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so google has just propelled his fresh new 2021 flagship smartphones the pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro for those who like it large-scale and are properly minted the pixel 6 is quite respectably priced at 600 pounds here in the uk but the pixel 6 pro if you want to upgrade to that that’ll cost you from 849 quid a serious extra chunk of change so is the pro model actually worth that extra money and what is the difference between these two smartphones which one would be best for you well let’s do a full side-by-side comparison test out the battery life the gaming chops all that good trash and for more on the latest and greatest tech please do protrude subscribe and ding that notifications bell glees so the first and most obvious difference between the pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro is the size of the bloody things the standard flagship smartphone is a 6.4 inches or certainly bigger than previous google flagship smartphones whereas the pixel 6 pro increases that to a whopping 6.7 inches but despite that additional 0.3 of an inch here on the pro representation you will notice there’s not a massive immensity difference between them to be fair and that’s mostly because the pixel 6 has slightly thicker bezels encircling that expose it’s specially palpable up top and down below

and likewise that screen doesn’t arc gently at the edges of the pixel 6 unlike on the pro sit but the pixel 6 and the pro model athletic a selfie cam orifice up top centrally point and they’re both protected by gorilla glass victus up front as well which in my research is certainly extremely uh shatter resistant if you throw them on concrete tend to be absolutely all right although they just tend to scratch up a little bit easier than previous generations of gorilla glass as well touchwood no scratches or scratches so far to speak of either on the pixel 6 or the pixel 6 pro flip them around meanwhile and the google pixel 6 pro is protected by grille glass victus on that back end as well as the pixel 6′ s arse is gorilla glass six so not as slip resistant of course but should hopefully prove resistant to scratches and scuffs if you decide not to slap on a dispute there goes both the new pixel six smartphones that support the wide boy camera chassis that stretches the full thicknes of that back end which is actually quite good because when you’re resting the phone down on a table or a table you’re poking and pudding that surface it doesn’t rock-and-roll about the place and while the standard pixel 6 plays a tactile aluminium frame you’ve actually came more of a glossy vibe here on the pixel 6 pro for whatever reason so both pixel 4s are tough morphos with that gorilla glass plates and you’ve got ip68 water and dust resist on both of them as well as you can rock them in the shower the bathroom what it is you liking and strangely enough they both mostly weigh the same as well the standard pixel 6 is 207 grams the pixel 6 pro is 210 so uh certainly both got a decent heft to them you certainly feel them when they are wedged in your trouser pocket if that’s where you choose to keep them as for the sim statu where you can only slip a single sim placard into both pixel six and the pixel 6 pro there’s no room for two sims at once but you do have additional support for esim now when it comes to the software of course there’s bugger all difference between the pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro because they’re both running the latest freshest android 12.

It looks like traditional android but the aesthetics have just been tweaked to make it look even more ravishing you’ve got some phenomenal functionality in there and as i say it’s the same setup mostly on both the uh google pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro dive into the places you’ll have the exact same options in here i really like the lane you can change up the app icons as well so the colour palette equals the wallpaper in the background that’s just stunning and of course then the pull down toggles as well you’ve got fast access to the likes of google pay and you can fully customize this to add in all kinds of additional toggles google has been concentrating ah go away i’ve got to stop saying google has been concentrating on the security and privacy aspect of android 12 as well so for instance here in the fast toggles you can quickly deactivate mic and camera access for all of your apps as well if you simply want to be completely left to your own maneuvers and i really like the brand-new protection region here on the pixel smartphones as well which basically forewarns you about any issues you might want to check up on skin-deeps it’s showing now that i turn on uh find my invention really because i’m to lose my smartphone it can also tell me if i’m signed into my google account on any random inventions that i haven’t used in a while which is particularly handy if you have to review a lot of tech both pixel 6 smartphones play a separate security core to handle all of your sensitive exercises and you’ve got that titan m2 security chip as well to accumulate all of your personal private data and then if you likewise factor in the five five guaranteed years of security updated information about these things as well then if security and privacy is one of your must-have aspects than either of these pixel smartphones will fill now i’m not going to dive into any more of the android 12

