M1 MacBook Pro 13 / MacBook Air Desk Setup + Favorite Accessories!

so the m1 macbook air and pro have gotten great reviews i feel like a lot of people are liking these things they’re going to be buying them and they’re going to use them for school to work and i feel like a lot of you probably are going to be using them on a desk at home so i created a minimalistic desk setup that i think you guys would appreciate or at least be able to get some ideas for your own i do have to say this though 44 of you are watching my videos and not subscribing what’s up with that you know it’s like you’re coming to my house peeking in the window watching me get dressed but not coming in like just come inside subscribe it’s free you’re gonna love it here we have cake everybody wants to meet you it’s a great family now to make this all work you need a dock because the macbook air and pro at least the m1s don’t have a lot of ports to use there’s only two so i partnered with cal digit because these guys make fantastic docs i want to introduce you to the ts3 plus this dock has 15 ports that’s more ports than most gaming laptops in the front alone you have an sd card slot two audio jacks

one for your headphones the other for speakers usb type-c usb-a all up to five gigabits per second on the back you have an rj45 to hardwire it to your network dc in to power the dock display port which is what i have my monitor connected to optical usb 10 gigabits per second for faster transfers two thunderbolt ports one that connects to the mac the other one is open for use and then four other usb a ports this supports up to 87 watts so even if you don’t use an m1 macbook air pro you can use a macbook pro 16 and it’s going to charge it at the same time so you don’t have to connect a charger to the actual laptop because the dock will do it for you now if you have an intel mac you can connect two extra monitors to this but because i’m using an m1 you can only use one monitor now the monitor i have here is 4k and even though cal digit says it can only support up to 60 hertz i’m getting 120 hertz now this is too big for you and you want something a bit more portable let’s say if you travel a lot take a look at their soho dock small office home office you don’t need a power supply for it you just use the included thunderbolt 3 cable it connects to the side you get less ports but

you still have tons of them so just like before you get that sd card slot but you also have a micro sd card slot usb c in the front up to 10 gigabits per second and then on the back you have hdmi display port and then another usb type-c port that can charge another device because this desk is kind of small i wanted to use a small keyboard to go with it and i opted for the kikron k2 you’ve seen this in a ton of tech youtuber videos and for a very good reason it’s a solid keyboard these mechanical switches feel nice to type on i love the the dark gray and light gray theming there’s rgb if you want to add a little flavor to your minimalistic setup and you can hook up to three different devices using bluetooth now if you don’t want to use bluetooth you can also use the wired cable that comes included the best part is they send you the keycaps in case you want to use it with a windows device instead it’s just a solid device and i’ve been using this for over eight months and i have zero complaints about it now to hold the macbook i’m using the 12th south book arc this is just a simple piece of metal that’s in

the shape of an arc that keeps your macbook upright it just makes the desk setup look nicer now you can get different pieces of rubber depending on the macbook you’re using but they’ve included a few nice features like being able to slide the cables underneath the hole on the bottom and it just adds a little bit of cleanliness to your desk instead of leaving the laptop open or flat on the surface now i don’t use productivity mice because most of them are for right-handed people only so i use gaming mice i find them to be the best option for a left-handed person plus i also like to game this is the logitech g305 i’ve shown this before i use products for a long time if they are great and this is great it’s light it’s easy to carry there’s a space on top to carry your dongle there’s a couple of programmable buttons on the left side sensitivity button if you want to change the dpi and of course a very solid scroll wheel the only down part to this mouse is that it uses a double a battery but here’s the thing i’ve had this for what eight nine

months i think and i haven’t had to change the battery once now the way i use this with the macbook is very simple i don’t connect the wireless dongle to the back of the docking station i actually use a adapter and connect it to the second thunderbolt port the reason i do this is when i disconnect the cable from the dock i won’t forget the dongle if i leave the dongle on the back of the dock i’ll most likely forget it if it’s connected to the laptop already it’s already with me when i leave also a quick shout out to this mouse pad the steel series quick gaming mouse pad it’s very cheap it’s a nice cloth material which makes a great surface for your mouse and i wanted it to be small because again to make the desk look cleaner but also small enough that i can just grab it off the desk and throw in a bag if i’m leaving the studio to charge my phone i’m using the magsafe charger i don’t really know what to say about this but it’s a charger it sits on the desk it magnetically attaches to the back of my phone and wirelessly charges it i don’t think you should go out and buy this but since i have it it looks great with this setup a regular cable will do the same job or you can just buy a

wireless charging stand finally the speakers and i was gonna put speakers on this desk or like computer speakers but i was like you know what let’s try the homepod minis let’s see how this turns out and it actually ended up sounding really good the problem with the macbook pro 13 even though it has great speakers is when it’s closed the sound is muted the homepod mini speakers sound great with this setup there is one thing you should note though there’s two of them on the desk but only one works when you have it being used as a regular speaker connected to the computer only time you can get both speakers to work in a stereo pair is if you start to airplay it from a specific app so if i’m using apple podcasts for example i can just airplay it to both speakers but if i’m watching a movie in a browser it only uses one homepod mini depending on which one i choose so that pretty much wraps up my m1 macbook air or pro desk setup i hope i gave you guys some ideas to help create your own if you’re interested in any of these products there’ll be links in the description down below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next

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