Review ASUS Bezel-Free Kit Does It Actually WORK!?

alright individuals a little bit of a different video clip for us today it’s Mike with Harbor Canucks and also the various other day Eber and I we notice that something was available on Amazon as well as Newegg and it happens to be this and also this is the ROG bezel totally free kit the last time we saw this went to CES 2018 and also it’s taken them concerning 2 years now to create it to the factor where it can become a retail product now what it assures to do is remove the exposure of bezels on triple monitor arrangements and I know somebody that has a triple screen set up so I’m gon na head over there right currently and also see what eva needs to state about it however first a message from our sponsor trying to find the coolest r-tx 20 series GPUs Oris has you covered with their efficient wind required a cooling system together with a beautiful RGB ring illumination and i/o that’s jacked for the most adaptable multi-monitor arrangement as well as the ability to experience ray-tracing for future as well as existing games discover more down below so you informed me that he had already established something and also he hasn’t told me what that is however it resembles he convert his dining-room table I did I did I actually was food craving to play some Forza as well as some Required for Rate payback so I just needed to convert my eating room to or my eating table to a three-way display so it works this is this is amazing as well as I can’t wait to you understand mount these so allow’s proceed as well as examine this out a little bit extra comprehensive something that I desire to obtain off my shoulders as soon as possible is the cost of this point and also it’s a hundred as well as ten bucks u.s. As well as that’s a great deal of cash to ask for something that corresponds to two pieces of plastic as well as four brackets however then once more in a globe where people are investing a thousand dollars on screen stands as well as extoling it well you know what it’s excusable it’s excusable so what regarding the innovation behind this bezel complimentary package they are actually utilizing what they’re calling optical mini frameworks and to me it really feels more like lenticular printing regarding twenty years ago a lot of trading card companies were utilizing lenticular printing to develop kind of like 3d effects on their trading cards so like Marvel was using them DC was utilizing them it was greeting some really actually great stuff I’m not speaking about the holographic cards that a lot of individuals recognize all right fine but anyways apart from that what a soos is doing right here is they’re basically refracting light back to the individual in a means that conceals the bezels what it does is creates an optical impression yet at the very same time it additionally cuts down on the quantity of light coming from the screen to your eyes so we’re gon na check that out a little later too yet what about compatibility well according to a Souza’s web site the bezel free package just supports h2s so naturally if you have anything from Philips or Acer or Dell well you may have to wager on that division currently in terms of compatibility like size-wise this set can go anywhere from 21 inches or 27 inches in smaller so if you have a rather tiny triple display configuration it should practically be fine if you have a 32 inch screen then you might be out of good luck that’s for the brackets they do have some limitations so the bezel thickness must be 13 millimeters or smaller if it’s bigger than that you’re absolutely gon na see the bezels when you set up the bezel complimentary package and the thickness of the screen must be 20 millimeters or bigger which is in fact interesting because 20 millimeters is a lot that’s a thick kid yeah I’m gon na place them on the affordable philips 1080p displays which are relatively thin so

yeah we’ll see just how that goes however a minimum of asus is giving some advice and also I assume that thickness likewise talks a great deal in the direction of that they’re tailoring this for this isn’t for individuals who are gon na be buying a three-way display set up all new now are mosting likely to be investing $1,000 per screen they’re likewise not pursuing the individuals that are most likely to be buying a ultra widescreen bent display they are actually targeting this in the direction of individuals that have an existing three-way display configuration and could simply desire something a bit different to raise their immersion in video games currently I assume we’re gon na go on to the installation since I truly intend to see if this thing is as simple to set up as Asus clean so we have the bezel complimentary package unpacked it’s being in front people I presume the next agenda is to in fact mount it right yes so we have not in fact looked at the directions yet but what this resembles is something rather uncomplicated we have 2 refractors a left and a right thank God they really did not send us to left and also lower and top braces for every of those as well as out of the box additionally popped an angle improvement device according to Asus the only angles this sustains is 130 degrees or 120 levels so this is the first point that we’re gon na have to utilize I’m thinking however allow’s consider the instructions yes we always make use of

instructions below at equipment canucks since we have messed up before the first thing we need to make use of that angle improvement tool so let’s see just how close we are to that virtually on factor there you go following product of service will be to set up the reduced brace left so I’m presuming this simply moves onto below and see to it that’s also on the base so these two rubberized hooks are expected to go onto the back of the display now these Phillips electric motors are not precisely suitable with this set or at the very least practically not but I’m hoping we’re gon na make it function guys oh yep we always make what does not function we constantly make things function okay so it really it in fact fits so that will certainly sort of go here as well as move on leading technically and it did so what we’re gon na do is we’re gon na do some fine-tuning we’re gon na mount the various other ones and we will obtain back to you because that seemed virtually unbelievably simple so see you beyond [Songs] Michael on a scale of one to 10 how easy was it to establish up I’m gon na say that it was really a 7 on Tennant would certainly have been a ten on ten but there was a pair of problems so let me show you the very first one one of our problems is the reality that our screens are simply as well thin on the base it was completely all right so the clamp touched the both sides of each monitor yet at the top because these monitors kind of curve inwards I really need it to fold up an item of cardboard as well as add it below as a shin if not this thing was truly simply tumbling around doing absolutely nothing and the impact that I provided on the display looked actually really odd so right now it’s quite much in area yet this is something that a soos obviously didn’t take him to account or there are og displays that this is suitable with are a lot thicker than what