features because i said it’s basically the same setup on both of these smartphones but i am hoping to bring you a full tips and tricks leader for the pixel 6 forza keep chanted for that if you miss a more in-depth look at those features and of course my full review of the pixel sixes live again dive it a bit more into some of that software before we wholly leave the security aspect of things you do have an in-display optical fingerprint sensor with both the standard pixel 6 and the pixel 6 port this tends to work quite quickly uh sometimes does take its go a little i’m guessing maybe if your fingers are a little bit mucky or moist merely to make sure that it is definitely you but they do tend to uh to come through in the end no face unlock as yet on android however so it is basically uh fingerprints or pin all of the practice no real difference of the storage breast you’ve got a hand-picked of 128 or 256 gigs of space depending on the way in which much money you chuck at google basically and no micro sd endorsement on either of these bad boys no i don’t want your method go away now if you crave an absolutely stunning display for you know kicking back with netflix disney plus doing a bit of gaming whatever you’re up to well the pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro will both quench but the pro simulation is certainly an upgrade you’ve got a 6.

4 inch oled on the pixel 6.

It’s a 6.7 incher on the pro so more opening to certainly take in all of that action 20 by 9 side fraction on the standard pixel 6. it’s actually a 19.5 by 9 on the pixel 6 pro so slightly wider and while it’s a full hd plus resolve on the standard pixel 6 2 400 by 1080 pixel resolution that’s actually bumped up to a quad hd plus resolution now on the pro modeling 3120 by 1440 so even though it’s bigger it is a little bit sharper as well so absolutely stunning clarity the actual color and comparison yield was similar on both sets of smartphones in fact i couldn’t really notice divergence when i was running a movie side by side you’ve got full hdr funding of course a highly snappy distinguish natural search pigments but you can get some really nice vivid vibrant yield as well if you kick back with a bit of pixar or something went nice wide viewing angles both screens that reach an impressive top brightness level as well so no worries with outdoor visibility if you jump on into the display defines you’ll attend they’re mostly the same you’ve got the usual pitch-dark themes you’ve got eye comfort modes all of that good material you can play around with the colouring output as well it’s adaptive by default but you can boost them uh yourself as well if you prefer that more striking output or chug it back down to natural if you prefer more realistic epitomes the only other real difference is with the smooth parade which as “youre seeing” there exceeds off at 90 hertz now on the pixel 16 actually all the way up to 120 hertz here on the pixel 6 pro and the pixel 6 pro can i actually drop it all the way down to 10 hertz as well if there’s absolutely nothing happening on screen to help preserve power you’ve got a proper beefy stereo speaker output on both the pixel 6 of the pixel 6 pro as well no headphone jack on either sadly but you do at least get bluetooth 5.2 aid which so far seems very dependable surely and again no real difference between the two when it comes to the aims you’ve got all the usual options including live caption if you miss it now playing which can detect any song that’s going on in the background and then tell you what it is but of course one of the most intriguing aspects of the google pixel 6 successions smartphones is that fresh

new tensor chipset of google’s own creation that’s stuffed inside both of them running the show that’s backed in the standard pixel six by eight gigs of ddr5 ram raz you’ve got 12 gigs on the pro simulate and the everyday performance on both the pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro as you’d imagine nice and buttery smooth no matter what you’re up to it can handle race several apps at once no problem whatsoever and basically the same benchmark and compositions on both as well if you’re into a bit of your geek terrace not quite as strong as the snapdragon 88 it chips out the scores that that would churn out but awfully very similar definitely not far off at all when it comes to gaming both these telephones can apparently handle likes of call of duty portable bar pubg etc on top detail settleds with the highest frame rate alternatives as well no puts in the enclose frequency at all even through “the worlds largest” frenzied of sports so mostly “ive only got” myself to blame when i get sniped in the face over and over and over a freaking game however i did notice that the standard pixel six certainly striven a little more with truly expecting claims like gentian impact for instance specially when i got bumped it up to the higher detail places there were some serious chassis pace fells going on in there whereas the pixel 6 pro generally treated it absolutely fine i could partly be down to the extra memory that the pixel 6 pro has or it could also be down to the more compact form influence the standard pixel six because i did notice that that back end started to get rather toasty after about 30 hours of gaming not much difference between this pixel confine when it comes to connectivity get full 5g reinforce built into that tensor chipset although it is only a sub 6 here in the uk i believe that other regions like the us have millimeter billow brace as well you’ve got a good bit of wi-fi 6e with both the pixel 6 and the pro pattern as well but merely the pro

