Apple iPhone 13 & iPhone 13 Pro – What to Expect !

20 minutes before i was about to make this video there was an announcement about the upcoming iphone 14. that’s right the iphone 14 not the 13 that’s being announced next week the 14 which is coming out over a year from now like how are we looking that far ahead to an upcoming smartphone how are people obtaining those types of leaks this early is the industry so poor now in terms of the type of security in order to keep this stuff a secret or are we just kind of making videos for clicks and bytes either way i just want to enjoy the first iphone the 13 before we even talk about the future one so in this video i’m going to tell you everything you need to know about apple’s upcoming iphone 13 not 14.

The first thing you need to know is the design it’s going to stay exactly the same and look it’s expected they just redesigned it last year so there’s no way they’re going to change it this year it’s still going to have that boxy feeling around the hand it doesn’t feel as nice as the iphone 11 but overall the design is very attractive they’re they’re gonna reduce the notch though which is a first in a very long time and i don’t know how i feel about this like less notch is always better but it’s only going to be half the size of what we’re seeing right now i don’t think until apple gets rid of the notch completely or at least uses like a hole punch will it make that much of a difference on the device but because of all the hardware that apple’s using in the front-facing camera and the sensors for face id it’s not an easy job this thing is going to take some time in order to keep the same type of security they’re going to release four devices in fact there was an fcc filing that went through showing four apple devices that are you know upcoming which is obviously going to be the mini the 12 the 12 pro and the 12 pro

max but the other kind of tidbit of information was the magsafe charging it looks like that apple’s improving the the magsafe charger making the magnet a bit more sticky so that when you attach stuff to it it’s less likely to fall off i don’t know about you but magsafe so far for me has been kind of hit or miss the only items that really have improved my my life have been like car mounts everything else has been kind of meh the other thing is speed you know every year we get a new a-chip this year it’s gonna be the a15 and to be honest i don’t think you’re gonna notice a difference like the a14 and this the a13 from the previous year is so fast like how can you honestly tell the difference at this point when the hardware is just ahead of the software the only way that users are going to notice a difference in terms of the speed of their device is with a high refresh display that 120 hertz display will make this phone feel way faster than a chip upgrade another leaker showed off a bunch of apple cases which show that the device is getting thicker two things are causing this one they’re putting a bigger battery inside which is a good thing not that the battery life was bad on the iphone 12 but it wasn’t great on the mini and the iphone 12 pro it just kind of died a little bit too quickly the 12 and the 12 pro max had great battery life so the fact that they’re increasing the battery size is great but they’re also increasing the size to accommodate the bigger cameras they’re placing on the back of the devices the other way to tell that you have the

new iphone 13 is probably the camera airaid on the regular iphone 12 you can see that they’re in a vertical integration but they’re most likely going to put it in a diagonal integration and this is probably because these lenses are getting wider and thicker and it’s easier to space them if they can put it diagonally the other area that apple has kind of been behind is charging you know like i think right now we can charge these devices at around 22 watts but i think we’re gonna see faster charging and and look faster charging is always a great thing as long as it doesn’t ruin the battery because when you put too much heat on that battery i don’t care how fast your charging is it degrades the battery over time so if they can make you know a minor improvement to that maybe around 30 watts that would be a good place to start it would still help top up these batteries quicker than you can today now one of the biggest upgrades at least to me is the modem if you had an iphone 11 which i did the reception was awful it was using an intel chip that thing could not get the same signal as a qualcomm modem inside of an android phone you’d have less bars connections would drop out a lot easier it just wasn’t a good experience you moved up to the iphone 12 things changed they resolved some of those issues with qualcomm and they placed an x55 modem inside of them and it’s been great reception has been good speeds have been fantastic overall a great experience but with the iphone 13 they’re moving to the x60 and android phones already have this and it makes a big difference the x60 runs on a 5 nanometer

architecture whereas the x55 ran on 7 so better power efficiency if you’ve ever been on 5g you know that the battery takes a hit there’s gonna be less of a hit when you’re using an x60 modem on top of that it just does a better job of aggregating bands if you’re in a city where there’s millimeter wave and other 5g spectrums the x60 can combine them together whereas the x55 could not that means better throughput when you’re using your data on your device i will say this though apple does probably have a bunch of software tweaks they haven’t talked about coming specifically to these iphone 13s one of them that’s being rumored is portrait mode on videos we’ve seen this on tons of android devices and i’m very curious how apple does this because it blurs out the background but it’s not super specific like if you have hair blowing in the wind or even me and you look around the edges it gets super soft and it ends up blurring it too at least on all the android devices i’ve seen so far and i’m wondering if apple has found a way to solve that issue like can you imagine like a perfectly portrait video with like no fringing on the sides of the hair i’m guessing this will be better done on the pro and pro max since it has the lidar sensor and more sensors to work with but if apple nails this that will be like pretty amazing now will you use this probably not but the fact that they could do this is just you know a

technological flex and i think that’s pretty cool now if you’re coming from an iphone 12 or even an iphone 11 i don’t think these new iphone 13s are going to be major upgrades for you i mean no phone is these days going from a year or even two years later it’s just the hardware is so good now that to have a bad experience two years later is pretty tough to do this is not eight years ago where hardware was progressing super duper fast i think a lot of the changes are gonna come down to small iterations this is a small year for apple in terms of improvements i don’t think we’re gonna see the buying orders we saw of the iphone 12.It’s funny every once in a while i’ll see a survey hit the internet 10 of people are saying they’re going to upgrade from their iphone 12s and then another survey is like 40 of android users are not going to be switching to iphones this year i just feel like these surveys are nonsense you know it all comes down to upgrade cycles and i feel like a lot of people took the jump on the brand new new design of the iphone 12 and maybe the iphone 13 is going to have a slower year because the design is still very much the same anyways i’m going to be reviewing and covering the iphone 13 when it comes out make sure you subscribe to see that and if you have any questions for those videos make sure to drop them in the comment section down below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next one [Music] you

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