we’re utilizing here another issue that we saw is the philips checks they’re truly economical I believe they resemble 150 us as well as they do not have any kind of pivot and also they don’t have any type of elevation change they just have tilt and they didn’t straighten appropriately across every display so we had to do a little of jimmying to get every one of that lined up so the vertical refraction would really function finally I believe Eber has a couple of thoughts regarding the OSD also due to the fact that he brought up something that I wasn’t also thinking of yeah since if you assume concerning it typically most keeps track of come with buttons OSD modification switches on the right hand side it might be either a joystick or maybe even at the back however when you have this set up some displays specifically it would be hard to readjust those setups since you might have to such as take the entire package again do your thing and after that placed it back yeah notice is we needed to entirely redesign our bezel adjustment we needed to turn it off the reason for that is simply since there are no bezels today so you had to go to the minimum amount and also also currently there is a bit of functioning that you can see in some parts of the image but we’re gon na take an appearance at this for a couple extra days get our thoughts as well as obtain back to you individuals 298 Rosen Patties put down alright people we’re back after a couple of days and for once it wasn’t me doing the screening like the majority of the screen assesses it’s really Eber playing the games doing a couple productivity

examinations on this thing however I did intend to talk a little concerning my monitorings from the quick time that I spent with it so first off I really like what Asus was able to finish with this I like it when a foolish piece of innovation act clever rather than a wise tech being foolish on the flip side of that coin a hundred 10 dollars for two pieces of plastic I believe it’s a little costly of what it actually does now would I recommend it it’s damn cutting-edge but I really wouldn’t as well as the factor for that is initially of all I really don’t like the issue that Asus brought upon themselves by making this suitable with twenty millimeter and also thicker monitors most displays on the marketplace nowadays and also also something that you purchased within the last possibly 5 years is going to be smaller sized than that so you’re gon na have compatibility concerns I really located myself simply liking there to be bezels the factor for that is the area influenced by the bezel free youngster is really larger than just having some slim bezels there an additional thing that I truly found myself waiting about is the truth if you’re making use of just 2 monitors and also that seam is right in the center the bezel freak it can distort a big amount of the noticeable space specifically when you’re using a smaller sized monitor currently I recognize that you had some extra monitorings regarding video gaming and also productivity as well as I want to hear those because you’ve been utilizing this thing for rather a while currently yeah so I do intend to emphasize this on me ROG bezel freak it it is by no means an irreversible solution in truth I did face a lot of concerns when I was simply doing casual stuff non-gaming tasks something that’s even more

effective so the very first point I discovered that there were a whole lot of points that were simply just remove from one display to the next so as you can see by the shot messages are being cut like pictures are being reduced it’s it truly isn’t a smooth transition going from one monitor to the various other the following concern that I came across was best around the top edges of the display screen where the bezel fanatic is mounted I noticed a crossfade between those monitors specifically the corners so it’s tough for me to see the X icon or if I’m I was having trouble simply reaching them because I need to look two times so in some cases you could not actually close it I could not in fact most likely to the home window I would certainly I would immediately or I would inadvertently go to the next home window that’s resting on the next displays yet what regarding pc gaming what about the arise when pc gaming doesn’t improve it was remarkable I did try a few titles like battleground one which is an FPS title and also the experience was simply amazing I additionally tried to fit a few racing video games like Demand for Rate payback which didn’t really work that well due to the fact that it was a weird plant in the video game that was type of unfortunate however Forza Ren Forza ideal fantastic men I indicate I’ve truly actually had no I’m jealous yeah I have actually really enjoyed with with keeping that video game so I have actually got an additional question for you though yeah since I wasn’t able to experience in rather similarly is since that there in your outer vision did the bezels when they were there ever before

end up being an issue through gameplay experience not truly unless if you take a look at the if you if you’re being really nitpicky you probably would observe that there exists’s a different form since certainly you’re placing a piece of plastic in between the bezels so call uniformity or the way how the display looks is certainly going to be a problem but realistically it does not impact field of vision to me like it was simply a beautiful experience yet what regarding mini maps for instance like in in a method video game or in something like dota you count on that mini-map in the leading right-hand man corner to provide you spatial understanding concerning what’s taking place around you on the battlefield I think that would be a little of an issue but personally for the games that I play it does not truly matter so it’s actually truly one-dimensional you require to play the right games you can’t do anything else on your screens it set you back 110 bucks yeah and like you stated it’s a luxury thing so I believe that’s rather much the final thought yeah so I really hope that you men enjoyed this it was a bit various for both of us yes and also I recognize what you men consider this child I imply if you are shaking a three-way display setup would certainly you think about investing a hundred and also 10 bucks on two items of plastic and some holders which you understand it’s an additional tale interested to recognize I’m you birth Hunter Canucks I’m Mike and also we’ll talk with you guys the following one and also the following one alright

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