Western Digital p50 The World’s FASTEST USB Drive Has a Problem…..

so this is the Western Digital p50 video game drive now you could be believing to yourselves Eber what’s so special regarding this drive well it is among the initial external SSDs to incorporate USB 3.2 gen 2×2 and also I understand that may puzzle a great deal of people but it’s merely the fastest USB interface that’s offered in the marketplace right now however before you go out and also get among these brand-new drives there are a couple of things that you require to understand about because since it is using a new user interface we did face a couple of problems that are definitely a little bit worrying so let’s chat about those and also obviously talk regarding the drive itself right after quick message for our sponsor the Razer DeathAdder v2 the gaming icon that just obtained upgraded with a lighter body neglect sensor and optical buttons from maximum dependability and speed up the timeless economic form manages like no various other learn why 10 million various other individuals enjoy the Fatality Adder down listed below alright so allow’s speak about that USB 3.2 gen 2×2 user interface at 20 gigabits per second I duplicate 20 gigabits per second it’s double the speed contrasted to a typical USB 3.0 gen 2 which is ranked at 10 gigabits per 2nd currently naturally with every brand-new USB user interface is tailored to be in reverse suitable so if you are running a system with a 10 K bits per 2nd port or a 5 players per 2nd port this Drive need to work just great today there are a couple of AMD TX 40 motherboards that support USB 3.0 gen 2×2 interface along with a couple of x29 a motherboards however regrettably note pads are completely are the equations so if your major primary maker is a laptop well you are most

likely not gon na have a 2×2 port because it’s it’s such a new interface gigabyte has actually additionally revealed an add-in card so from a speed viewpoint why would certainly you want something like a 3.
2 gen 2×2 at 20 gigabits per second instead of Thunderbolt 3 which provides two times as much as data transfer to start with Thunderbolt is had by Intel so what do you know AMD boards absolutely take a lot longer to obtain certified with Thunderbolt 3 which is why we only have a couple of Indy motherboards drifting in the marketplace with that certification likewise Thunderball three drives are just unbelievably pricey I suggest it just it’s not also amusing compared to a common USB external drive so with that said off the beaten track let’s swiftly chat regarding the Western Digital p50 so from the outside it looks incredible I indicate I love this matte black finish but sadly it does reveal fingerprints I also actually like the font choice etched at the leading it really fits the layout it’s likewise super long lasting as it includes the shock resistance certification in conclusion this is just one of the very best if not the very best looking external drives that I have actually ever before seen what do you men think Western Digital is targeting the p50 and players which makes feeling since with modern titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 it can quickly consume up a hundred as well as twenty gigabytes on your regional disk so it’s far better to have something like that on an external storage space option because you can use it on several computer systems and also preferably this is specifically what we were trying to find particularly below in the office due to the fact that when we’re doing benchmarking it’s much easier for us to have our video game collections on an external drive without needing to redownload all the data once more for

console players the p50 is both Xbox one and also ps4 certified but every one of this does come with an expense as you can see contrasted to several of the other gentle drives offered market you are paying a bit extra yet it’s nor closer to the accountable three tax obligation that’s associated with some of the various other drives that are available out there alright so I believe it’s time to chat about some of the issues that we experienced on the p50 game drive from Western Digital we came across a few of these troubles as we were utilizing it regularly so I’m gon na invite Mike over to talk about a few of these problems in three 2 one this you oh yes you you slap – that scared you got ta move I obtained an extra dammit no you’re taking control of the structure alright so what are several of the problems that we experienced with the p50 what’s yeah so for me this is most likely one of my most irritating experiences benchmarking a long long period of time the primary factor for that is the problems that we discovered were so randomized but they just turned up when we were utilizing it in its native 20 gigabits per 2nd well that holds true yeah currently among things that I observed was that there was transfer mistakes on arbitrary apply for example some video files transferred entirely okay while others they went almost to 100% and afterwards we began broadcasting out on the drive another thing that we noticed is the heavy steam library folder that we wished to transfer to the drive it never obtained past like 10% it kept broadcasting out at the very same time each and every single time but when we finally got that heavy steam library to transfer over the 10 gigabit per 2nd port mind you some video games simply refused to pack so sieve as well as

