the channel and i just started using desktops moving or ever since then just because of the raw horsepower that it was able to deliver compared to a laptop so that was fascinating but then i had to go to shows like ces and copy text so i ended up using a eurocom laptop it was it’s a canadian brand but it had the specs to back up the workflow that i used to do but it wasn’t the best laptop it didn’t have the greatest build quality and it just felt cheap but it had the power and it got the job done and then i switched over to my very first mac that’s right i bought myself a 13-inch macbook pro uh one of those models that had ports like actual ports and i loved it the display was great the trackpad was amazing the keyboard was awesome the keyboard actually worked i took it to shows with me unfortunately it didn’t have the performance that i needed to because it was a 13-inch macbook pro didn’t come with a discreet graphics card and so i was using premiere at the time and it wasn’t optimized for that laptop so i had to sacrifice on rendering times and all that stuff but the battery life the portability that was the best part about that machine and then Razer hooked us up with one of their first blade gaming laptops remember the one that came with a 14 inch display and a discreet graphics card in this case it was a gtx 1060.

To me it was just a perfect upgrade coming from my macbook pro 13 inch because i wasn’t losing a lot in terms of form factor and size but it had its own issues for instance it ran hot it was too loud a battery life wasn’t that great and a lot of users were reporting battery bulging issues although i didn’t encounter any of them but it was pretty common among a lot of users and razer’s customer support was pretty terrible back then and i’m sure a lot of you guys were vocal about that especially when it was a common issue fast forward a few years later and razer comes up with the Blade 15 series and i got myself the Blade 15 base model it was a welcoming upgrade over the previous generation because it came with a bigger display the design was refined a little bit the boxy look is still pretty reminiscent within current generation and i was able to upgrade the memory and it also came with a secondary hard drive slot which i was able to populate with an ssd so overall i really enjoyed my time using that machine for about a month until i started experiencing this and this and this seriously the number of bsods both myself and dimitri encountered on our blades were really frustrating i actually remember time during computex i wasn’t able to edit a video properly on my Blade 15 base model because 10 minutes later it bsods i had to restart edit a video i wasn’t able to edit it properly and then it just crashes on me again and again and again it was really i mean i was almost to a point where i wanted to throw that laptop out the window but um yeah it really i mean we were all pretty pissed at razer at

the time and we had to i mean actually remember just going out to the show floor and seeing if we can find another competitor from asus or gigabyte to see if they had a spare sample for us to use temporarily temporarily to get work done it was really that bad guys in fact that whole thing made it into a vlog so i’ll make sure to leave a link down below if you’re interested in checking out fortunately we were having conversations with Razer in parallel to really find out the culprit of these crashes and bsods i ended up replacing my base model with the advanced model that i have right over here this exact same uh unit and it just kept happening basis just kept happening over and over again so we just i honestly i was at the peak of giving up and switching entirely to a different notebook until we diagnosed and we narrowed down the issue to Razer synapse basically synapse had trouble communicating with nvidia studio drivers and so that caused the machine to crash so razer rolled out an update and magically everything just was everything worked i did not experience and i still haven’t experienced a bsod on this machine uh even a year later which is just software update yeah what do you know now there are certain things that i don’t like about this laptop the first being the keyboard the travel distance is very short i feel like the competition has better offerings than this notably the zenbook 15 from asus xps 15 from dell heck even the tough a15 from asus is better than this in terms of feedback with that being said i love the led backlighting on the blade razer has just nailed it on this model there’s very little spill around the keys and it gets really bright so that’s awesome i also

