Acer Predator Triton 300 SE – The Zephyrus G14 Competition!

so this is the acer predator triton 300 se a very long name for a tiny notebook in fact i think this is acer’s smallest gaming laptop that packs this much power the thing is it’s in collaboration with intel this is intel’s way of putting out a product on the market that can be in a notebook this size to take on last year’s zephyrus g14 or the hs series of amd processors if you guys don’t remember the g14 had a 4900 hs it had a lower tdp but man it could still put out a punch in fact the processor inside of here was so good it was beating out some modern day desktops they paired this with a 2060 max q and it became an instant hit in 2020. well intel wants a little bit of that cake but they’re not doing it in the same way in fact they didn’t put out an eight core processor to go inside this tiny little thing what they did instead was leave it at four all they did was they took their u-series of 11th gen tiger lake processors increased the tdp so there was a little bit more

power to utilize and put it in a chassis this thin now on paper this makes sense if you’re gaming at 1080p because you’re going to have higher single core clock speeds but these single core clock speeds i’m getting from this are not higher than the ultrabook version of the tiger lake processors in fact they’re only a little bit higher than the zephyrus g14 4900 hs processor from last year yes single core clock speed matters for 1080p but not as much as it used to a lot of the newer titles that are coming out today are gpu bound and no longer cpu sure if you’re playing old stuff like shadow of the tomb raider even though this triton 300 sc has a 3060 max-q the performance you get from it is going to be exactly the same as the 2060 max q now take a title like dirt 5 and then you can see the true performance of the 3060 but to be quite honest it’s not that massive the 30 60 max-q inside of here has a lower tdp than the 3060 max p that you’d find in a bigger thicker laptop in fact it’s only equivalent to an rtx 2070.

hello i am olga matt’s grandmama please like and subscribe now i know i’m rambling on and and look this is what i’m trying to say this is a gaming laptop but most of you who watch my videos don’t just game if you’re editing video you know that four cores is not as sufficient as eight if you’re someone who’s working in adobe premiere and davinci resolve yes the gpu is very important but having more cores for this type of software makes a huge difference i honestly feel like this laptop would have been better represented with a 4600h with a tdp reduced or even a 5600h from this year assuming there’s supply that can be put in here and it’s too bad because this is a beautiful laptop i think acer did a fantastic job in fact i think this is their nicest looking gaming laptop you know it has this nice metal lid

there’s there’s a lot of ports on the left-hand side you have your power connector a usb port thunderbolt 4 so you can hook up an external gpu and then on the other side you have hdmi another usb port and an audio jack the display is not bad 144 hertz it’s 1080p it’s ips it runs great no complaints there even the brightness is above average the only kind of complaint that i have is the keyboard like typing on it feels great gaming on it feels great and this complaint can be fixed with the software update but right now when you are adjusting the brightness the brightness to go down is making the brightness go up and the brightness up key is making the brightness go down so acer has to fix that problem by updating the bios touchpad is a little bit tiny but i actually find it to be a lot more accurate and easier to use than the touchpad on the zephyrus g14 and there is a nifty

fingerprint scanner to log you in now the sound is coming out of two speakers on the bottom they’re really not even worth discussing because it’s tinny there’s no volume to it and when these fans kick on you can’t even hear it and there’s different modes you can choose you know default mode keeps the fan noise around 45 to 48 decibels but as soon as you kick on turbo holy smokes you’re gonna go deaf because the fan noise just goes over 60 decibels which is very very loud i think most people using this will only use turbo in the most important situations as for heat i don’t have too many complaints yes it can get up to 90 degrees but it does a good job of keeping it 90 and below and with that the clock speeds stay nice and high internally you have three heat pipes two fans to keep the system cool you have a swappable mvm e drive that gets good read and write speeds swappable wi-fi six card you have one slot for your ram there’s eight gigabytes soldered onto the motherboard and this is an eight gigabyte dim which can be upgraded to a total of 24 gigabytes the battery is 58 watt

hours and i got pretty good battery life with it seven hours and 30 minutes just doing simple productivity so here’s the thing i truly feel like this is acer’s best designed laptop i love the look i love the feel i love the battery life there’s a lot of great things going for it it’s just the fact that it’s using a four core processor regardless of whether it’s from intel or amd it’s tough to recommend in 2021 because for around the same price you can pick something up like last year’s zephyrus g14 and get slightly worse gaming performance but significantly better cpu performance and if you’re someone who’s gaming and working and you know the application that you use can really benefit from multi-core use cases then the g14 is gonna make a lot more sense but there’s also the other thing to consider if you’re waiting for the 2021 g14 with amd’s 5000 series processors you might be out of luck because if we’re to go buy the desktop market there might be a very short supply to choose from and if acer and intel can drop the price of this by another hundred bucks this might start to look a bit more attractive than it does today so yeah that’s my review of the acer predator triton 300 se if you have any more questions about it let me know in the comment section down below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next

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