Is G14 Soldered Memory Enough? Quad vs Dual Channel

Take this instance for instance, with the new 2022 G14 running without memory mounted Equipment Information reveals it as running in twin channel, and then it reports it as quad network with the stick installed. Even AMD’s site provides the Ryzen 9 6900HS CPU that’s in the G14 as having 4 memory channels, so what’s going on right here? I know that absolutely was a choice in last year’s setup but so far all the 2022 models I’ve seen appear to have a memory stick noted in the specifications.
Since this ought to still apply to every other DDR5 laptop computer that has 2 memory sticks. I have actually just made use of the default stick of memory that can be found in my G14 when testing with RAM mounted, yet it’s feasible various countries might get various sticks than this, which might affect outcomes. The Aida64 Cache and also Memory criteria was made use of to determine memory latency, and also it was really slower with the memory stick set up. Granted it is a relatively tiny quantity, but still worth noting. It’s a various tale when we look at read, duplicate as well as write speeds. We’re talking greater than a 50% speed boost with the extra stick installed, but just how does this equate right into gaming efficiency? These are the differences in total system latency, the total quantity of time in between when a computer mouse switch is pressed and also when a gunshot appears on the screen in CS: GO. Having the memory stick

installed was just over 3ms much faster on typical, a 10% distinction, so competitive players are probably mosting likely to desire that stick mounted. What about game FPS? We’ve checked 10 games in all setup levels to reveal you all the distinctions, after that after that we’ll take a look at some content creator work. Let’s start out with Forza Horizon 5, which was examined with the video game’s criteria. I’ve got the arise from simply the G14’s firm memory only shown by the red bars, and also with the memory stick set up shown by the purple bars, in addition to all offered setup presets with most affordable down the bottom to highest possible up the top. We’re considering a 14% boost to typical FPS at very reduced settings, while the highest severe settings had primarily no distinction to average FPS, nonetheless there’s still a 15% increase to the 1% low, so less dips in performance. Control is a GPU hefty game, which is why the difference to ordinary FPS at high as well as even medium settings was primarily absolutely nothing, nonetheless once more like the last game we’re still seeing respectable boosts to the 1% lows which would certainly cause an extra constantly stable experience. Reduced setups see larger distinctions with the memory change, we’re looking at a 12% increase to ordinary FPS below or a substantial 31% renovation to the 1% low. We have actually additionally examined with ray tracing enabled simply to

demonstrate that the memory modification does not matter in any way when we’re extremely GPU bound. Also at low settings results are absolutely within the margin of mistake variety. Cyberpunk 2077 saw similar results with its greatest RT establishing presets as well as FSR on well balanced, a couple of FPS distinction either way to both average FPS as well as 1% lows, nothing significant. On the other hand reduced settings was 9% in advance in regards to ordinary FPS with the memory stick mounted and also 12% ahead for the 1% low. Much Cry 6 was examined with the video game’s criteria and had some rather huge differences in regards to the 1% lows even at this relatively high resolution where you ‘d anticipate us to be GPU bound. We’re taking a look at a 30% greater 1% reduced at reduced settings as well as 20% greater at max setups, which primarily implies much less stuttering with the memory mounted, even if the average FPS gains aren’t as big. It’s a comparable handle Microsoft Flight Simulator, which was checked in the Sydney landing difficulty. Much less than a 1 FPS increase to both the average as well as 1% low at max setups, but at low settings we’re checking out a 6% increase to ordinary FPS with the memory stick installed, though possibly even more significantly a 13% gain to the 1% low. God of Battle shows more of the very same. There’s no distinction at high and also ultra setup presets with the greatest modification seen at reduced setups. Truthfully offered high settings is near 60 FPS and we might still activate FSR to enhance this additional I really do not think some video games require the additional memory set up. It’s trivial right here, however as you’re seeing it really varies by game and setups. Rainbow 6