Warhammer they simply aired out completely vapor collapsed its steam accident on the various other hand grand burglary car and definitely not a problem with that said game none whatsoever on the blizzard side modern war went off easily too so we have no idea there’s no rhyme or factor to any of these problems it’s so odd an additional thing we discovered was drive rate incongruities so the very first time you connect it in it goes for its complete speed after that the following time you plug it in it goes for a completely various speed that’s lower and afterwards we had two replug it in yeah and I imply I understand what you individuals are typing on your keyboard right now it is not because of our test system due to the fact that we had a remarkably fast raid array that was feeding this so it’s not I mean that would certainly have been a container a we’re just gon na post a screenshot of crystal diss mark on that raid range it is remarkably fast specifically so another point that we did is first of all we connect to Western Digital we connected to various other all the motherboard vendors and they claimed look there’s all these points that you can try which’s exactly what what we did so we attempted transforming motherboards we try changing platforms cables we even have 2 of these drives we grabbed one more one it was the very same point over as well as over over once more I’m discussing fresh Windows install old home windows mounted various biographies is absolutely everything we have actually been examining this thing for bulk of 2 weeks currently yeah the other thing that we wish to mention is that we’re not blaming here at Western Digital the one commonality in between every one of this is the as media three-two four-two

controller that everyone is making use of right now to power whatever from the next $2.99 system to the external cards to the TRX 40 platform so once more we do not desire to implicate either as media or Western Digital but that is the one commonality in between all this so with any luck as time goes on they’re gon na figure out these concerns there’s possibly some system incompatible so on Western Digital triggered and after that everybody else is it’s really really difficult to detect this since it’s so arbitrary I imply hell we’re ant crystal disk info hereafter thing aired out and also it didn’t get any kind of mistakes which’s concerning the very first time that I seen a drive air out as well as crystal disk info not grab the details so keeping that I believe we’re gon na type of proceed to the criteria beginning off with synthetics it’s quite apparent that when the Western Digital black P50 isn’t having any type of problems it’s extremely fast it’s virtually rapid to a factor where it virtually matches our go to Thunderbolt 3 Drive honestly we have actually seen a great deal of exterior USB drives over these years and also this is without a doubt the fastest one by a slim chance also if you do not have a 28 little bits per 2nd port it’s equally as quick as the SanDisk pro xstream SSD going on to our transfer examinations right here’s where things start to go incorrect a complete steam library transfer as I stated earlier fell short every solitary time sure it moved over that 10 gigabits per second port however that’s not what I truly wished to examine when it comes to pc gaming well it was pretty fascinating modern war shader filling typically takes permanently however there actually had not been much distinction

in between the exterior drives the just real champion was that corsair as well as GME SSD the same thing goes for Warhammer 2 aside from the truth that the p50 could not really fill the game when it was in gen 2×2 setting what about SIF well the WD P50 is quick as an outside drive but it can have been so a lot better if the game would in fact pack at that full rate finally there was one game that did without any kind of problems which was Grand Theft Auto 5 we were ultimately able to see what this point could supply and also it was pretty impressive slashing off almost 10 seconds of the exact same game packing time alright so you’ve seen the numbers this drive is fast when it’s fast it’s rapid people specifically yet I need to know I’m gon na end this final thought with a fast inquiry would you acquire the P 50 today no due to the fact that to me I actually like utilizing that rog ariane drive since that enclosure itself is like $60 and it can populate that with a conventional nvme SSD which i make sure you can find for sale perhaps Friday or anything and like you’ve obtained an actually rapid portable and also mrs. Dean not just that you can update it down the line so if you get a one terabyte and also eme drive you can switch it out and bring it 4 terabyte drive if you wish to so user upgrade ability is certainly there and that’s what I like about that rog ariane drive or just any kind of various other outside room I’m gon na show you I’m gon na say that I would purchase it so there’s only a specific quantity of time in my idea till the issues are straightened out either on as media side or the motherboard vendor side and at that factor in time you’re gon na have an ultra-fast drive at the very same time you can select it up today and also it would still operate because 10 gigabits per second setting yeah as well as it’s still among the fastest drives on the market today for the USB 3.2 user interface on the flip side I would not require the evidence that the concerns have been fixed that’s true you’re basically spending for a future technology that’s constructed in that necessarily isn’t working but you’re really hoping that will obtain solved in the future to ensure that’s what I’m gon na attract the line thanks a lot for watching let us know what you think of the Western Digital p50 we have two of these I have 2 of these I don’t recognize what you desire to do with with them but thank you so much for enjoying I’m Heber I’m Mike and I have actually been irritated at this point for two weeks however I ‘d still acquire it we’ll see you in the next one people

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