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this is the framework laptop it’s a modular laptop and hands down one of the coolest laptops i’ve reviewed this entire year the entire laptop is modular and what that means is you can replace pretty much everything the cpu the ram the ssds the main board speakers the ports and even the display you can keep this thing pretty much for a very long time and when the components start to get a little slow you can swap it out for something faster now i’ve already done a in-depth unboxing on this product and kind of showcased how this laptop works in terms of modularity so if you want to see that there’ll be a link in the description down below this video is testing out the performance how does it function when you actually buy it you put everything together does it perform as good as other competing products now for a quick recap this is a super light laptop pretty much weighs exactly the same as a macbook air under three pounds now that does come with four ports and depending on what you want and pick you can choose whatever variety you want to use on your laptop like right now i have type c in hdmi a micro sd card i have a display port but you can swap it out for

something different you can buy more ports carried in your bag and if you don’t like one of the ports you’re using right now push the button take it out swap the new one in way way more convenient than carrying dongles you have speakers on the bottom you have your grill to to let fresh air in the top of the lid has a tiny bit of flex it’s not too bad i think overall it feels very secure framework logo in the middle and the entire body is made out of aluminum you can open up the laptop with one hand and this keyboard is so good feels super comfortable to type on like good travel distance a nice amount of actuation when you’re pressing on it and even the touchpad is nice and big it’s centered there’s no stickers on this laptop thank god and it’s using windows precision drivers you don’t have windows hello to log

you in but you do have a fingerprint scanner on the bottom that will do the job they say the reason they didn’t go with windows hello is because they would have had to sacrifice the camera quality the camera quality is pretty good it’s a 1080p webcam so you should get better you know video than you would let’s say on on most other laptops now these bezels are a little on the thicker side and if you don’t like the black trimming i think they actually sell a red trimming that you can pair up instead you have two switches on the top one is to stop the webcam from working and the other one is to mute the microphone now this is a 13.5 inch display it’s three by two aspect ratio so you get more vertical space than 16×9 or 16×10 which is preferred for those of you who are doing general productivity like if you’re working with documents and excel sheets this is going to be a better display option for you now the only thing i don’t like about this display is the amount of reflection it gives it gives a lot of reflections compared to other glossy services surfaces surfaces so hopefully they’ll offer a matte finish instead it’s not touch unfortunately but the color accuracy is actually quite good now if you ever do want to swap out the display there’s magnets you can just take this off and then you can begin the display swapping

process i don’t know what other displays are going to offer in the future but if this glossiness is bothering you it’d be pretty cool to pick out something else now there’s a do-it-yourself kit where you basically just pick out the bare bones for a lower price and then you can can pick the components that you want or you can buy the model that comes with an i5 and then select the other things that you want but this one’s fully stacked like this model here is the i7 one one six five g7 11 gen processor from intel it has 32 gigabytes of ram a one terabyte hard drive it’s basically their top performer and that’s the thing performance is good it’s not great it’s not the fastest i7 11th gen processor i tested but it’s definitely not the worst it sits somewhere in the middle i’d say it’s like average to above average if you’re a developer i still think you’re better off with an amd processor the fact that it has more cores to work with you just get better compile times like this took about 46 minutes to compile mozilla firefox which is pretty high compared to those higher core counts you’d find with amd cpus heat management is pretty good on this laptop it sometimes would get up to about 85 or closer to 90 but as soon as it does pl1 kicks in it stays at 28 watts clock speeds are reduced they’re not going under base clock it

performs very well there’s no drop frames if you’re gaming on it and you have consistent speeds when it’s under max load the fans do kick on a bit more than usual like it’s not the quietest laptop i’ve used like if this thing is completely being pounded it’s gonna get over 50 decibels so quite loud but of course you can control this by reducing the amount of performance it can achieve and most of the time when you’re just doing general stuff it stays under 40 or around 40 which gives you a nice quiet experience now in the box comes a t5 screwdriver this is the only tool you’ll need to upgrade and open up this laptop there’s five screws on the bottom that you just open up using the included screwdriver the screws themselves don’t come all the way out like they kind of just hang there i think they’re capacitive and this is a good thing right i said this in my unboxing video someone like me who loses everything this is a great way to never lose a screw when you’re trying to upgrade your laptop the only thing that’s like truly modular without having to open up the bottom of the case are the ports and to get inside it’s super easy i do want to say that the screen can go down 180 degrees but all you have to do to upgrade this laptop is take your finger and pull it up now when you do pull up the keyboard be very careful okay there is a cable connected to the touch pad okay and if you rip it too hard it could cause

problems now the good thing is you can just kind of leave it like this if you don’t want to like disconnect it because the cable is long enough and strong enough like this is a very thick cable i’ve seen like most of these cables be pretty thin and flimsy in other laptops they included a very good quality one now everything inside of here is pretty much upgradable okay so you have the 56 watt hour battery and i got about nine hours and 22 minutes before i needed to charge so battery life is great you have two two watt speakers you have a little explanation about the company the team that’s included these little details you don’t get on other laptops you have two slots for ram i have 32 gigabytes inside of here they’re using rank 8 memory i don’t know if this is gonna be the case for every laptop they sent out but this one has ranked eight you have a western digital nvme ssd that gets really good read and write speeds you have a swappable wi-fi card and of course if you want to take the main board out there’s screws on the bottom here that let you do that even the fan and the cpu is both replaceable like these things come out very easily and again you only need the included screwdriver to do this honestly i love this idea i really do like a do-it-yourself laptop and a form factor that’s this thin and this light making pretty much everything a module you don’t have to upgrade everything at once you know you use your laptop for five or six years and you only upgrade the components to keep this laptop moving on you know like i

don’t think this design or this thinness is gonna feel outdated in five years you know like this is pretty thin as it is the only concern i have is the company itself you know like framework is not a massive company it’s not apple it’s not acer or asus it’s a small company and and the question is do they succeed right do they get enough orders to make this viable alternative to the stuff we’re used to you buy a macbook air or even most thin and light windows laptops you’re pretty much not able to upgrade anything some windows laptops have their memory soldered on some windows laptops have everything soldered on except for the nvme ssd so that’s one thing to take into consideration i would also love them to include the ability to use amd cpus but i imagine it would need a completely different main board and of course obviously the different cpu to go with it now what would be super cool is a gaming laptop like this like just imagine you know you love your screen you love your keyboard you love everything about it but the gpu gets a bit old because let’s face it games kind of uh require better hardware sooner than your typical productivity laptop which lasts already long enough i think that’s the space that would make this idea the most beneficial anyways if you have any more questions let me know in the comment section down below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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