Siege is a more affordable eSports title, and also I was expecting to see bigger distinctions below as a result of the memory adjustment, however it hardly mattered at all. Typically talking, the memory mounted was better between high and also ultra setups, however it’s a super tiny difference. I’m not certain why tool and also low settings lagged, yet once more it’s an exceptionally tiny difference so it doesn’t truly matter in either case. Red Dead Redemption 2 on the other hand is quite GPU heavy, so not a surprises that high and ultra settings were executing basically the exact same whether or not we had the memory stick mounted. Low setups had the ability to obtain a 6% increase with the memory set up, so not absolutely nothing, yet additionally absolutely nothing significant in this set. See Pets Legion additionally had generally no adjustment at ultra settings, but then whatsoever reduced presets we’re seeing nice gains to the 1% lows with the added memory. Average FPS was greater also, yet the 1% low gains are the actual star of the program below. At very first glimpse you might assume the memory distinction doesn’t matter in all in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, as we’re obtaining 3 FPS or much less differences despite establishing presets, yet as soon as again the 1% lows have some rather large distinctions below, which were typically in favor of the set up memory. Generally out of all 10 games tested with the cheapest readily available setup preset, we’re seeing a 7% performance increase with the memory mounted in the G14. Rainbow 6 was a little bit of an outlier down all-time low, really doing somewhat worse with the memory mounted, however it’s a very small difference. In a lot of games, there was a clear improvement with the memory set up. If we instead compare games with the highest setup pre-programmed, well we’re now virtually 1% much faster with the memory mounted on average, a far smaller distinction. Cyberpunk looks like a big

outlier, but in reality this was just a fifty percent a frame distinction, most definitely within the margin of error. Memory just matters much less when we’re even more GPU bound, which is commonly the situation in video games at greater setup levels. The distinctions most likely would be a bit larger at a lower resolution like 1080p, however I wanted to evaluate the G14s indigenous 2560 by 1600 resolution. Similarly if we examined with the integrated graphics allowed after that the memory difference might make a bigger difference there. Once again, as the G14 has a MUX switch I figured most individuals playing games will probably take benefit of that feature to get the finest efficiency in games. All screening was done with the incorporated graphics handicapped. It’s not all practically gaming however, various other work had a lot bigger renovations with the memory stick installed. Contrasted to the games, material creator work had a much bigger difference with the memory set up. It’s feasible, even likely, that some of this is because of the extra capacity, as we’re going from 16 jobs of offered with just the laptop’s soldered memory to 32 jobs with the stick installed. This performance difference doesn’t really seem to matter in many games based upon my own testing, but various other applications like these can clearly utilize it better. As complete memory capability can impact maker workloads more than video games, I ‘d say that those standards are only beneficial specifically for the G14 if you require to include an extra

stick. Since the act of doing that is going to enhance the memory ability no matter, yet unlike the games I wouldn’t truly be positive in saying it’s a fine example of the distinction of going from dual network to quad channel. As long story short, do you actually require a memory stick mounted in your G14? It’s absolutely not vital for games that are GPU heavy, specifically at the indigenous 2560 by 1600 resolution, however at lower resolutions, games with reduced setup presets or competitive games where you wish to decrease system latency, it absolutely can make a difference. Have a look at my complete testimonial of the ASUS Zephyrus G14 next if you desire absolutely all the details regarding this video gaming laptop, or this one to find out the differences between x8 and x16 DDR5 memory. I found that it was quite a large concern with DDR4, so learn if that’s still the situation in DDR5 next! I recognize that definitely was an alternative in last year’s arrangement however so far all the 2022 models I’ve seen seem to have a memory stick detailed in the specs. Due to the fact that this need to still use to every various other DDR5 laptop that has two memory sticks. The Aida64 Cache as well as Memory standard was made use of to gauge memory latency, and also it was in fact slower with the memory stick set up. It’s not all just about pc gaming however, various other work had a lot larger improvements with the memory stick installed. Lengthy tale short, do you in fact require a memory stick installed in your G14?

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