model has ultra wide band uh connectivity built in there too as for the battery tech well it’s a 4 600 milliamp cell crammed into the pixel 6′ s slightly more compact make that’s upgraded to a 5 000m ability battery for the pixel 6 pro but don’t worry about that difference in capacity both the pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro will gaily told you through a full intensive era of use no worries whatsoever that includes a good part of gaming give it a camera play-act plenty of audio streaming in the background while you’re messaging shop the web lots of screen on time mostly and yeah they’re not the most wonderful to recharge inside the 30 watt fast blaming patronize is where they both max out and of course you don’t get an adapter bundled in the box with either of these phones either so you will have to provide your own otherwise you can also use a qi wireless billing pad to dominance them both up since they are both buoy that wireless charging and it’s a slightly faster on the pixel 6 pro if you use that second generation pixel stand but we are literally talking 21 watt wireless blaming on the standard pixel 6 23 watt accusing on the pro so it’s not exactly engulf in the distinctions between the rates so last-place up the camera tech and while the pixel 6 boasts a dual lens rear camera away that’s actually boosted to a triple lens camera effort here on the google pixel 6 pro and when it comes to the primary camera sensor there’s no difference between the pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro they both blot a 50 megapixel uh crap-shooter with visual epitome stabilization building in and in both cases 2.5 times bigger than the previous generation and by jimbo can these pixel smartphones spaff out some absolutely fantastic gaping photos doesn’t matter if it’s a shining sunshiny daylight or the middle-of-the-road of the light you will get some crispy clear photos with these things you’ve also got a 12 megapixel ultrawide slant shoot that you can swap to on both of these blowers as well with anti-edge distortion technology and again same ensues on both again great gazing images if you wanted to go more pulled back sentiment to fit lots of action into the frame nonetheless while the standard pixel 6 is quite content to leave it right there here on the pixel 6 pro you do actually get a telephoto lens which you can

swap to and this dishes up up to four times optical zoom or 20 epoches super red zoom which is a combination of the visual and digital zoom as well you’ve got visual epitome stabilization built in there as well so it’s perfect for going up close shots from great distances and they’ve basically got the same uh bonus camera modes on both these blowers as well including a painting activity if you’re a nice bokeh wording uh background upshot you’ve got the new flow facet on both pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro as well they can use that with the optical zoom here on the pixel 6 pro got a bit of night view action as well and then if you swap to video procedure on both the pixel 6 on the pixel 6 pro you can shoot up to 4k resolution footage at 30 or 60 frames per second and again really stunning answers on both of these smartphones you can really get some neat snappy natural see visuals out of these things for your dwelling movies and of course you do have that optical zoom for the pixel 6 pro which is the one advantage it has over the standard model and last up the selfie cam is actually slightly different tech as well on the pixel 6 it is an 8 megapixel selfie crap-shooter that’s upgraded to an 11.1 act on the pro simulation and you can get a slightly wider sentiment on the pro pattern i believe it’s 94 degrees versus 84 grades it’s not a huge difference between them uh but again good if you want to cram in lots of meat if you’ve got lots of mitts which i’d imagine would be something like this smile so that’s a brief overview of the camera tech but i’ve actually done a full in-depth pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro camera review and comparison as well if you miss a closer look at the photo and video tone and all those fresh new the characteristics and that right there is in a nutshell how the pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro stack up now as i say i’ve done full um chests of these smartphones i’ve amply reviewed the pixel 6 as well my pro critique is on its way and i’m hoping to do a gratuities and quirks leader to dive a bit deeper into those android 12 features because it is a very slick part of os action certainly so what do you judge are you persuasion by either the pixel 6 or the pro pose be great to your thoughts down in the comments below delight do protrude subscribe and ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a supporter brutal tastic residual of the week cheers everyone love you

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