wish that the screen got brighter because this 2019 model comes with a 240hz display and it only goes as far as 350 nits so it’s perfect for indoor use but as soon as you take it outdoors it gets a bit challenging to see things and uh yeah that’s a little bit unfortunate now i am aware that the newer models come with a faster 300s refresh rate honestly i just think that’s marketing bluff i don’t think you necessarily need 300 hertz until or unless if you’re an esports player but it just doesn’t really mean anything to me personally but with that being said i love how color accurate this display is i can comfortably edit photos using lightroom and photoshop and edit videos comfortably on davinci resolve this is a fantastic panel i have absolutely no complaints when it comes to color accuracy another thing i need to point out is that when i use this thing in battery mode performance takes a huge hit clock speeds don’t boost higher i’ve seen them go below 1 gigahertz and with nvidia’s maximus technology the discrete graphics card is disabled and so when you’re doing casual stuff it doesn’t really kick in it uses the integrated gpu i feel like it treats itself as an ultrabook to yield higher or longer battery life now obviously if you’re looking to get the highest performance on any windows machine you have to have it plugged in which is exactly what i did on this laptop but i am super annoyed by the power connector on this machine for some reason razer uses this thick braided cable which is just really hard to um organize and especially if you have it plugged in in the wrong direction it completely blocks that extra usb port which i mean whoever designed the power cable really needs to go back to the drawing board and fix that because it is pretty annoying now in terms of performance i’m actually pretty happy with it guys it’s not the fastest gaming laptop out there and the 9750h is a peasant compared to the ryzen cpus that are available in the market right now and i’m hoping Razer will offer options sooner than later because everyone seems to be

begging for it these days one thing that you’ll notice is that the scores that i’m getting now are lower compared to what i had before and the reason for that is i actually ran these benchmarks with some of the background applications that i use on a regular basis so that includes my antivirus program there is uh you know adobe creative cloud and a few other applications as well including my wireless mouse software as well so there’s a lot of things happening in the background which is why you’re seeing those lower scores the gaming performance is also pretty good is it the fastest out there not really but considering the form factor the acoustics and razer’s efficient vapor chamber cooling system it’s good port selection is good on this machine even though it’s a 2019 model Razer has equipped it with usb 3.2 gen 2 ports which is the 10 gigabits per second protocol and that’s awesome because a lot of the other notebook manufacturers even in 2020 failed to implement all of the usb ports with that standard you probably might only get one or two but in this case all these usb ports are 3.2 gen 2 and it also comes with a wi-fi 6 module so i guess it’s still worth it in 2020.

The lack of an sd card reader is a bummer but the 2020 models do come with one so that’s awesome battery life is good but not great i’m only getting roughly five hours of use when i’m doing some casual stuff like browsing the web or writing out a script and if i switch over to something more heavy i can only squeeze about an hour worth of use which is respectable but it’s not the greatest compared to you know some of the amd offerings that are available in the market right now the last thing that i want to talk about is the design and build quality because razer just nails it in that department the unibody design is unlike anything that you can find with the competition right now and i’ve yet to find a laptop that can sort of compete with uh the standard that razer has sort of set because you’re getting a robust hinge mechanism which is nice and solid the keyboard layout is awesome the trackpad is great i mean it just works that’s the beauty of this machine which is why i keep coming back to it not to mention the advanced cooling system inside does a relatively good job cooling the 2080 max-q gpu and the core 7 processor i mean it doesn’t necessarily give you the fastest uh performance but it’s overall a balanced high performance portable machine now Razer if you’re watching this video i would like you guys to improve on a few things with your blade 15 notebooks first and foremost if you can implement a brighter screen with higher refresh rate and better color accuracy that would be awesome a bigger battery would be highly appreciated because if you look at the competition msi is coming out with 99.9 watt batteries on their slim chassis

so i’m sure you can come up with something that can compete with those standards if you can also improve the speakers that’ll be great they’re good but i mean maybe perhaps add a woofer at the bottom to enrich the bass response and i think that would be a solid sort of experience and also perhaps look into amd for your next revision as an option because the chips the ryzen chips are definitely faster and the numbers really do speak for themselves intel does have a lot of catching up to do and those chips are also pretty power efficient as well so you know figure something out with amd get something sorted and then we’ll start talking finally this is the most important one i like to see the customer support uh support system sort of just get revamped a little bit because a lot of you guys have been vocal about Razer’s customer support and for the most part it has been negative especially when you look at issues from previous designs but they worked hard since the 2019 models to improve that perception for example there are some pretty critical videos out there with some legitimate concerns about internal build quality and poor resolutions by razer’s technical team keep in mind that i’ve had very few issues but that’s based on a single model so that knows thank you so much for watching guys and if you are an existing Blade 15 owner i want to know your experience using that machine and if it somewhat reflected my experience as well i’ll be hanging on the comments down below thank you so much for watching and i’ll talk to you guys in the next one

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